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S05.E13: Law of the Jungle

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Not a word about the jury selection or the mirror jury back at TAG this week.  Interesting.  Matter of fact, this week it was just Bull and Benny, with a short appearance by Chunk.

I think the judge was a little to caught up in the details of the case this week, judging from her facial expressions.  She was very slow to catch on to the ADA's outburst (again, just a warning) and the disruption of the women in the spectator gallery.  That could really come back on Benny if the trial had continued.

The FBI did not come off too well in this episode.

Bull sure set the hook in the ADA by basically whispering in her ear about publicity.  He sure is allowed to walk around the courthouse without being impeded, isn't he?  And, in real life I think, her decision to not proceed with prosecution would net her the wrong publicity.  Murder is murder, and a 'tough on crime' opponent in her next election would have a field day with her speech at the press conference.

Those women supporters would get a rude awakening in a real court when they're charged with conspiracy to commit murder, based on their statements.

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I was appalled by this episode.  The ADA was right...using Benny's logic, then everyone who commits a heinous crime is not guilty by reason of insanity.  Heck, stupid people and impetuous people will also certainly be not guilty by reason of insanity, for doing something that makes no sense (comparable to brazenly killing someone at a funeral).  And exactly which bad actions are suitable for retaliation, and which aren't?  I think someone who habitually drives drunk is heinous, especially someone who has already caused a death...can I kill them so they won't kill anyone else from drunk driving?  Certainly the white collar criminals who commit investment fraud and literally swindle from widows, are heinous, and have ruined sometimes hundreds of lives (like Bernie Madoff)...can I kill them?  Last I looked, this is exactly why we have a legal system that long ago replaced vigilante justice.

And I guess I am also to believe that all men are sh*t and all women are victims, because the ADA's little speech implied that every woman has been a victim of a guy like that.

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On 4/27/2021 at 11:24 AM, Dowel Jones said:

The FBI did not come off too well in this episode.

No they did not.  It was bad enough when it sounded like they were just being slow investigating her claim but when it was revealed that multiple women had complained, it was inexcusable.

I felt bad for the girl and her situation but it doesn't give her the right to murder the guy - no matter how much of an asshole he was.  

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On 4/27/2021 at 8:46 AM, HurricaneVal said:

The "I am Spartacus!" moment was pretty terrific though!


(Totally unrealistic, but awesome just the same.)

"Spartacus" hit me too, and I was wondering if they made that stuff up, or if they really had helped.

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On 4/27/2021 at 11:09 PM, LuvMyShows said:

I was appalled by this episode.  The ADA was right...

YES. The problem I had with this episode is that I agreed with the ADA about everything - that is until the end, when she dropped the case against a murderer whose guilt was in no doubt whatsoever. (Really, no one her office would have overruled her on this?)

Plus, no concern from Bull-the-psychologist regarding what the defendant would do once she was released from jail. I was expecting a denouement that revealed she had killed herself as soon as she left prison, but nope, the ADA just gave a speech.

This was a weird and disturbing episode.

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I decided to try this show again tonight( it’s a rerun ),but was pretty quickly annoyed again as the judge instructs the jury that one option for them is to find the defendant “innocent.”    🤨 No........innocent is not a verdict option.   Do they do stuff like that for fun or are they just that clueless?

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