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  1. It must be exhausting living 24/7 inside Leah's talk show. That woman never stops interviewing her daughters. It has become beyond ridiculous at this point. I just want one of them, one day, to shout 'stop asking me all these stupid questions!'. But it'll never happen because this is all Leah knows how to do and I think the girlses know it. Stepdad Ted to Bar: 'You fell ass backwards into a good woman.' That made me laugh. Also, too true. Although if my boyfriend had problems drinking and had been off booze for a year under court order I would not encourage him to go to Napa for wine ta
  2. It is one of the things I hate about Fear Thy Neighbor, that the bulk of the narrative is told by people on the two sides and the ones who do most of the talking are the ones who didn't get killed. In this particular episode though almost everyone in the talking heads were on the one side and their self righteous smug narrative that they were mostly faultless and the neighbor was a horrible human being was just intolerable to me. Especially since they did so much to provoke the man intentionally and made no compromises to keep the peace at all. And then to kidnap that little dog simply for spi
  3. I just watched the Fear Thy Neighbor about the Indiana neighbors with the dogs and the fence etc and I had to come here to say that the neighbor who the episode seemed to determine was 'right' was a total asshole. I mean he and his wife escalated every situation they had. I mean seriously, there is a foot or more gap in the fence the dog can get through, the guy is afraid of the German Shephard, so fix the gap. Simple. But no, it's 'their' newly built fence, they made a foot wide gap apparently on purpose, and they guard it like it was a rare and precious thing. The neighbor tries to block the
  4. From shows I've seen the police work on finding the missing person, assuming something may be wrong, and if they find they are okay and 'missing' on purpose and don't want to contact their family or friends then they leave them to it and just report back that the missing person is alive and well and does not wish contact. They don't force them to go back, but they are supposed to find out if they are kidnapped or in an accident or murdered or something like that against their will.
  5. When someone says their 'X' game is strong they mean that they excel at whatever 'X' is. On one of the Teen Mom franchises a sixteen year old girl said she hadn't used a condom because her date assured her that 'his pull-out game was strong'. (Tragic and hysterical at the same time.) So if actual facial hair was on display or on the men being discussed then that is the most likely meaning of that line. It's a common phrase I hear all the time. The word 'beard' is used to describe a woman who 'shields' a gay man from scrutiny if he is closeted but I would not pick that meaning over the usual on
  6. Thank you! When I hear someone say that, especially about someone they don't know or on TV, I want to scream. It's like everyone has to be in a box and they have decided what box someone else fits in because of some stereotype they're obsessed with. It's a 'you don't think you're gay but my hetero self knows better than you do and I hereby declare you gay'. If this Vishal - Dillon controversy is going to be a thing this season I'm not sure I want to watch it. All it does is piss me off and I don't watch these type of shows to get mad, I watch to have some harmless fun and escapism. I f
  7. I watch my streaming shows on my playstation and set the sound at about 20-21. But when I watch Handmaid's Tale I have to set the sound at about 70. It doesn't help that the director seems to love having people whisper their dialogue for dramatic effect (I presume) rather than for any real reason like trying to hide or something. I call it 'whisper-acting' and I loathe it. But the sound is definitely a problem for me. I'm not sure if it's just HULU (this is the only thing I've been watching on HULU) or the Handmaid's Tale alone. Nothing else I stream has this issue.
  8. My thoughts, which will probably prove wrong, but here they are anyway. I think Nick told June that Hannah was in Colorado and unreachable/unsavable because he didn't want her to try something stupid and launch some sort of mission to get to Hannah. I don't think Hannah is anywhere other than where she was in the first place. He produced those documents, he could easily manipulate them. For those who like to think that Nick married Hannah I have another theory along those lines that might work given her age and Nick possibly being a good guy (by Gilead standards anyway) who wants to hel
  9. I read somewhere recently (last four months or so I think) that since the DEA etc were cracking down on pharmacy pill mills and due to robberies some pharmacies just refused to stock narcotics any longer in response. But I would expect that the doctor/surgery clinic would have dealt with this situation and be aware of what pharmacies they can send people to for their prescriptions etc and do advise them. Sending someone in that condition out the door with a written prescription and no pharmacy to fill it at is just evil IMO. Nothing about this surgery was done appropriately by my standards but
  10. Why does it take two drug addicts to pick up one prescription? Sean was left alone to handle both Jade and Kloie while Christy and the stepdad, both active addicts, went to find percocet. Okay then. I'm not sure what the drug rules for narcotics are in Florida. In Oregon when I had my surgery (not plastic) the doctor was allowed to call in a prescription to be picked up by someone other than the patient for only 24 hours post surgery. My son picked it up for me while I was in the recovery room and had it already when he drove me home. Under different circumstances such a prescription ca
  11. Yeah, calling someone 'Dollar Store' anything is not a compliment no matter how many times you tell them 'but in a good way'. If I were Drake she'd be dead to me.
  12. It's the same reason that female leaders of the stay at home/complementarian movement don't stay at home and instead spend all their time on speaking tours and writing books, etc. They are in favor of it for others but think they are the exception to the rule. Everything we have seen of Serena screams of this attitude. She loved her role in speaking engagements etc but when Gilead prevailed and the men started implementing their proscribed roles for women she was unhappy and powerless. She wanted to be at the head, and instead she was just another stay at home wife with no say in anything at a
  13. So Dillon, who I am not loving btw, can say anything he wants and when confronted say 'just joking, thought you were man enough to handle it' and then cry to his brother 'he was mean to me!' and act the victim? That kind of behavior pisses me off and you don't get a pass from me because you think you are fabulous and funny because you're gay. I am so over the affected too fabulous persona I could scream. Be a fucking person and grow up. That goes double for the two women who each think the other is 'fake'. I like these people better when they are being normal and not playing drama or f
  14. So the podcast is Baby Mamas No Drama and Kail decides to invite Brianna's deadbeat no account baby daddy onto her podcast so he can get more airtime and probably trash Brianna? Sounds right. Good ol' Dr Miami seems like such a quack to me. Media whore made for MTV. And why does Jade think she needs butt implants? Girl is already pretty chunky, she needs to be even bigger? Brianna did the same thing. If you want to improve your looks try going on a diet for a minute and losing all that fat you cart around, then see if you actually need implants anywhere that makes sense. I'm not fat sh
  15. They could avoid all that running in the first place if they didn't announce themselves to the person they are trying to arrest/bring in/talk to when they are 60 to 100 feet away from them. Usually the person is not even paying attention to them and they can get much closer before it becomes a thing. But they just shout "FBI!' when they are far away and a chase ensues, purely for dramatic chase scene effect I am sure. Another Alana versus a master criminal who pre-sets bombs to protect himself in case he gets caught. Oh show, you can do better than this.
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