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  1. Old Mandy was my favorite too. This week's show wasn't too bad. They even mentioned Boyd.
  2. I can also see gymnastics. The ice could refer to veins made of ice water.
  3. Yes, after Toones464 mentioned Maks last week, the clues do fit him. The sloth moves like him when he's goofing off too. The zebra is not a good dancer. I don't know why the judges think he is. I can see cotton candy being an ice skater. Last week, I thought the moth was Marla Maples because of the clues given last week. This week, I did think she was Elizabeth Smart based on the clues. She also plays the harp beautifully so I was convinced when she said that she plays an instrument and didn't have black hair. It's weird that they showed Group B again instead of Group A. Since they showed how the final 6 is determined, it doesn't look like there is a Group C.
  4. I agree with you. Since you mentioned this, I watched the sloth move. Even when he was messing around, it fit how Maks moved. The clue about moving to another country helped too. Sloth is also tall.
  5. I didn't know he was paired with Denise Richards since I started watching DWTS when Nicole S. and Evan was on. I'm not really good with clues. On MS, I'm like Nicole where I can guess certain singers base on their voice. I see how the clues match with what you said. I don't remember the sloth doing any ballroom dancing so it's difficult to determine based on that. Once he does that, then I definitely expect him to dance really well.
  6. Yes, ringers don't matter for this show or MS. Sometimes, the audience wants to be entertained so pure vocals on MS won't necessarily make you the winner. I do agree that cotton candy is Julianne Hough. The clues match. I think the moth is Marla Maples. She's very lean. Monica lost weight but she still has a bigger build. Like you mentioned, Michelle is muscular. Plus, Marla did DWTS so she would be willing to do another reality show. Being on DWTS was also the reason why I was able to guess Bill Nye. Also, I remembered that he and his wife do salsa dancing for fun. Ice cube did a little of that and it did look like an older person doing salsa for enjoyment. The science clues also helped. I think the sloth is Neil Patrick Harris. He was Doogie Howser M.D. and he was a guest on Glee. He's also done Broadway. Sloth was also funny but coordinated so that would match him. Don't know who the zebra is. Maybe, it's Ricky Martin because of the comeback clue. But I thought Ricky was a better Latin dancer. But it's also hard to tell with the zebra outfit. Overall, I think this group was better than Group A especially after Bill was gone.
  7. I thought it was odd to have no children around either. At least, in the premiere, we saw Mandy and Kyle's daughter and the two girls were mentioned in the show. But there's no mention of Boyd in both episodes. I like the nod to Wilson too.
  8. In the Masked Singer, there have been lots of contestants that have said that the costume heads are heavy or that they can't see that well. So I can see how that would affect dancing. I can't imagine people doing a bunch of turns. I've also heard complaints that costumes were too tight on MS but then the costume people fixed it. Ice-T moved like an old man at the beginning until he loosened up at the end of the dance. He still did old style moves like disco so he would have been my choice to go. I think this show came about since Ellen was doing Masked Dancer segments on her show. One time, Nick Cannon and Nicole S. were guests. So the two of them along with Twitch were trying to guess the dancer. Nicole knew that it was Derek Hough even though he didn't talk or do any ballroom. He was just doing casual goofing off type dance moves. I bet Nicole saw him do that a lot during DWTS rehearsals when she was a contestant and that's how she knew.
  9. Tulip seemed to be the only one with dance training. The only other one that was good was the other female.
  10. The finale part 2 was better than part 1 which was a little underwhelming. Love Desz and Kelly's duet!! She was my favorite. Disappointed that she came in fourth. I thought she would at least get third since I figured Carter would win. I always liked Jim but he didn't become another favorite until the semi-finals. Great to see the guests but I do miss the duets with one of the finalists and a guest. There were some really great duets doing that. Coaches' duets only work if you have a coach with great vocals like Kelly. I think Carter had to hold back since Gwen was his coach. I always felt bad for the contestants that had to sing with Pharrell even though I think he was a good coach in other aspects.
  11. I like Desz, Jim's cover, and John's Halo. I like Carter more on other nights. Ian has a nice tone/voice but I think his voice is limited.
  12. I'm just glad that it's not like Adam's last season. Otherwise, it will be Blake's team and other singers that sing country that have a chance. Then it's not fun for people like me that don't really like country. I'm not surprised that Ian made it although I prefer Ben or Bailey. For the IS, I like Cami's performance. If not her, I was hoping that it would be Tamara.
  13. I like Desz and Jim's solo performances but it was a good night overall. I like Jim, Desz, and Carter's trio the best. I was actually surprised by Carter with that performance.
  14. WTW started off key and kept being off key. So after a few seconds, I had to FF. I agree that only the middle one has a good voice. The other two were backup singers.
  15. Group C was weak. They shouldn't have paired it like that. Tori or Taylor should be in the finals instead of mushroom.
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