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S01.E08: Boyfriend

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They are so cute. 
I never read the books/comics, so didn’t know the plot. As we got closer to the end, I kept thinking they better not skip a scene of Nick coming out to his mom. Olivia Colman was great in this, and letting us see that she kind of already knew. 
I really can’t get over how cute Charlie and Nick are together. Soooo sweet. I hope this gets more seasons, and I am game for anything as long as they remain together, but if not, they did end the season in a good place. 

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I want to give these kids hugs and milkshakes. They're all sweet puppies.

16 hours ago, secnarf said:

I hope this gets more seasons

Fingers crossed! The Heartstopper comic encompasses four volumes with a final fifth set for 2023 so there's plenty of material to adapt.

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Agree that the coming out scene was so good. The fact that the mom apologized to Nick if she made him feel like he couldn't tell her was amazing. Favorite scene of the series. Except maybe all the cute "Hi"s from the boys throughout. They are so adorable together.

Overall, a nice show and I am on board for another season. 


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What a sweet show! I hope they get another season. Tao and Elle need to get together. And, as much as I don't want things to end for Charlie and Nick, I would love to see out, bisexual Nick date a girl.

Did anyone else feel that Charlie and Nick's story matches up, almost beat-for-beat, with David and Patrick on Schitt's Creek? I'm not complaining, that's one of my favorite love stories of all time.

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On 5/10/2022 at 11:23 AM, lovett1979 said:

Did anyone else feel that Charlie and Nick's story matches up, almost beat-for-beat, with David and Patrick on Schitt's Creek? I'm not complaining, that's one of my favorite love stories of all time.

I don't want to be an obnoxious stan, but the actors have so much chemistry together, considering they're both teens and probably not much acting experience, that I want them to end up together in the long run. Since it's now out that there will be two more seasons I'm expecting a break-up in the future, but like David and Patrick in SC I'm hoping they're end-game. 

Sure, I wouldn't mind Nick getting interested in a girl or Charlie finding someone who shares more interests with him and that probably mirrors real life, but hey, I want what I want. 

I don't know, I was so pleasantly surprised by this series and it has so much heart that I want an over-the-top happy ending with those guys. 

I'm guessing this could be the case with the majority of its viewers but Charlie reminds me so much of myself at that age (and I'm a late bloomer so I'll admit very much into my twenties) that it really did trigger me in a lot of good ways. 

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I really liked this. It reminded me a lot of the book series/movie Love Simon. I love that we now have a show about LGBT+ teenagers without the usual drama of unaccepting parents or dangerous bullying. We got some stupid jocks, but those are in every teenage show I think.

I am glad that we are getting another 2 seasons, I want to see more about other characters like Isaac and Elle's classmates. 

Olivia Colman is an international treasure. 💖 🏳️‍🌈

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Awww. I occasionally love a good YA story, and this one hit the spot. I’m looking forward to more back stories in future seasons. (I’m not familiar with the original material so I don’t know if there’s more we haven’t heard yet, or if they’ll be making it up as they go along.)

Especially Elle. What’s her story?  She’s trans, right?  And just switched schools at the beginning of the term?  Surely a trans kid at an all-boys school would have been subject to even more gossip and bullying than the weird gay guy. I think there was a quick exchange where Nick said something like, she looks familiar, and Charlie said, she used to go here, she was in your year. But nobody seemed to be concerned/aware or pay any attention to her. Surely it couldn’t have been that easy for her! Maybe we’ll learn more next season. 

And the 4th musketeer in the friend group. I can’t even remember his name!  Hopefully we’ll learn more about him as well. 

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