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S05.E19: Deck the Halls with Drama

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On 12/12/2020 at 2:22 AM, qtpye said:

The fight has made me realize that even though Monique might have issues making (and keeping) friends in real life...she is by far the most popular and liked housewife on Potomac.

I actually think if Monique came back next season, her popularity might actually go down. I think this will be because they might start giving her an unflattering crazy lady edit.

My advice to Monique is to run away from this mess. She really has a blessed life and does not need this show like the other ladies in the cast.

It’s not so much that people love Monique, it’s that they hate Candiance. Monique is serving as their stand-in to taking Candiance down. Before this season,  I found Monique mostly boring and harmless. This season revealed that she’s actually manipulative and nasty. 

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Another example of Monique's teenaged mind: Monique comparing herself to Regina George.

Monique's silly mind doesn't comprehend that yes, she is like Regina George, but not in the way she thinks.  She thinks Regina George=Queen Bee, and I'm a Queen Bee too!

In actuality, Regina George was a bully who didn't like other girls.  She thought everyone was supposed to be impressed by her because she was "Regina George." She had all the material things but not a friend in the world.  As soon as Cady took over as Queen Bee, Gretchen & Karen quickly switched their alliance to Cady because they weren't truly friends with Regina (as Karen & Ashley will switch on Monique as soon as it benefits them).

If anything, Monique is the girl who started wearing flip flops & cut holes in her shirt because she saw Regina wearing flip flops and holes in her shirt.

Monique, a 37 year old mom, comparing herself to a fictional high school bully is all you really need to know about her.



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I grew up on the streets of The Bronx in the 80's so this is my take:

I wish Monique would have just left it at "I dragged her ass cause she needed it dragged and she sent me an engraved invitation so I RSVP'd."  

It was indeed a mutually agreed upon fight and it turns out that, Nope, Candace ain't about that life, over reached and paid the price.

Two women, up in each others faces, in each others personal space, acting aggressive, popping off at the mouth, hands crossing boundaries??? and only one is considered at fault??? GTFOH with that nonsense. Just because one started the thumping while the other didn't realize what they gotten themselves into doesn't mean it's a one sided attack.   Don't start none won't be none.   Plain and simple. 

And it seems the courts agree. LOL!

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I managed to watch (and often fast forward) my way through this season and finally the finale paid off. Watching baldheaded Michael Darby throw "you baldheaded [bleep]!" at Chris Basset as an insult had me rolling. Ashley must've covered up the mirrors in their condo. Michael all the way showed his ass and the camera and sound folks were right on it. Telling newly engaged Juan that they would go to Vegas for the bachelor party: "Just us two. No cameras." That was only bested by Ashley asking him if he would tell her what he was insinuating about Juan if she "grew a dick". ! And then there was Michael in the role played by Kate Winslett in "The Holiday". Remember when she learns at the office Christmas party that her lover is engaged to a co-worker? Everyone is cheering for the couple and she's holding back tears. Yeah, that was Michael Darby lurking in the background watching Juan propose to Robyn. I'm lovin' it. 

For all that he was drunk Michael managed to i.d. Chris as "the guy with an unsuccessful restaurant with no customers" and "from a lowlife, redneck family". Whew-eee! He had those tags at the ready. Lemme see about Michael Darby "successful businessman": guy whose emu restaurant closed before the pandemic vs guy whose restaurant is still in business despite the Covid closures; guy whose bald head, red nose, and skin condition put the "ug" in ugly vs guy who is 20-25 years younger and passably attractive; guy who has no discernible charm or skills screeching that he's calling his lawyer vs guy who is pleasant and even-tempered with a talent (cooking) that has been showcased on TV several times. Ding, ding, ding! The winner of this cage match is Chris Basset!

If I were Ashley I'd be even more mortified over this episode than the photos of Michael in his undies in some woman's(?) hotel room. He thought Juan was his "special friend" on the DL and Juan kept that proposal reveal all to himself (Michael: "You really kept that in.") and humiliated Michael for all his "nah, it's not gonna happen, I know" talk. So yeah, Ashley has her pretty photos and another baby on the way. Girl better secure the post-nup, the will, and the Bravo contract. Did she even get to keep the Porsche or did Michael sell it when he tossed her on the street that time? I predict Ashley with two kids under 3 and a husband sneaking out every night will not have an interesting story line next season so she'll be stirring up trouble with everyone else. If she's not careful it's all gonna spring back on her and her creep of a husband will continue to humiliate her by exposing himself (maybe literally). Production crew will have their revenge -- and I'll enjoy it!

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