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  1. I thought the same about Gleb just staring and not knowing what to say. Mel would have been better with a different pro since she was in her head too much and it showed in her face when she performed. Compare to Melora who also was unsure the first two weeks. Something clicked and Melora is enjoying herself and playing each character perfectly. That makes her dances more enjoyable. I also would have picked Val and Olivia if I was judging purely by their dances. I prefer Mel and don't like rewarding Olivia for bad behavior but it was the right call. From the beginning, the women
  2. Late to this thread. Just remembered that Tyra actually looked decent with both outfits. The three women that I previously mentioned had performance issues were a lot better. I guess it helps to play an evil character instead of being vulnerable and being yourself. It also helped Sunni not to have a song like I'm A Slave For You and do a straddle move over Sasha. Can't blame her for being uncomfortable with that.
  3. I love Queen but I can see the band butchering their songs. Only originals please!!
  4. I haven't watched The Bachelor in years so I don't know who's popular or not. I thought for sure that Matt would last longer since Grocery Store Joe was so stiff. Jenna was dancing circles around him to make their dances look better. Matt is not a dancer and wasn't as good as Hannah or Kaitlyn but miles better than Joe.
  5. I think BAG should go if he's in the bottom two. Otherwise, I can see Kenya going today since the other women are better dancers and men seem to be more popular with the voters. I agreed with the judges that I liked Jimmie and Emma's Mickey challenge the best. I thought it was so cool when I first saw it and it did look like a kata. Also think that Melora had a break through moment and her dance was just gorgeous. I think Len shouldn't have scored Iman a six but I thought eight was too high. I would have scored a 7 for him. Amanda, Mel C., and Suni are technically good dance
  6. With Jojo, Jenna has a partner that can keep up with her performance and dance wise. Otherwise, she usually does outshine her partners and she's not the type that really holds back.
  7. I agree with Todrick for Bull. I like your Natasha guess too even though I only know her voice and don't know anything else about her. Glad Baby left because I actually ff'd through his performance. Can't believe we lost Toni Braxton to that. Hamster can go next.
  8. I didn't search for the clip either but you're correct. Lindsay was sitting on Hayley's shoulders.
  9. I agree about the age thing but I think it's also a height thing. I googled heights. Sasha is 5'9" and 37 years old. Brandon is 27 years old. I can't find his height but I would guess around 5'11" to 6'. Kenya's height is listed as 5'10" so she's too tall for Sasha. They just need to get pros of different ages and heights. The difference between Iman and Daniella is huge. He's 6'5". She's 5'7" so taller than I thought and currently the tallest female. She just looks tiny next to Iman. At least, he's not as tall as Kareem at 7'2". They will probably never find a pro that ca
  10. Yes, he should have been in the bottom and voted off. Voters are harsher on women. Christine and Kenya shouldn't have been the bottom two. Even though, I like Kenya and her partnership with Brandon, I agree with Len that I thought Christine did a better job this week. But then she would have ended up in the bottom next week anyway. I don't know what they're going to do with Cody and Cheryl. They should have just let them dance next season. It's a shame because dance wise, he is better than the other men. However, I get the scores too because it just doesn't work in two separate lo
  11. I'm wondering if Cody and Cheryl have jazz. That could work with Britney night. Otherwise, I don't see how they can do a partner dance from different states. It would have been best if they just competed next season. But maybe TPTB are worried that other couples could get Covid.
  12. Baby boomer so don't know Tyga. He was good but the singers in this group are really good. It would be a bummer if the Group B Wild Cards were bad. So far, it seems that people are having fun just being there.
  13. Don't like the wild cards appearing after Vivica was voted off. Hamster and Baby are worse than her and Toni.
  14. Is Suni and Sasha getting "Slave 4 U"? I agree that it's inappropriate and gross. Plus Suni already is struggling with performance. That song would probably embarrass her.
  15. I only saw the early seasons of ANTM since my daughters watched it. I thought she gave good advice and seemed like a good host/mentor. I thought DWTS was just not a good fit but it sounds like she changed in the later seasons of ANTM.
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