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  1. marykat71702

    Whiskey Cavalier

    Yes to all this. I mean, why do I bother getting invested in a new show anymore, when they're never given a chance? In this day and age of watching on delay via Hulu or other sites, real time ratings shouldn't matter as much as they used to.
  2. marykat71702

    S17.E19: Season Finale (2019.05.19)

    I don't think I've ever been so happy to be able to FF... IMO, Laine is more marketable to AI, so once Madison got knocked out I figured he would be the winner. I do have to say that I'm surprised Madison was third, I honestly thought she might win. Am I the only one that isn't really impressed with Alejandro's lyrics? To me, Millennial Love was millennial crap, but maybe I'm just showing my age <shrug>.
  3. marykat71702

    S17.E18: Top 5 (2019.05.12)

    Out of the top 5, those were the three I saw staying. I don't usually care for Alejandro, but I actually enjoyed his first two songs tonight. As far as his third song goes, his piano playing was impressive. I've finally figured out what bothers me about Laine, besides the fact that he doesn't open his mouth when he talks. When he sings, his eyes look vacant and he almost seems to be bored while he's performing. I was happy to finally see Madison show some emotion/connection with her last song. I'm not going to comment on Wade and Laci's performances as it is now irrelevant.
  4. marykat71702

    S17.E17: Woodstock and Show Stoppers (2019.05.05)

    Caleb Lee Hutchinson was the runner-up to Maddie Poppe last season. He's the one that did the duet with her on Disney week this season.
  5. marykat71702

    S17.E17: Woodstock and Show Stoppers (2019.05.05)

    Random thoughts... This was not Madison's best night, plus the pony-swishing during her first song got a little annoying after a while. What is Lionel's thing with jackets? Creepy audience guy is creepy. Why were they making him a focal point through the night? He kind of reminded me of Jim Carrey from the Dumb and Dumber days. I didn't care for Alejandro's version of White Rabbit, and of course he does an original for the showstopper round <eyeroll>. I've grown tired of his schtick. What was the criteria for the showstopper round songs, anyway? They mostly seemed like regular songs to me... Wade finally found a song that works with his voice. I just still don't get what everybody else seems to hear when Laci sings <shrug>. Jeremiah's song choices were...interesting. I think that hurt him, along with the fact that Idol has just never really seemed like the right platform for him. Laine's first song was forgettable, but Johnny B. Goode was fun and I thought he did good on it. Katy needs to grow up. Her antics are very tiresome.
  6. marykat71702

    Station 19

    Damn it! They finally got me invested in a couple, and then kill one of them off! Ugh! RIP Ripley 😞
  7. marykat71702

    S15.E23: What I Did for Love

    Not even 5 minutes into this episode and I wanted to turn it off, but I'm too damn stubborn so I saw it through. Really wish I hadn't, I don't need/want a fictional TV show to hit me over the head with hot-button political issues. I know that Grey's has a history of doing this, but this episode seemed to be extra heavy-handed about it. As other posters have stated, Meredith could have done the surgery pro bono if she felt that strongly about it. Tom is a gem, and I hope he sticks around(though not necessarily with Teddy). They are wasting Alex, he needs a good storyline.
  8. marykat71702

    World Of Dance

    Ok, here goes... Upper Division: Derion and Madison-I wonder what their score would have been if they had pulled off the last trick...Out of the three acts, I liked their routine best, except for the oops at the end. Poppin' John-A very close second for me to D&M(I have to admit here that I am not a big fan of popping, so ymmv), but I would have put him first because he didn't mess up. He also seems to be a good guy, from what I've seen, and I like his personality. Briar Nolet-Too much gymnastics, didn't really care for this routine. The song didn't seem to fit, either <shrug>. Junior Team: Crazy 8's-Maybe I'm cold-hearted, but I am over the selective mutism storyline. I agree with the poster above that is calling BS on it. I mean, it's been 4 years, and now you decide to talk to her? Whatever. Also, the dancing itself seemed pretty basic compared to the other two acts. Vpeepz-They deservedly won this division. That was a good, strong, entertaining routine. Dancetown Divas-OK, I am female, but if I never hear the terms "girl power" or "empowerment" again, I will be a happy camper. Don't talk about it, just do/show it, if that's your thing. I was afraid for a second that they were going to edge out Vpeepz, and I'm glad they didn't, because to me Vpeepz had a better routine. Junior Division: Ellie and Ava-Pretty routine, and their synchronicity is impressive. They were the correct winners of this division, IMO. Julian and Charlize-Why did their routine seem really short? Technically good, but I preferred E&A over this one. Kayla-Again, technically good, but I feel like she didn't really connect emotionally. Upper Team: The Heima-Not bad, but not their best, either. Unity LA-I always kind of feel like they are actually the Zak and Ashley show, with backup dancers thrown in. I'm not sure what the judges saw, but I wasn't feeling it. The Kings-Very impressive, but is this World of Dance, or World of Tricks? Either way, I still feel they deservedly won the division tonight. I hope the guy that got hurt is ok. Judge's Save: Of course they didn't reveal it tonight <eyeroll>. They will probably save Unity LA, but, based on total body of work(and future potential), I hope they save either Poppin' John or Derion and Madison.
  9. marykat71702

    S17.E16 : Top 8

    I don't think it was an audio issue, I think it's just his voice <shrug>. And yes, it was. I agree 100%
  10. marykat71702

    S17.E16 : Top 8

    Ok, they need to never, ever, EVER do Queen night again! Most of tonight had me cringing. They should have had Adam perform. For once, I was right in thinking that Walker and Alyssa would be gone, although that wouldn't have been my choice. I would have kept Alyssa over Wade or Alejandro, but Walker has made too many bad song choices in a row. Alejandro- for Pete's sake, man, learn the freaking lyrics! As far as the duets go, I knew that Katy was going to imply that Laine and Laci should be a couple. Ugh. However, their duet was probably the best of the four, but that's not really saying a lot... I still like Madison, but I agree that she needs to connect more emotionally. Laine seemed to have trouble with breath control. I didn't hear Wade mess up the lyrics, because I just couldn't force myself to listen to the whole song. For the first time ever, I had to ff through a couple of performances tonight.
  11. marykat71702

    S02.E21: Stuck as Foretold

    I'm really liking Mina And Austin, the actors have good chemistry with each other. Nic's been so stupid in so many ways the past few episodes, I don't blame Conrad for walking. I thought that Devon was hung up on Julian. Not so anymore? Here's what I'm thinking--weird anesthesiologist chick is going to drug Devon's drink with the leftover painkiller that she didn't give squirrel guy. Why was she even the one to administer that, anyway? They are ret-conning Bell too much.
  12. marykat71702

    Station 19

    Finally got caught up... Add me to the Vic and Ripley train, I like them. I also like Dean and Travis. Sullivan is kind of growing on me. Andy can go jump in a lake, although I'm afraid the show is going to put her and Sullivan together.
  13. marykat71702

    World Of Dance

    I wish Funkenometry had stayed purely for their entertainment value-they made me smile and laugh during their routine, which I appreciated. Fuego Dance Crew was cocky, arrogant, and annoying. I'm glad they're gone. Radiance-"We deserve to be in the top 3". No, no you don't. I feel like the judges gave you high scores purely based on the emotional factor of the piece. I would much rather have had Exiles stay over you. As I mentioned before, I prefer good routines that are fun and entertain me, not sad, depressing ones.
  14. marykat71702

    S17.E14: Disney Night - 2019.04.21

    Some interesting song choices tonight... Uche-He's definitely a performer and entertainer, but his vocals aren't strong enough for this show, IMO. Laci-I don't know what it is, but I don't care for her. Her voice isn't bad, it just doesn't do anything for me, either. Alejandro-Good Lord, enough with the falsetto already. I feel like he's trying to get by on being kind of quirky-not sure how far that will take him. Alyssa-That was good. I'll be surprised if she doesn't make it through tonight. Katy's antics are really beginning to annoy me. The stuff with the seafood was just gross. Lea Michele-I could do without the filler and have them just shorten the show, thanks. Wade-He just showed that his voice is limited to certain kinds of songs. Dimitrius-My first thought was "wth is he wearing?!" When I saw his outfit, I thought he was going to sing "I'll Make a Man Out of You" from Mulan. I had to mentally switch gears to what he was actually singing, which took me a second, then I realized he was singing it for his mom, which was cool. Walker-His song choices may be his undoing. This is the second week in a row that I don't think his song choice was all that great. He definitely has potential, though. Caleb and Maddie-I like both of them, but that...wasn't good. Again, could do without all the filler. Madison-I was a little worried about her doing this song so soon after Raquel butchered it, but she did a really good job on it. She's in my personal top 3. Laine-This performance made me smile. Thank you, Rebel, for calling him out on the closed-mouth/lip thing! I think Lionel was right about Laine finding his wheelhouse, but I do wish he (Laine) would quit looking so smug-it's a turnoff. Jeremiah-He has a great voice, for sure, but I still just don't think this is the right platform for him. <shrug> When there were four left on stage, I would have picked Dimitrius over Wade.
  15. marykat71702

    S15.E22: Head Over High Heels

    In regards to the hair thing, I was blond as a child, but it started getting darker when I was in the second grade, and is now brown with natural blond highlights. Also, one of my daughters had very blond hair as a child, but it also turned brown as she got older. I still hope that Meredith and Deluca are just a fling, and she ends up with Tom. I do think that Owen and Teddy will probably end up together. You know, baby-bonding and past history and all that... I don't get Jo's reaction to the whole thing about her mother. Would she have been ok if she had found out that her mom was broke, living on the streets, or in some other dire situation? If so, why? Why is it such a big deal that your bio-mom has a good life now, especially after finding out the details of how you came to be? Finding out that you're the product of rape sucks, for sure, but she could have had you aborted or thrown you away where you wouldn't be found and taken care of. I don't blame Alex for being irritated and wanting to know what's going on.