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  1. DanMSchro

    Again With This Mini: Monna Dartin Draguates!

    LOVED THIS! And they started filming in late summer/early fall, I think around August, so two months before Spelling announced her pregnancy.
  2. DanMSchro

    Watch Chris Pine's Saturday Night Live Promo

    Hilarious, weird and adorable. I'm in.
  3. DanMSchro

    S05.E24: Reunion Part 3

    I'm pretty sure it wasn't that she lied about anything, but that she felt hurt by him so she shared it in front of cameras when he would have preferred to work it out behind closed doors.
  4. DanMSchro

    EHG 150: Turning It Out For RuPaul's Drag Race

    Love the ep, always good to have the Blankenship chair filled. One note about moving Drag Race to Fridays. It sucks for viewers, but sucks the most for local queens. Friday is primetime for local drag, but now that Drag Race airs on Fridays, local queens have to host viewing parties instead of getting to do their own work.
  5. DanMSchro

    S01.E06: Chapter 6

    Though they're never explicit, I figured it was an aneurysm or something like that.
  6. DanMSchro

    S01.E05: Chapter 5

    Just some extra.
  7. DanMSchro

    S01.E06: Chapter 6

    I thought this was a stellar episode. I always wait to watch the episode without commercials, really enhances the experience and keeps me in the show's headspace throughout. Aubrey Plaza is a queen! In the beginning of the series I thought she was leaning a little too hard into the role, but now she is killing it and getting to do ALL the things. Her dance break through David's memories gave me life. I think Syd's ability to see through the charade has to do with swapping bodies with David, and that she's one of the least damaged. The most confusing part of Syd's story this week is that she thinks she can't touch people, but David says her diagnosis has to do with delusional thinking, not physical contact. But then why did he bring a pillow to Syd's bed to put between them? And what's the deal with David's sister? Has the YED invaded her mind, controlling her, or is the person we see in the hospital just another face the YED wears? Female Kerry continues to be the weakest link in the acting chain on this show. She just can't carry a scene. From the moment we heard her backstory about being a Native American girl I felt the show was trying to say, "Look, diversity casting!" but casting a bad actress is never a good move, diversity or not. And guys! The Eye is a cannibal, right? His scene with Kerry combined with Melanie's comments in an earlier episode about him liking to hurt people paint a pretty clear picture.
  8. DanMSchro

    Legion's Comic Book Origins and Theories About the Show

    I'd like to bring up the color yellow. Most obviously we've got David's t-shirt in the latest episode with the yellow triangle, giving a visual indication that the YED is emerging/taking hold. In the opening scene of the series, baby David is laying in his crib, on yellow sheets. Perhaps a hint that David has been infected with the YED since infancy, as Carey speculated. And in the opening scene of episode four, we meet Oliver Bird, whose outfit is all kinds of yellow. Which, along with the weird speech he gives that's clearly a reference to how this story is playing out, gives a big signal that he's got more to do with this story that we yet know. Which brings me to another point about Oliver's integration into the story. We know that the YED may have been with David his whole life, 30 years, and that Oliver Bird was lost to the astral plane 21 years ago. When Carey asks David to think of a really stressful memory, right before David and Syd project to D3, David starts to think about trick-or-treating as a child (maybe even 8-9 years old). Something terrifying happened to David that night, something the YED did. Maybe it has to do with Oliver Bird and is the same night he got trapped in the AP. This is not the first time Halloween comes up either. David ends up on Amy's doorstep during trick-or-treating after he leaves Clockworks. Don't know what anything I've said means, but in shows like this, repetition isn't coincidence.
  9. DanMSchro

    S01.E05: Chapter 5

    It's pretty clear from the look Melanie gives him in the glass and the sound cue that she's onto his change from the start. She was on guard as soon as she found out he had contact with her husband, though we don't know why. And from the story of how her husband went to the astral plane to rule over his own Inception-style fake world, she's real wary of that place. There's gotta be more to him too. The significance of the song choice doesn't seem to be for Syd. As David is playing the song, his whole body is shaking with fear, his voice is quivering. If you'll notice, the shot of David on the bed with the banjo is quite wide, and you can see the door to the bathroom is closed. But as he strums and gestures toward the bathroom with his head, the camera zooms in, placing the door out of frame. The next time we see the bathroom door is when Syd is standing in front of it and closing it, but when did it open? The song is meant to make the YED feel safe to come out because David isn't paying attention to it, so Syd is able to catch a glimpse. But all she sees is the dog. And the way Kerry described the YED, it sounds like Doctor Who's The Silence, completely forgetting you've seen the monster as soon as you stop looking at it.
  10. DanMSchro

    S01.E04: Chapter 4

    Because the YED is a separate entity latched to David's mind, not an inherent part of his psyche. In the astral plane, the YED isn't still in David's head, it's roaming free on its own.
  11. DanMSchro

    S01.E04: Chapter 4

    He's definitely her husband, you can hear the actor's voice in last week's episode telling the story of the crane at the coffee maker. The whole frozen ice ball on the astral plane is confusing, though maybe it's got to do with his own powers. And I think the yellow-eyed devil can't get in because it's a manifestation of his mind, not David's, and he hasn't been "infected" like David has.
  12. DanMSchro

    S01.E04: Chapter 4

    What an episode! It dragged a bit in the beginning, maybe didn't actually need to have those extra minutes tacked on, but the last half was made up for it. Why did we see shots of the final fight at the beginning the episode with voiceover from Syd? Confused by what that was trying to do, narratively. AND THE DOG! Now I feel a need to rewatch all the dog scenes. I'm definitely not jumping on the "they're still in his brain" wagon, but I loved the moment when Ptonomy said he was "pretty sure" they weren't still in it. And I'm so nervous for Syd now that the Angriest Boy is popping up in her vision. Has she been infected by it somehow? And The Eye seems to have superhuman spacial awareness. When Syd-as-The-Eye nailed that crowbar shot, I figured it's gotta be an aspect of his power. Can't wait for next week, cause Lenny's got "things to do."
  13. DanMSchro

    S01.E02: Chapter 2

    The styles from different decades are mixed together so we're never entirely sure where in time the story is, part of the whole "unreliable narrator" angle of the show. Last January, the FX President said it was in a parallel universe to the films, but according to an interview in August, Bryan Singer (director of the X-Men movies) said that Legion is canon, and could play into future movies, but can stand alone. I think that even if "things were relatively OK for mutants in the US after the history change of Mystique saving Nixon," the government would still have a secret interest in researching and potentially controlling powerful mutants. The military is always thirsty for more firepower.
  14. I think they, or at least their personas in these videos, are too professional and polished. Any personality is placed on the back burner. I think Dax, Laila and Robbie might have had a better chance on this season, but to me they'll always be filler queens. I took a step outside of the videos and watched some clips on Youtube, and I really Mark is right that Sasha Velour or Nina might snatch that crown. Sasha's got a lip sync medley that includes both Kate Bush and Gollum from Lord of the Rings, and Nina's giving us parody videos of Jasmine Masters. Pure Gold.
  15. Can you explain what's so great about Shea? She's the only queen whose name I recognized, though I'm unfamiliar with her work, but her video was just so lackluster. Sure, the look was top notch, but there was just no fire, no energy in anything she said. And her non sequitur stream of drag babble, "sickening the house down boots gaga yas," gave me the worst Laganja flashbacks. I want to be wrong!