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  1. How old was he when he was adopted? Maybe he was already past whenever the usual age is.
  2. Were the Dads a homage to Bryan Lord and Bruce Bozzi? that ending though. Woof.
  3. Megan

    S01.E13: Book 27

    You might be right, I've read different accounts claiming both to be older. I will always be suspicious of Christianity given it's devotion to overtaking cultures and older religions. But I am not a theologian.
  4. More about the gun.. Mr. Caroll told Mare he noticed his gun was missing, and it seemed like he meant it was gone for at least a few days, but then Ryan when confessing, claimed he stole and returned the gun the same night? Was Mr Caroll out in his shed at 2am? And noticed it was missing only for a few hours?
  5. What year is this supposed to be? Stanford is basically free for families making 75K and less. I don't think musical-wise this was my cup of tea and I am not sure why.
  6. Just watched The Uninvited, which I very much enjoyed, but damn did these people under-react to everything going on. Spooky ghost crying? Meh, it will dissipate at dawn, just go to bed. Young girl runs head long towards a cliff, man, that was weird, let's go have some tea. No one seemed all that freaked out about anything.
  7. I figured it out. Jeannette’s actress is a Alia Shawkat clone. They look alike even and the voice is the same.
  8. Trixie and Lucille have horrible hair. And I am a fan of Trixie's baby bangs. Gloria still trying to have children after everything I guess is supposed to be inspiring? And while I do not relate, and think it's sad AF and not inspiring, I understand it's important to many women to have children... To me, it's so horrifying that she continued to put herself through it and her husband if he encouraged it, sucks. If he supported her that's entirely different, but if he pushed.. I don't think we can tell in the show if this were more her than him, but there are so many societal expectations
  9. I remember during her first appearances I did not like Phyllis much, but OMG over time, I just love her so much. She's such an amazing, empathetic person. Sister MJ and her quixotic missions don't bother me as much as it does others it seems. I also don't think her uneven cognitive abilities are unrealistic based on my own experiences with multiple grandparents with dementia and Alzheimer's. Trixie had so many fabulous coats! I do NOT understand how these episodes are being released on Netflix? Only Season 9 and 10 Christmas episodes? I love the show but had decided to ju
  10. I will not like it if it turns out that Mallory is gay and had a thing for Jeanette and/or Kate and that's why Mallory is being vindictive. Especially since Vincent is also into Jeanette. Jeanette is kind of stupid and a mush mouth in 93-94. Also, just like Kate I was born in 79, Jeanette is such an old fashioned name choice. My friends had Moms called Jeanette. She should have been Jennifer at minimum, or Becky or Kelly. Or really and it pains me, maybe even a Megan. ETA: Should have been Jessica! Why Cruel Summer? That was early 80's? I was in high school 94-97 and dresse
  11. Did Tom find that hat in the garbage?
  12. It must just be the names Chloe and Courtney and we're thinking more about than they did!
  13. You're right, I went back and watched his opening.. I could have sworn! that Lee specifically made a comment about River being straight, and I thought his real life was encroaching. But the man whose pictures he is using is a straight man and I wasn't paying close enough attention.
  14. I had assumed it was because all their names start with C, like the Kardashians with the K. But River's name does not. Lisa was terrible player but I don't get how Khat thought that fake jacket story was such a gotcha. A super famous touring musician would no way remember some random jacket he wore 15+ years ago. He probably wouldn't have even remembered that particular show and venue. Lee seems to be forgetting he made River straight.
  15. I think it's very weird that the samples they showed of the punch bowl and decanters were glass and not pottery. Anyway. It's a delightful show, I found it last year in the beginning of WFH. My favorite season 4 was Sal.
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