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  1. I was watching an earlier season (the one when John won) and it reminded me how often Mary would push back on Paul’s opinion of something - of course in that kind Mary Berry way. You never get that with Pru, though. It’s definitely Paul’s show now.
  2. I think I was watching a different episode from everyone else because I’m not sure I laughed even once. Part of what is bothering me about this season is the very inconsistent way they’re dealing with Covid, especially with regards to mask wearing. I get that they’re trying to thread a needle with showing them wearing masks and yet needing the actors to be able to emote fully, but it’s really taking me out of the story. And maybe I’m just not ready to laugh about the whole situation yet, which I know is on me. But I almost wish they just admitted to being in an alternate timeline where Covid didn’t happen and go about their normal hijinks.
  3. Yes! Genius! She would be a great presenter. I think she would be a better compliment to Noel (who I like) than Matt (who I did like but has gotten on my nerves that last couple episodes).
  4. My feeling is Lottie was being sarcastic. Like her saying, “I didn’t think I’d make it past week two, so I only brought 2 changes of clothes.” Obviously with practice days in between shoots, she needed more clothes than that. And production would’ve gotten her something if she really was low. That said, I’m very sorry she’s gone. Really thought Dave should’ve been the one.
  5. Anyone looking to get their adventure racing fix in after the cancellation of Eco-Challenge: there is another series, also on Amazon Prime, called Wild Racers. Not as polished as Eco, but I like that they tend to highlight local racing teams in each country.
  6. I’m really bummed about this being canceled too. I can’t even imagine how expensive it was to film, but I think it could’ve found some audience with better press. I only stumbled upon it.
  7. This season is low energy. Hope it gets back to normal when Covid times are over.
  8. Just discovered the wonderful Gavin & Stacey this week on Amazon Prime and binged all the three series, plus purchased the 2019 Christmas special. Wow, every character on the show is just delightful. Really wish they had made another series or two.
  9. I wonder if the reason some of the popular ninjas are getting WWWA treatments is because of editing around Drew. Could he have been on the sidelines for some of them and they just couldn’t show most of the run? Also, put me on the Kid Owhadi hate train. He’s just too smug. Gil is getting on my nerves as well for that same reason.
  10. I really like Matt. I think he brings a nice vibe to the show and works off Noel well. He can cut the 7-year-old palate schtick, though. That gets annoying and a little goes a long way.
  11. I don’t get the RJ situation. I mean, people are competitors. He just came off an awesome win and was hyped up. Does his first responsibility have to be automatically congratulating his opponent? The ones we’ve seen hug in the previous episode seemed to be friends. Maybe that not the situation with RJ and Sean. I didn’t take that as being dickish at all.
  12. Interesting post-race interviews with most (all?) of the US teams, including ones they didn’t even give airtime to: http://www.usara.com/eco-challenge-coverage.html Also has link to final leaderboard.
  13. Holy waterworks at the end of episode 8. Watching Macy and his old team, Stray Dogs, reunite was very touching. Overall, I really enjoyed the series and I was so impressed with everyone’s efforts, especially the back-of-packers. But watching the injuries was brutal. If I never see another person with trench foot or an infected leg again, it’ll be too soon.
  14. And also, for anyone questioning timing: this is not the woman suing Drew, trying to get money out of him. This is a federal criminal proceeding, independent of any prize money he was awarded. Speculating, but probably when he won and seeing adulation put upon him, it brought back the nature of what truly happened to that girl. Very sad and, if convicted, he’ll go away for a long time.
  15. My least favorite episode of an otherwise really good season. It doesn’t help that Mack and Deke are two of my least favorite characters. Add in cheap explosion FX and one of the worst fake beards I’ve ever seen and this episode was worlds of meh for me.
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