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S41.E02 Juggling Chainsaws LIVE CHAT

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Tiffany doesn't want her allies to blame just her, but she really is kind of the reason they lost.  

Honestly at a loss whose going.  I'd rather it be Tiffany, but she might actually shake things up being overly paranoid if she sticks around. 

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So Tiffany or one of the guys.  

And.....Voce :(  I liked him.  I

1 minute ago, PaperTree said:

You're not good Evvie, you're all doomed.

This is what happens when you are playing the game to prove a point rather than play the game for your own good.  She lost Xander's trust and has no idea when his idol might get activated or if Tiffany will stay loyal, if there will be a swap/merge anytime soon, or what.  She's way overplaying.

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Why vote out Voce and keep useless Tiffany? I didn't see that coming.

On the other hand, it kind of makes sense because now the women control the votes 100% in their tribe because Xander can't vote.

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