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  1. I think the nail in the coffin was blocking the west coast from voting. I live there and I don't vote, but I feel bad for those who want to vote. It's 5:00 p.m. when the show airs here. Like who is going to pull over during rush hour traffic to vote on a reality show? LOL
  2. DWTS won't be returning in the spring 😪 https://www.yahoo.com/lifestyle/dancing-stars-not-returning-spring-174827926.html
  3. If you haven’t watched season 8, check out any of Giles Marini’s dances. He might have been the best male dancer they ever had.
  4. I loved Alfonso and Rashad’s freestyles as well. Also, Drew Lachey’s, Donald Driver’s and Shawn Johnson’s (with Mark).
  5. The thing that bugs me is that the finalists seem to be getting decided on who goes on tour and who doesn’t. How convenient that James was the only top five not going on their tour. While I don’t think he would have beaten Hannah, I do think he would have delivered a better freestyle than some of the others.
  6. I really wish James would have been there because those freestyles weren’t that memorable. I guess Kel’s was the best. I’m fine with Hannah winning. She was good and I liked her okay. That was awkward at the end when everyone was congratulating Kel over Hannah. Ouch!
  7. All the dancers left are good, but the pros who remain are nothing special. Too bad we don't have a Val/Cheryl/Derek showdown.
  8. Interesting article. I started liking Hannah for the same reason I started liking Kim Kardashian and Amber Rose. All of them are former bimbos who became feminists who are actually helping women. They are badass!
  9. I agree, as much as I despised Spicer, if the people wanted him, then he should have stayed.
  10. Why not? She and Len aren't very nice. Bruno, yeah, I don't see him kicking someone when they are down. Then again, they are employees of the show and have to do what they are told. Come to think of it, Len is much nicer on the British version of the show. They should just do away with the judge's save. Their bottom line is ratings, so why would they keep someone people don't want to watch? I like Ally, but if she was on the bottom three times, she should have gone by now.
  11. Oh I know, and I wasn't talking about you or anyone else on this board. Some people on twitter were saying pretty mean stuff about her. It's like they took it personally, sheesh.
  12. Haven't they always exploited people for ratings, though? I don't think that's anything new. I don't know why James didn't just withdraw. I guess he wanted to dance for his wife, but I sure wouldn't want to be used for drama like that. James and his wife had only kind things to say about Ally after the show. I don't know why fans are hating on her. They aren't doing him or his family any favors by picking on their good friend.
  13. In brighter news, I heard ratings were up this week. I guess that means that no one wanted to watch that flat-footed moron dance!
  14. I don't think that many people vote anymore. They cut off half the country from voting, and they limit voting to a two hour window. Anyone can be on the bottom two. Instead of jacking around with the voting, they should have concentrated on getting better contestants for the show. Surely they could have found someone more appealing than Sean Spicer.
  15. I like her. She was rude to Carrie Ann, but she apologized. She also nixed the showmance early on. I guess that's why they don't like her, because she won't be their tool. I don't really see her as fake. I think Ally and Hannah are the best dancers left now that James is gone. Kel is sort of sloppy (albeit entertaining), and although Lauren isn't bad, she is just sort of there. That said, I would be okay with any of them winning. All of them are far better than Bobby Bones. They really need to lose the judges' save. Go back to the way it used to be. Just because Bobby won last time doesn't mean someone who suck will win every time.
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