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  1. Does anyone know why Hulu isn't playing Season 3? I just found this show recently and finished through Season 2, but now I can't catch up with Season 3 😞 .
  2. Wayne can pretty much make his voice sound like anything he wants it to be-he is extremely versatile and talented.
  3. Sure did 🤣! I just thought it was his hair that made him look different...
  4. Well, ugh. Since James got unfairly knocked out, I was hoping Kel would win. Next season, can there please be no Bachelor/ettes? The judging frustrated me. Ally had two obvious fumbles, but still got a perfect score, Carrie Ann pointed out a mistake on Hannah's dance and then said "whatever" and gave her a ten anyway, and Kel's freestyle was well executed, but not Len's cup of tea, so he got a nine.
  5. Damn, Meredith, bitchy much? No Alex-boo! I just can't with most of what happened in this episode. As much as I want to say I'm done watching, though, I will probably watch to the bitter end because I am pretty much incapable of leaving things unfinished.
  6. Patti's song choice killed her in the smackdown, imo. I'm on board with Leopard being RuPaul--too many of the clues seem to be pointing at him rather than Seal.
  7. Well, hell, that's a good point. Double elimination, maybe?
  8. Did the judges know at that point, though? Serious question. I am under the impression that they didn't know about what happened until James' package for his second dance was shown.
  9. Ooh, there's an idea for next season(if there is one)--end up in the bottom two three times and you're automatically out! Take the judges out of it at that point.
  10. Oh, man, I am so sad for James and his family! I don't understand the judges saving someone who has been in the bottom two three times, who obviously doesn't have fan support, against someone who has been mostly impressive all season. Since James is no longer in the running, I am now rooting for Kel to win, even though he annoyed me a little tonight with the whole gun violence thing. Let's call it what it was-gang violence...
  11. They were guessing him for last season, which I don't think they would do if he was ineligible to be on the show. As to the second part of your statement, that's why I think it would be funny if it was him.
  12. I believe Wayne Brady does impressions, so that's what I thought of when he said the thing about many voices, not boy bands/groups. It would be funny if Donnie Wahlberg is the Rottweiler-didn't he play a detective on a TV show? The Tree's soup clue had Talk Soup popping into my head, but Aisha Tyler has been the only female host for that show, so never mind...
  13. Ugh. Can they please come up with a phrase other than "reveal the revealing item"? I really like the Fox, aka Wayne Brady. I hope he makes it to the end. It would be funny if Rottweiler was Donnie Wahlberg-didn't he play a detective on some TV show? Never would have guessed Kelly Osbourne. The Tree is the weakest one of this group left, imo. The Flower(Patti LaBelle)has a great voice, but she's not as entertaining as the others. I caught that as well.
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