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S02.E06: Dysfunction

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Airing on February 9, 2021:


After a robbery gone wrong ends with a murder and kidnapping, the team races to rescue a mother and daughter whose abductors are not what they seem. Also, Crosby enters a new living arrangement.

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"Dysfunction" is the appropriate title for this episode.

Wasn't there an episode a few weeks back when Hana said all her roommates moved out? 

A little inconsiderate for her to not tell Zadie that Crosby is staying there for a while. No wonder the other roommates got away from her.

A leak and Crosby can't stay in his apartment?

Nice to see the show took a break from Jess' family drama for "Three's Company" this week.

I would like to have seen how that conversation went between Peter and Sam in the waiting room to form that beautiful partnership.

These fools drove 492 miles through 5 states and decided to take off/toss the ankle bracket 5 miles from the victim's home. SMH! That bracelet came off way too easy. Sure the cops wouldn't notice and connect you to the murders.

Sam was so dumb! He thought he would be stealing cash and later was talked in to thinking he would receive a big wire transfer! Then she kept telling him the wire is "pending". At least, he died after a brief moment of smartness realizing the FBI would be monitoring the bank account.

Episode took a big turn with Amelia being the true mastermind. What exactly was her plan? Seems she could have had David get the passports, dig up the money, she could have cleaned out the bank account, and could have skipped town without involving Peter, Sam and not kill her husband/stepson.

Amelia is an evil skank! She isn't that hot either. I can see Peter in prison (haven't seen a woman in a while) falling for her but David (nice haircut/dressed neatly) looked liked he had options. I guess he knocked his head/some screws loose too when he broke both his shoulders and lost his football career.

Of course, the source of all this traces back to the alcoholic father.

Gracie didn't seemed too traumatized from the murders and Sam's behavior. Maybe she will be on the Most wanted list in a few years.

Hana gets shot, Jess tends to her, Crosby chases Amelia, Barnes is in the house playing house with Gracie......David and Peter should have ran. Wouldn't have gotten far but at least try to escape wearing handcuffs.

Now we are down to Jess, Crosby and Barnes in field?

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This episode was really good - I liked the twist that Amelia was the true mastermind of it all, I didn’t see that coming, she was pure evil. This case was really good from start to finish, I thought Sam and Peter were the masterminds and I never saw it coming that Amelia was playing them all. 

I felt very sorry for the little girl, who now has no one and would have to go into foster care after being extremely traumatized by the events of what happened. 

It was nice to have a crime that didn’t involve domestic extremists/terrorists, they’ve overdone those plots and this was a refreshing change of pace. 

It was also nice that there was no LaCroix family drama, I hope we’ve seen the end of the stuff between Jess and his father. 

When will Clinton be back? The team feels shorthanded without him and I wonder why the actor is away? 

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Curious if the show is rotating characters because of the pandemic.   Suddenly now  Hana is “injured” bad enough that she is going to be gone for a few episodes.  And we still have the looming storyline of Barnes’s girlfriend/wife wanting to have another kid so that is an excuse for a leave of absence.    And Clinton still hasn’t returned.   

Anyway this was the most interesting the show has been all season.   I really like it when the bad guy is a bad girl and the twist this time was fascinating.  A woman taking advantage of the men in her life.  It is right out of the female psychopath handbook.    Didn’t she even kill her own son because he didn’t matter to her?   Men meant nothing to her. 

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7 hours ago, illdoc said:

I think I heard him referred to as her stepson.

That she adopted.   I hate it when they trivialize or minimize adoptees as if they are second class.   
I guess she thought she’d have to have  her husband killed so he wouldn’t pursue her and the daughter if she left, but it wasn’t necessary to kill him or the son.  Maybe that was truly not part of her plan and Sam did that on his own?  

um, Crosby, you should go stay at a hotel and ask your landlord to reimburse you.  Why should Hana’s roommate be expected to let a strange guy stay there? 

Where is Clinton? 

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11 minutes ago, mythoughtis said:

um, Crosby, you should go stay at a hotel and ask your landlord to reimburse you.  Why should Hana’s roommate be expected to let a strange guy stay there? 

When Hana's away, Crosby will play.

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21 hours ago, LisaM said:

Hana mentioned that she is going home to her parents. I seem to recall a prior episode where she remarked having issues with her parents? 

She’s adopted.  She loves them, but felt ‘different’ than them and wanted to meet her biological parents.  Things like her love of computers and they preferred sports or something for example.  No real issues other than that.  

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