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  1. Well, life happens, so I was just now able to finally watch the rest of the show. The magician was cool, but is he just a one-trick pony? A few WTH acts...How do they even make it to the live shows? The Dragons were entertaining. I hope the one gets her nerves under control. The reactions of the older twins to the people screaming behind them, though, lol. Archie. Man, what a horrible thing to go through knowing you are innocent. I'm glad the truth finally came out. Liked his voice. The impressionist was fun and did pretty good, I guess(I didn't know a few of the voices he was doing so can't really judge on that) Moses-meh, not really my kind of thing so <shrug> I can't help but feel like the choir got the pity Golden Buzzer, because I don't think they would have made it to the finals otherwise. YMMV
  2. Haven't finished watching yet, just wanted to comment on the acts I've seen so far... The pigs are cute, but they won't last long Bad Salsa was pretty impressive Whoopie Cushion Lady-WTH?! Broken Roots-I liked it, but the bald guy was trying too hard, which took me out of it a little bit. I'm hoping he can settle down on future shows.
  3. Definitely could have used a re-cap. Didn't even realize the show was back, but it popped up on my Hulu. I didn't remember what had happened to May, either. It's getting a little convoluted for me, and has been for a while, but I really like the cast so I'll stick with it and hopefully everything will make sense eventually. <shrug>
  4. I would rather have had Grace over Julia
  5. I have wondered this myself, especially since this forum has more comments than other shows that are on the main page.
  6. Jay Pharoah was the most useless guest judge to date that I can remember. I hope the Frog, as entertaining as he is, doesn't win-he doesn't actually sing. I have previously said that I don't care for Night Angel, so I hope Turtle wins.
  7. I haven't seen Hamilton, but I have read somewhere that he was in it <shrug>
  8. Thanks for the info. I finally caved and got the access, so am in the process of catching up.
  9. Just read the other comments, and most of you seem to like Night Angel. Honest question-why?
  10. I don't understand the judges going nuts over Night Angel, she's the one I most want to FF through(I haven't actually done that yet, but have been very tempted to the last two weeks, especially tonight). That being said, I thought both Night Angel and Rhino should have left before Kitty. Frog is very entertaining. I thought it funny when the judges made the comment about it being a singing competition, though. While I totally agree that rap is not singing, if they want it to be purely singing and no rap that should be clarified in the competition rules.
  11. Sorry, I'm going to nit-pick here...it was a family of 5 Yes, Maya, your dad was abusive-there is a difference between that and tough love. Rolling my eyes at the fact there will be no repercussions for Sullivan, but do want to see Dixon go down.
  12. For an actual singer, I wasn't very impressed with ANY of his performances...
  13. Ok, this was kind of weird... First of all, Katy Perry just showed once again that she is ridiculous and has to be the center of attention. Some questions: Why did some of the singers look like they were performing in front of a green screen? How does Franklin afford that house as a music teacher(maybe he has other side-gigs/inheritance/wife's job...)? A Christmas tree in April? Do they just leave it up year-round? Why did some singers have split-screen/mirror/added effects and not others? On this one I'm not trying to sound mean, I'm just curious-who is paying for JustSam to stay in California? Ok, sorry. Now on to the actual performances... Dewayne-bad song choice/execution. Same with Franklin. You know what? I'm tired, so just going to do a round-up. For me, Olivia, Sophia, Dewayne, Louis, Franklin, and Cyniah are ones that can definitely go; Grace, Dillon, Jovin, Jonny, and Makayla should definitely be ones that stay; JustSam, Faith, Nick and Arthur could be either/or; don't really care for Julia or Lauren, and the rest of the names I don't remember, so... ^This 100%
  14. Same here I don't think Alfonso Ribiero is a bad guess for the Frog
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