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  1. realdancemom

    S16.E02: Auditions 2

    I hated their choreography. They definitely deserved to go through based on skill especially since they're letting mediocre people go through. They were fine when he was her frame so she can do her bendy poses or they did lifts. They also were fine when they did synchronized moves. But there was a good chunk where they did totally different movements that didn't match each other at all. Those were the parts that he stood out more than she did. For solos, I like Oshima more than Desi. Don't know which one is more versatile though. Loved Gianna and the montaged contestants. I think the second guy tried out before. Don't know why Caroline made it. She could be better and she let her nerves get to her. But I think people need to make it based on their audition. The others were o.k. but not outstanding.
  2. realdancemom

    Where Are They Now?: SYTYCD Alumni's Current Projects

    Please delete if not appropriate. This is a Go Fund Me page for Ashleigh of Season 6. It's organized by her SIL, Charity from WOD Season 2. https://www.gofundme.com/helpashleightoday?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=fb_dn_cpgnstaticxlarge_r&fbclid=IwAR013sFyjADj6ojSQj9IZWqn7juKMiFThIdMroESR_aNb8FuAPcPugXURYw
  3. realdancemom


    I enjoyed this episode too. Will.i.am helped all four song writers. Three of them are now in his album and he wants to help the fourth record his own song. Ryan also didn't make the song sound like a One Republic song either. Be Nice was definitely going to be picked but Ester was also the right person to help since it's more in her wheelhouse. Bonus to have Snoop Dog in it!!
  4. realdancemom

    S16.E01: Auditions 1

    I heard that too about the contestants coming to them for auditions. So I think this is the new stage. My eyes were also drawn more to Ezra more than Stephanie. Some of that was his jazz technique not ballroom. Normally, my eyes are also drawn to the woman when it comes to ballroom. Other comments, the judges were so OTT on their comments even when the contestants weren't all that. I'm in the minority since I like contemporary so I enjoyed Matthew and Gino's auditions.
  5. realdancemom

    S16.E01: Auditions 1

    Oh yes, I do remember her doing nice chaine turns when I watched it yesterday. I think I just get used to watching people do different and difficult technique moves on these type of shows and IRL.
  6. realdancemom

    S16.E01: Auditions 1

    Thanks for the clip. Looks like Sarah did a front walkover which non-dancers can do. What's nice is that a little bit after, she did do her nice side leap. I think we more or less agree. She is a good performer and shows great musicality and timing. It's also nice to see humor instead of angst in a routine. I wanted to see at least one turn or something else that shows a little more technique. However without a choreography round, I would have sent her straight through too. Mary, Nigel, and LAG
  7. realdancemom

    S16.E01: Auditions 1

    Yes, Sarah did have a nice leap. Don't remember her forward tumbling move. That's why I just needed to see at least one turn. I don't need a lot of tricks or technique. I hate competition routines for this reason. Don't know Coscullela. Was that Gino?
  8. realdancemom

    S16.E01: Auditions 1

    Yup knew that Sarah and Dominic previously knew each other. Ryan confirmed it. Her routine was entertaining and I did see skills and musicality. But I wanted to see a little more technique even if it was just finishing the one pirouette instead of faking it. I agree with that previously, she would have went to the choreography round which they don't have anymore.
  9. realdancemom

    The Voice in the Media

    Would love to see Ryan Tedder as a coach. Just thought he would be too busy but he's doing Songland so I guess it's possible.
  10. realdancemom

    SYTYCD in the Media

    Thanks for this info. I'm glad they bumped it up. My DVR would have recorded it anyway but I'm still happy that we get to watch it soon.
  11. realdancemom

    S11.E01: Los Angeles City Qualifiers 2019.05.29

    Yes, I wanted to see friends competing against each other in the Power Tower. Yes, I was stunned that he completed the Megawall. Was wondering why he even attempted it since he never finished an obstacle before. I guess he knew that he already made it to City Finals and wanted a chance to get money. I thought for sure Flip was going to go up the mega wall. But they really shortened the ramp up to the wall. Glad he made it to finals though. I like how the Ninjas support each other. Noticed that they were consoling Adam after he fell too. Yes, the autistic kid was fun to watch. I bet he'll inspire other special needs kids. I've only seen Kristine as the sideline host so it was different. I do like Zuri. To me, it would be really weird if they replace Matt and Akbar. I like how enthusiastic they are even if it's sometimes over the top.
  12. realdancemom


    This show was interesting. It's too bad that the country guy had to pitch to John Legend instead of a country artist. I also liked Ollie's song the best. I like the German guy's song too but at the end, it did sound like a Ryan Tedder song. Wonder if he'll use it. I think the winner's song does not sound the same as the original. At first, it had more of a Reggae beat in some parts. I do like the new version better but not for John. She actually sounded better singing it. John had a harder time reaching the high notes.
  13. realdancemom

    S10.E17: All Star Skills Special

    I didn't mind the Salmon Ladder because Barclay kicked butt!! But the first two contestants needed to be different. I guess the Double Dipper Freestyle was for fun. At first, I thought they would judge based on how clean the skills and entry was. Then it was obvious that wasn't the case. Sean was funny though so based on humor, he definitely won.
  14. realdancemom

    The Voice in the Media

    Adam told the truth which I'm sure TPTB hated. It really doesn't matter whether you come in first or 10th except if there's cash involved. I remember there was another article where Adam called out the show for not doing more for their winners. I'm sure Shakira or Usher don't want to come back. Shakira was funny but not a good coach. One of the articles stated that youtube took down the clip. I was able to see it. Adam was just going through the motions. You can tell that he didn't care just by his posture and energy.
  15. realdancemom

    The Voice in the Media

    John seemed humble too. I really liked when he said that Shawn and Maelyn made him look good. That either one would have made any of the coaches look great. So different from Adam's huge ego.