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  1. I am sorry but LeVar Burton was terrible, nervous, ill-prepared and just a tiny bit full of himself. I know he had a bad week and only a week to get acclimated, but if he wanted the job as much as he said he did, he should have done some rehearsing and been better prepared. Honestly, Aaron Rodgers was amazingly good among others, I get that Mr Burton has fans, but is he really a good fit for the show?
  2. What on earth were Kate and Ben doing praising Capt. Sandy? Have they been watching the same shows we have? I was shocked by Ben's flattery and over the top praise of her. What is Bravo offering them to keep saying such nice and such ridiculous things?
  3. I am a corporate travel agent, I have had to deal with ridiculous demands from my clients. The expectations are so unrealistic. You can tell a lot about a person on how they treat you when you have no power to stand up for yourself. You really have to learn how to hide your feelings and not take it personally.
  4. Thank you! its been driving me up a wall! Don't you think somebody would have pulled him aside for a short lesson in grammar?
  5. His "girlfriend" looks like she is a reject from 90 Day Fiancé!
  6. I am just going to say it, I really wish Emila would stop with the fillers, botox and lip injections, she isn't a New York Housewife, she is a nice, naturally pretty woman who doesn't need to alter her lovely face. I was so sorry to see the change in her as she got more airtime. It's all so unnecessary.
  7. I hate it when a show gets cancelled that had a huge cliffhanger for the season finale! I just hate it.
  8. I thought exactly the same thing, he knew at that moment he could pin the whole thing on his brother. I almost wish I hadn't read that VF article, because it would have been great to be surprised. Maybe we are all off-base but it sure doesn't feel like it!
  9. I read that too, and I just rewatched episodes 5 and 6. I am convinced that John is the actual killer and father of the baby.
  10. I am just completely confused by all of it! The only reason I am still watching is the faint hope that some of it will be explained some day.
  11. I love those moments with Helen and Mare.
  12. Did anyone else laugh out loud at Helen's reaction to Mare's confession? Lemme think....I laughed so hard because it was such a natural reaction.
  13. I missed the last 10 minutes of the show, sounds like it was a doozy!
  14. I googled him too! still nothing. The invisible chef!
  15. Performative, that's a perfect word for how Nova speaks. A real-life Nova would be exhausting!
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