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  1. Andyourlittledog2

    S08.E06: Momcation

    Of course Cate is excited to go and leave Tyler with Nova and the unfortunately named newborn Vaeda. Cate couldn't care less how her frequent absences for no good reason hurt her kids and husband. It's all about Cate all the time. It's like MTV swooped in when she was 16 and suddenly the world revolved around her and her feelings and wants and here it's ten years later and she hasn't matured or changed a bit. MTV is the worst thing that ever happened to these girls but they'll never see it. Poor Nova.
  2. Andyourlittledog2

    S03.E07: Under His Eye

    Seriously. Where is a Greenpeace boat when you need one? More whisper-acting. More closeups of June's ridiculous facial expressions. If I never see another close shot of Moss' eyes again it will be too soon. The sheer stupidity of everything reeks in this episode. I thought the 'they were Baptists' line was interesting. The Southern Baptist Convention has been anti-Calvinist as far as I recall and Gilead seems to be pretty much following the severe Patriarchy-lifestyle wing of the most zealous Calvinists out there so that makes sense to me. As a former cult member I have watched my former ex-members fall into that severe Patriachy line and have followed the religion and politics of it rather closely as a result and this seems to track pretty much with them. I won't go into the whys and hows of it all but it tracks closely with the ideology there and the extreme legalism and desire to transform the political system to conform to a biblical system. Think Geneva under Calvin, that's the goal. Anyway, the entire house tour was ultra creepy, like some kind of horror movie. It was the only part of the episode I thought was done well. The rest? Dear God the rest was awful.
  3. Andyourlittledog2

    S03.E06: Household

    There was a Locked Up Abroad once where a fortysomething woman said she was riding a bus in a Middle Eastern country she was visiting and saw a woman with a baby and thought suddenly 'I want one of those'. So of course she immediately goes to a black market baby broker in said country and buys a baby. She gets caught trying to get the baby out of the country and is imprisoned for buying a baby whose mother is unknown and no one knows what happened to her or if she consented to this 'adoption' or what and the woman is actually outraged in her telling of this because she had the baby for all of a few days and now it's HER baby and how dare they separate her from HER baby etc. I thought she was a selfish cow who treated other womens' babies like objects to be acquired and had a serious humanity issue. This is how these Gilead wives come off to me, especially Janine's baby's 'so called mother'. And Serena Joy I put in this category also. Can't have a baby? Steal someone elses and then proclaim yourself the mother and be outraged if the actual mother objects in any way. It takes a special kind of self-centeredness to view children this way, a sense of entitlement that pisses me off. Offer a child a home who needs one, fine. Steal a child because you are entitled to it is appalling. And here is an entire system made on just such an entitlement. Serena embodies all of it and I loathe her so much. More than the Commanders and Aunts.
  4. Andyourlittledog2

    S03.E06: Household

    What does this mean? On a shallow note, I really don't like watching Moss' face like this. It's not the most pleasing face in the actress world, especially in these constant extreme close-ups.
  5. Andyourlittledog2

    S03 E05: Unknown Caller

    These moments I just have a visceral urge to punch June in the throat although I don't think that is the reaction they were going for. I do like the Lawrences though. I like Whitford's cynical take on things and how he calls June out on her bullshit. And his wife seems like a good woman who cannot bear the world her husband has helped bring about. Fred has no idea that he isn't the father so his ploy to claim paternity is misguided. However if June or Serena admits that it is Nick then they are in deep shit considering their powerlessness in that world. I have no idea what they are going to do. The fact that June (who I now hate) has any part in this plot or series dampens my pleasure in seeing how it plays out. She is the primary problem with this series for me. I almost hate Elizabeth Moss now. God.
  6. Andyourlittledog2

    S03.E04: God Bless the Child

    The pithy little one liners June throws out in her narratives make me want to punch her in the face. I am so sick of them. On a side note, the constant whispering for dramatic effect to set the mood of the show makes me crazy. I have to turn the sound up ridiculously high to just hear 99% of anything anyone says on this show. Something as normal as 'pass the milk, would you?' is said with breathless whispers as though it were a secret tryst they were trying to hide. And they all do it. It is either some new acting posture or the director is making them all do it but I want to strangle them for it. Talk like a person, dammit. /end rant
  7. Andyourlittledog2

    S03.E01: Night

    You all make great points so I'll only comment on the stupid stuff I noticed. First, a river of that size and flow and as icy as they portrayed the weather would not have permitted Emily and a virtual newborn to cross it and survive like that. It was beautifully filmed but it was still bullshit. The slow reaction time to a fire that far gone was also bullshit. Serena and June should have been overcome by the time the flames and smoke were that far gone. But no, they calmly walk out like it's barely a big deal. And I am embarrassed to note that I totally missed the lack of words on anything until this episode. The bottle Serena was using to disinfect her wound had picture explanations for its usage instead of directions. Then I realized that none of the packages and bottles and cans at the store have any words on them either. Women are seriously not supposed to be able to read even labels in that society. No reading is absolute. Jesus.
  8. Andyourlittledog2

    S15. E01. Battle of Kings

    Dammit. And I really liked Edgar too. Bill definitely is liking having Rico aboard and he is good company for him. However since chihuahuas have trouble maintaining body heat in cold weather the Bering Sea during the cold season seems a poor place for him. Not to mention all the hazards he can fall prey to. I do like him though. He'd better come through the season (or however long Erik lasts) unharmed.
  9. Andyourlittledog2

    S15. E01. Battle of Kings

    What Edgar problem? Please tell.
  10. Andyourlittledog2

    S15. E01. Battle of Kings

    Okay. We've got Griffin the vitamin boy with the doctor parents and the sneaky exit and Erik the chihuahua boy on the Summer Bay. There is simply no way those two are not producer relatives who wanted a taste of the show for their own. No way do I believe Bill would hire either little princeling unless they were producer picks. I do admit I kind of like Rico but I worry about him on the boat. I always liked Keith but he is pure asshole lately.
  11. Andyourlittledog2

    Being Danae

    I don't know what their relationship problem is and I don't care. I will never watch 'Being Danae' because he is a raging asshole and has no place on MTV or on my TV for that matter. Nice try MTV but I doubt many people who watch Y&P care diddly squat about this little monster.
  12. Andyourlittledog2

    S09.E05: Shutting Down

    Brianna: Renting a house with electricity and satellite TV is not 'camping'. These girls, I swear. Kaiser was the saddest thing I've ever seen on this show. Poor little thing.
  13. Andyourlittledog2

    S09.E04: Don't Wanna Go Home

    I totally believe the original 911 call was legit and the new story is an obvious coverup to protect David and her current living situation. I just don't think Jenelle can ever admit that David was a big mistake and that she needs to leave him. I think she is so invested and would feel humiliated if she were shown to be wrong about him. She seems completely emotionally dependent on him also. He is such a textbook controlling abuser. He has manipulated her right where he wants her. She is a terrible person but I wouldn't wish that on anyone.
  14. That's because they have to fact-check everything he says against the studio cctv footage. Yep, we're doomed.
  15. Andyourlittledog2

    Morning Joe: All Episodes Talk

    Mika accused Mary Kissel of having a secret undisclosed 'Never Trump' agenda coming on the show this morning and it was the weirdest thing I have EVER seen Mika do. She was amazingly rude and confrontational about it. It was like she thought Mary was trying to undermine Trump and Mika was. not. having. it. You'd think Mary had attacked one of Mika's kids. I never saw anything like it. I don't even like Mary and I was shocked and totally with her on this one. Mika was insane. I keep trying to figure out why I loathe Mika so much underneath the obvious reasons and I think it's because she is not very smart but puts on that she is. She never has her own opinions and analysis she simply listens to others and then mimics what they say. Because she does that she can never go any deeper or really answer questions or ask intelligent questions because she has no idea why she holds these opinions - they aren't hers in the first place. This is very obvious when you watch her over time. This may be why this morning was so bizarre. I think we just saw Mika have her own opinion and it wasn't pretty. It was straight up middle school level attitude. No wonder she likes Trump. And in other news, I have a note for Joe and Mika: Not everything is about YOU. Not everything is about how you FEEL or what you SAID or who comes up to you and WHISPERS in your ear on the street. I do not tune in to be lectured for hours about how RIGHT you always are about EVERYTHING. We have Glenn Beck for that. You, sir and madam, are rank amateurs in comparison. Yesterday we actually got the 'we didn't go to Trump's hotel suite to watch the results that one time like it was reported, how dare they say that!' lecture again, out of absolutely no where. Joe just brought it up apropos of nothing and Mika sat up straighter and they went off on this weird tangent as though anyone cared yesterday what they did that one night weeks (months?) ago. And then lectured us about how right they are about Trump but aren't 'for Trump', they just feel that it is important to report back to us how amazing he is and how he will win no matter what. All the time, every day, they must remind us of this. But that doesn't mean they support him or like him. They just needed us to know that. Again. They are really pushing this theory that if a billionaire who usually acts like a spoiled toddler can suddenly stop farting and whining and shouting for five minutes then that is an amazing achievement and we should all be suitably impressed. If Trump were actually two years old I would be. I think he's sixty-nine, so, not so much, no.