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S01.01: She's a Good Friend

Message added by Whimsy,

I know that this is a well-known case to many, but it's brand new to others.  I had to hide some posts that discussed future events related to this case.  I created a new rule for this forum.  Please read it here: 


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On 3/8/2022 at 10:07 PM, Annber03 said:
On 3/8/2022 at 7:50 PM, Melina22 said:

I never expected it to be narrated by Keith Morrison. That cracked me up. 

I wasn't expecting that, either. And the way the narration was being done at the beginning, I seriously thought the narration would turn into a rhyme. Given the Christmas setting, I actually half expected Keith to start going on about the Whos down in Whoville and whatnot or something :p.

Did Keith narrate the original dateline episode?  I was kind of thinking they were using the same narration, but I guess not. I need to figure out where I can watch it. I’ve watched so many datelines but somehow missed this one. 

And Keith always has that sort of sing-song voice…if I’m having trouble sleeping I always put on dateline and if it’s Keith narrating I’m out like a light every time!

ETA I’m also a dateline/true crime addict and when I stop to think about the fact that these were actual people and actual crimes I also have mixed feelings about it. Why is it so addictive??  Like I don’t watch any of the fiction crime shows and have no interest in them. Always dateline/random ID channel shows. 

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19 minutes ago, LexieLily said:

@Andyourlittledog2 brought up Deadly Affairs with Susan Lucci and I'll raise him/her one Southern Fried Homicide. The cases themselves were interesting but I couldn't watch the show after a few episodes because all of the narrations had hokey southern-style expressions and the way it presented didn't give the cases/murders the seriousness they deserved. 

Ha, that's a good series to mention, too, yes. Like you said, the cases were interesting, but you're right that the narration was kinda hokey. And if one's a southerner, I can especially see the narration getting on their nerves in that regard, too. 


Wow, if the real Pam Hupp's first interview with the police was anything like the scene we saw in this episode, it blows my mind how she wasn't looked at further. Isn't it basic procedure that the last person known to be with a dead person is considered a person of interest? My god, she did everything but yell into a bullhorn in her desire to put the suspicion on Russ.

LOL at "did everything but yell into a bullhorn" :D. 

But yeah, seriously, that's another great point. So much of the stuff the cops should've done here is basic training 101 - if people who aren't in law enforcement know this stuff, surely the people whose job it is to handle these cases should know. 



…record-scratch. Hold up! 

Keith Morrison, the dude that narrates Dateline and interviews suspects and victims alike, is Chandler's stepfather?


Yep! I didn't know that tidbit myself until a couple years or so ago, either. Fun bit of random trivia, eh :D? 

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9 hours ago, LexieLily said:


Not that it matters to anything, but the steak Pam, her husband and her son were eating for dinner the night of the murder looked horrible. 

It was so rare as to be bloody and she was vigorously sawing at it with a knife, so...  I'm shocked no one was harmed by all of those anvils falling from the sky.

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Had to sign up to Peacock to binge it, but it's free and not that many ads. 

This is so fascinating and darkly comic, I had no idea it was based on a real case.  Watching too much true crime started to get to me and I had to cut way back, so it's all new.  Loving it so far.  The writing, acting, and pacing is outstanding for network TV and Renee is just superb.

The guy playing Russ is either wearing a bad hair piece or has so much hair dye it's encroaching onto his forehead.  Cracks me up. 


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2 hours ago, Razzberry said:

Had to sign up to Peacock to binge it, but it's free and not that many ads. 

I had not idea it was free, and if the ads are few, I will probably check this out (though I'm not sure what's on Peacock).

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It’s also on Hulu, if you have that. And on the nbc app, if you have access to that through a cable provider. 

Peacock has a free tier and a paid tier. So watch out, some things have the first episode or two free, but not all.  

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