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  1. It's the same with The Flower/Patti Labelle . At first, she started out timid and I thought her voice wasn't that great until she hit the high notes. Then her voice came in stronger. So the masks could be affecting their singing voices. I also previously posted that Seal was a better singer than the Leopard. But the voice does sound similar and the clues match.
  2. The clues match but I agree that Seal's voice is better than the Leopard's. I also don't get why he would dress up in drag.
  3. I watched it on my DVR. I also only watched the dances by FF a lot. So I also missed CAI falling.
  4. I'm not into this season either. I also hate the new elimination format. It doesn't help if the worst dancer is not in the bottom. It wouldn't have helped last season. And now, people in the Mountain and Pacific time zones can't vote. Yes, jazz and contemporary numbers always score high on this show. I really liked Kel's jazz. Ally was o.k. I didn't like the choreography. It didn't flow and seemed posey. Ally was too stiff and not fluid enough and it could have been the choreography. Karamo is a good performer. I think he's had difficult dance assignments between the quickstep, jive, and samba. His best dance was last week and it could be because he had the cha cha. Jenna also doesn't really know how to teach. His feet was a mess in the jive. Then it was highlighted because he wore white shoes. Jenna should have realized that would happen. She also doesn't dumb down choreography to match her contestant. Pasha is good at doing that with Kate. Pasha's weakness is definitely the non ballroom specific dances. He might have trouble with contemporary too unless he just makes it look like the rumba.
  5. I don't know about that. I just know that it's not fair for those of us that live in the Mountain or Pacific Time Zone. After Kel danced, I wanted to give him some votes since he was in the bottom two last week and he did a good job. It was 8:15 my time so the voting already closed. I'm not going to vote for anybody unless I see them dance. However, I'm also not attached to anybody this season. After the first show, I was debating on whether I was going to continue watching. But I really hope that Sean doesn't make it to the finals since he's the worst dancer left.
  6. Yes, we agreed before on how classical technique isn't the only technique. Plus, they were great performers too.
  7. The Kings did win and I'm glad they did. If somebody likes Classical training, they're not the best at that. I don't think they have formal training so you'll see bent legs, lazy feet, etc. However, they did have outstanding tricks and were different. I think the WOD judges like tricks. I think Derek is the judge that appreciates technique the most.
  8. It was Tessandra Chavez who choreographed for SYTYCD before. She also won an Emmy for DWTS on a piece with Derek and Julianne. All three of them choreographed that piece, Elastic Heart. Do you remember Zack Everhart from Season 11? He was the tapper during Ricky Ubeda's season. He formed a contemporary group for WOD and Tessandra choreographed for them. He and one of the girls was actually a duet at last year's WOD. They came back as part of this group. I thought Travis had a good chance of winning again.
  9. I bet they bring back contemporary for Most Memorable Year.
  10. Just a few days ago, I was thinking of WOD winning the choreography Emmy and what that would mean for SYTYCD. I think SYTYCD did win other Emmys though like for lighting (too lazy to Google). Even though I'm mostly watching the show out of habit, I still watch it and prefer it over WOD. So I hope losing out on choreography Emmys doesn't mean the end of the show.
  11. I wonder if the camera guys/editors got mixed up. In that case, that's a bad mistake that should have been caught.
  12. I also don't watch AI any more. That's awful if they were supposed to come up with choreography.
  13. ITA. I hated the choreograph in a group. Like you mentioned, someone could be a good dancer and not know how to choreograph. It would be like asking AI or Voice contestants to write a song. And they definitely wanted to create drama. The contestants are tired and then they're forced to stay up all night. So everyone is going to be more cranky or emotional than usual. Maybe, you're put in a group where somebody is really bossy or just rubs you the wrong way. You might get lucky and have somebody that is really good at choreography but then maybe that person only knows how to choreograph in their genre. So I'm definitely glad they got rid of it. That is weird that they changed the date for National Dance Day. Plus, I think they picked a date that was after the finale date. I'm pretty sure the show was on during the original NDD date of July 27. Did anybody else notice that after Gino danced, the camera would show Stephanie/Ezra's family? The caption even stated that it was Gino's family and friends.
  14. This is why the Top 10 Girl/Boy Academy episodes didn't really matter. Madison and Eddie were already chosen because of their stories or for whatever reason. Nazz did the best and she wasn't chosen. And I still wish they picked Sumi over Anna. Ezra's best dance was definitely with Gaby not Madison.
  15. I haven't watched the show yet but I'm glad that Drew won. Also, would have been happy if Joe or Daniel won. After I read that Joe said that Stage 3 was also easy, I was afraid that there would be too many Stage 3 finishers. Then somebody that normally is not one of the top ninjas could have won just by doing Stage 4 faster. Glad that wasn't the case. Also, if Drew did use some of the money to update his Ninja gym, then it not only benefits him but other Ninjas that train in his gym.
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