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  1. At least the identical twin plot device is making some sense now.
  2. At this point it looks like they're going to have exactly one significant plot-related thing happen in each episode, then pad the rest of the episode with twenty minutes of Jen and Judy sitting around being freaked out. All the energy and tension from last season is gone. Was I supposed to care about the bird?
  3. Couldn't they have just hired a new actor for a new character?
  4. I loved the chaotic tribal! Season after season I was so tired of everyone in tribal glued to their seats like obedient schoolchildren as if they were completely helpless to what was happening in tribal no matter how badly their plans have fallen apart. Now the show finally has people who have the brains to get up off their asses and try do something with others at the last minute.
  5. The writers may still have him do something stupid like shoot Rio in a crowded bar. After all, they need to create yet another ridiculous crisis to keep the show going.
  6. I just started watching the show. I didn't think I'd like it because I don't like loud humor. All I had to do was turn the volume down whenever Murray or Barry start talking. The show in syndication is now running season one and season five so watching those plus the current season is a tour of the many octaves of Sam Giambrone's voice.
  7. The last place I worked once sent managers around the country to interview candidates instead of flying them to us. They said it would be cheaper but it was a joke. They flew first class, stayed in five star hotels, and went to football and basketball games on the company dime.
  8. I think I'd be OK about that if it were only a good show about killing. Anyone with a brain would know that assassinating someone in a crowded bar is not a smart way to kill someone.
  9. I love the whispering! It adds a rare bit of realism to a completely contrived television show of people talking in front of cameras and microphones. It builds tension at the end of the episode when you think you know what's going to happen and then you have no way to know what's going to happen. I really enjoy the literal last minute scrambling after something in tribal has crushed their plans and they have to break into groups. After the vote I go back and try to figure out what they were saying.
  10. I'm now just skipping over all the scenes with Annie and her accented therapist since they don't appear to have anything to do with the main plot. Sorry, Mae, but I have other things to do these days.
  11. I've been charitable to the writers for the entire series, but why on Earth couldn't they have written this scene for a location where it would have made some bit of sense? A public execution would have pushed them into several more layers of shit that they're already drowning in. This show is reminding me why I don't watch much television. Of course this time the bullets would have ended up in Rio's appendix and his gall bladder anyway.
  12. So now she needs to get a baby in her to keep the lie going?
  13. I'm having a lot of trouble remembering what happened in previous seasons so I'm finding it impossible to understand what's going on now. Perhaps a lot of off-camera stuff has happened. Why does Beth want to get pregnant? Also, is every character from previous seasons dead? The rapist supermarket manager? The nosy mother? Dead and dead? I want to like this show but I don't think I got the smarts to follow all of this.
  14. What if you have a Windows phone? I doubt their app would work on those. 😀
  15. Also windows don't get soapy by themselves. They get soapy because someone doesn't want you to see inside. Not that these dopey Guardians think that hard. So I guess season four will start with fifty or so Marthas hanging from nooses. Just kidding! We know June's plan worked perfectly and the Commanders will be scratching their heads trying to figure out how fifty plus kids walked to the airport by themselves. If this were a Soviet-style dictatorship, they would beat confessions out of people who had been in jail the whole time and then pretend it never happened.
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