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  1. And apparently season 2 will be an HBO Max exclusive.
  2. Carmen Moyo is a great character addition to the show, I think. She had us sympathizing with her in the cold open, and then proved to be stone cold herself. She’s like the opposite of Maya. Hmm, Maya/Moyo. Is there a deliberate play on names here? (Edited to say: Oops. The earlier character’s name was spelled Maia.)
  3. As far as I know, it’s 16 episodes — just one per week.
  4. The cast credits at the end of the episode listed one character as Eli Bradley.
  5. The UK had a 6-episode celebrity season earlier this month, and is currently airing their season 3 now (6 nights per week). I believe all editions of the Circle film in the same building, and the US edition premieres almost immediately after the current UK season ends.
  6. If’s funny how many people complain about the credits being long and complete, but the credits did indeed show that Kathryn Kahn sang the theme song at the end of the episode. There’s gold in them thar hills, not to mention vibranium!
  7. Thanos definitely prefers The Addams Family over The Munsters.
  8. Happy Endings also had a food truck,
  9. She’s a Tony Award winning actress. I assume if they didn’t like what she was doing, they’d ask her to adjust her performance.
  10. Louise is his wife. She was an executive producer on season 1 as well. Phil was great on the Rob Has a Podcast recaps for season 1. I hope he joins them again for season 2 (and maybe brings Louise along).
  11. Regarding “recasting” Pietro: With Vision, Wanda had his body. She didn’t have access to her brother’s corpse, though, so it makes sense that it she were involved in bringing a version of Quicksilver into Westview, it wouldn’t be the same version necessarily. That said, I’m not sure Wanda was behind the arrival of Pietro.
  12. When the aspect ration changed to widescreen at the end—and then changed again to letterboxed—I got chills.
  13. It took me a few days to realize that Annaleigh Ashford’s character drawing dots could be a theatrical reference to her playing “Dot” opposite Jake Gyllenhaal‘s pointillist painter Georges Seurat in the most recent Broadway revival of “Sunday in the Park with George.”
  14. I absolutely hated everything about this episode, including the guest cast. Different strokes, I suppose.
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