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  1. I think that was her hair dryer bonnet. Yeah, Makel and Kayla J make no damn sense at all. But since they went to a sperm bank they may have extra paperwork regarding parenting that they had to sign (I don't know this) and Makel may be all over that with the father thing. Also I imagine they had no hesitation putting him on the birth certificate. Mecca was not an oopsie baby, she was the result of over the top planning by two very stupid eighteen year olds.
  2. So Kayla's attorney told her it would be no problem to just replace Stephen with Luke, like Stephen has no legal right to be a father. How is it possible to just replace dads like that on the whim of the bio mom? If they aren't married and she doesn't like him she can just find someone else to adopt the kid? Nothing I have ever seen has led me to believe that unmarried mothers can just declare the admitted father of their child superfluous to needs and stick in someone else unilaterally. And now there is Ryan, who looks like Izaiah (and Stephen we have remarked before, does not).... and the
  3. Bisexual? Who cares? I mean really, who cares about being bisexual? She may as well confess to being ambidextrous. Amber is such a waste. So, to recap the show: Amber is attempting to come off edgy and educated while still not connecting with her kids. A bisexual coed at Purdue writing a book about her life! How edgy and cool! (or whatever they call it nowadays). No one cares, Amber. No one cares. Maci has a new cause to be a brave little soldier about so the masses can see how she is a superior person. When Taylor was setting up her surprise with Bentley she was kinda a bi
  4. I hope that homeowner specifically asked for a banquette because she sure has one now. 1. It is on THREE walls. A huge old thing. It has thin cushions and no back, just throw pillows. Good luck to the guests having to scooch around on that thing, getting in and getting out. And since the banquette just goes straight to the floor there is no 'under', even a little one, for your legs to go into while seated or getting in or out. Just straight to the floor. 2. Jasmine had this be the one thing she got her kids to help build so it now has built in sentimental value. Good luck getting rid
  5. His name is Michael. Thank you. I am so bad at names. Superwoman was working for five years at another call center I thought they said. The supervisor (again, don't remember his name either) said he was lucky he was able to steal her from them and have her back. What I wonder is how she was doing at the other center and how they saw her. Was she a problem for them and that was the reason he was able to get her back? Was it their way of releasing a problem employee to be someone else's problem? Did she want to come back now that the prior very experience supervisor here was go
  6. I liked the finished home, especially the kitchen. But was the universe really screaming for another banquette? Sigh. I hate those things.
  7. When I was working we had a new district manager come in who was a very accomplished black woman and she was actually very nice for the most part, as managers go. But she was very hard on the black women in the office. She would critique their wardrobe and just really put them down when she ran into them. You know, instead of 'good morning' it was a dump on their outfit or their hair or whatever. Which seemed weird to me because she was unfailingly nice to me, a white woman, and I dressed down way way down for work because that's me, and the women she was mean to looked great. She was just uni
  8. Glendora again. Glendora is nowhere near where Jasmine's clients in the past have lived but suddenly all these people in Glendora need her help. What is up with that? I mean, it's a loooong drive from her home which I assume is Huntington Beach area from all the shots of that Orange County beach the program keeps showing us. Glendora? No where near a beach, up in the foothills of San Gabriel mountains, near Pomona. I guess I'm losing patience with her entirely because even her little giggle is getting on my nerves. ETA: When the homeowner was explaining the hole in the wall that
  9. Where is LACMA? The museum is right next to the tar pits and much closer than the Petersen Car Museum. There should be all kinds of ancient statues, great paintings, and period costumes laying all over the place. I worked for over a decade in the Wilshire Courtyard, a very large six story complex of offices on the corner there, catty-corner from the tar pits. My window looked right over the street to them. I noticed that in an aerial view of the sink hole that the Wilshire Courtyard was still there and the sinkhole seems to have rather than expanded outward in a circle simply ran west li
  10. I was just writing that when you posted! Too Much Fruit! My stomach lurches just thinking about the results.
  11. I realize it is all gross there, but I would never ask a man to refill my water flask on his way back from hitting the outdoor latrine. I have watched Survivor since the second season and really am only interested in the challenges and the interactions around camp so these new game changes exhaust me. I have neither the energy or interest to figure out who has what advantage and how it either is or isnt' playable etc. Even while they are explaining it my eyes glaze over. Too Much Information. The way Survivor played before some folks would prepare themselves before the game. They'd
  12. I know. Someone must have realized we actually like Madisen and gotten rid of her. Or she or her dad did or said something not acceptable and they cut them loose for it. I don't follow any of these people so I don't know. And then replaced her with Kayla J with a ready made two year old and a boyfriend who is trans because someone at MTV TM absolutely MUST have a trans storyline in this franchise. It's like an itch they can't get rid of. Last episode Kayla J's deal was they were perfect co-parents and she wanted to get back with him for real and have another baby with him. This week he'
  13. The nails! Dear god, the nails!! They are veering into ancient Chinese territory.
  14. I'm sure Broncs' teacher would be thrilled to have him for another year. And I hope Broncs is being prepared for an entire lifetime of fifty percent or more of people writing his name Bronc's. It's astonishing how many people throw in an apostrophe when writing someone's name that ends in 's'. The possessive apostrophe seems to be a mystery to many people. Gary 'finally' invites Amber over to see Leah. Where did that come from? The way this is written you'd think it was Gary keeping Amber away from Leah. Did last episode's 'never' suddenly turn into Leah agreeing to see her mom? This
  15. Of all the people to abandon like that it had to be Chim, the one with the major abandonment issues with his own family. Maddie leaving him and his daughter like that, depression or no, will be hard to recover from. Unless the writers have completely forgotten Chim's backstory, which is possible because Hollywood tv series writers are notorious for ignoring whatever came before. I am growing very tired of Athena, Warrior Princess. I'd give anything for her captain to tell her that she has two choices, either park it at a desk for a while or patrol with a partner as backup, no excuses. Tha
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