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  1. Juliana's (Natalie’s friend) headbands hold her ugly wig in place. So odd. There are lots of pretty wigs that aren't expensive and don't need to be screwed on. I think it's a group house. And unless all the kissy-feelies are part of platonic in their culture, she’s sharkin’. Like the “Seinfeld” episode in which Jerry waits out a marriage breakup by telling the woman, “I’m there for you"--eventually, you're just...there. I hope Nuttily becomes the second wife to leave Mikey for a woman. He should take a leaf from Coltee's book and make it official--move in with his Mom. I call fake on Nutilly g
  2. Every time they say FAMILY BUSINESS, I think of the family dog doing his business. That's probably more legit. Re The Hat, I've had Mohs surgery for skin cancer on my face twice and will do ANYTHING to avoid that again, the most recent a 3/4" scar like on Herman Munster. I not only do not swim outside before about 6 p.m. and stay inside more than Dracula, but I'm ordering a Facekini. I'm extremely fair like those two yo-yo's, although thank you God I don't have the redness. Those hat flaps provide serious shade (is it lined with tinfoil against Natalie Rays?). The hole up top is a no-go,
  3. The preview show I saw on cable was 1.5 hours, of which about half was this epi and half was…get out your barf bag…Ed, on "90 Days’ Journey." So I only saw a few scenes (I FF through Tiffany and Angela). Mike—what an asshat. Grabbing his wife’s private parts right next to his mother, in full view. I think he was two sheets to the wind by then, as he probably is every night. And in his TH, laughing on and on like a certifiable maniac. Can’t wait for him/them to be off my TV, if that day ever comes. Nuttily is high-maintenance and unstable but she is his wife, he chose her, instead he coll
  4. The PT energy wasn’t high this week. Loren gets on my last nerve and I don’t watch for boring segment after boring segment on their kid, his smelly diaper, and putting him to bed. Save it for your relatives, who might be interested. Alexei doesn’t seem to say much anymore, maybe he can’t get a word in. Kenny and Armando were okay. Armando was bitchier than I remember him. Tim and Veronica were so-so, in my opinion. David and Annie seem played out and Annie trying too hard.
  5. I'm amazed Ange came through given her eating, drinking, and smoking right up until they put her under. I would be upset too if I found out the doctor decided to take 2 lbs out instead of 1 lb, without discussing that option with me beforehand. And who gets reduction surgery BEFORE gastric bypass/sleeve/etc.? The whole thing was surreal, from the doctor making small talk with Jojo after he came in w/Ange still on the slab…and his assistant…well, to quote a hit from when I was in 5th grade…”Are you a boy, or are you a girl? Are you a boy? You look like a girl.” (The Barbarians) I don’t kno
  6. From the short preview...Kalonic (Kalani): “This is the height of excitement for me as a Mom, going to a furniture store.” You are lucky you have the means right now to buy any furniture and to play around with house shopping, since all you seem to get is TLC checks while your husband works PT in a yogurt store. Probably the Bank of Dad and Mom yet again. Stop whining. And stop hanging out on the display furniture while you whine yet more about your husband and life. Yes, germs on fabrics in public are gross, and there you are adding more, with your sister who wears a black plunge bra for a to
  7. "That ain't workin', that's the way you do it You get your moolah from the FIL That ain't workin', that's the way you do it Money for nothin' and your fights for free" Andrreeeii has no concept of working his way up in any line of work and not acting entitled or superior. (Grandiose thinking like that can go with a number of mental illnesses.) That's probably why he didn't last as a cop. What happened to the trucking plan? Didn't Chuck put him through that program? Andreeiii probably has a new get-rich-quick scheme every week. Libby is going to be old before her time. Sometimes cult
  8. Angela seems like the type (often an addict) where if a little of anything is good, a lot is better. A few double-entendres, a wink, a cackle (isn't that cute haha) have become full-on crudity and obscenity. Beyond the bad taste, this show is broadcast starting at 7 when there could be kids in the room. And I agree Angela should have been banned for threatening OR carrying out violence. So should some others,such as Tammy (Kolonic/Assole-you) and Charlie (Elizabeth's brother); also Dean? I hope Sharp is sued at some point. As far as Nuttily's face, she has been monkeying with things like surge
  9. That Mike is such fascinating TV. Let’s see…Shake head. Shrug. Turn redder. Rinse, repeat. And creep your arm around a woman to whom you have said and did heinous things. as we were all reminded. I thought she held it together well in this episode, considering. Sp Mullet Mom threw Mikey under the bus. Why would you broadcast what your child confided in you? My theory: loose lips sink ships--Tamara blabbed to someone (maybe Beau?) about what the Mom (or the Mikeasaurus) told her, and it got around town. So Mullet Mom could either lie and deny it, the way her son was doing (“It was 3 days b
  10. I'm wondering if the Poor Man's Glenn Close got implants over here. Desperate to hook Mikey, and that's one way to get, um, attention. Lord, that scene in Daisy Dukes on the bed was like outtakes from Penthouse. She needed a good bra from Molly to cantilever it all up, into a tasteful dress for the wedding--not spaghetti straps, braless, and see-through, outdoors in WA in spring. And I say this as a 38D; as Kramer would say, "My girls need a home!" Nice of Mike to get out some chinos and a sport shirt for the occasion. /s As far as Yara's cake, that's one thing my father did right -- he
  11. Fear not, Colfrmb, I shan't yell. I consider the snark here to be all in good fun...for all we know, any shenanigan could be producer scripted. But you have inspired me to play matchmaker: Dinyel and Mike. 4-EVAH. Except for the ginger, they even look alike. Mrs. Hanson, about your wedding dress, it sounds like you have a good perspective!! We women (especially, IMO) can be hard on ourselves when our bodies change, and believe me, from midlife into the senior years mine has, even though I eat, and exercise, moderately. Some of the clothes I've had to give away have been nice but I
  12. Mike is the worst male I have ever seen on this franchise. THE WORST. Worse than Mohamed. Worse than Jesse. Worse, even, than Coltee. Possibly on a par with Geoffrey. If I ever accept a date with a male again after this season, it will be a miracle. M. doesn’t even treat N. like she is human. He's incapable of empathy (psychopath? sociopath?). He’s sadistic, getting his jollies from torturing and humiliation. "Mind games" doesn't begin to describe it. If he weren't led around by his d***, he would have ended it for good with her after Kyev or one of their recent
  13. Breast, I mean best, wishes to the couple doing the honors at Camp Runamuck, GA. Don't worry about the ship in the Suez Canal anymore--the prow sailed right into our faces. I think Raybayka has been having a breakdown in slo-mo...should've just gotten a dress from Target when she took Junior to buy his prom pants. Dress didn't even have to be white--4th wedding. The Women's One Shoulder Puff Short Sleeve Dress, for example, is $16, available in plus sizes, white, and multiple colors. Or the Elbow Sleeve Eyelet Dress ($24), cover up much of that tattoo mess. Can't try it on there? H
  14. I probably wasn't clear but I wouldn't expect him to date yet -- although I have known men who made happy engagements or remarriages within about a year after the death, and others who have made positive partnerships without marriage, I'd like to see Eric get out and be around other people and make some more friends of both genders, perhaps find some way to be of service that would get him out of the house and focused on on other people as well. Even to attend a grief support group.
  15. I don’t think I’ve ever watched a new episode of Hoarders let alone commented on any episode. I had hopes for the epi but bailed about halfway. On the "pro" side, I could see enough of the home to know it was lovely inside and out, even if the (impressive) décor by his wife mostly wasn’t to my taste. I appreciated not seeing rodents, maggots, etc. The guy had a place he could sleep (recliner with CPAP) that was off the floor. OTOH, I was surprised to “meet” a man, let alone a straight man (IMHO), who stuffed three or four stories of house plus outside storage with his clothing barga
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