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  1. scowl

    S31E01: You're In Our Race Now

    There can always be that team, the one that just can't find the damn clue. Hours pass, it gets so dark that they bring out the lights, and they just keep digging and digging until they're in tears and the flight everyone else is on has already taken off.
  2. scowl

    S31E01: You're In Our Race Now

    One good thing about this Rupert is that he was actually admitting that he didn't know what to do when they were lost. The Rupert I remember was supremely confident at all times, except when he nearly drowned his tribe in their shelter. That was the only time I remember him admitting that he had done something stupid (to the camera, not to his tribe, of course).
  3. Is Eliza the one who made Survivor history with the line, "It's a fucking stick!" or was that someone else?
  4. scowl

    S31 Rupert and Laura Boneham (Married)

    Oh, yes! A U-turn! I can already see the explosive anger in his frightening face as he slowly says to the camera, "Those... two... are... dead."
  5. scowl

    S31 Rupert and Laura Boneham (Married)

    What makes me laugh about Rupert is his empty, unblinking eyes when he's faced with a difficult or confusing task. He gave me some laughs this episode so I'm almost tempted to hope he stays around. Another thing I hope happens is that another team will double-cross him. Remember on Survivor when he came back to camp screaming over and over, "Who wrote my name down?" like he was about to kill someone? I'm hoping he'll flip out like that again because that was entertainment.
  6. Just like the last time, I can't explain why I feel so happy when these two are on my television.
  7. scowl

    S38:E09 Y'all Making Me Crazy

    I think the last thing Survivor needs is more rules. Rules requirement punishment and the only punishment on Survivor has been to get kicked off the show. Do you want to see someone get kicked off because they lifted their ass two inches above their seat? I was smiling all through the chaotic tribal and I'm usually tempted to skip over them and get to the vote.
  8. scowl

    Drink Your Drink: The Suits Drinking Game

    A drink whenever someone shows up at someone's door uninvited. Two drinks if it's late at night.
  9. scowl

    Drink Your Drink: The Suits Drinking Game

    A drink any time someone hands a folder or piece of paper to someone or dramatically drops it on their desk. A drink after the person quickly flips through the pages and completely understands every word of it.
  10. scowl

    S04.E05: Delivery Day

    Baby delivery episodes are usually full of reused jokes from other sitcoms, so I was surprised by how much I laughed during this episode.
  11. scowl

    Ancient Aliens

    I don't believe aliens or gods or any other supernatural beings are necessary to explain anything, nor do practicing anthropologists.
  12. scowl

    Small Talk: Only 2 Ounces Of Commenting Allowed

    Remember, you can always start tomorrow and be happy today. Does that always sound better than being miserable today?
  13. scowl

    S03.E08: Fred

    Of course the real life Pa Ingalls would have put a quick end to this story.
  14. scowl

    The Americans Retrospective

    Now that the show is over I can admit that I really put less than half of my attention to what was going on in it. After the first season I was disappointed that the "Soviet" spies didn't express any clue of what they were fighting for while they left a trail of bodies in their wake so this wasn't the show I was hoping it would be. Whenever they killed someone that only told me that they were just terrible spies. A good spy wouldn't have to leave corpses after every mission. I didn't pay any attention to hardly any of the scenes in the Soviet Union although the depressing scenes about scarcity and poor living conditions were the most realistic part of the show and reminded me that the show had something to do with the Soviet Union.
  15. scowl

    S06.E10: START

    This was my continuous disappointment with the series. P & E were terrible spies because they routinely killed anyone who could have given them trouble. I wanted to see good spies, ones that were smart enough to never get themselves in that situation, or at least not in every episode.