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  1. Yeah. I knew Juan could sing but when they pitched with Lisa singing, I was wondering if he had a bit of a struggle voice like his younger sister. But then he started singing and I was even more perplexed as to why they would "risk" not being picked by having Juan sit there and watch.
  2. Yes. Juan is the son of Carvin Winans II, member of The Winans and 3WB. And if you have seen the show Greenleaf, he is also the brother of Deborah Joy Winans (she plays Charity). As for the show overall, this is my first time watching it. I saw Boyz II Men post about their winning song and decided to watch the full episode, and then decided to binge this season. I liked all 3 songs that were worked on although I did not feel that "Bad Things" was really a song for B2M. However, I could see Usher singing it so I wish the writer could have been saved for that episode. "Love Struck" is definitely stuck in my head. I wish it was longer. And The Winans song was much better received when Juan sung it compared to when Lisa sung it. For seasoned songwriters, I am surprised they had Lisa sing in the original pitch. As for this season overall, I did like the songs on H.E.R.'s episode and would like to hear "Scary" in mastered form, whether by Axel or a known artist that I like. HER definitely made me like "Wrong Places" more. I didn't really care for it when Jersey Girl performed it. Lastly, in 7 episodes, three of the musical guests have been from country music. Now, I have increased my country music listening over the past few months but I was starting to wonder if this show was actually taped in Nashville. However, since I like Shane and Usher is coming on later, I am cool with it. I really do like this show despite my not being able to sing a lick nor having written a song since elementary.
  3. To the first bolded, I have been watching past seasons and it seems that last season, Todd and Kandi discussed having two embryos left. They both were basically saying that they did not want to "leave any soldiers behind". When meeting with Dr. Jackie about the surrogate, Todd was giddy about using both embryos. So despite both knowing that they didn't really spend time with their current children, they decided that this was a storyline that they should see to completion. As for the second bolded, I think you have the wording wrong. It seems Todd found out about Kaela when she was around 5 years old, not five years ago.
  4. So the latest episode happened. Nuri has not just fallen, she is all in when it comes to Yasir. He lives in her home, drives her car and still has time to offer her his opinions regarding her life. Something I have not learned if he is using his time doing is working. Does he have an actual "pay upon completion" gig? Is he even writing spec scripts? In closing, Love Is... exhausting. But I will continue to watch the show because I am interested in following their story.
  5. I have been watching. First, a point of clarification, their names are Nuri and Yasir. And the past few episodes, Yasir has been getting on my nerves with his high expectations for Nuri and her time while he spends his days doing everything but working. I still like the show but Yasir is exhausting with all the things he has going on with his life. Also, Keith, baby. You are gay. That was no out. That was your buck naked truth. I missed the previews but will be interesting to see where Keith goes with Angela.
  6. I was in before I saw it and seeing it did not change my mind. I love the cast. Love that it is set in the '90s. And look forward to what is coming up next.
  7. Some time ago, I learned that girl and boy refer to cocaine and heroin, though I do not remember which is which. As for this show, the pilot wasn't as funny as I would have liked. Some of the jokes were old and corny. However, I will keep watching the show. I like the cast so I hope it gets better and is not a chore for me to watch.
  8. So like others, when the joke was that they couldn't name a black man over 65, it took me out of the show for a minute. Between men in my actual family and community, my first thought was Morgan Freeman. Basically, in 2018, to be 65 means you were born in the 1953. To not know anyone living who was born in the '40s or '30s was too much of a stretch to me. But getting pass that, I did giggle when Ruby named Junior "Cool Breeze" and used it later on. Not much from the office, just there to get the Atlantis commercial in. I did find it cute when Bow was playing with the twins and Diane asked Devante to save her. I continue to watch this show and will probably watch it until it ends. But I cannot say it is on my "must see, must discuss" list anymore.
  9. Right. I literally thought she was going to say that Simon had died. Not that I cared about him, but that seemed like a reasonably sad thing. Oh my confusion when she said he was awake. I don't even think I heard anything after that because I was so confused about this being a "sad" event (though I do understand what it could mean to the Brats).
  10. Yeah, I was going to mention that. I am not sure why this is such a deal on a fictional drama. From the beginning when they were still in law school, I knew that if I wanted to enjoy this show, I couldn't focus on what was "inaccurate" in the "real world". As for this episode, I did prefer the court scenes over anything Bonnie and Clyde were doing. I am also annoyed by Jacqueline for calling at such a time and blaming Annalise. Talking about people who have no business practicing. Annalise cannot possibly be the only client they have been unprofessional with. Surely someone has reported them. As for the crossover, I am not sure why I decided to watch the Scandal episode. I had stopped watching Scandal many seasons ago. I watched some of last season and was reminded then why I had stopped watching this show. I should have realized that since the crossover was driven by HTGAWM, there was nothing significant going on at Scandal. Had it been any other show, I probably would have cared for the beauty salon scene. Lastly, even though Simon has "sadly" awaken, would he really remember things? And is the season hinging on if Simon will talk? I never cared for the Laurel-centric storyline so I guess I am having a hard time with the back half of this season. I just want it to end.
  11. Speaking of Black Showrunners, I am not sure if I have seen this news posted in this thread yet. TBS Gives Pilot Order to Lena Waithe Comedy "Twenties" NBC Orders Comedy Pilot ‘Bright Futures’ From ‘Grown-ish’ Team, Kenya Barris
  12. I forgot all about that. I agree with all of this because I originally thought the guys were on a date as well and yes, I noticed that he could not click his belt but the operator didn't check like they are supposed to. But yet this went straight to "he gave up". It's as if the writers forgot what they wrote and who they casted.
  13. Like others, I have been watching this show because of the leads, mainly Angela Bassett. Also like others, I do not feel this show is that good right now and I do not like the focus on the rookie. For this episode, I was wondering how that rollercoaster rescue was really supposed to work. The guy was dangling in the sky and only holding on by his arms. How was he really supposed to use either of his arms to reach up/be pulled up? I do not understand why the story was made to seem as if he gave up. Like, all dude had to do was reach up and he would have been saved. I get having extra strength/energy when it is your life on the line but it just seemed a bit of a leap. Lastly, has Buck ever seen Abby?
  14. I will admit that I was hesitant to watch this show because I was not interested in another downtrodden, violence-filled take on The Chi. However, the storytelling was great and the characters were engaging. Coogie, while smart and loving, was a kid living on the edge. He was not a dopeboy but he stayed around them, even when he could of been in a different area. When he put that chain on, I literally said, he is wearing a dead man's chain. Despite the environment he was from, he still did not understand the gravity of involving himself in that murder. His dying and his brother's speech at the funeral really got me. It will be interesting to learn the backstories of the guy who killed him and his older brother. As a day 1 Wire fan, it was nice seeing Sonja Sohn in a different role. Also, Alex Hibbert from Moonlight, Jacob Lattimore and Jason Mitchell from Straight Outta Compton are young talents that I am glad to see again. And the young ladies, who I am seeing for the first time, seem to be more young talent that I hope to get to know. Overall, I really enjoyed the first episode. I have been a fan of Lena Waithe for many years, before ever really seeing her work. I am happy she has been able to tell this story set in her hometown. While I do not have Showtime, I will find a way to watch this show because I am already engrossed in the full story.
  15. Is there an inside joke that I missed regarding Yara's name? As for the show, it is not as bad as its backdoor pilot so I will give it another chance. However, I am more interested in Yara the person than Yara the actress at this point. Also, I have seen comments about the multi-ethnic nature of the cast (in other places). I have no real comment about that other than, she goes to a school in LA so I am not surprised with the group.
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