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  1. Curtis was a pro basketball player. He has his own money.
  2. It was a remix of the Michael & Ashley Darby "Everything's Better Than Ever" World Tour. She said they were in counseling now and the therapist was helping Scott to see the things he's doing and saying is not good for the relationship. She's wearing her wedding band but not her engagement ring. I think Scott & Contessa faked the relationship problems (at Contessa's behest) to stay on M2M but now they're actually having problems for real and neither one know how to get themselves out of the mess they created. Scott is doing something shady and Contessa isn't satisfied jus
  3. Toya's problem is she will never be satisfied with what she has, she will always want more. Anila has a 14,000 sq.ft. house, so Toya will want a 20,000 sq. ft. house. Then somebody will build a 25,000 sq.ft. house, so Toya will want a 30,000 sq.ft. house, etc. Scott hasn't been happy with Contessa for a while. He needs to do better image management, though. #kevinjohnson LOL @ Anila charging the drinks to Lisa Nicole. From one good scammer to another. SMH @ Contessa and Scotts pulling a Michael & Ashley Darby. Sad.
  4. The Brian storyline is actually mostly irrelevant to the issue: Monica was selling a "I'm a Good Indian Girl" narrative not just to the viewers but apparently to those in her community. Anisha saying Monica was in Brian's room was damaging to that narrative. That's why Monica blew up at Anisha. Anisha was tired of the narrative because she feels she is being compared to Good Girl Monica by her mother (and possibly others) but Anisha and Bali knew that's not the true story. In addition, apparently Brian's mom was side eyeing Monica 1,too. I'm not saying that women spending
  5. Shaan was part of last season; it's Dillon that's new (and messy). I certainly hope Anisha didn't get a nose job because her nose is long and thin to begin with (and was thin last season too). Dillon is messy, moldy and mildewy. Next. If Vishal started imitating Dillon and his flaming ways, nobody would think it was light shade. All of them would be blasting Vishal. I can see why Anisha & Bali think/thought Monica 1 was fake. She spent all last season cultivating this good girl image "OMG don't be telling people I was in the room with Brian because of my reputation" b
  6. Liam and Hope sound stupid AF: "My dad made me do it." "Bill made him do it." "I didn't have a choice." How old are these people? That's Liam's problem: He's a passive patty and lets things happen to him, instead of making things happen. NONE of this would be happening if he had run up in Thomas' apartment and confronted Thomas and Hopequin, instead of peeping at them, running away to Steffy's and feeling sorry for himself. Liam had WEEKS to go to the police and turn himself in but he was too busy trying to get back up in Hope's ass. Bill AND Liam are both in ja
  7. I think I'm seeing more of the issue between Contessa & Scott: she tells him what to do and he doesn't like it, so he will refuse to do it. I'm trying to understand how Heavenly was fat shaming when Lisa Nicole was the one laughing about the horse buckling underneath Heavenly's weight. Heavenly just returned the energy she got from Lisa Nicole. Both Lisa Nicole and Simone are very passive aggressive and childish and at their big ages it needs to stop. Just put the matter on the platter or be quiet. LOL @ next week's preview with Lisa Nicole's face on the news talking about
  8. What's wrong with Toya is she will never be satisfied. She's trying to keep up with the athlete wives in her new neighborhood but she doesn't have athlete wife income. She's harassing her poor husband into working more and more to give her more and more but it will never be enough. The man is stressed, tired and overweight from working himself to the bone to give her more and more but it will never be enough. They can't afford to upkeep the house they have along with other expenses so they are trying to unload it. If they were smart they would downgrade into a smaller house but dumb Toya
  9. Your point was that Sheryl defended George Lopez' racist statements so Sheryl needs to be fired too but Sharon Osborne defending Piers Morgan's racist statements on Meghan Markle is not why she had to go. Sharon Osborne had to go because she was horrible/racist to her cohosts going back 10 years AND was conducting a media campaign against Sheryl, Gayle King (!?), CBS and others. Had Sharon just sat down, been quiet and ate her food, she probably would've gotten the "anger management" treatment too. Notice Sharon ain't said nothing about the complaint Elaine Welteroth filed against h
  10. If Sharon was truly Sheryl's friend, she would've apologized to her on air instead of with a mealy mouthed text. Sharon upbraided Sheryl on air, the apology should've been on air too. Sharon wasn't disposed of for defending Piers Morgan's racist comments on Meghan Markle, she was sent packing because she acted horribly towards her co-hosts on air, one of them filed a complaint on her and cohosts from the past came forth with their own stories on Sharon PLUS Sharon went on a media campaign claiming Gayle King was trying to fire her on behalf of Meghan. If Sharon had just apologized to
  11. Monique has 28.000 subscribers but nobody cares about her videos unless she's on a panel discussion with other YouTubers (with their own built-in fanbases) or if she's talking about her former castmates and their men. That's why she's doing the Binder Time series and that's why she will be providing negative commentary on RHOP's upcoming season because nobody cares what she has to say otherwise. She better snatch Chris' debit card and get to buying some bots.
  12. Contessa had no intention of respecting Anila tonight, from her freakum dress attire to the way she tossed the napkin on her. I have a problem (not with Anila herself) with the show focusing on Anila's Indian culture but they really wouldn't show Mariah & Aydin's. Toya needs to put the bottle down. Obviously Toya & Eugene had to beg, borrow and steal to get their house because now they're selling it.
  13. I think the Jackie/Simone friendship is done, and it's not done just because Simone is throwing a childish fit, Heavenly is Jackie's new BFF or any of that. I think Jackie started cooling to Simone because of Buffy. Jackie dismissed Buffy and her tears and expected Simone to also dismiss Buffy like Heavenly did. Instead, Simone told Jackie how she treated/was treating Buffy was wrong. Jackie didn't like that and started to cool to Simone. Jackie will never come after you and confront you; her mode of showing displeasure with you is to dismiss and ignore you. So because Simone f
  14. Mariah is out because she filed the lawsuit on BRAVO, POP, NBC etc. They replaced her with an Indian woman.
  15. What actually happened with the "drag me" scene at Katie's farm was Candiace and Karen were having a private conversation by themselves by the fence and Candiace was expressing to Karen her confusion why Monique was going so hard for Ashley. Monique walked over to them, got in their conversation and started insulting Candiace calling her a little girl etc. Candiace told Monique to go over by Ashley, they went back and forth and that's when Monique threatened to drag Candiace, pregnant and all. The "I will drag you" scene wouldn't have happened if Monique hadn't jumped in Karen & Can
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