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  1. At least Melissa wasn’t as fake as Kaitlyn and Hannah. Or as annoying as any of the men they had on. She also had chemistry with Tony. I wouldn’t mind a Bachelor contestant any more than anyone else if they weren’t so boring.
  2. Another awesome AT was the one Frankie Muniz did to Pirates of the Caribbean. There weren’t many dances that stood out this season except Nev’s Swan Lake dance. I really don’t remember any of Kaitlyn’s dances at all.
  3. Did anyone else raise their eyebrows over Jenna’s comment that dwts got boring until Nev came along? Correct me if I’m wrong but she has only been a pro for a handful of seasons and the only real dud she got was the grocer Joe. I wonder what she was talking about?
  4. I wish they would stop with the Bachelor contestants as well. No one freaking cares about them besides the people who watch that show. And they are about as interesting as watching paint dry. At least Hanna and Kaitlyn could dance, though.
  5. I wonder why they invited all the former contestants back but didn’t even let them do a group dance? I liked Nev’s freestyle and Kaitlyn’s too. Justina’s was kind of meh. I don’t think Nelly danced at all in his freestyle. I did like his song, though. I wasn’t a fan of Kaitlyn but she could dance, and good for Artem!
  6. Apparently Nelly was the only one who personally wished Johnny well after he was eliminated. Johnny then went on to tweet to his fans not to blame Nelly for his elimination. Both seem like nice guys.
  7. Ugh what a phony. He probably marched for BLM because he thought it was hip a few months ago.
  8. I’m not a fan of Gleb, but his wife sounds like a nutcase. Poor kids.
  9. What did he delete? Inquiring minds want to know lol.
  10. He definitely has issues. If I had five kids and two miscarriages after that, I would call it a day. It’s his choice and his business to keep trying, but hey, if you put your life out there on social media people are going to judge. I must say though, as someone who lives in California, I don’t blame him fir moving to Texas!
  11. I would rather have Tom than Tyra, but she isn’t annoying to the point where it ruins the show IMO. I liked this season because there were plenty of good dancers and most of the dead weights were eliminated early. Also there wasn’t anyone intolerable like Bones or Spicer. Kaitlyn has a boring personality and Nev is skeevey and annoying, but I like watching them dance. Nelly and Justina aren’t as good but they are also entertaining to watch. Overall a far better season than the past few seasons.
  12. Judging from Facebook there are also a lot of grandmas who drool over Nelly. He nay be getting a lot of AJ’s fans now that he is gone.
  13. To me, Bones’s crappy dancing wasn’t the main reason I was pissed that he won. He was obviously a lazy ass who rode his huge fanbase to the win while trashing his competition. I think he would have improved if he listened to Sharna and tried hard. He wasn’t THAT awful naturally and he was cute. At least Nelly takes criticism gracefully and doesn’t trash the others that we know of. He seems humble and works hard. I think he and Bobby had the same ability but Nelly tries and Bobby didn’t.
  14. Even without the sexual assault allegations I’ve found Nev unlikeable. He acts like he can dance because his mom took him to watch ballet. I’ve taken my sons (who also studied dance for a couple of years) to dance shows, and I took ballet for a couple of years as a kid, but all of us are horrible dancers. The guy obviously has way more dance experience than he admits. You aren’t fooling us, Dude. At least Kaitlyn admits it!
  15. I still think Kaitlyn and Nev will be the final two. I think they are just preparing in case Nelly wins. I don’t see Nev having a very big fanbase and it really hasn’t been tested, but Kaitlyn has Bachelor Nation. I think Justina is pretty much going to get fourth place.
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