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S01.E08: Arrivals and Departures

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Flight crew don’t get their passports stamped. If they did, they’d need a new one every month. They have their own special line they go through at customs. No stamp. Unless they want one.

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2 hours ago, Athena5217 said:

There are two good reasons: 1) she has dual citizenship or 2) she has two because she would have difficulty in certain countries with stamps for other countries. I think 2) is most likely. For example, if you fly to Saudi Arabia and have a recent stamp from Israel, you isn’t be denied entry. See https://traveltips.usatoday.com/new-passport-traveling-israel-102567.html

That sounds right, but why would the director and camera person and editors make a point of showing 2 passports? I mean, it’s not like there was some Middle East connection to the story. 

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I don’t care about how logical it would be but I want season 2 to include Miranda and Shane capering together.

My tv would explode with charisma.

Cassie can come too.

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They made the hitman BRITISH? Come on. Oh, the other guy is British, too. Gaslighting SOB.  I've just realized that Buckley "what a stupid name" was in The Purge. That's where I'd seen him before, 




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13 hours ago, Anela said:

They made the hitman BRITISH?


In the book he (as well as Miranda/Elena) was Russian, and grew up in an orphanage. Russian orphanages are horrible places where a lot of children are victims of abuse, so harming animals somewhat made sense in that context. But making him British and keeping the cat story just makes him a deranged psycho.


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