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  1. Nancy looks very different this episode somehow? I love Ghost-y stuff so I wouldn't be against a bunch of spirits/whatnot in an old seaside New England town. I also have never read any Nancy Drew.
  2. Am I the only one that thought we had jumped years ahead and the TX Senator was somehow Payton? That was probably totally intentional and you're all "duh stupid." (Also, entirely possible I missed something that denoted the date at the beginning of the episode) It does annoy me that instead of launching their own political careers, Skye, McAfee, Alice, Astrid and James just want to work for Payton. All in all I really enjoyed the series.
  3. This is all very Wes Anderson
  4. this breaks my heart. and so many people fervently working to return to this. purposefully. it makes me sick. hopefully the information available on the internet will make it safer but wtf. Just thinking about what women had to go through and what and how people want to punish women AND children.
  5. What's the deal with Jennie and Cole Hauser?
  6. Damn this still applies and they still deny that they had anything to do with it. (shakes fist at the sky) You guys there is an episode that addresses Trump's marriage to Marla Maples. And it's not the first time they mention him, he is mentioned in season 1 (or maybe 2 or both/more?) It's like Simpsons-esque prediction or Dickens Christmas Carol warnings. Also: Appreciate the agreement that Julia is that Great Aunt that your Mom forces you to allow to sing at your 1983 - 1988 wedding while you wear a hat (or that V headpiece) with attached veil, your dress has big ass puff (or lace v wrist so many v’s in the 80’s) sleeves and a bow at the waist. The bridesmaids wear taffeta also with bows. Or maybe her voice most closely resembles Scuttle in The Little Mermaid.
  7. So like 8 years ago I went to a Dark Crystal showing in Portland with my brother and our respective spouses who somehow hadn't seen it and we were like it's amazing you'll love it! It's one of those childhood defining movies! We were so excited. And it was fucking boring. (Except for Fizzgig of course.) We were like I guess it doesn't hold up. I wish they would expand the Storyteller series or Fraggle Rock instead. Reboots of the Muppet Show never seem to work and that’ll be on Disney's streaming service... which ugh when is it all going to reconsolidate to cable/satellite/streaming packages I don’t want 12 different subscription services. First episode is such a callback to the movie, the Barbarella-esque hand connection dream fasting, the girls have wings, podlings have always been on drugs I guess. It looks cool... but I don't know if I am going to venture past the first episode. (I don’t know why I mentioned the city cause it adds nothing and doesn’t matter)
  8. Keeping your hair platinum is a lot of work, and to me, it didn't fit into her character to be maintaining that prior to letting go the wolf. My preferred hair is (short and) platinum but it's really hard on your hair and takes a shit ton of upkeep. I've taken the last 6 months to give my hair and my wallet a break.
  9. Just started season one. I like it. Fun spooky teen dramz that I am sure will become super stupid the longer it goes on, like pretty little liars. Judgemental: Who in the early 2000's names their twins the trashy/trendy Mckenna and 80's Jennie?
  10. I've been dvr'ing Designing Women on some weird ass channel - 2 everyday at like 1am and 1:30 am for the last few months so I have been in the Designing Women frame of mind for the Hulu announcement. I did say waaay earlier in the thread I didn't think the show held up after seeing two of probably the worst episodes, but after seeing a lot of more it actually does. And they addressed a lot of pretty progressive issues for the 80's One thing that definitely is cringe-y is Julia's singing. I know Dixie Carter loved singing and the whole tale of getting to sing if Julia had to go a liberal rant but it's just bad old church lady warbling.
  11. I enjoyed it though I am not the target audience, thought it was pretty funny. But man, did Audrey have any other interests or interest in anything other than Motherhood and being a Mother? Definitely didn't seem like it in Season 2. Were we supposed to agree with her regarding her friends who didn't want kids? I couldn't tell.
  12. I had while reading, pictured Phillip Seymour Hoffman as Hobie but Jeffrey Wright is just as good, maybe better. Aneurin Barnard is cast well. I will also say. I did not like the book, or maybe it's more that it made me uncomfortable and I disliked everyone but Hobie.
  13. I don't remember the movie much but during the argument I was like what does she want from him? And then the whole angry sex thing and how upset he was afterward. ugh. Veronica! (Kristen Bell's real life social media presence and the sparkly water commercials here kinda dampen Veronica for me.) I love JK Simmons and the first thing I ever saw him in was OZ so this is like sweet spot JK Simmons.
  14. Why are they ALL against the Dark Lord? Their whole belief system is based on him?! I don't get it. They should all be helping Lucifer. and then Phantom of Opera
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