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  1. The narrator admitted he lied only once in introducing Peter. What was the lie? Richard E. Grant plays Octavio as well as the Narrator (obviously). Is he also Commander 14? Sorry if it’s obvious, the voice sounds the same, and it makes sense if the entire thing is rigged and the Jejuene Institute and the Elsewhere Society are just two sides of the same coin, and the players are just being... played.
  2. Because the crew is so forgettable, I assumed the same thing. But it was a different girl, and it was someone else who caused it. Mild spoiler: the two breathing in alien air has absolutely no damaging effect on them, for all the screen time they spent on it, which surprised me. But that event does lead to them hooking up later, so maybe that was the point.
  3. You are assuming Earthers are willing to mine. It's safe to assume the valuable minerals found on Earth have already been depleted, thus the need to start mining the asteroids. I think any Earther on the dole who had any desire to work hard already became a belter, generations ago. My point is, it's not enough that there are minerals to be pulled from the rock, you have to be willing to PULL them, and it's still hard work. So the belters would still have a leg up on Earth and Mars.
  4. Seeing Gus Fring as the mysterious Mr. Edgar was awesome. But not nearly as awesome as hearing him say, "...before I head off for Belize". If that's not a nod to Breaking Bad fans, I don't know what is. So, why are the supes so intimidated by Mr. Edgar, anyway? The other Vought executives, sure. But the supes?
  5. I'm not sure what the rules are for the Seven, but the first episode revealed that Vought places a superhero in every major city, if the city is willing to pay for it. I think the Supes have managed to bring down crime dramatically across the country wherever they are placed, so there is less for them to do. Not that they can eliminate it altogether. But I agree, besides the armored car in episode one and the warehouse caper Deep and Starlight handled, we haven't seen much heroing. I guess the focus in more on the corporate side, and less examples of actual crimefighting. But even Starlight was complaining it's more about public appearances and less about doing superhero stuff.
  6. What I found more amusing and meta is that Esme BIanco, who plays Eliza/Watcher Woman/grown-up Jane Chadwick, who Margo goes to see later in this episode, also plays Ros on Game of Thrones and is the same red-haired prostitute that Joffrey ties to the bed and shoots with his crossbow.
  7. I had the same problem with the Harry Potter movies (and I don't imagine the books were that different). There is this powerful magician, who is out to murder school children who are the next generation of magicians. There is NO ONE in the magical community who steps up and says, "Hey, wait, we can't let these children fight this big bad guy on their own"? It would be different if the young heroes some evil magic that no one else knew about, and felt they had to face it alone because no adults would believe it. Everyone in the magic realm knows who Voldemort is. Yes, it adds an air of mystique for him to be so powerful people don't want to speak his name. But at what point do the grownups in this world say, "He shall not be named is coming to take over whether we speak his name or not. Maybe we should be fighting him too, instead of letting inexperienced children do it."
  8. Just my two cents, after binging the first three seasons. I was disappointed in the final episode. This was my favorite season, the characters seem to be hitting their stride. So many wonderful moments that make this show unique. I have watched the "Under Pressure" scene multiple times on YouTube. It all seemed to be coming together. Other parts of the finale seemed to work just fine, the Fairy Queen sacrificing for her people, Margo becoming High King and getting her eye back (a FAIRY eye, now), all the hard work on the quest, everything but the climax. So, in a matter of minutes, we have: Elliot shoots the monster to save Q (OK, didn't have a problem with that) Alice makes a deal with the library to siphon off the magic Alice freaks out and suddenly wants to prevent ALL magic The monster can take over someone's body The Dean has made a deal with the library The douchebag librarian can travel to Blackspire, but Penny 23 couldn't? Julia is suddenly a God, and just as suddenly she's not The monster takes over Elliot and sets up the next season We lose all the keys We get back all the keys just as quickly There are potions available to make everyone forget their memories and everyone willingly takes it I'm sorry, but to me, the finale was a muddled, horrible mess with too many storylines and too many sudden revelations and changes. I like sudden revelations. I like when things turn on a dime. But not so many in the same scene! It seems all smashed together. I realize characters sometimes do stupid things, but when people have to act stupid to advance the plot, it smacks of lazy writing. If douchbag librarian can travel to Blackspire, why can't Penny 23 astral project there and do some recon? Why does Q keep his single serving God power to himself, and piss it away so quickly? Why didn't he just kill the monster with it? Why didn't Q ask Ora for some information about the monster? Why did Q rush to CONFRONT the monster? If the team had immediately used the keys, they all would have magic back. Why wasn't the team prepared for Alice to act all crazy? She's already revealed she was willing to screw them all over, they should have kept an eye on her. Why didn't someone use battle magic to stop Alice from casting? She took five minutes ginning up the spell. Why did Dean Fogg make a deal with the library? He would have had magic back, unregulated by the library, if he had supported the team. Biggest question of all: Why did the writers spend most of a season drawing up an incredibly involved and fascinating quest, just to screw up the resolution in the last ten minutes of the episode? Any other kind of ending would have been better.
  9. They did. The mushroom fields that were growing new fairies in Fillory. All the things she was gathering (earth worms, etc.) were to help grow the mushrooms.
  10. The magic of the keys (as part of the quest, or maybe on their own when the quest is finished) is that they CREATE doors, and send you where you need to go. The clock sends people to all kinds of places.
  11. Because the fairy land was dying. But it advances the story line. They all move the story along in small ways and large.
  12. I think Harriet and Victoria are dead. If anyone actually dies in this show.
  13. So, since Library!Rapunzel said she is NOT Alice, any speculation on why she looks exactly LIKE Alice? During Alice's short story, I was worried that she would make a deal with Head Librarian to get the books she wanted, and in return she would be sent back in time ten thousand years and be stuck in that room for Penny to find.
  14. All eight characters singing Under Pressure and solving three separate dilemmas at once was the best scene of the entire series. Even if some of them cannot sing, they apparently CAN sing well enough to save their lives (or someone else's). I am really loving this show, and not looking forward to waiting week to week for Season Four.
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