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  1. In this weeks design she did all right with the bedrooms. But over the years I have seen her more often turn a two bedroom into a three with a huge master and use public space to cannibalize for it. You'd wind up with bedrooms for a family of five and only two seats at the kitchen counter for dining, no dining table at all, and a teeny tiny living room with room for a regular sofa and maybe a chair. It was totally out of proportion.
  2. It only takes me 30 minutes to watch Good Bones because I FF through all the demo 'antics' 'boys will be boys' crap and most of Karen's tacky projects. After long watching this show I have decided that Mina is simply the kind of person that cannot put herself in the place of the buyer while 'designing' her homes. She has a checklist of things buyers like and she crams as many of them into a house as possible with no thought to how the people who buy the house will actually live. So you get extra bedrooms and little public living space. You get downstairs Juliet balconies that open into ALLEYS and fussy tilework with lots of grout or hard to maintain marble everywhere. If I bought that house the first thing I'd do was contract to close that balcony to the alley up. I'd never feel safe with that there, nevermind the eau de alley wafting into the dining room if you ever opened the doors. And yes, the couple from San Diego was weirdly impressed with everything. I wish the cameras spent more time during the reveals showing the actual home and less on closeups of the staging doodads. See this vase! Look at that throw pillow! Gaze your eyes upon the glorious lamp! It takes a quick eye and use of the pause button to get any real idea of the actual house itself. The other week I had to rewind and pause five times to try to understand the dining room. Once it was the kitchen I had to rewind multiple times to see as fully as I was able. I did get to see long loving shots of the bowl of fruit and the drawer pulls, but the entire kitchen, never. I don't know if I can keep watching this show.
  3. When the series started it was male elephant Hari who was the little brat who sneaked kicks in at the newest baby (Nandita, I think?) Hari was my favorite by far. He used to wake up in the middle of the night and then go around and wake up everyone else just for the hell of it. He really drove the adults crazy with his antics. Apparently it's a common thing for the older babies to get jealous and try to kick the new babies. One of the older young ones even laid down and tried to act like a baby in a fit of jealousy to gain attention but the mother just blew her off. That was funny. I adore baby elephants. They are only second to any Orangutan, which are my absolute favorites, but very close. I want a new season desperately.
  4. Fucking Ferguson. A Marvel comics villain that everyone knows is manipulative and evil and yet the moment she whispers something creepy in a person's ear they immediately believe her and do exactly what she wants them to do. This is the worst character this show has produced and yet the show runners are in love with her and won't get rid of her. On that note, I have never seen a group of people who are so universally easy to manipulate. There are only a tiny handful (if that) who take a minute to stop and think about what the hell they are being told and who it might benefit. They just accept everything they are told at face value and go off like little soldiers and do what they've been programmed to do. It's ridiculous. I realize as an American I may not understand the Australian system, but why would you put people just arrested and not convicted in a prison with convicted violent prisoners? And why would you put babies and small children in that environment, unsegregated from the violent convicted offenders in general population? You know, where there are police dogs doing cell checks, lewd behavior, violent acts (including murders) with no separation at all. I can see (and know of) special units in American prisons where babies and small children can stay with their mothers in segregated units but they are carefully supervised and no one is allowed that has any violent offenses on their record. Apparently at Wentworth they take no precautions at all. It's bizarre.
  5. I was watching something yesterday although I don't remember which show, but an interchange occurred that I've heard a dozen times on these kinds of shows: Accused interviewee: 'I didn't do it!' Detective: 'We'll decide whether you did it or not.' That is such a weird response. I read it as, 'It doesn't matter whether you did it; if we decide you did it then you did it and we'll arrest and prosecute you regardless.' On some of these shows the detectives do seem a little pig-headed and tunnel-visioned.
  6. I watched that The Case That Haunts Me. I have watched a ton of crime TV but nothing has creeped me out more than that case. I mean, international cannibalism, a cannibal website, serial murderer, the whole thing. And the things they did describe were awful enough I cannot imagine (fortunately) what was too awful to describe for the episode. Good Gawd. I liked the detectives though, especially the narrator. He was so deadly serious at all times. There was just something so utterly human about that detective while at the same time wonderfully diligent and competent. What I find fascinating, having watched a ton of non-US crime TV, real and fictional, is how non-US cops just break into homes when no one is home, bug them, clone their computers, wire them for video and sound, and then sneak out without seeming to be at all concerned about the legality of it, which of course, means it's legal there. No talk about warrants and meeting standards of probable cause, they just go in and look around, take things, set up trackers on cars, etc. On US shows they always talk about getting warrants and probable cause and judges signing things etc. On non-US shows nary a peep.
  7. Amber: I've shown more affection and longing when dropping my cat at the vet. I'm so glad to see that MTV still has the Amber-sloth cartoon gracing her segments. Mackenzie: Whenever she shares with any female in her life that she is unhappy with Josh they immediately inform her that she is wrong and that she is happy and in love with that man. I want to shake them. Ryan: I didn't find his segments on the bed with Mack, the baby, and the dog to be a problem. He seemed interested and engaged. He's not father of the year to Bentley by any measure but I won't knock him for every move he makes. Ryder: cutest child ever. Such an intelligent happy little girl. And just because I forgot to add it at the time, at Bentley's zoo birthday they kept calling the chimps 'gorillas'. Drove me nuts. Someone off camera (I assume a producer) asked casually, 'Are those gorillas?' but no one in the party answered him. And they called them gorillas again after that. How someone can't tell the difference amazes me. Maci: great parent (except that diet thing) but she bugs the shit outta me. I think it's the high esteem she holds herself and all she says and does in - she's always right in her eyes and just a little (or a lot) better than everyone else around her. I would hate to co-parent with her. No money on earth could make me watch Cory and Taylor have a baby next week. Seriously.
  8. Mackenzie: And we aren't talking about five minutes late in the morning, these kids are sometimes hours late for school. it's ridiculous. Yes her mom died. That's terrible. It's hard. But she's an adult with several children of her own and has responsibilities however. Her mom apparently has raised a dependent useless dimwit who cannot even manage her own family's basic business of life without her mom there to tell her what to do. IMO that is a huge parenting fail on her mom's part. Maci is the worst.
  9. I am so fucking sick of all the double crossing on this show I may just stop watching finally. What Jonathan and Jake did to Keith after he let them haul his gear was inexcusable. These people are all just assholes.
  10. The was a Law and Order: Criminal Intent episode about a woman in NY who started a super healthy baby food company and accidentally took on partners connected to the Russian mob who messed with the baby food to save money, making babies sick, and generally took over in a nefarious way. This TM episode I kept thinking, nice healthy NY baby food ladies, it's not worth taking on an unhealthy lump like Cate, she'll ruin your brand! Keep your baby food healthy! (Not exactly the Russian mob, but I was put in mind of that L&O victim nonetheless.)
  11. Did anybody know that there are going to be nine at nine starting Memorial Day on ID channel? Did you know that? Did you know? (If I see that commercial one more time I may scream.) It does seem bizarre, however, that in a string of names of serial killers for the nine at nine shows Brittany Murphy's name suddenly pops up in the middle there. It's jarring. On another note: at this point anyone who commits a crime while carrying their cell phone is a moron. Double moron points for those who text the crime details or planning etc on their cell phones. It's 2020, You'd think folks would have figured that out by now.
  12. Wow, did Dmitri look depressed in that short sofa scene with Amber. It must have been so romantic in a new relationship to have the whole PTSD/bipolar disorder explained to him at length and in detail by his new girlfriend. You can see him just thinking what kind of hell have I gotten myself into with this one? There is no fun, no going out, no getting to know each other except for Amber going on and on about her various mental disorders and sitting on that damn sofa day and night. What a great new relationship! Don't you just envy him? "He knows he must be gentle with me....and I must be gentle too." " I know. I try." Amber squinches and says a little too forced, "So do I." Careful Dmitri. You may not speak English fluently but I think you can see the writing on the wall here: don't cross Amber, even accidentally, even nominally. Weigh every word very carefully. Don't make any sudden moves. Slip some money to a neighbor who can smuggle you away and sneak out in the night before she notices you are gone. I'm rooting for you, kid. Mackenzie needs to stop projecting onto her kids. And there's another hostage situation: Josh could not look more uncomfortable in his scenes with her. As I said before, she magnifies everything and is generally just A. Lot.
  13. The reason Catelyn cannot just settle down and be the SAHM mom she obviously has no talent for is that she must prove to herself and the world that giving up Carly for adoption was so she could achieve something in her life and the older she gets the more it looks like she's just a lump who has no career and cannot stand being around her kids for any time at all. A career will make the sacrifice of Carly make sense to her. And MTV is happy to find things for her to have a 'career' doing if it'll get her some storyline and off the vacation/lump at home train. She's MTV's poster child for 'adoption is a great plan' and she's blowing it. Carly lucked out but Catelynn is just a lumpy mess and it hurts the adoption is a good option storyline that they were all going for. On the other hand, Amber can just be a grouchy lump who does nothing because no one wants to be around her anyway and she didn't give up Leah for adoption, Leah was taken away and Amber went to jail. That's MTV gold as far as storylines went. Amber's bar is so much lower. She's-not-in-prison is as much as Amber has to achieve in her life.
  14. Yeah, Mackenzie tries to confide in her friends, seeks support from them, admits she is miserable in her marriage and always has been, etc and the response is always, 'Oh, you really love him! You really want to be married to him! You really really love him, I know you do!' It's obnoxious. It's like they are all gaslighting her to love her husband and never divorce him. They might as well be on his payroll. They certainly are shitty friends. And her mom did the same thing. I realize they are all very Christian and have been probably taught that divorce is very bad but they are really obnoxious the way they all completely discount Mackenzie's feelings. Speaking of Mackenzie, how does she have a business Body by Mack or whatever whose business plan is flying half way across the country to lead ONE workout class on the beach and then go home? Will she fly to San Diego next week, do one class, then fly back home? What kind of a bizarre plan is that? She is just so very immature. She has had her mom backing her up since 16 & P days and I don't think she's really grown up or raised her children on her own since Gannon was born. Her mom took care of everything for her and she was just the secondary player. I think that's one of the reasons she is so lost now. Losing your mom at that age is devastating, truly, but she seems unusually unable to cope without her.
  15. Dateline: Finding Sarah Goode. Was this program done because I was supposed to be impressed with the out of control defying police instructions/ vigilante family who threatened death and roughed up every single person who came even remotely under their suspicion? Because I was repelled by these people. Absolutely repelled. It's a miracle they didn't hurt or kill someone in their pursuit of what I guess they consider 'justice'. I don't care how upset they were, there's no excuse for this kind of vigilante behavior. I found myself hating them. Felt bad for the parents and the victim, but the siblings were repulsive.
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