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  1. SOMEBODY ELSE leaves between S2 and 3, don't remember anyone talking about it in S3E1?
  2. I found it on tubi- it has commercials too 😤
  3. The re-parenting was a lot more about Brooke than Eladio.
  4. We'd better enjoy all the Amsterdam we can! https://www.nytimes.com/2021/06/05/world/europe/amsterdam-crumbling-infrastructure-canals.html
  5. She seems to be taking Natalie's & April's place-
  6. Maybe: Ella doesn't find out anything while alive, but goes to heaven when it's time and sees her friends.. (LIGHTBULB!) Lucifer decides being God isn't for him, and if Hell doesn't need a warden... MAZE becomes God? I like rainsmom's take on Chloe being born so TRIXIE can be born. It's like the episode of Quantum Leap when Sam is sent to Nov. 22 to save JACKIE, not JFK. I loved the new S5 episodes. Here's IMDB's list of S6: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt4052886/episodes?season=6
  7. I'm wondering if the mom is over 65, would Natalie be charged with elder abuse? AS WELL as manslaughter, negligence..?
  8. I liked it! Looking forward to S7-
  9. NO EXCUSE! lol
  10. I thought that was weird about someone else getting your kid in your own house, too! And kissing the ex?!! Oh, THAT'S what friends are for 🎵 I also didn't trust Brooks, I'm glad he turned out to be a good guy.
  11. Everyone jumped into the ocean, Bryan always did a cool dive.
  12. "Spartacus" hit me too, and I was wondering if they made that stuff up, or if they really had helped.
  13. I've been only tolerating the series, but I REALLY liked this episode! Fun to see Brian & Finola talking, as well as all the other agents.
  14. She just needs moisturizer.
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