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S02.E09: Call Me Irresponsible

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Airs March 3, 2022


When Max gets evicted from his apartment, due to his lack of financial control, he asks Kat for help with managing his money. Meanwhile, Phil decides he is too reliant on technology and gives up his phone, and Randi agrees to take pictures of Sheila for her dating profile.


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All in all, a very good episode, which is a good sign after the last episode, so I will keep watching.  They seem to be making better use of Leslie Jordan's comic chops, and Kyla Pratt is really honing her comedy skills.  And Mayim herself seemed very relaxed and natural, and really was shining this episode.

I think the main problems with the show are the characters of Sheila and Max.  Max could possibly be headed to some really goofy stuff, but this character needs something else.  He could be, should be, the Ted Baxter of this series but until the writers put a stake into the heart of whether Kat and Max become a couple, that's not going to happen. I thought 2 episodes ago that Max's character should just be written off, but after this episode I can see the character has potential...just not as the end game for Kat's romantic interests.  Sheila's character is just all over the place, and Swoosie Kurz is not being used to her best.  

I hope by the end of this season we have a much-improved show.  The show is going in the right direction, but like the stock market and your 401k, sometimes the show is just bad (this season seems every other episode is meh; last season it was more like every episode was bad).  I want the show to succeed.  They've got a good ensemble.  They just need to find the magic to make it gel every episode, to get it to the point where there are only a couple of episodes that are 'meh.'  If any cast can make Mary Tyler Moore brilliance, it is surely this one.  They have all of them proven they can handle intelligent comedy with bits of outrageousness.  I hope the writers and producers will take note.

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This episode showed that Kat and Max work best as pseudo brother and sister than an end game couple.  Shame no Oscar this week...but he's back in future episodes.

Swoosie isn't given much,but she does the most with what she's given.  Her character is strongest when she plays her like her best character ever..Alex from Sisters.

No cats..but I did see a photo of a cat so I guess that'll do.  

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Even with the sad lack of cats, I thought this was a good episode. I liked having most of the cast in one plot, even the subplot with Randi and Sheila was close by, and it really gave Max something to do. It showed a lot of potential for Max and Kat as best pals instead of a possible romantic pairing, which I would be happy about. 

Carter freaking out about being dead in Max's future scenario was really funny. Grown up CJ is quite a hottie. 

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On 3/4/2022 at 9:53 PM, JAYJAY1979 said:

No cats..but I did see a photo of a cat so I guess that'll do.

I did recall Kat scooping one off the back of the couch in the cafe when Shelia and Randi were sitting on it.

As if they couldn't make Max any more pathetic.  I just can't imagine a grown man being THAT clueless about his spending to the point that he's being tossed out of his apartment.

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