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  1. Watching the first two qualifiers, I don't mind that they lowered the age limit. The ones that were invited are really good and competitive. I would rather have that over the adult contestants that don't even make it passed the first two obstacles. It's even worse when they do a story on them.
  2. I'm quoting myself since I didn't realize that Barclay didn't compete last year since the format was different because of Covid. It makes sense why she wasn't chosen for the Women's championship then. It's sad that her mother passed away and I wished she could have done better this year. However, you can tell that she was still emotional. Glad she has a supportive community.
  3. I'm o.k. with Blake winning with somebody like Cam or a country artist like Sundance. However, sometimes, it seems like his fans just choose his contestants because they like Blake and average contestants especially if they're country are in the finals. Since music is subjective, they probably do like those artists and people can vote for whoever they want. So it is what it is. The season where this was really obvious was the season that Maelyn won. I'm happy that she won but the cross battles were brutal and that season wasn't as enjoyable to watch. I agree with your opinion on Ryle
  4. I stopped watching AI because of Bones. I like DWTS more than AI but I would seriously consider not watching or at least FF through him.
  5. Late to this thread. Just combining thoughts for both parts of the finale. It was a good finale with each contestant having at least one good song. Glad Cam won but tired of Blake winning. I thought Victor should have been at least 3rd or 4th because of Freedom. It wasn't his best vocally but he really gave his all in that performance. I could tell that John was disappointed. Reading Facebook comments, the performance was controversial and I'll just leave it at that. Depending on the contestant, Blake sometimes leaves them to do their thing. I think John, Kelly, and Nick give
  6. I thought I was the only one that noticed LeeAnn singing "leave" for "live". I remember that. I don't believe that Nicole didn't know that Piglet was Nick just like I don't believe that Jenny didn't know her husband's voice or moves. I think they just didn't want Nicole to guess all of them correctly last night especially since Jenny was supposed to have the Golden Ear. That stupid blonde wig was a dumb gimmick. Even though, Nicole had 0 points for first impressions, I think she did have the most correct final guesses. She looked beautiful tonight. I agree that this was C
  7. I agree that the top two will be Kenzie and Cam with Rachel coming in third. With the demo, I could also see Victor coming in third with another gospel song. Jordan sang o.k. but the song isn't particularly challenging for a vocal competition. It is a popular song though. I liked Dana the best in the IS but if she didn't win the vote last week, she wasn't going to win this week. Best part was Jake and Kelly's duet. They sound great together. It is nice that she helps her contestants. I think Blake does too.
  8. Vibeology, I agree with your spoiler on Chameleon. I think he's a good rapper too but I think the last performance that I really liked was two or three weeks ago. I also agree that Black Swan needs to choose better songs. Her performances have been uneven. I hope Nick wins since I do like his voice the best. I like when Omarion sang Justin's Lonely song but I really like that song too. Listening to Omarion's Ice Box gave away Yeti for me.
  9. Yes, that's Corey. He does have gorgeous eyes. I like how emotional he is when he sings too. I haven't watched the results show yet so can't comment on that.
  10. Go Your Own Way was awful. Sadly, it was the two teenagers. Jordan was not the problem and I don't even like him. I think the top vote getters for each team last week will be the ones this week. Cam and Kenzie will be the final two. I think the Save will go to Corey or Jordan. It will depend on their instant save songs and Blake fans are strong.
  11. I thought Chameleon should have left weeks ago but Hanson dropping a single makes sense. I have the same questions about filming since the judges were wearing the same outfits. Plus wondering if Nick was really sick or they needed a wild card so that was their plan? Otherwise, how could they film an older episode on the same day as last night's episode? Too much conspiracy but I'll just sit back and enjoy the show for now. I do think overall, this season had good singers. Caitlyn and Danny were the worst ones. Except for when Kermit left before Danny, those two were the next on
  12. On my previous post, I said that technically Jose was the best. However, I was wrong since he was also a great performer and was the most professional sounding out of the four. But I also had a feeling that he wouldn't get the save. It was going to be between Pete and Corey based on the Voice audience
  13. I don't think Gihanna would have won the four way instant save either. I think it would have been Pete if Corey wasn't there. I'm glad Corey won since I like him but I liked his KO the best out of his performances. I don't think the general audience appreciates diva voices either. I was still surprised that Dana didn't get the votes. Yesterday, I predicted that Dana and Rachel would be Nick's final two but I thought Dana would get the votes and Nick would choose Rachel. I like the percentages. However, I can see how it can affect people's votes. It doesn't matter to me since
  14. Team Blake - Cam will get America's vote even though it wasn't his best performance. I like Anna Grace's voice but I don't see Blake saving her. I prefer Pete but Jordan gave the better performance last night. So I think it's between those two. Team Kelly - No doubt about it, Kenzie will get America's vote. I think Kelly will choose between Corey and Gihanna. Zae is not an original Kelly member and he had pitch problems. The other two were also not pitch perfect but I still think it's between those two since they gave solid performances. Team John - What happened Zania? I pref
  15. I'm also more impressed that she's 44 than being a mom.
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