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S31.E02: Elvis Night

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On 9/26/2022 at 6:06 PM, funnygirl said:

Unpopular opinion: trained dancers/ringers like Charli aren't fun to watch. Might as well watch two pros dance. I like seeing the "stars" make improvements every week and see the work they put in.

It's even worse when the ringer has no personality, faux humility and shock when they receive their glowing praise. Charli's reactions always make me roll my eyes: "Oh my gosh! I got a good score! I managed to pull it off!"

Was prepared to enjoy Gabby but she seems a bit off or rude, and just leaves me confused sometimes.

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On 9/29/2022 at 11:03 AM, Jennabelle88 said:

I am amazed by how well Daniel dances to music he can't hear. I understand that deaf people can feel the vibration of the music, but when you're constantly jumping and twirling and moving around, how can you feel it then?

The sense of rhythm doesn't require hearing every note nor feeling every vibration. It's akin to having an internal metronome. As long as you start off in the right rhythm--and don't get thrown by nerves, adrenaline, stumbles, sudden music changes, etc.--then you should be OK. This was true for Marlee Matlin who had strong sense of rhythm, and less true for Nyle who had less internal rhythm, imho.  Daniel appears to have a great sense of rhythm.  He (and Marlee and Nyle) can also see and feel what their partner is doing to further find and keep the rhythm.

OTOH, there have been hearing celebrities without a natural sense of rhythm who struggled to keep time even when their music had strong rhythmic beats.  Aly Raisman and several Bachelors come to mind.

On 9/29/2022 at 7:12 PM, White Dog said:

Yeah I loved Marlee on the show and rooted hard for her. I am not as enthused about Daniel or Nyle. Marlee got eliminated for not dancing to the standard and for me neither Daniel or Nyle  have danced to the standard.  Daniels jive was terrible but you would think he’s Jesus the way he was tongue bathed.

I thought Daniel was over-scored 1-2 points relative to the field, given that his jive content was relatively light and his technique relatively sloppy, imho.  Some of that may have been earlier contestants like Shangela and Jordin getting lost in the scoring mix, however.

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Was very looking forward to this episode. My parents watched his movies and listened to his songs when I was a kid. 

Not very happy with whoever those artists were, singing the Elvis songs, during the routines.  They were bad and ruined most of the songs. I recall Maks abd Meryl jive in a previous season, and that dance really celebrated Elvis. 

I enjoyed the performances of Wayne, Trevor, Daniel, Heidi, Gabby, Vinny and Shangela. Charli seems flawless and not surprising. 

Tyra annoyed me when she asked Trevor/ Emma to walk along completely forgetting Len had to still give comments.  Miss Tom.Wish he would join back:(

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1 hour ago, White Dog said:

Not long ago Alfonso was criticized for asking a question to Emma and her partner. Looks like they are  embracing the showmance hardcore and fans are eating it up. 

Frankly I never saw the issue with the question. It was a steamy dance, they are both great-looking, and, Emma and Sasha have  separated. Usually when a couple separates, they've been over each other for quite some time beforehand.

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1 hour ago, peachmangosteen said:

I think it's kinda tacky for TPTB to get Alphonso to ask that but Trevor and Emma were playing the showmance up themselves in the package.

Ugh, I hope Emma and Trevor get eliminated soon. Whether they are hooking up or showmancing, they are so tacky to throw it in Sasha's face. Other than that, why do they think anyone cares?

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1 hour ago, peachmangosteen said:

I think it's kinda tacky for TPTB to get Alphonso to ask that but Trevor and Emma were playing the showmance up themselves in the package.

To be fair, I think production has a heavy hand in what is being talked about in those packages. I imagine they were asked very pointed questions directed toward a showmance. 

It's like Alexis/Alan from a few seasons ago, a couple who didn't seem to have any chemistry or interest in each other but the moment they seemed to be in danger, the showmance angle suddenly appeared. And once the show was over, Alexis/Alan split before the month was up. 

So I'll give Trevor/Emma a pass this time since they aren't in control of the show's narrative, for the most part, but I hope Emma, at least, puts her foot down for the rest of the season on a showmance. 

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If the celebs/dancers play into it, and so far Emma/Trevor are, I don’t really blame TPTB for it. Emma and Trevor wanna stay so they’re probably fine with playing the game. I still cringed when Alfonso brought it up though because it’s just tacky. At least TPTB had the decency to not have Sasha up there at the time lol.

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Emma and Sasha aren't exactly front page of People people and not everyone is as online as the fanbase here. There have to be plenty of viewers who were just confused about the whole situation because they don't know about the separation. That to me was what made it awkward. People who knew they were together because the show made a fuss now thinking Emma is flirting with her dance partner while her husband is right over yonder on the other side of the ballroom.

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On 9/27/2022 at 1:49 PM, Ilovepie said:

I know I'm going to get hate for saying this, but this is why I don't like Mark. He always, always always gets the best dancers. Just once I would love to see him get someone older, or a Selma or Daniel.

I may have heard wrong, but I would swear I heard Mark say the first week that he came back to the show because he was promised Charli.  So he knew he would be getting the ringeriest ringer to ever ringer on this show, it would be an easy gig to teach her, and he could safely indulge his more creative side because she'd be able to handle it.

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