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  1. LadyMustang65

    S14.E08: Ashley

    I honestly didn't even remember who Krystall was. Just shows you how much I cared about *that* story line anyway. <lol> Otherwise, I liked the episode pretty well. I don't really follow the news about shows, and I haven't been to this forum in a while, so is Reid leaving the show? He's my favorite character, and I'd really miss him. I was wondering if the sabbatical to teach was a way of writing him off the show or if he'll still be around?
  2. LadyMustang65

    S09.E08: Evolution

    Thank you. We caught something about a place you don't belong, but we couldn't make out anything from the beginning, so it made no sense. Not that it makes any more sense knowing the whole thing. Unless they simply meant they shouldn't be out walking around in the woods?
  3. LadyMustang65

    S09.E08: Evolution

    So so disappointed in this show right now. And a bit pissed. We've lost so many great characters, and now we lose Jesus, too? With all the talk about him being a great leader if he'd stop fighting it, I was so looking forward to him coming into his own as the head of the Hilltop crew. Instead, they kill him off. :( So not fair. Am I mis-remembering or didn't the riders from Hilltop tell the group last week that they were going to let Hilltop know Michonne was coming? Because I was completely unprepared for all that running and hiding when the group was spotted because I was sure they already knew they were on the way. Negan is loose again. I was so expecting someone to be lying in wait for him to kill him as he got out of the building. But no. A character I would like to see die is still around. Ugh. I love JDM but I despise Negan. And I have zero desire to watch him try to become "The Big Bad" again. Your time is up, old man! Maggie should have killed him when she had the chance. He's the ultimate "scream" movie beast - no matter what you do to it, it just keeps getting back up again. Blech! And I'm kind of pissed because I feel like we've missed what would have been the most interesting storyline - seeing how the communities got to where they are. I am beyond fed up with all the teasing about it - after everything they've been through, it's hard for me to imagine just what could have come between them like that. And since they've told us so very little - just a few obscure references to some "decisions" - it doesn't make sense but at the same time, it feels like THAT is the story they should have been telling us. Maybe at some point we'll get to see it in flashbacks? But right now it seems like the far more interesting story. I was shocked when they made Michonne and her group throw out their weapons before entering Hilltop and being told they'd get them back when they left. That smacks of there having been a fight between the communities at some point. Again, lots of questions but no answers. Not even really hints at answers. And the nagging feeling that there's a good chance we'll never really know what happened and why but we'll see a reconciliation as they fight the whisperers (and probably that idiot Negan again), which leads to a stronger feeling that that is the story they should have been telling us now. I do like the new characters mostly. Except maybe Magna? She kinda seems like Michonne-light or something. And I know I am in a minority of probably one in saying that I like Tara. Or at least she doesn't grate on me the way she seems to on most. She's one character that has been steadily growing and seems to kind of come into her own as a good right-hand man. And I did love the whole hunt for Eugene and the whispering walkers (although I could not understand most of what they were saying, even after rewinding several times, and by the time I thought to turn on the closed-captioning, it was too late - so if anyone knows what the walker said to Jesus as he was killing him, I'd love to know. Thank you in advance!) and the creepy foggy cemetery. That was really good, I thought. I hate these long breaks, though. What did they say - it will be back in March or something? By then I'll be watching going who the hell is that at every other character. Speaking of characters, if they want to develop some of the peripheral characters more, I vote for them to bring the woman who left Hilltop with Carol into a bigger role. I have no idea what her name even is, but we've always liked her, and she seems like a character that could be fleshed out more. And, as someone else mentioned, we need more Jerry.
  4. LadyMustang65

    S27.E11: Week 9: Finale

    Well, that was a disappointment! Bobby is without a doubt the worst winner ever. We saw some beautiful dancers go before their time and ended up with a "winner" who could barely move. And mileage definitely varies on whether he was really entertaining. For me, he was not. I'm happy for Sharna that she finally got a win, but she should have gotten it earlier with some of her other partners. I can't imagine she would be all that proud of this one. Keo did a wonderful freestyle - I loved how he let Evanna be front and center and dance by herself. What a great showcase for her. Also loved Witney's choreography for Milo, and he danced it beautifully. Did not like Alan's choreography, and I find it hard to imagine how Sharna could possibly have choreographed any less for Bobby to do. That he got 30s for that just means the others should have gotten 11s and 12s because to give them all perfect scores was just kind of insulting to the others. I did not care for this one night finale at all. I liked having them do the three dances with the fusion dance on the second night. It sucks that people on the West Coast couldn't vote for the winners. I missed seeing the behind-the-scenes stuff. I missed seeing all of the previous contestants returning to dance. It all just felt so rushed. This was not an improvement as far as we were concerned.
  5. LadyMustang65

    S27.E10: Week 8: Semi-Finals

    Like many, glad to see Joe gone but can't believe JP is also gone. Although honestly I have to admit that I do not dislike Bobby as much now as I did at the beginning, and I do think he's shown improvement, much more so than Joe ever did. So I can live with his being in the finale, but I am beyond irritated at losing some really good dancers like Tinashe and JP to get him there. Evanna and Milo got all my votes last night. Would someone please clue me in on what happened between Emma and Gleb? I was just coming back in from the kitchen, and I saw Emma's reaction, but I didn't see what happened. I assumed maybe she'd slipped or there had been some kind of mishap she was laughing off, but from some comments on here, it doesn't sound like that was the case. TYIA! Lastly, am I the only one who finds it a bit weird/borderline creepy when male celebs dedicate a dance like the AT to their mothers?
  6. LadyMustang65

    S27.E09: Week 7: Country Night

    Who the hell is voting for Joe and how do we make them stop?
  7. LadyMustang65

    S09.E05: What Comes After

    I respectfully disagree. First, from the way that water was running in the river, it would have been pretty loud. Second, helicopters aren't that loud when they're further away. When they're right over you or in relatively close range, yes. They're wicked loud. But at a distance, not so much. Third, the folks at the bridge would have to have spotted the helicopter when it was well up in the air in order to be seen through all those trees. Once it started to descend, it would have been pretty well shielded from sight. Fourth, I'm pretty sure the folks at the bridge had their minds and emotions well occupied with having just watched Rick die (or so they thought). You've got Michonne screaming and crying, Maggie and Carol trying to hold her back, Darryl had to turn his back. Fifth, there's the sound of the fire itself that was still raging on the bridge. Fires are loud up close. (Oh, and the smoke would have helped obscure the helicopter.) And sixth, while I don't remember the scene that vividly, going by your description, the helicopter was coming in on the other side of Jadis, so not coming in from the bridge side. Jadis can see the smoke but not the bridge, so again unless they spotted it when it was high in the air, the people at the bridge probably would not have been able to see the helicopter. So that part didn't seem all that far-fetched to me. Except she first said he was a B and then changed that to an A. He certainly wasn't volunteering for anything. We really just don't have enough information to go on to know what that was all about, and I'm guessing we'll never know, and that's annoying. They shouldn't throw in something like that if they didn't plan to explain it.
  8. LadyMustang65

    S09.E05: What Comes After

    To us it looked like Rick had fallen into the river along with the herd and had been swept downstream before pulling himself out (or washing up) on the bank. So we assumed Jadis was far enough away from the rest, as she didn't really seem to know what was up with all the zombie parts flowing past her in the river, that she wasn't aware of the bridge blowing up, and they couldn't see or hear the helicopter.
  9. LadyMustang65

    S09.E05: What Comes After

    This actually annoyed me because I feel like we'll never get an answer now. Jadis/Anne thought Father Gabriel was a B but then decided he was an A after he said he forgave her. And she let him go. Then she said Rick was a B. I was initially thinking an A was a strong fighter-type and a B was more of a follower type, which made a bit of sense with her re-characterizing Gabriel. But it makes zero sense in connection to Rick. But with Jadis/Anne flying away with Rick after telling them she needed to leave there, I'm thinking we're never going to know who those people are and what that was all about. Because how do they do that without showing us Rick? And along those lines, how does a live Rick Grimes NOT find a way to escape and get back to his family after 9 (or 6) years? Because the Rick Grimes we've known the past 9 seasons would never be able to be kept away from them. So does that mean he didn't make it after all? Ugh. Too many questions raised that I just don't see ever getting answered. :( I was doing all right until Darryl's lip quivered. Then the tears flowed. Rick was a deeply flawed character, but I loved him. And I really think he was the heart of the show. I'm just not sure how well it's going to go without him there. Also, am I the only one who thought it was weird that 9 (or 6) years later and maybe what now - a decade or more after the zombie apocalypse - there are still random groups of people wandering around the countryside? I had always assumed that by then everyone would have ended up banding together into some kind of village - like Sanctuary, Hilltop, Alexandria, Oceanside, etc.- and have become farmers to survive. Not sure what the purpose is of setting off on foot for parts unknown, especially if you don't have super zombie-killing powers. It just seems like they should have evolved past that stuff. I did kind of like Judith Grimes taking over for daddy, but it remains to be seen how that will play out. If she's some kind of leader in a group of adults, I'll be pissed. That will just be more than I could handle. Also, am I the only one who really wanted to see what happened in that little egg suck at the camp? Looks like all the Saviors ended up dead while all (or at least most) of the good guys survived? Convenient. Not that I'll miss any of the Saviors or that I wanted to see Jerry or Carol or some of the others end up dead. But I would like to have seen that. Much more than I wanted to see Maggie and Negan. And there was astonishingly little satisfaction in seeing Negan reduced to tears and begging to die. Not sure why. Best thing about that was the scene between Maggie and Michonne. And I did like Maggie deciding that Rick had been right and not killing Negan herself. I liked the three scenes with Hershel, Shane and Sasha. Those were probably the right three to bring back. {Realized after reading this, that I'm actually pissed they didn't bring Glenn back. He should have been in the mix somewhere.} Last little nitpick - I really don't understand why Rick ended up bringing the walkers back to the bridge. That was what Darryl said originally, and Rick was hellbent on saving the bridge. He was leading them away - why not just keep leading them away? He could have gotten them a few miles out heading away, then gotten far enough ahead of the herd to circle back around them. Did I miss something? Oh well. I'm still in as we see how this new world develops. Thank, Andy Lincoln, for an incredible job, and best of luck with your career.
  10. LadyMustang65

    S09.E05: What Comes After

    Really? Because I was positive it flashed on screen that it was 9 years. Unless I was watching upside down?
  11. LadyMustang65

    S27.E08: Week 6: Halloween Night

    Who is voting for Joe and why? I was really hoping his better scores this week meant we'd finally come to the end of his road, as so often happens when a celeb who's been struggling is leaving, but no. We're stuck with him another week. Ugh. He's a terrible dancer, he's boring, and for my taste anyway he's not even that good-looking. He's even making me dislike Jenna! Just go already! Loved Milo, Evanna and Juan Pablo tonight. Thought John was better than what the judges saw. No way was Joe better than John. Bobby was okay. Agree with others that DeMarcus is slipping a bit, but I still like him. I can usually tolerate the showmances, but Alexis' package even made me cringe. An actress she is not! Just stop already! Sorry to see MaryLou go. She wasn't the best dancer, but I've been enjoying her, which is more than I can say for Joe. Nice to see Jabbawockeez (yeah, I know that's not how they spell it <lol>). Also enjoyed seeing Twitch and Alllison. I do like her . . . just not as a ballroom pro. Really missed the team dances on Halloween night. And I missed Sasha running around pulling pranks on everyone. He was great with MaryLou, but he used to prank the others as well. He nearly gave Erin an on-screen heart attack one year. <lol>
  12. LadyMustang65

    S2: E1 No Recovery

    Who is Bay?
  13. LadyMustang65

    S27.E05: Week 3: Most Memorable Night

    Okay, way off topic, but thank you!!! I thought I was the only person in the world who hated it. Nice to know I'm not alone.
  14. LadyMustang65

    S27.E02: Premiere Week: Part 2

    I have never really enjoyed watching kids do ballroom dancing, whether it be here or on shows like America's Got Talent, and it's for just that reason. Watching a couple of 10-year-old kids do the tango, for instance, is just creepy and makes me feel really uncomfortable. I did see a couple of kids do a jive once that was really great and fun, not at all sexualized, but that was probably the only time I've enjoyed watching young ones dance.
  15. LadyMustang65

    S27.E02: Premiere Week: Part 2

    It was Kerri Strug but not a broken foot. Third degree lateral sprain and some tendon damage. Still very impressive, though. :)