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  1. Yes. But they shouldn't be doing either. That we have to accommodate the grossness annoys me. And I wouldn't want to find a public urinal (and if you google them you will find much more exposed versions of these things placed around cities in Europe and I think San Francisco - literally just out there for all to see on the street, no enclosures at all). Maybe men should go in the direction of being less disgusting, is my point, rather than accommodate how disgusting they choose to be.
  2. What I found weird was that we had that entire scene in the frozen yogurt shop with the pretty brunette friend giving advice on why not to get Aubree the phone. Then later Chelsea says she needs to get advice from a friend and we have the second friend tell her how she gave a phone to her 12 year old with lots of boundaries and protections (like kids can't get around those if they are smart enough or know those who are) and Chelsea seems to like that advice better so apparently decides to get 10 year old Aubree a smartphone. I mean, what was the point of the first friend's advice not to do it if you're just going to keep asking friends until you get the advice you want to hear? I thought the first friend made a lot of sense. And start with a flip phone and see how responsible they are and also keep them safer. A smartphone is a mini computer that you have little control over. For a ten year old. But as a storyline it was pretty boring. I like that Chelsea has a boring life and a kind of boring husband because that fits her and she seems happy and they are great parents so for the sake of the children I am very happy for them. I wish them well. But they don't make riveting television.
  3. I loved this show. The English doesn't bother me any more than it does in Wallender. What drives me batty is when a show is in another language and the powers that be decide to dub it in English and you can't turn it off. It makes it unwatchable 98% of the time. I was watching happily until the public urinal scene. I was stunned and had to pause and Google them to make sure I understood what was going on. So men are so gross that they piss in the streets and we have to provide them little almost-enclosures on street corners so they can whip it out and do it in public in the middle of the day now? Good to know. Blech. Anyway. I was looking for a new detective show and this fit the spot perfectly. I could get lost in watching the city alone.
  4. That and she visited his family in NY and was a pouting wet blanket the entire time and complained about having to meet them when she got home. She was fine as long as John hung out with the coven but she had no tolerance for her boyfriend having his own family and friends. She broke up with him soon afterward, notifying him that she was building a home for the coven and that there was no plan for him there. When you think about it, you never hear or see any interactions with Stella or Nova's father's families. I honestly don't think she has any concept of family other than the coven. Nova has become a very beautiful girl btw. Hope she can escape the coven when she grows up. Luis could not have been more disinterested in Stella had she been the kid of some random person at the event. Poor child. She exists only because Luis would not hear of Briana having an abortion because he wanted to be 'a family' and swore he would be there for Briana and the baby although Briana was having serious doubts. But he was adamant. And as soon as he knew the baby was a done deal, he pretty much bailed. Scumbag. That she keeps sleeping with this loser is beyond me. And before the results are back from the STI tests from the first unprotected sex with this dolt, she's at it again. As I've noted before, the girl ain't right. Her mom and sister are practically caretakers for her at this point. Someone needs to get power of attorney - she's too stupid too manage her own life and affairs.
  5. I realize I must be old but when did it become the thing that kids have to be entertained by their parents all the time? Isaac complained that they didn't do anything 'special', they just lived normally which was 'boring'. Welcome to the world, kid. That's what life in an actual normal household is -- you're old enough to entertain yourself, you are not two years old. End rant. Jade: I love Jade. She tries with all her heart and is surrounded by the worst people. The definition of 'raised by wolves'. My fear is that Kloie will grow up the same way because as hard as Jade tries the cycle is not being broken here. I am rooting for her though. Kail: For a woman who is trying hard to attract a man she doesn't seem to put any effort whatsoever into her appearance. She always looks like she just rolled out of a haystack somewhere. Her kids are great (my quibble with the Isaac complaint this week notwithstanding) but she is awful. Chelsea: I can see that Cole is thoroughly fed up with Chelsea's 'anxiety' fixation and would like to just move the hell on and live life with a fully functioning grown ass woman. I don't think that will ever happen. The kids are amazing though. Love them. Although I know Donna has pushed boundaries I do think Chelsea was kind of bitchy talking about the treats situation. She was dropping off some treats that were going wasted due to a change in visitation, not trying to whisk Aubree away for the weekend. I think Chelsea overreacted. Leah: Jeremy is an asshole. WVA is an at will state and Corey has a nine to five job - he is probably very tightly controlled on taking time off. I've seen people fired for having to leave work to race to the hospital when called that their kid was in an accident. At any rate, it is absolutely none of Jeremy's business and he needs to shut up about it. I thought Leah handled it well. She seemed more like a grown up this episode. Brianna: The girl ain't right.
  6. I wouldn't be surprised if Isaac wanted to stay full time with Jo and get closer to his school and out of the chaos that Kail lives in. More babies, more drama, TV cameras at home. If I was her kid I'd want sanctuary somewhere else full time.
  7. I was a little confused when the narrator said that Dylan had been Alpha for fifteen years when we clearly saw that Boris was Alpha when the series started and then Dylan ousted him as Alpha later. Boris was a good Alpha who the females would run to for protection when they were being stomped on by others as I recall. He also had a 'deal' with Niall to return items dropped in the chimp area in exchange for bread. Then Dylan became Alpha and he was just a pure bully and not a good Alpha per Niall. Now a few seasons in and we are seeing the signs that Dylan may not last too long. Time seems to have sped up quite a bit. Has anyone remarked on why the chimps have these big bald spots on them and some really rough looking skin? I don't recall seeing chimps in the past with so many skin/hair irregularities.
  8. I'm not sure what happened to this show but I didn't have to fast forward through Tad and the finished house design had appropriate bedroom/bathroom/public space, including room for a real dining table. I was floored that it seemed like a truly liveable home that I didn't hate. If they do more like these I will be very happy. And Karen's ridiculous project wasn't so stupid this time and although I didn't really like the finished shelves too much I could appreciate them and see how they fit the space and were useful and not just weird craft items. Tad's emotion at hearing Mina was pregnant was really touching.
  9. Honestly that trailer just was a synopsis of everything I hate about this show. Smug June, Superhero June, Worshipped June...Big 'Ol Hairy Eyeball June. I don't know if I can do this anymore.
  10. I'm in California where closing costs seem to be the buyer's problem. I wonder what the deal in Indiana is.
  11. Why would closing costs be a problem for the seller? The buyer pays the closing costs. Since apparently Mina is the 'realtor' she has no realtor fees. What costs does the seller otherwise pay? When you factor in fast forwarding through the demo shenanigans, anything Tad or Cory, any of Karen's stupid projects and antics, the show is a quick twenty minutes. I still like to watch but that's about it for me on what parts I can tolerate any longer. The idea of the open stud wall was interesting but the 'shelves' created were so narrow that anything perched on them made me nervous, especially all that glass. That's just a small bump and an accident waiting to happen. I couldn't live with that the way they did it. Real shelves inserted would have been better IMO. I agree about the butcher block counters - quartz is so much easier to maintain. Mina loves high maintenance marble and butcher block in these houses for some reason. It's all about the look and not about function for her. I hated the stair setup but in that small house I don't know what else they could do realistically. I didn't think the 'potential buyer' looked that impressed for the most part. She made the right noises on interview but during the tour she was pretty reserved.
  12. As someone who grew up in a house with too much ivy all I see when I look at is is spiders. Lots of spiders. You couldn't pay me to live with ivy ever again.
  13. The endless camera whoring narration and philosophizing by Josh was intolerable. The constant invocation of 'the old man' is cringeworthy. How does Disco love this stuff? They can't get enough of this douche.
  14. Two hours: They exclaim in the beginning and on commercials 'Oh! They arrested Ghislane! Let us tell you all about her!' followed by two hours and 55 minutes of the same regurgitated Epstein story with five minutes of kinda Ghislane material. It's the same thing everywhere-- Some new tantalizing info (who killed Epstein! Watch our show!) and almost nothing about that, just the same regurgitated stuff. There's only so much Epstein rerun material I can tolerate, victims or no victims. Tell me something new or don't air the thing for hours and hours. Annoying.
  15. Amber: 30 Farrah: 29 Maci: almost 29 Catelynn: 28 What, The. Fuck. Are. We. Still. Watching.These. Losers. For? These aren't 'Teen moms' they are grown ass women who cannot even begin to manage their own lives (well, Maci does but she's boring as dirt). I include Farrah in the group and not Cheyenne because the show had Farrah most of the time and Cheyenne was grafted on as an adult in the first place which makes no damn sense. What next? 'Teen Mom: The Menopause Years'? 'Teen Mom: The Next Generation'? This series is so played out.
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