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  1. They need to change up the format. They always start with the star of the show waking up, summoning their martyr to haul them out of bed, then a disgusting wash scene followed by a pukey drying/powdering scene and a dozen eggs and two packs of sausages at the trough. Meanwhile, on Eastern Time, I'm probably trying to finish dinner...when will I learn...
  2. I keep telling myself I need to keep my obsessive things out of the house, and toss the ones I have. And stick to an occasional treat, single-serving only, brought home. But I'm weak-willed.
  3. Happy Birthday! These are not easy times. I'm a sweet eater. My eating habit is, I have to fight it all the time and most days I do have a sweet dessert after dinner. I'm of average weight, and it's a comfort thing for me, especially after work and from Nov. until spring. S-A-D? And bread, butter...don't get me started...
  4. That's a boutique deli store of some kind. $199 for less than a full cart of groceries. Where do they get the money? She said she prefers larger markets. Also, did she say she eats and "makes herself sick"? So she's a bulimic as well?
  5. As I learned in a medical place I worked long ago, pity f**ks are a thing. I already knew about rescuer complexes.
  6. Can't stand her name, either. And what's the nickname? Mem? Memphy? Phissy?
  7. If I were Gino I'd be starting to get a little nervous, too. They couldn't find a nice, normal (relatively speaking), American lady? Hope this is a lesson to them and other schmucks (current and would-be).
  8. This is my brainstorm: If within two-three dates things go bad, they have to have some other cast members (who are currently single) in the wings to be immediately deployed. Matching these dinks up is an Emmy waiting to happen. TLC, here's my address for a royalty check.
  9. My money is on "Cahhh-leb" (how pretentious...it's "Cay-leb" you ding dong) couldn't get a date to a dog show as a nerdy teenager, or even a "hi," so he started over being fitness obsessed...a cave man of romance...and an easy lay. His parents seem nice, they must be appalled. He's up there, across many years of this show, with the top several Kings of Douchery and Bullshit.
  10. Agree...and she wants to degrade and humiliate him, above all.
  11. Does Crazypants (Jasmin) have a job? Did I hear she's a teacher? Is she still employed after this meltdown? How bad does it have to get for Gino before he gets out? I guess she's got him vajaymatized, which is what she was after. I can't decide whether she's more sick, or loathsome, or both. "Where do we go from here?" he asks. To the checkout desk, then the airport. Alone. And get a lawyer at home if you need to, to keep Crazypants away.
  12. This show makes 90-Day Fiance look like Shakespeare. Fifteen women is too much for viewers to keep track of. Start with max of eight. Carolyn is, as my Gram would say, a cold article...with cutthroat ambition and an inflated ego. Auditioning for more reality TV. This dude (Kurt) won't know what hit him until he wakes up married to or living with her, and she wears the pants and dictating The Life Plan. (She reminds me of Meghan Markle.) I don't think he's enough of a beta guy to ultimately be okay with that. And I doubt she won't have one eye open for another guy with MORE money, w
  13. I'm overloading on baldies this season. Mike on this one, and two more on Before the 90 Days. Some men have look good bald. Others don't. Three guesses about these three. I find Aryanna and Sherlon unwatchable. Talk about two people who can't stand each other. Admit it, Aryanna, leave, and raise your son on your own or give him up for adoption to a couple who can't have children. Mark and Key hit a little too close to home for me. I've been there when a guy flies in and you know within a day or two that you are not in love with him and never will be. Mark is a controlling, entitled brat
  14. Another great song. Kind of like snarking 90 Day Fiance--"too late to stop now."
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