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  1. I would change part of the ending because the scene with Lucille going to the church service should have ended with her walking into the room. We didn't need the singing of Amazing Grace. When we'd just lost Barbara, it took away from our mourning and the poignancy of Phyllis finishing the psalm. Heidi Thomas has been pushing Lucille to the front too much. I'd rather see one of the nuns struggling with her devotion to the religion than have so much of Lucille.
  2. Mark didn't say anything about needing to stay married. He felt he couldn't properly heal in the presence of Beth, the girls and all the things in Broadchurch reminding him of Danny. He came to the realization she didn't want to be married to him any more and asked for confirmation of that, which she gave him.
  3. The finale felt rushed. It was exciting but we needed a lot more time for those last three or four scenes that were jammed into 5 minutes. The writer kept too many loose threads unanswered for too long. If they'd picked up the bag of twine and arrested Clive by the end of episode 7, we'd probably have had the needed time. Also the reenactment of Leo "lending" his girlfriend to Michael was not that necessary. The third series suffered from too many side stories that were touched on but not fleshed out fully. I know they were all to illustrate the various degrees of good and bad attitudes to sex and sexuality, but some made it hard to understand the point that was being made. Maybe there will be some deleted scenes on the DVD that better explain the side stories, but I'd have kept to two side stories done really well rather than the half dozen or more that were going on. (Tom and the porn sharing, Daisy's photo and the boys hounding her, Ian and the spyware, Jim and his affairs, Ed stalking Trish, Maggie and the newspaper demise, Hardy's tinder date) I'm glad Chris Chibnall didn't kill off either detective to end the series. But he did manage to flatten them a bit. I liked their sparring better in series 1 & 2. It was interesting to see them fall in sync with each other -- that breakfast making scene last week was almost ballet-like --- but only once did she call him arsehole. We needed more indignant Miller. I do hope that we see them again at some point.
  4. I doubt that was a relief more than it was just throwing him into the void. He'd put all sorts of energy into imagining ways he could have saved Danny, but he would have been too late. He envisioned killing Joe for a long time, but he couldn't. No matter what Mark did, nothing could bring back Danny. His role as family protector was blown. Unfortunately Mark has been blind to how much his daughters still need him. I suppose he thought he was sparing them years of pain trying to deal with him.
  5. It does look like they're in the churchyard in Broadchurch, but they could also be in a churchyard in Sandbrook, visiting Pippa Gillespie's grave since he so equated Pippa to Daisy. He's not wearing a tie, so I don't think they're at a funeral.
  6. The other day, BBC America ran a trailer for the 3rd series that has Hardy and Daisy in a scene that we haven't seen. ITV followed that up with a still of the same scene from the finale.
  7. If we were going on to a fourth series, then I'd be happy with adding in all sorts of complicated details like someone filming the attack, being part of a larger porn ring, or making it Mark Latimer, who clearly needs a lot of help as it is. There's so much to wrap up for the trilogy and the present cases, that I think the answer to Trish's assault case will have to be pretty straightforward. Going forward, my main interest is what becomes of Hardy and Ellie. Chris Chibnall has vocally said this is the end of Broadchurch and the end of the trilogy, but would he possibly bring back our two detectives working together in another town or county so they could have more cases? Look at Vera (for those who know Brenda Blethyn's show). She's a detective in Yorkshire who gets rural murder after murder after murder to investigate. Frankly, I think he'd be stupid to kill off (figuratively or literally) these characters. Their partnership and characterization is a cash cow he should revisit. Chris Carter couldn't keep Mulder and Scully archived forever. Hardy and Miller are at least the same calibre. I hope he keeps them going with occasional 2-parters.
  8. Also, Hardy asking the waitress "What's a DILF?" Even funnier because under all that scraggly beard is David Tennant.
  9. Someone pointed out that the actress who played the awful newspaper syndicate woman was Ophelia to David Tennant's Hamlet -- in the same production that SOCO Brian was his Horatio. Have to laugh at Chris Chibnall bringing in actors familiar to David or Olivia. The guy playing Aaron the rapist was in Peep Show with OC. I am trusting that Chris Chibnall has an ultimate plan about finishing off Joe and that's why he had Mark rescued. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for that. Andrew Buchan is doing a fantastic job of portraying depression and how suffocating the depressed person can make it for the rest of the family. At times his eyes look dead and he appears to have no tone in his face. Needless to say it was a huge surprise to see him in the hospital. The way the episode started with the black title cards after seeing the empty boat, I was sure he was dead. But I also figured that to keep focus on the assault case, Hardy and Ellie wouldn't find him till the end of the episode. Anyway, huge surprise. I'm not sure he won't try again, though. The writing for Hardy and Ellie was on point through this entire episode. That scene of them in the kitchen making tea and toast looked like a ballet. We all squealed when she stole a piece of his toast. Finally! Ellie gets to eat in Hardy's presence. Of course his bawling out to "the boys" was prime Hardy and the "I think I'm too nice to people", along with the tiniest hint of a smirk was perfect. And Ellie's come along so far. She delivers requests like she's still a people pleaser but she's all business under those Please and Thank Yous. At this point I don't really care if I guess the attacker correctly. It's just been fun reading everyone's notes on what they've seen.
  10. And Katie wouldn't know this, but Ellie tried to prevent Tom from being interviewed or from playing "Danny" in the re-enactment of Danny's last movements on CCTV.
  11. She also has a chip on her shoulder. Two or three times she remarked "__ doesn't like me " after she was reprimanded for something she did wrong. If she keeps that up, she'll be fired. I understand she feels the need to prove herself -- she showed that with not immediately telling Hardy about Aaron getting in the car. But as long as she thinks her superiors or coworkers are working against her, she'll forget that police work takes team work. My worry is that she might bring charges against Ellie for the second bollocking. Hardy's the lead officer on the case, not Ellie. I can also see Katie dredge up the speculation that Hardy and Miller are having an affair and that's why Ellie gets preferential treatment that she may not be entitled to have.
  12. From http://www.radiotimes.com/tv-programme/e/fm26mr/broadchurch--series-3-episode-7 Hooray for local newspapers! The Broadchurch Echo and its formidable editor Maggie Radcliffe (Carolyn Pickles) are back, and she’s having no truck with the young woman who’s now her boss. Maggie knows that her paper is the very soul of the community she loves. But the young upstart who has the temerity to try to tell Maggie what to do doesn’t have local interests at heart when she tries to push Maggie to publish a potentially damaging story. “I am still the editor here!” says Maggie, rather magnificently. “I am so proud to be a journalist!” Blimey, it’s not often you hear anyone say that these days. But the town needs some kind of cohesion because the investigation into Trish Winterman’s rape is tearing it apart. Detectives Alec Hardy and Ellie Miller face the inexorable ticking of the custody-clock. But the suspects are bobbing up thick and fast in the penultimate episode of Chris Chibnall’s thriller.
  13. As the Brits say, what a corker of an episode! There wasn't a slow moment in it. We now have Ed's and Katy's secrets revealed, Ian's theft of Trish's laptop out in the open and the source of the porn on Tom's phone. The big one -- for all the doubters -- is that Joe admitted to Mark that he killed Danny. I was hoping against hope that Mark wouldn't end his life (It was spoiled in the papers last August). That was such a devastating finish. The call to Chloe to say goodbye was dripping with foreboding. Andrew Buchan did astounding work in this episode. It's hard to shake that final image.
  14. My problem with all the "Paul is the rapist" theories is that we've seen no connection between Paul and Trish. Trish's attack looks to be premeditated because she was hit with a hard object that knocked her out, tied up with the blue twine, and gagged. That planning points to Trish being targeted for a reason and that means her attacker knew her. But Paul needed Beth to make the offer of counselling. At the same time there are several people in Trish's circle who had some reason they might want to attack her as revenge for something. I know Joe popped up out of left field in series 1, but it was established to all of us that he knew Danny. He was in Danny's circle. It seems to me that Paul's story and Maggie's story are heading in the same direction. They're both going to have to leave Broadchurch for opportunities elsewhere because the people of Broadchurch just can't sustain them. Now, it could be that Paul is on the verge of drinking again, and what keeps him away from the bottle is to be busy with work. No work; nothing to keep him falling off the wagon, and he's scared. That's why he's moaning about no congregation and trying so hard to have someone to counsel. I do think Chibnall's plan in ending the series is to make Broadchurch, the town, unlivable for all the characters we've known since series 1. Ollie, Jocelyn and presumably Lucy and Becca have all left. Daisy doesn't want to stay. The series ends with the rest of them going for various reasons. It would be ironic if Hardy was the only one to stay. Great catch!
  15. http://www.radiotimes.com/tv-programme/e/fmq29x/broadchurch--series-3-episode-6 Everyone seems to have inched slowly forward with their lives after the murder of Danny Latimer. But not his dad. Mark is haunted and lost; he dreams of Danny and the man he could never become. Andrew Buchan is heartbreaking as Mark, restlessly looking for peace of mind, hatching schemes, needing revenge, but spinning aimlessly. His wife Beth (Jodie Whittaker) is moving on, channelling her energy into helping rape victims, particularly Trish Winterman (Julie Hesmondhalgh), who’s struggling to cope. “I feel like I’m sinking… I hate myself and I don’t want to be in my body,” she says in an anguished late-night phone call. There are dramatic developments in the investigation and disturbing evidence comes to light. But there’s a bit more focus on the lead detectives’ home lives and an interrupted dinner when a furious Ellie Miller sets to work with a hammer. Summary Ellie and Hardy bring a new suspect in for questioning and in a search of this suspect's premises, Ellie finds devastating new evidence linking him to the crime. Back at the station, he gives them his detailed version of events, but when they dig deeper they begin to doubt his story, while DC Katie Harford confronts Ellie and Hardy with an uncomfortable truth about her role in the investigation. The fact that Ian has taken a personal item of Trish's without her knowledge comes to light.
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