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  1. And also, for anyone questioning timing: this is not the woman suing Drew, trying to get money out of him. This is a federal criminal proceeding, independent of any prize money he was awarded. Speculating, but probably when he won and seeing adulation put upon him, it brought back the nature of what truly happened to that girl. Very sad and, if convicted, he’ll go away for a long time.
  2. My least favorite episode of an otherwise really good season. It doesn’t help that Mack and Deke are two of my least favorite characters. Add in cheap explosion FX and one of the worst fake beards I’ve ever seen and this episode was worlds of meh for me.
  3. I took it as, Quake had no idea what to say so she’s like “insert baseball reference here” meta-joke.
  4. TimothyQ


    Non-spoilery question for people watching Season 2: is it a continuation of season 1 or basically a new storyline? Does it behoove me to go back and rewatch season 1 before I dive in to season 2?
  5. TimothyQ

    S01.E08: Episode 8

    So I really liked this show. Not because it was great, because it wasn’t. But conceptually, it swings for the fences and I admire that in a show, kind of like The OA did. The dialogue was stodgy and the pace is glacially slow (probably a deliberate decision, reflecting the way tram lines just keep a train moving forward). But I thought the performances were decent and again, the theme and material were very interesting. When I’m still thinking about a show a few days after I’ve completed it, I consider it successful.
  6. And let’s be honest here: this was Tyler’s win. He kept on saying it himself: “I’ve been preparing for this moment my whole life.” Not we’ve; I’ve. This was his deal. I don’t doubt the Amy helped out a lot, but did she ever even say she liked building Lego? I always felt the other teams were partners in the build. She was just kinda there, helping her husband out. YMMV
  7. Really great episode, as everyone said. One thing that did bother me a pinch was when they seemed to put down that Dillman worked at the Yarn Barn. As progressive as this show usually is, I’m a little surprised there wasn’t a line about the dignity of at least having a job, especially for a person down on their luck like Dillman seemed to be. Again, not a huge deal and it wasn’t super offensive or anything (and maybe I’m reading a little much into it as I sit at home filing for unemployment due to a COVID-19 shutdown), but just a bit surprising.
  8. I think there’s also the fact that Michael recognized something of Eleanor in that interaction. I saw it also as: we see parts of those we have loved in the actions of others and that helps keep them alive for us.
  9. You’re right. I went back and looked and, in fact, during Drew’s stage 3 run, you can see dawn just breaking on the horizon. So they must’ve run so long in the filming at night that the sun came up for the rope climb.
  10. Yeah, I thought that was weird too. It’s nighttime, then they cut to rope climb and it’s daylight out. So sudden and noticeable yet they didn’t even comment on it. Felt like the old days of Ninja Warrior back on the G4 channel.
  11. Can Prue actually cook or bake though? Hasn’t she been more on the restauranteur/business side of things as opposed to Paul who came up in the kitchen? Serious question because I don’t really know. edit: educated myself. Apparently she’s had a Michelin star restaurant so I’d say she can.
  12. I heard 'homemade' as well but totally took that she meant it as a sting and Alice's face confirmed that she certainly took it that way. All these bakers aspire to being better than "home bakers" even though that's what they are. Like how the judges always stress "perfection" in their bakes... and what home baker is going to do the showstopper they did this week? Definitely was an insult.
  13. I agree that the entire season’s obstacles were probably determined before the season started but I wouldn’t doubt one bit that they purposefully made the finals runs a bit easier. They’ve been itching for a winner for a few years now in order to hype the show. In the eyes of the PTB, they needed a winner this year.
  14. Yes and it also usually has some version of body prop, which is one of obstacles I'm always amazed by. How they wedge themselves between those two plexiglass walls and move across and then up is astounding to me. Looking forward to next week.
  15. Way too many finishers on Stage 2. Way too many WWWA’s. Way too many backstories. Hate the “Somebody wins a million dollars” spoilers
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