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S01.E08: Form and Void

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YELLOW KING SPAGHETTI DUDE: [terrifying nonsense in a ridiculous accent]

ANN DOWD: [something about flowers I don't want to think about any more]

ME: "Sure, that house is disgusting.  But is there too much visible floor to make it Hoarders-level disgusting?"

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My favorite part was also Rust and Marty entering into a non-carnal husband relationship, but I also really loved Rust's turnaround from last episode, where he hoped that there was nothing beyond death. Now, even if he couldn't stay with his daughter, he knows that that's waiting for him when this life is over.

Also, many years from now, I picture Marty and Rust dying simultaneously, with their last act a mutual bird-flip.

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I was pleasantly surprised at how hopeful the finale was. It was a lovely ending to the series, though I had hoped the Yellow King would have had a more impressive lair. After the gorgeous staging of the first murder scene, I was hoping for more beautifully macabre scenes like that. The lair was creepy, but I was hoping for slightly better interior decorating.

Another poster compared the final confrontation with the Yellow King to the Silence of the Lambs, which feels about right. I was yelling "Hurry up, Marty!" when he had Rust lifted up on his knife. Really tense stuff there.

Also, many years from now, I picture Marty and Rust dying simultaneously, with their last act a mutual bird-flip.

I imagine their tombstones will be carved in the shape of a hand flipping the bird. Probably facing each other.

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I was just so pleased with this! I was afraid it was going to go all wacky because of all the speculation online but no, turns out I was correct all along, it was a great detective story and was just wonderfully acted by some amazing talents. No need for the yellow king to turn out to be Cthulhu to turn the whole show into some crazy Lovecraftien parallel universe story. 

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Like Sarah, I had Buffy's "I think I was in heaaaa-veeenn" going through my head while Rust was talking outside the hospital.

I thought everything about the King's house and lair was intensely creepy. I kept talking to the TV: "No, don't go in there! Don't go further in there! What are you doing? He could jump out of the ivy! He might be hiding behind that creepy mummified whatever-the-fuck that is! STOP WALKING YOU DUMMY!"

So that's what was going on in my house. Very satisfied with non-supernatural resolution.

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I too was happy with the fairly straightforward ending. I however was less impressed with the closing ramblings of Cohle. I didn't really need him to find hope. Great episode though, Carcosa was creepy as hell and spagetti face guy was seriously weird and surpisingly strong.

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