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S03.E05: Into the Woods

Door County Cherry
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I loved how Joe got obsessed with the lawn, because that was totally my dad, to the point that when he was talking retirement, the joke was how he'd fill the time, because he could only mow the lawn so many times a week. Hee.

That hunting trip. Oof.

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Ok, so I binged the first five episodes tonight. That hunting trip...the only reason why I didn't simply turn OFF the episode with all that toxic masculinity stuff was because of Joe's inner commentary pretty much echoing mine with how stupid it was. Part of me even hoped he had actually murdered Sherry's husband, but  guess he's really trying to change. 

Love getting involved with someone a lot younger than her, whose step mother she also personally murdered? Yeah, that's gonna end well. Joe's not that impulsive, but once he finds out that she has actually slept with Theo, he's not going to be happy and I highly doubt he has the ability to resist his urges, even with stalking poor Marienne. 

I think it's pretty clear he's not a changed man and he is only lying to himself, at this point.

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The huge difference between Joe and Love is that Joe is a more classic version of a serial killer who stalks his victim and collects trophies and justifies his killing afterwords because of his own misogyny. While Love is impulsive and kills out of pure rage.   I can see her having an affair with the younger Theo who reminds her a lot of Forty.   Because that is who she see when she looks at him. 

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oe can’t get it up if he isn’t obsessing.  Ha!!  And his obsession with his lawn does not count.

A Dragonriders of Pern shoutout.  See, this is why I sometimes can’t hate on Joe. Until he reminds me that I can.

Shallow alert: I loved Love’s slouchy top she wore at the dinner party with the Conrads.

Of course Carey and Sherry would have something calling ‘unschooling’ and being an ‘unteacher.’ Of course they would.  They are so pretentious.

Carey isn’t as fun as Sherry but holy cow that whole man in the woods thing was just its own level of OTT hypermasculinity in the same way that Sherry’s Quee Bee-ness is.  I think I giggled in horror during the whole thing.  Joe’s asides were so on point.  I think the show is purposely making Sherry and Carey these walking fad caricatures for a reason.  God, I'd die if they were serial killers on the down low too.  LOL.

At first I was like, Damn, Joe killed Cary.  But then I realized a guy who survived a ‘lanche in the ‘Hoe for five days wasn’t gonna go down like that! And ruh-roh he done unleashed Joe's inner serial killer again.

Ugh.  Love.   One of the one things I liked about you was how you were dealing with Theo.  But now even that is gone.  Sigh.

Now Marienne is fully the new ‘You’ and also, I fear for Theo. Yikes

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I thought it was interesting that these guys were all "Man! Animal! We must hunt our food!" in the woods, thinking they're all badass, meanwhile they're in the company of a guy who has actually killed people. If only they knew.

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Yeah, these guys really do not want to see Joe unleashed. He doesn't need to hunt squirrels to feel like a predator. That camping trip was super ridiculous, I hate when I have to agree with Joe's narration but he was on point throughout, although he did end up actually bonding with the other husbands in a weird way. Carey and Sherry really do seem perfect together they're so ridiculous and frequently terrible that I cant even really hate them, I just laugh

Love definitely sees Forty in Theo, which just makes her banging him in the woods even creepier. 

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Sherry and Cary are the worst, and I find them really funny, but also horrifying because they're so close to people I know in real life. The ones who use #blessed on every post and go on and on about how fortunate they are as though no one ever taught them that bragging is off-putting. And Cary is the guy who would talk about "eating clean" at every opportunity. 

The actors are spot on but my goodness I agree with everything Joe says about them in his narration. 

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