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90DF Live Chat 2: This Thread is Only 60% Good

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On 10/4/2021 at 8:00 AM, Baltimore Betty said:

I would be pissed if my friend decided to go to a devastated island where there is no housing, no running water, no real relationship, lol and then begged me to fly there, a good friend would never suggest that. 

TLC would take care of it all, including flying or boating in for a day or two of filming...but love goggles make people do and say crazy things...Hiromi is much more attractive and personable than Pizza Lady, too bad they didn't cast her instead if she's single.   

As for Corey and Evilyn I call him Borey...I always FF through them. I think "General Hospital" is probably a lot more creative than years and years (so it has seemed) of these two. 

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