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  1. Tuneful

    Eric & Leida: Put It In Proper

    "I do not excuse how it happened, I know I should've handled that differently," sez the Baraboohole after knocking wifey around and then worrying about his social media. But as usual, he blames everyone outside himself, this time the Marines (!). Too bad his own daughter--who they kicked out of HER apartment, after she took him in when he was homeless--will never hear those words. Tasha, if you're reading, cut this two-faced, weasel alcoholic loose and don't look back. I've been there, so I know. Living well will be the best revenge. But if you can, watch out for your youngest sister, who's being groomed to be the She-devil's free babysitter. And I think you should start a GFM for a nice, new bed for yourself. I'd contribute.
  2. Tuneful

    Season 6 Discussion

    The host was even worse than usual. As my late Mom would say, she couldn’t organize a two-car funeral. This format is terrible. I don’t care whether Jackass Couple #1 likes or hates Jackass Couple #2. And all of them advising on how to be a decent partner or parent? LOL. TLC, get a decent host, like a lesser-known Dr. Phil or a Kathy Griffin, give each couple an individual segment, grill them like Pancake Night at Denny's, and then have one group meeting at the end. Done and dusted. Their infighting wasn’t interesting or dramatic, just puerile. Leida has a pencil-thin mustache I couldn’t stop staring at… and an ugly lipstick color (all season) that looked like it had been sitting in an old lady’s purse for 10 years and Leida randomly crayoned it on. Eric is a two-faced weasel who has probably alienated his daughter forever. That he threw her under the bus when she took in his homeless a** is unforgiveable. When Lay-duh dumps him for someone richer or more famous he’ll have no one, but what the hey, bottoms up! That big fight might have been avoided if he were willing to (perish the thought) say it doesn't matter now who did it, and spend $75 to bring a maid in on a Saturday and have everyone pitch in. Leida had no right to go into T's room or throw her out. I hope T. and her mother explore every legal option they have. Jonathan looked 20 years older than his child bride last night. Has Señorita Sock Monkey been wearing him out? A huge fight or two every single day will do that. No new comment on Asuelo Gump and the ever-expanding Cousin Itt. Ashley, that’s what she gets for marrying a boy. She needs intensive therapy and to not date for a year or two. Concentrate on her kids, work life, and medical/psychological care. Potty mouth, so classy, like Rachel. These dopes love pretending they're from the hood and showing it off to their mediocre BFs. Steven actually made some sense when talking about an abusive parent. He needs individual therapy for that bitterness and anger, though (take it from me). He looked better than usual on Skype, maybe he’s going to AA or NA. Weed jokes, skateboarding, and couchsurfing don't cut it anymore for a husband and father. I never got why people were charmed by the Brazilian, I disliked her the moment she got here and started to complain FT about everything. They are both master manipulators, though. What a contrast between Day-bee at the time of L’s arrival--like no upper teeth, and hair that looked washed several weeks ago in the spin cycle of the washing machine--and now. She was probably a very lonely older person and is now meeting lots of ppl, which is a good thing, and learning some self-care. That's a toxic triangle though and it needs to end before someone really hurts someone. Amazing that none of the men in this series ever seems to get that many adult women can't live together all hunky-dory.
  3. Ashley, get a therapist already. Your endless thinking out loud and working the guy over, and vice versa...I am no Einstein about men (or boys) but even I would know better. Cousin Itt (Kalani) does the same thing.
  4. Hey Big Spender, Eric...of course the cheapo just bought pants (in a different fabric and dye than the original jacket or shirt), not a suit. And did he actually drop the line that his daughters are the most important people in his life? What a hypocrite. His bride just goes on and on about how happy she is that she's got America now. I didn't hear any mention of "I'm so happy to be marrying the man I love." In fact as usual she cussed him out all the way downstairs and on the emergency shopping trip and back. And her hair looked like s**t.
  5. Oh fer pete's sake, Debbie couldn't get and wear a beautiful dress or suit, even at Goodwill, for her son's wedding? Oxford shirt and polyester pants? The chauffeur of the limo was much more gracious and sexy to Larissa that Coltee will ever be. She's doing a heckuvan acting job. I could've done without the extreme closeup of her dentures or bridge or whatever that work is. Much nicer job on her hair than the Indonesian Devil's. Ashley is d**kmatized--pathetic. Brandi looks like a trainwreck but I think she's doing a better job with questioning (coached?) than Michelle Collins would ever do. TLC, take note!
  6. Sister Jon is in over-it mode and has worn a cheap sundress, thigh high, to her brother's wedding. Klassy!
  7. No one in Casa Colt knows how to tie a man's tie. Colt has gained weight, his suit barely stretches over him, and he's wearing lipstick. (Head explodes.) I just put the mute button on for all of Jon and Fernanda. If I never hear anything out of the oversize pie hole of that brat again it will be too soon. Massive props to whoever stole Eric's pants. Maybe his female "best friend" (who TLC probably found for him) is a double agent.
  8. Steven couldn't say, "You better FaceTime me all the time so I can see YOU and the baby" - ? Jeez, no wonder she's crying.
  9. A propos of the earlier show, I think Olga has realized at this point that she's dealing with someone who is a nutcase and dangerous. She is trying to keep her composure and not upset him, and to proceed a step at a time until the facts come to light as what he can do or not do. Very mature, compared with, say, Fernanda, Nicole, or Jay. Olga may bite the bullet and come with their baby to America, and paint it as positive, until she can get the green card and then leave him. I bet she knows how to "wear the mask" and be very patient, having grown up in a Russian orphanage. She is so pretty (as is her friend) and thoughtful, and I hope she catches a break. On a much lesser scale, I learned some of her skills growing up with a mother who was alcoholic, (untreated) bipolar, and a narcissist, and a father who was neglectful and unprotective. I wish Olga had some kind of professional (SW? legal aid?) on her side. Skeeven, this baby is NOT your therapy for having lost your father at 7. This guy needs professional help stat. Staying with grandparents isn't going to fix it.
  10. I can really see their age difference this epi. They are like a barrel heading for Niagara Falls. How many different ways can he show he doesn't want to get married? How crude must she be to try to keep up with him? I don't exactly want to say "No fool like an old fool" (and I'm twice as old as she is), but...
  11. "I gave up my family." "I gave up my medical career." News flash, her family appeared none too upset to dump their millstone on Private Baraboohole, although they were concerned about losing her kid. As far as her "medical career," has that been established? I doubt Indonesia is losing a brilliant physician, I'm not sure she even finished school (despite strings Daddy pulled). Eric is a slimy, two-faced weasel. I feel they are into kinky stuff together and that's the bottom line. Jonathan--who is this overgrown frat boy he's talking to? My gaydar is pinging.
  12. Dumb. Ass. Cousin. Itt. Opening your legs when not protected with birth control. Now blaming it on everyone and everything else. There are methods besides condoms that don't interfere with breastfeeding. Hell, if you hate him so much, work it out for him to go home early, or stay out of bed with him until he leaves. So who's going to support this mess? Family? Welfare? I am disgusted. I know it's easy for me to say, but I think they should give the baby up for adoption.
  13. If Cousin Itt, I mean Kalani, is 29, then I'm the Queen of Romania. She looks like one of those hard Real Housewives and in her 40s. Debbie, apparently it's getting on toward evening, don't you take showers? Hair is a right mess. Bottom line, Coltee is the one who can't face breaking up with Mom. Leida has that annoying hair-tossing/hair pushing thing a la Rachel. The florist is very tactful, e.g., calling Eric's budget "extremely modest." Eric as usual looks greasy and hungover.
  14. Tuneful

    Season 6 Discussion

    Everyone this season is so unpleasant and unlikeable that I don’t want them in my LR anymore. But I’ll still continue to read the comments. The only exceptions for me are Olga and Tasha. I wish Olga could come to the States; not stay with the meth head, or whatever his problem is; co-parent the baby; and catch a break. Too bad she couldn't have picked an older, established, kinder man in Ocean City. Ashley seems entitled. I wonder if Coltee and Larissa are punking us. I bet they are both hipsters and/or performance artists because they are so over-the-top, Dearest, Darling. It’s already been done, and done better--Kip and LaFawnduh in “Napoleon Dynamite.” I get a little Marisa Tomei off her. She conversed with the restaurant waiter, so clearly she wanted to **** him and disrespect Dolt. The segments with Jonathan’s family (i.e., Madame and Mademoiselle Horseface) were simply strange. They certainly like to get in the digs at each other, don’t they? What the heck is Sonny doing in Lumberton, NC, anyway, whose main claim to fame is as a motel destination when driving to FL? It’s weird to keep seeing these practically-empty properties contracted for this show with a few items from HomeGoods and Rent-a-Center thrown in. Private Baraboohole: I couldn’t care less about him or Deranged Tiger Mom (who couldn't give a fig about her kid, by appearances). I felt bad for Grandpa, but he raised that dillweed (with his wife of course) and probably fed DTM's delusions of medical grandeur. I bet they want to offload her but keep the kid. I believe Eric has substance-abuse issues and major depression. Nevertheless, I wanted to smack him when he (1) sat there like a dummy while Lay-duh (Leeduh? Lahdeeduh?) ignored and then attacked his daughter, in the daughter's home, (2) blamed all the mess on her, and (b) graciously offered to take her to a welfare/prostitution/drugs motel. I had a father like this, a cold, self-centered engineer as it happens. This has affected me very deeply, including in my love life. Tasha, great work and poise with this bunch, and I understand any passive aggressiveness about leaving, but I want to see you start your own life AWAY!! from them. Move to Milwaukee, get a job, go to school PT, heck, join the military, and don’t look back. Your Mom seems like a nice lady and I bet is on your side. I have no interest in Cousin Itt (AKA Kalini), and her manchild. If she couldn’t suss him out on past trips, she’s an even bigger (heh heh) fool than I thought. I do feel bad for the guy. He needs to go home. This whole show is a PSA for Planned Parenthood.
  15. Kalani = Cousin Itt. First?