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S02.E09: Trust Issues

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Reeling from the emotional news of Joseph’s death, Jenny and Cassie desperately search for answers. After Bridger and Madison receive a threatening call from Ren, Max and Rachel take matters into their own hands, frantically deciding to confide in Jenny about the drugs and money. Elsewhere, Dietrich becomes hellbent on revenge following his discovery of Travis’ betrayal; and Wolf and Agatha attempt to protect Phoebe, but thanks to Ronald, all does not go according to plan.

THURSDAY, February 24, 2022   (10:01-11:00 p.m. EST), on ABC.

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I really can't believe David E. Kelley is involved with this show creatively. His shows have obviously taken some infamously bad detours as they have gone on, but they never lack the general sense of narrative strength that this show has been up to recently.  It's just some meandering nonsense. 

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Man, I can't believe that not only did they bring back Bridger's stupid sensei from the last episode, but he was suddenly ten times smarter this go around, by giving him the correct advice ("Maybe tell your parents about this!") and this time DIDN'T let the clearly villainous villains in.  It was almost like he was a brand new character!  Of course, it just ends with him getting shot.  Can't be too normal on this show!  Either adapt and be batshit insane, or die!

Once again, Tubb was made to look like the bad guy and get chewed out by Jenny for daring to suggest that maybe the cartel wasn't behind Cassie's dad's death and they should gather all the facts before going off half-cocked.  And even though he didn't predict it would be Ronald, he was right about that part at least.

Nothing against Omar Metwally because he; along with almost all of the cast; are good actors doing what they can here, but I was was cackling over Lindor's over-the-top reaction when me made the connection between the Coco Chunk boxes.  Only thing missing was him saying something like "Son of a bitch!  It was the cereal!  It was right there in front of me!"  Although, I hope he doesn't start suspecting everyone who eats that particular brand to be in league with Ronald...

I guess Travis didn't think that Dietrich might actually double-check his work.

Oh, Ren!  Yeah, you might be sociopathic wannabe drug lord who threatens to kill kids and their families the same way you'd complain if your room service wasn't up to par, but it's never fun when your male family members hold you back due to their dated, "old-fashioned" views on gender dynamics in the family business.  Shatter that glass ceiling, Ren!  Janina Gavanker continues to be one of the highlights of this season.

At least it looks like Ronald and Scarlett might be free at last, but I can't tell if Ronald actually killed Wolfgang or not.  I would imagine that many blows to the head would do anyone in (hell, one shovel blow to the head killed Blake), but you can't tell with this show.  Anything can happen!  Like maybe he did die, but we'll find out next season there is a mysterious Legarski triplet!  Or there's just an entire warehouse filled with John Caroll Lynch clones waiting to be unleashed on Montana!  Anything can happen in Big Sky, baby!

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I was certainly impressed with Scarlet's ability, during a full on fist fight, to accurately place the syringe directly on the carotid artery.

Sensei's last words:  "Must confront danger directly.  Must replace evil with strength.  Must uhhhhh......"

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I think this show might have jumped the shark. I don't know how long Ronald is around in the books, but I'm completely bored by his continued existence. It was obvious from the beginning that Wolf should have just killed him when he had the chance.

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7 hours ago, Lily H said:

I think this show might have jumped the shark. I don't know how long Ronald is around in the books, but I'm completely bored by his continued existence. It was obvious from the beginning that Wolf should have just killed him when he had the chance.

Honestly,  its just gotten so bad.  Did Jenny really tell her boss not to tell her how to do her job?  She should be anywhere but in police work.

Its not even campy fun anymore,  its just bad.  I think I am out.

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On 2/26/2022 at 8:34 AM, jrzy said:

Did Jenny really tell her boss not to tell her how to do her job?  She should be anywhere but in police work.

This.  Tubb should have reminded her who IS the boss.

so two of the teens finally go to the police, and Jenny takes them to a room.  The next time we see Jenny she  is at the funeral. Acting as if she didn’t just get told about  the cartel, multiple murders and 4 teens and their families  in imminent danger of death and dismemberment.   What kind of a law enforcement officer is she again? 
I’m not sure if I’m more tired of Ronald and Scarlet  or the Rick/Wolf/triplet to be named  later. All 4 of this week’s psycho’s please just kill each other and be done.  Then Dietrich, Jax, Ren, her enforcer, the waitress, and T-Loc can do the same. 

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Yeah, this show has jumped the shark!  The show is trying so hard to make these two female characters tough, that they are forgetting story content.  If and when Ronald is captured, then what?  Is there going to be another crazy bad guy storyline?  Maybe Scarlet might escape the cops and she'll be the new bad guy for next season.  The thing that doesn't help is the main female characters are not likeable.  Jen telling the sheriff not to tell her how to do her job?  Are you kidding me?  Jen carrying her gun in the front?  Oh geesh!

One other thing, Cassie's dad would still be alive if he hadn't tried to hit Ronald with the wrench.  Ronald wasn't going to hurt him.

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The martial arts guy is now officially the smartest person in the entire show. "What would Chuck Norris do?” "Kick ass?" "Call your parents, the authorities, and start legal action stat!"

This show is such nonsense, I really have no idea what is going on or where this show is going. Its a bunch of scenes that are kind of connected but are mostly just weird. And not weird in a fun way.

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Late to the party, as I've just now picked up again after the "winter hiatus" and have been putting off watching until now.  Because the show is that good.  😃

Glad the gang of teens have finally fessed up to their adult figures.

Because there's so much excitement in the show and the plotlines so riveting, I'll share my shallow comment:  Cassie needs lipstick!  Jenny is all ruby-red lipsticked to the max but Cassie just has this weird dark line above her natural lipline (natural coloring) that would benefit from a touch of color from the makeup artist.

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