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  1. Blake helped but Todd also fit what a certain Voice audience likes. He has the country and Christian votes. The country vote is the reason why I knew that Jake Hoot and Chevel would win especially the former. Maelyn was an exceptional singer but I also wonder if having three country finalists on Blake's team split up their votes.
  2. Lovestruck was also my favorite. I'm glad that all three songs were picked. Ryan really does change a song a lot that sometimes it hardly has any of the original song. Not as much in this episode since the chorus was catchy. Maybe, it was the winning Julia Michaels song that I'm thinking of.
  3. They're cute together. Also thanks for your other post on Brandon and Melissa even though I don't remember Brandon. I remember Melissa since she was the one that shook her head.
  4. Ugh that they only gave two possible stars and they are Charlie Sheen and Christie Brinkley. After watching Bow Wow on Masked Singer, I think he would be good one to do this show.
  5. I agree with you. Although, I preferred if Turtle or Night Angel won, I wouldn't have been upset if the Frog won. He was entertaining and talented. I thought all three were fine not great. I was more upset about Gronk making it as far as he did. Since this was filmed before Covid-19, Nick mentioned being back for fall at a time when he didn't know that everything was going to be shut down. So who knows if we'll get a fall show. I've seen people mentioned Night Angel's open mouth. What was weird to me was watching her tongue wagging while she was masked. It was freaky. It was nice when she took off her mask and we didn't have to see her mask anymore.
  6. As I previously posted, Thunderstorm is my favorite. Micah is my second. But I have to agree about Chasing Cars. I was so excited when it was announced that he was going to sing that because it's one of my favorite songs. I also liked his original. But it was not good. Not only did he try to do vocal gymnastics but he was off key doing it. I also said the same thing when Cammweiss did Say Something. He tried to do too much with it. However, at least, he did sing it well technically so I can see why John wanted him back. I think Todd might win too. I'm hoping it's Thunderstorm but Todd is on Blake's team. He's also the kind of singer that Blake's fans like. He sang a Christian song for a cover. He's a family man and pastor.
  7. I also thought that the cross promotion with Songland was a great idea. Most of the artists had their own songs and the producers just tweaked it just like they do in Songland. Then you had the added bonus that Todd used a song by Ryan Innes who was also a Voice contestant. The song fit him too. I thought all the contestants did well. My favorite is still Thunderstorm followed by Micah. I like both their originals and Cammweiss' original. Thunderstorm won it for me because I also like his cover. Honestly, I would be happy if any of them win.
  8. I hope so too. Just like somebody else mentioned that maybe Adam will pick up the Scary song since it had a lot of falsetto. I remember liking that song when I watched.
  9. It does seem weird that Jenny guesses the most correctly. Maybe, that's what the show wants. Ken can only have one correct answer each season. The last two seasons, it's been an athlete. While Jenny gets the most correct answers. However, I think it was Nicole that guessed Jesse McCartney last week. She usually guesses the people that she either worked with, e.g. Jesse and Hunter, or if she recognizes their voice like Patti and Dione. Although, I recognize those two and Gladys among others from their voices. I'm terrible at clues. Night angel did sound awful. I think it was song choice. Was it originally a rap song? I was afraid that she was going to go home since the audience is tough on women and Zito sang an emotional song. Glad he's the one that went home since I thought he should have been the one gone last week not Jackie.
  10. I didn't think that much about gender until they showed all the females before Carson announced the instant save winner. Then I thought it was sad that it was mostly an all male final. However, when I was posted who I liked the best on each team yesterday, I did choose the males except for Blake's team where I chose Toneisha because she sings so effortlessly. I thought all of them sang well yesterday. I've been disappointed with Zan since I really liked her knockout but thought she picked the perfect song for her yesterday. I also wish she would get rid of the hat though. I was a little disappointed with Toneisha's song because it was a little old fashioned and I'm saying this as someone that's old. This is a good group of finalists. If I had to choose, I would have had Toneisha be Blake's popular vote and one of the other females win the instant save. But I knew that Todd was going to win for Blake's team. I wouldn't be surprised if he won although I'm rooting for Thunderstorm.
  11. Allegra is the young girl from Nick's team. She has a nice tone but needs to enunciate better. I think it's because she doesn't really open her mouth. I thought Zan was really good in her knockouts. I've been disappointed by her last two performances even though I do think she sounded better this week than last. For each team, I like Micah for Kelly, Thunderstorm for Nick, Toneisha for Blake, and Cammweiss for John. Since I think Todd is going to win for Blake's team, I hope Toneisha gets the instant save.
  12. Martina seems really nice. I was so happy for the young girl that was picked. It validated her career choice especially since she doesn't have a plan B. I really appreciate how happy everyone is to just be there.
  13. I thought the Rhino would be the one to go. I thought Kitty would be in the finals. But this show is tough on women and they like dancing. So I had a feeling that she would go.
  14. Some of the guest judges also have shows on Fox. I think Gordon and Sharon Osbourne were good guessers.
  15. We like the same people with a few exceptions. For Team John, I preferred Mandy Castillo on Monday but I love Zan in the knockouts so I'm glad that she made it. For Team Blake, I like the two that you mentioned the best. However, I do enjoy watching Todd. He just seems to enjoy life and it is contagious. Thunderstorm was my favorite of the night. Glad he didn't get lost going first. I like Kelly's no makeup look.
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