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  1. How is Tim wearing such an ill fitting jacket?! Netflix`s Next in Fashion is so much better
  2. This show is a very skillful reality show where it seems like we are getting to know them and are getting peek into an inside story, the Mizanin's are being so open! But we don't and they aren't. What do we know about these people? NOTHING.
  3. Who is fucking writing this show where a yeast infection is a storyline? Why would you ever need to tell your boss, even at a Women's magazine? I have been annoyed for quite some time with stupid fucking Jane, fake-ass-woke Kat and I think Jane's vagina is where I bow out of this dumb fucking show. Sutton deserves better than these idiots.
  4. As I literally finished saying to my husband, "they've got to stop showing Nazis as delightful at some point...." the movie switched to the scene with the hung people, and "they did what they could." Taika is so good. And then the end of the movie - just fucking tears.
  5. Well that answers my question about what happens when Angelo has to sew.
  6. Megan

    S01.E13: Book 27

    I really thought that was going to the tree Odin was hung from - Yggdrasil. Which I guess is "basically the basis" Jesus crucifix story.
  7. Are they going to be teams through out the whole competition? If not, what will Angelo do once he has to sew? I really like Angel and Minju but can they do something other than billow-y triangle?
  8. On her map was California outlined with the word Hideous across it? I swear I saw that. And the fact this is what she chose to teach on her filming day makes me think she was proud of this particular lesson.
  9. Ed's Mom literally added nothing. They should have had a couple if they wanted a multiple people pretending to be one person thing. She just watched him do stuff. Shubham looked like and reminded so much of Pete Buttegieg to me that it was funny that he was voted most likely to run for President and then revealed he ran for governor. Chris seems so familiar has he been on some other show?
  10. I know what they're going for with Marcus but how does he get kicked off the ski team for breaking up a party at his place of employment? And Justin just leaving him in jail, even if Marcus claimed he didn't want help is super shitty.
  11. I totally thought Mandy was played by Alice Eve. She isn't. She was acting very weird about Kat so I thought it was going to be some weird "I'm your real mother!" soap opera thing. Guess not.
  12. Alice Eve is somehow Kat's Mom right? Or maybe Aunt? Also, Kat is super dumb for not letting Justin's family pay for EVERYTHING. Costume, broken down cars, sandwiches, etc. if I were her even with her stolen baby background, they'd pay for it all!
  13. I think he just bought those robes online.
  14. He might be too old already. I need to see him with longer messy hair. I also just happened upon a comment I made about the Gold Finch and that I had pictured Hobie as PSH also, so I guess my mind is really unimaginative and can only picture PSH in roles.
  15. I loved it, and going in I didn't think it'd hold a candle to my beloved Winona version. I actually cried when Beth died. I truly like it more than the 94 adaptation. One exception, Timothee Chalamet. Jo and Amy were so strong and he was so slight. Chalamet looks like a 14 year old. He didn't seem devastated to be rejected, more like "fuck it," I'm going to go party. If only Christian Bale was young enough to be Laurie again. Aunt March and Amy the only practical members of the family! It is weird that our only (?) classic novel about American girls and they were all British, Irish and an Aussie. I saw it with a 10 year who I thought would love it, and she thought the timelines were confusing and it was really long. Mostly around Beth's illnesses, I thought the short hair made it obvious, but I think if you don't already know the story it could be hard to follow.
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