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  1. The Carnival hat was a balance issue. The Snake hat was a build issue. The right team went home.
  2. Well, now I understand why they dropped the age limit: They wanted to get that phenom kid Vance Walker in the competition. The teenagers are all doing great but I’m still not thrilled with the age being so young. It is interesting that Walker finished with a run of over 3 minutes but RJ Roman finished in 1:39. So there’s still a lot of room for improvement for the youngsters, even though they’re hailed as wunderkinds. Experience still matters. I wonder how long they’ll last. I don’t like the Towers of Power; never have. But I do feel sorry for that guy. Probably is time for him to hang up
  3. I think it’s classic competition reality show casting: A few probable ringers (golf pros, etc), a middle contingent of decent mini golf enthusiasts, and a number of “characters” thrown in there for yucks.
  4. I liked this challenge but I totally agree that the strongest ones were the least pleasing aesthetically. But I guess if strength was at the top of the brief, you had to go by that metric first. Shallow note: Amy looked ah-maz-ing this week. So much better than the yellow top of last week. I know this is all about bricks, but more of that, show.
  5. TimothyQ

    Mewling Quotes

    Mobius: Why do all the people you can’t trust always say, “Trust me”? Loki: I miss Randy.
  6. TimothyQ

    U.K. TV

    W1A was HYSTERICAL! I binged the whole thing in one day. To me, Jessica Hynes can do no wrong from back in the Spaced days and Hugh Bonneville was a treat. Wish I could find Twenty Twelve (the prequel of sorts) on steaming somewhere….
  7. And she just needs to own her height. She's always popping one leg out and semi-crouching down. But anyway, the show... The right team went home. You could tell they were just on such a lower level than everyone else. Not even really sure how they got on except for the sob story about their niece last week.
  8. I always crack up when they show someone sprinting across the room. I’m like, dude, it’s maybe 30 feet and you have 14 hours, chill out lol. I’m sure the producers have them do that, though.
  9. Let’s hope Diving Range is not one held over from the previous season.
  10. Good bottle episode this week! A lot of interpersonal conflict and setting up future storylines: Rachel and Dana, with Dana's possible move for school; Jo and Brad's circling for power and breakup; Ian's devastating cut-down of Poppy at the end. 4 episodes left in the season and I'm really looking forward to where this show is going! Edit to add: the writer, Katie McElhenney (a relative of Rob?) also wrote the great episode, A Dark Quiet Death, as well as some great later episodes of It's Always Sunny.
  11. 2 episodes in and a strong start to the second season, I think. I love all the characters but Carol steals every scene she’s in for me. Just the epitome of a tired, overworked HR rep who has to deal with people who have no idea what an HR rep does. She’s hilarious.
  12. Doing a rewatch of this. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen it; haven’t even seen season 5 and have been out of the loop on season 4. Holy God, what a shitshow this “remix” is! I remember watching S4 in original format and thinking “yeah it’s ok/ not as great as S1-3, but there’s still some very good bits in there.” But I think the remix, for all its attempts at clearing up the storyline, killed those wonderful moments of discovery, when you see a concurrent moment in a later episode and suddenly the previous take on it becomes totally fleshed out for you. Loved those times. This remix, wit
  13. I think they stuck the landing as best they could with six episodes. The length seemed to be in a weird spot: with a 2 hour movie, they would’ve tightened up the plot a lot. With a 8 or 9 episode series, it could’ve been fleshed out more appropriately. Six ended up being in a weird no-man’s land of being too long and too short. But I think they did well with the constraints they had.
  14. Just found this show and I think it’s wonderful! The cast has great chemistry. Plus I’ve seen a few shows try to do a special quarantine episode but I’m not sure any have done it as well as MQ. That scene with Poppy breaking down after Ian goes to her apartment was so real. Really looking forward to S2
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