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  1. I generally like finales, but I hate when they pair random characters just for the sake of it, or when characters suddenly behave OOC like someone who was never spontaneous suddenly making some rash decision, just to force some artificial conclusion. Some storylines make sense to be kept open.
  2. Her enthusiasm about Coldplay was cute. I was hoping for more talk about the new season though. But still a nice episode.
  3. I love Jodie and her fangirling over Coldplay was cute. I was hoping for more info about new season of Doctor Who, they kind of skipped over it. I've had no idea who Dame Eileen Atkins is, but she seems interesting. Loved all the purple jackets.
  4. I grew up Catholic and even took religion classes voluntarily (FFS!), but starting in high school, I got more agnostic and am now atheist, with a healthy disgust towards all kinds of organized religion. What surprises me is that I still use all sorts of expressions like "Oh my God", "Jesus" and the like. I guess I got so used to it that it doesn't even register as religious now, just as a standardly used expression.
  5. Books, DVDs, nail polish, Christmas decorations.
  6. Just shows me how little I know of protocols. If someone told me there is a rule about coats, I would have guessed that it is considered weird to have a coat on inside, especially when seated at the table.
  7. Great post, @angora. I agree that the show has been a bit off lately, but haven't really realized that it is mostly the new stuff that doesn't feel so right, not the old stuff. And I also really liked Trevor's musing over terminology. I like the Behind the scenes segments, because he seems to be more genuine and they highlight his inteligence and perspective, which sometimes doesn't translate so well (at least I feel that way) when he acts the story in a more comedic way, as a performance.
  8. I agree that it wouldn't make sense for Dean to cheat with someone else, he cheated because it was Rory, not because he wanted to cheat. Plus, they were in Rory's bedroom, I wouldn't be surprised if she got condoms there just in case, even when she was single (I still shake my head at her seemingly unplanned pregnancy in the revival).
  9. So after the segment about people leaving their jobs, Trevor said that he thought he would always do this show and now he is not so certain... was that just a joke, or is he preparing us for some announcement?
  10. I've thought for some time that it must be so hard to be a child or a spouse of a famous person in general, but it must be especially hard when they die or have some health problems. I understand that fans are upset too, but it would be nice if they could keep all discussion to forums like this one, instead of bothering the family. They have it much harder and some fans can be so entitled that they seem to not get that at all and think their grief is in any way comparable to the family and friends.
  11. The Wolf & The Lion (no, it's not a Game of Thrones fanfilm) I am already preparing to cry.
  12. My other favorites are Should I stay (by Gabrielle) and Don't Leave Me This Way.
  13. Maybe fanart? They have a lot of shippers, but I was not aware of any elseworlds story with them together. Anyway, one member of Batfamily and one of Supe's family is still pretty huge.
  14. Any song from the 2004 BBC miniseries Blackpool is amazingly campy and a guarantee to lift up the mood.
  15. Personally, I regularly thank all the Gods I don't believe in for this.
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