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    I just finished this series. It made for great subway viewing. It was fun, and I hope there's a season 2 with Holly coaching at Carlsbad. But of course, I have some criticisms. Destiny's mom/aunt storyline seemed so over the top and unnecessary. I know that it was Keala Settle's speech about it to Coach that helped turn around his decision to leave, but I wish they had found another way to get him there. First of all, the actress playing Destiny looks so much like Keala and nothing like the woman playing Angel. Also, back in episode 1 or 2, we learn that Destiny's father died when she was
  2. I'm watching too! And I just had to write an appreciation post for the last episode. I suppose that it is a wonderful sign of the times that gay storylines are included on TV shows without much fanfare. But I couldn't help but marvel at one gay kid singing a love song to his boyfriend, accompanied and supported by his straight friend, with no drama other than teenage insecurity. Schitt's Creek did it first, but not with teenagers. Love it! And since I'm making a post here, I also have to mention how thrilled I was that Ashlyn was cast as Belle. Besides that new girl being a bitch, she als
  3. This post was inspired by another user who is currently watching for the first time from the beginning and just finished Season 3. They posted this in relation to David and Patrick's relationship - "I figure that since they took time with it, this is going to last a while, and I look forward to it." I wanted to respond in that thread but feared saying spoilers for future seasons, so I'm posting here and hopefully they will see this post when they get through the series. So Bastet, I hope you're reading this a few weeks from now. One of the reasons why I love this relationship so much is t
  4. Yes. Dan had the original idea and brought it to his dad and together they fleshed it out into a TV show. Initially, they were co-showrunners but I believe Eugene stepped down after the second (?) season. Dan hadn't acted much prior to this. He had been a personality on MTV Canada and had hosted a The Hills after show.
  5. lovett1979


    I believe they were very intentional about casting people who were queer in real life and/or have disabilities (as the role indicated). In the background of the prom scene, I saw Joshua Castille who I know to be a Deaf actor (he was in Deaf West's Broadway production of Spring Awakening). Even though he had no lines in Special, and one would never know that he is not just a hearing background actor, they made the effort to cast as many people with disabilities as possible. For all I know, every actor in that scene had a disability, even if that fact is not obvious.
  6. You mean Dan Savage.
  7. Well, she has been messing with things, and seemingly to keep the Hex going. In the 80s episode, Vision was starting to get through to Wanda and if he had, she might have ended the Hex. So Agatha sent in Fietro to make sure she kept it going. She also has been trying to keep Vision suspicious of Wanda and push him away from her. And it seems pretty clear now that she wants to know how Wanda is doing this so she can do something similar herself. And that can’t be something good.
  8. Regarding Fietro, now that we know that he is a construct of Agatha's, and definitely not being pulled from the X-Men universe, I had said previously that the reason for casting Evan Peters was to mess with us. But now I think it's that, but for a really good reason. When Wanda sees him at the door, she recognizes him AS Pietro. Something about him is telling her that he is her brother. If they had cast a different actor, we the audience would have NO reason to believe such a thing and would be immediately super suspicious the whole time (instead of just a little suspicious, lol). But casting
  9. Some people here are saying that the house was torn down. I don’t believe that’s the case. I think the house is not-yet-built. The map just says “lot”. So I think Vision’s plan was for them to build the house together. She gets there and sees what would have been the potential for a happy life, and then manifests it.
  10. Neither was Norm or Mr Hart. I don’t think Dottie is anyone special.
  11. Also, the Hydra scientists said that other people had died when they exposed them to Loki's Staff/the mindstone. The fact that she (and Pietro) survived means that there's something special/different about them already. Also, regarding the Hydra scene - when they were reviewing that security footage, there was a cut in it. It jumped to her on the floor. Very similar to how the Westview TV broadcast had jump cuts during the times that Wanda rewound the reality.
  12. What's with the Carol hate? She has not been on earth since the events of Captain Marvel (my assumption). Like she says, there are other planets in the universe that needed her help, and Earth had all the rest of the Avengers. You're ragging on her for not fighting in Infinity War? She didn't even know it was happening! When it was over, and Thanos snapped, and Fury started to dust away, only then did he use the pager to call her back to Earth. And she did! And found Tony floating out in space! And brought him back! And helped the remaining Avengers find and kill Thanos! Then went back out to
  13. 2 youtube breakdowns that I watched today mentioned the following. The "Previously on WandaVision" voiceover that we hear starting in episode 2 is "Wanda" (not Elisabeth Olsen) and each episode she gets progressively less energetic/lively. Another sign that she is being drained (probably intentionally) by whatever is truly happening here. Genius!
  14. Oh, I didn't realize. Why would anyone make a fake trailer? That's so weird. Should I take down the post?
  15. I think the difference between the 2 different wake-up reactions is that they have had very different experiences. Norm (or the guy who "plays" him) is just a dude who lives in Westview, NJ who is very concerned about his sick father (I think?) and all of a sudden is being puppet-ed around in another life, through different decades, and with someone's pain (I think Wanda) in his brain. Darcy is a scientist who understands the Hex (sort of) and knows that the border enveloped her a few hours ago. So when Vision wakes her, she knows exactly where she is and exactly what's going on. No mention ab
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