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  1. At least JoJo isn’t a loser. Mel C is a classy lady. She deserved to be saved over Olivia.
  2. LMAO they are trying so hard to get rid of Cody and especially Iman, but they are going to make the finals. Yay Kenya! I’m so glad fake Olivia was on the bottom two. I don’t care how good she is. She can go next.
  3. Honestly, Cheryl has looked disinterested now for several seasons. She and Cody weren't a great match anyway. He would have been fun with Britt or Lindsay, both of whom are available now. She really just needs to retire already.
  4. Are they forcing Cheryl to stay? If not, she should step aside and let him work with someone else. If she shows up sick again, he’s going to be eliminated. They shouldn’t have to go out that way.
  5. Daniella is freaking amazing! She might just make the finals again. I didn't recognize that dance as an AT, but whatever it was, it was awesome.
  6. People online have been calling out his racist ass for years. The weird thing though is he doesn't seem that racist on the British version.
  7. He actually isn't that bad of a dancer compared to the other bachelors. I don't watch that show, but he seems to try and has good chemistry with Lindsay. The only bad dancer left at this point is BAG. It's all going to come down to who has the most fans. I would say that would be Matt or Suni or Jimmy (country music fans vote hard on this show). I know JoJo has a lot of fans as well, but they are mostly children and the soccer moms who vote won't support a gay woman.
  8. I read somewhere else that Brian has neurological problems from an accident he got into years ago. I think he has some memory and other problems. It's a shame, but if he is limited then he shouldn't be completing. I'm all for disabled people competing if they can do the dances (Nyle and Amy P were awesome), but if someone can't do the dances then they shouldn't be there. I will give him credit that he isn't using that as a sob story to get votes. I guess he figured that the Sharna shipper stans would be enough.
  9. It's a shame that Cody got Covid because he has the potential to be really good. I don't think Cheryl is doing him any favors. If she's not well (and she obviously isn't), then she should go home and let Britt or someone else work with Cody until she gets better.
  10. Agreed. What dance was that? It definitely wasn’t her best.
  11. I think Len is a racist. He gives all the black ppl 6s, but overscores the Miz, who isn’t any better than them. Olivia isn’t worthy of 9s either. They sure are working overtime to pimp her into the finals.
  12. I'm not saying Sasha is a perv or anything, but they should have paired her with Brandon. He looks closer to her age. Brandon looks like Kenya's little brother, and Sasha looks like Suni's father. Really they should just get some 18 year old pros, as well as some older ones. The couples would look a lot more well matched.
  13. I don't think they should have had a Cher or Stevie Wonder night, either. Not everyone is a fan of those artists. I zoned out halfway through the show because I didn't know any songs except a couple, and everyone was doing tangoes. If they are going to do theme nights, there should be broader ones like musicals or movie night. Those are some good ones that they did in the past. I think they chose Britney mainly so they could profit off her tragic story.
  14. I think her fans mainly fit into a particular age group, but that's not really the fan demographic of this show. It's mainly older people that watch, and they don't care that much about Britney or really even know her music, myself included. That's the problem with featuring one artist on the show. You could tell Iman barely knew who she was.
  15. I feel sorry for Cody and Cheryl, but if they can't dance in person next week then they need to be eliminated and invited back next season. I would have rather watched Christine for another week rather than watching some crappy jazzercise on zoom. Show and producers, you are starting to look ridiculous. Do the right thing.
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