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  1. Back when I was working with people I liked, it would've been great to vacation together! Then you get the fun of hanging out without having to do all that pesky work stuff. Hey! It's that guy who was just on the latest season of Unforgotten! One of the dirty cops! No longer the killer, but the one killed. 😄
  2. momo

    S01.E01: Pilot

    Exactly what I yelled. Also, I don't think I've ever been in an LA traffic jam where people kept honking their horns.
  3. I think someone is way too skinny, and if she looks like that on camera... ok, ok, maybe there's something medical going on.
  4. I thought that maybe they killed her and texted Claire from Tina's phone.
  5. She was so much better in S6, wasn't she!
  6. Why was Chloe special again? So she could inspire Lucifer to help the unjustly kept souls in Hell?
  7. I really liked it! I was braced for "bittersweet," but I found it less bitter than sweet. The epilogue was so satisfying. Now, I'll read what everyone else thought and maybe edit...
  8. momo

    Season 3

    As soon as Paige's friend came out with drinks, I knew. I forget, did Mel have a stillbirth w/her husband?? Brie- SHE WAS 6 MONTHS PREGNANT AND DIDN'T KNOW?!! I thought people carrying more than one baby got huge pretty quickly.
  9. Allison could ok anyone looking at her own records- and wouldn't she WANT them to find something? I was thinking they wouldn't bring the widow in for questioning right after the killing? And I liked Kevin being protective, too, after hating him the whole season!
  10. My husband and I are psychotherapists in the LA area and we're HORRIFIED by her lack of boundaries! But love her clothes 😀
  11. SOMEBODY ELSE leaves between S2 and 3, don't remember anyone talking about it in S3E1?
  12. I found it on tubi- it has commercials too 😤
  13. The re-parenting was a lot more about Brooke than Eladio.
  14. We'd better enjoy all the Amsterdam we can! https://www.nytimes.com/2021/06/05/world/europe/amsterdam-crumbling-infrastructure-canals.html
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