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  1. And nobody will come for Karen or declare she is so terrible for bodyshaming (and she was bodyshaming with the oink oink pig snort as if she doesn't have a diaper booty herself). Ashley should shut her mouth and and sit in the corner when it comes to judging or talking about anyone else's husband's conduct. No other husband has pulled his pants down to jump off the boat, run around grabbing cast members' boyfriends butts, going around saying they want to suck castmembers' boyfriend's private parts, grabbing crewmembers' butts, tried to physically intimidate the cast, is cons
  2. Let's review the storylines of this show: Season 1 storylines: Robyn lost her house Karen & Charrisse vs. Gizelle Ashley vs. Robyn Charrisse hiding her failed marriage Katie begging Andrew to marry her Katie vs. GEB because they looked whiter than her Robyn & Juan: will they or won't they Michael grabbing Andrew & the cameraman's butt Season 2 (exit Katie, enter Monique) Ashley vs. Charrisse Charissse vs. Gizelle Gizelle vs. Monique Robyn vs. Ashley re: Juan Ashley vs. Michael re: the restaurant
  3. They don't. They hide behind "Candiace is a shitty person". So while you're paying attention to Candiace over here, you're not paying attention to how RAG has no interesting storylines over there. Candiace has a storyline without RAG. RAG don't have a storyline without Candiace. Candiace, Mia and Karen actually had storylines that were independent of the other cast members. RAG + Wendy did not. Upon thought, Wendy's only real relevance this season is coming for GEB. I think if the Yo Momma joke had come from Ashley or Gizelle, there would not be this uproar. That's
  4. What was Juan's transgression against Robyn? Because at this point, the rumors on Juan are equivalent to the rumors on Eddie, "we heard but we have no proof." Ray has always caught the bullets for Karen; yet where are the calls to beat Ashley's ass for saying he had a dried up old penis? What is this rule and is it just applied to some? Because Sherman took a hit and had his transgressions against Kyndall brought to the show by Monique and Charrisse to shade Gizelle and what Sherman did happened way before he met Gizelle and had nothing to do with Gizelle. Where is this ru
  5. If Candiace is gone, RAG is going to have to work instead of hiding behind "Candiace is a shitty person." They've been able to coast behind "Candiace is a shitty person" since Season 4. Karen will be fine because she's silly and her storylines are independent of RAG and Candiace. Candiace and Wendy have actually been driving the storylines this season and for the past several episodes in particular. Outside of the "Reasonably Shady" episode and the Williamsburg episodes, you could edit RAG out of the episodes and the story. And half of the "Reasonably Shady" episode was Mia vs. C
  6. We saw from season 5 that no, actually Candiace CAN'T do that because whenever she does do that, she gets her ass beat anyway. Even when she keeps her mouth shut and mind her business, people come for her anyway. I was watching a YouTube review of this show and the YouTube said the real reason Robyn & Gizelle hustled on down to the Eastern Shore was because they realized the show was going on without them with the Candiace vs. Mia drama and if the show could air and have great ratings without Robyn & Gizelle being on the episode then Robyn & Gizelle are not needed on the cast
  7. So you would agree Monique beating Candiace's ass for twirling and saying GOODNIGHT was disproportionate, correct? The problem is only CANDIACE is held accountable for her actions. Everyone else's actions get a "Yes, but." Ashley was wrong at the table, BUT Gizelle told Wendy she wasn't coming, BUT Mia had her hands in Candiace's face, BUT And that's fine. Just keep that same energy when somebody says something slick about Candiace's mother. So is continuing to go inside of the house of the person slamming the knife on the table. If somebody is slammin
  8. No, it wouldn't and it shouldn't. Wendy would've had the same reaction either way and she would have every right to have a negative reaction: Let's say I'm allergic to meat. I have a problem with you and I text you and everybody in our friend group that I'm not coming to your party because I don't like your attitude. You say, ok whatever and plan your menu and the main course is meat. I show up to your dinner party and see the main course is meat. Should I then be able to ask you to fix me a plate of fish when a) I wasn't expected to come and b) there's no fish in the house becau
  9. If someone is acting a fool, you have two choices. You can go oops upside their head or you can choose to walk away. The problem is people are trying to control others by going ooops upside their head instead of trying to control themselves. You can't control anyone else. Beating up Candiace so she stops using her mouth will never work unless the goal is to permanently shut her up by killing her. That's what Monique expressed at the barn. Ironically Candiace sensed that bad energy radiating from Monique and kept walking away from her until the scene at the barn. Keep that sam
  10. But who started the conflict? Candiace didn't storm down to Mia and say "Bitch yo momma is low budget." Candiace initially asked her why she was asking Dorothy about if Chris was getting paid. Mia, knowing she was wrong and wanting to deflect from that, responded with "Well your video was low budget." So who attacked who first? Who was hurtful and malicious first? Let's start there. Askale was the only person to ask Mia if she could see how calling Candiace's video "low budget" would be hurtful to Candiace. Not even Candiace's "friend" Wendy asked Mia those questions and Wendy is the
  11. See, I don't even know what this means because Askale and Candiace were actually talking calmly to Mia. Candiace doesn't "gang up" on anyone; Candiace is usually the one being ganged up on. Unless Wendy feels that Candiace "ganged up on" Karen, in which case she was a willing participant. A Housewives show...where the main objective is to READ somebody...is not a comedy or a roast. If they aren't to talk about people's mothers, they need not ever bring up Dorothy again, either. By the kids who weren't swift enough with a comeback Which is a lesson all of them ne
  12. If you're an adult and going around smacking up people for talking slick to you and you have nothing to lose, you probably have a record and you'll probably be separated from society again real soon because the people who do have something to lose will be making sure you lose your freedom. "Talking slick" would require interaction and in real life, hoodboogers with nothing to lose would not be interacting with the Candiace/Robyn/Gizelle/Karen/Katie/Charrisse type of people; there would be no reason for the two types' paths to cross. And when you see those videos of people jumping
  13. The only time I ever saw anyone get hit for making a "yo momma" joke was when one person was not bright enough, quick enough or sharp enough to come back with an equal retort so they had to resort to using their fists. Most of the time "yo momma" ended up being a roast battle and may the best person win. If you're an adult past 30 years old and you are triggered by a yo momma joke to the point where you want to physically fight somebody, the problem ain't the joke.
  14. Chris did help fuel the BS that started at the restaurant, then blamed Candiace for reacting to the chaos he fueled. Chris definitely needs to be on code; present a united front in public, then tell her to chill when you get in private. We often take our cues about how to treat a person and what level of respect to give to them by watching what their support system or supposed support system does for them. When Mia threw the lettuce and Candiace was calling G a pimp and for him to come get his bitch, G stayed on code with Mia. He didn't address Candiace (because then that might've
  15. That's why Gizelle told her "we pinch you and you come back with a sledgehammer." Yes, she does need to stop. But I also see another pattern with her and I think she needs counseling to recognize the pattern and shut it down: People close to her start chaos (or feed into it), Candiace is left dealing with the chaos and then Candiace gets blamed for the chaos the other people started: I want Candiace to use her projector to reflect that chaos back on to the people who started it and keep it moving. For example, the incident at Foxy's: What Happened: Ashley started the in
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