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  1. I could see them do a full song. I hope they do.
  2. To me it seemed like he was into her all along. Then when she realised that something was happening between Ethan and Sam, even though she hadn't admitted it to herself, she set up the situation for the affair with Nick for revenge because she knew he was pretty much a sure thing and it would hurt Ethan the most.
  3. Absolutely. Baldwin isn't even that funny. I think they're doing themselves damage in the long term too. Having a cast member play Trump raises the profile of that cast member. Having Baldwin do it is a nice temporary bump for the shows profile but it leaves them in trouble as they lose cast members. When Kate goes what do they do? No one else is breaking out. She has had a bad debut year but I think its harder for impression heavy members to do well early. Sort of reminds me of Jay. Especially considering there weren't a lot of celeb based sketches this year. She should try to find a
  4. I'm really going to miss Vanessa and Bobby they were 2 of my favourite cast members. I think it really weakens the cast overall too. There are a few too many weak links at the moment. I think they might end up in another slump soon. Having Baldwin and co turning up isn't going to help establish people either.
  5. Me too. I was disappointed that the rape ended up being committed by a kid groomed by a psycho. I think its a little outlandish, most rapes aren't committed by some sort of disturbed cool and calculated serial rapist. The series had done such a great job of making the horrible realities of the case hit home and ring true. For me this ending up ended that. It would have been much more interesting if it was any of the other suspects. Instead surprise via convolution is our ending. I really enjoyed the series overall I'm just disappointed with the ending. I also felt the epilogue with
  6. Because he was about to fly off the handle and if she'd done that there was a genuine chance the kids could have been hurt. I know she said he'd never do anything to hurt the kids but he was getting worse, threatened her life after she hit him in the balls for instance. More importantly though she had recognized he was hurting the boys indirectly. That broke her fantasy about him being a good Dad. He punched a guy though right? I've never heard of him hitting women. To me thats not close to being the same thing. Maybe there is more I'm unaware of.
  7. Completely agree. I used to really like Shosh because she was a bit more naive and bubbly than the rest of them but in the last few seasons shes become far more materialistic and shallow. She is as narcissistic as the rest, possibly more so than Hannah and Jessa. Anyway I thought this episode was a bit weak. Not bad but just not as good as the rest of this season which has been pretty great. I hope the finale is good. I'm really interested to see if they do anything really interesting or if its just ties things up in a neat way.
  8. Exactly. The whole thing with Adam was a regression based on fear, largely its a reaction to Paul-Louis just fobbing her off. She is reeling from that. Going back to relationship that was fun and felt free is exactly why she clicked back in with Adam so easily, it comfortable and cosy and easy. When he starts talking about forever stuff like marriage and a division of duties and where they'd live etc it all becomes real again and she focus back on reality in the way an adult with a kid has to. I thought Lena was brilliant in that scene too. She deserves an Emmy nomination for her acting b
  9. I though JDM was a lot better in this episode. I've felt all along that his character was a parallel to Ezekiel in that he puts on a big act for his followers. This episode is the first time I think JDMs performance has really shown that though. When Rick tells him he's going to kill him he looks genuinely confused and scared before he starts laughing, its like when you watch a UFC fight and if a fighter gets caught with a punch early he'll back off smiling, its a reaction that shows fear. To me thats what Negans laughing was.
  10. Yeah he might go for the computer too but it'd make no sense to go for it in the middle of the night as it'd most likely be in Trish or the daughters room. Maybe he'll stay a night or two and try to get at it while there. I think it was just a classic red herring though, these things usually are on Broadchurch.
  11. Jim doesn't seem like a guy who goes to the cops because someone gave him a couple of kicks. I think he may handle the situation himself. I'm kind throwing away my Cath theory, she seemed too surprised by Trish's confession and she was suitably horrible in the way I expect she would be if it was new news. The webcam theory from the thread for the last episode is pretty inspired, I think that could be exactly what the ex-husband is up to. Although I think him coming in at the end of the episode is just his lack of anywhere else to go. The serial nature of these rapes is really in
  12. So I was right about the morning sex being with Caths husband. Now I believe Cath knows more about this rape than shes letting on and may even have been involved in some way. She definitely knows the 2 of them were having the affair. Something is up with the Taxi drivers step son too. He's came in out of nowhere and he seems damaged. This would make a lot of sense in the context of the boys porn sharing too. Thats not happening this season for no reason. Mark making the dinner was clearly a last meal before he goes to kill Joe.
  13. I'm glad Marnie is still awful. I really don't want to see redemptive arcs for everyone, thats just not realistic. Hannah I can accept because I always think she was trying to be better than she was. People like Marnie stay like Marnie though. Same goes for Jessa. I hope the ending wasn't supposed to show that Adam has made an amazing film. That would be another seriously annoying finish to his story. I really like the Hannah is going to have a baby story. Its at least unexpected. I'd like to see the show end with her having the baby and being happy with that. She doesn't need a man
  14. You think? He seems more oblivious and self centred than ever to me. He's just turned into a male Jessa but with a bigger ego.
  15. I think she is hiding her attractiveness under her acting, if that makes any sense. I think she plays her character in a really unattractive way. I think if she was in another role she could definitely be very attractive. Like I sort of find Hannah attractive but I don't find real Lena very attractive. Not sure why.
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