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S01.E04: Hail Beltane

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The base celebrates the rituals of Beltane, during which Tally and Gerit's connection grows, and Abigail finds strength in competition; Raelle is deeply affected by a tragic event and has questions for an evasive Scylla.

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Original air date: 4/8/20

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Tally has an infectious personality.. But its also kinda intense and scary/ creepy... I really hope were almost done with this scylla arc... I can't stand to see people gaslighted it frustrates to no end... Alder seems to want to keep everyone away from the sect of witches who have new spells.. I'm guessing she knew of them before in " the old country"... Like with every other show that has to do with witchcraft I hope at some point they delve past the eurocentric and look at witch culture from all over... Sensed a good amount of hostility tween Alder and the bellweather mom... Also the drill seargent seemed antagonistic towards her as well... Be interested in getting the lowdown on that situation 

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Raelle, sweetie, when you ask your girlfriend if she saw the dead guy last night and she says, "Did he say something to you?" that's a yes...

And then when you tell her you know she saw the dead guy and she turns it around on you with the, "What if I did; what are you implying" and the, "Is that the kind of person you think I am?" stuff, that's a big red flag... so don't fall for the whole, "I'm only acting weird because I'm not used to having feelings" speech, come on!

I'm still somehow rooting for them, but the more of this stuff Scylla does, the harder it's going to be to redeem her (and I still think the show plans to go that route).

(Sidenote: I enjoy the Swedish accent that sneaks through when Scylla speaks. Amalia Holm is so precise with her line readings, probably because she's trying to nail the American accent, but it works for the character -- she's guarded, she thinks before she speaks, she chooses her words carefully.)

I like that Abigail is warming up to Raelle a little -- they're still not besties, but Abigail has learned to cut Raelle a little slack and to give credit where it's due. I enjoy how take-charge she is with boys and how she didn't even bother to see her two off after she got what she wanted from them -- it's a jerk move, but it's something we've seen from so many "playboy" male characters that it's interesting to see it turned around here. Ashley Nicole Williams mentioned in an interview that in this matriarchal society, Abigail is the one dealing with something akin to "toxic masculinity," where she's been raised with a singular goal (to fight, and specifically to lead) and encouraged not to emotionally connect with people or show weakness. It's just an interesting thing to explore with a female character. 

I agree that Tally has an intensity to her personality, not just with Gerit this week, but when she used her magic against that civilian at the pageant. I don't think her innocence is necessarily an act, but I think she's capable of more than people realize. I hope she gets a bigger storyline than just losing her virginity soon.

(Also, I saw an amusing comment on the YouTube sneak peek of her receiving Gerit's drawing: "Unsolicited dic pics are still a go? Thought this was a matriarchy." Which... really! But I do like that sex is not only destigmatized, but encouraged in this universe.)

Raelle and the gay guy were cute. The girl clearly has no gaydar when it comes to men! I hope we get to see him again someday (but not to help Raelle get pregnant, please. There are already enough lesbians sleeping with men in the mainstream media -- including on Eliot Laurence's other show, Claws).

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Awww, I loved that the first thing Tally did was hug Raelle. And it was nice to hear Abigail defend Raelle to the other witches. I don't think Abigail likes Raelle nearly as much as Tally does, but she's definitely proud of what Raelle did and is at least at the point of having the "I can still talk shit about Raelle but other people can't" phase of their relationship.

I'm glad that Tally got to hook up with the hot guy she liked (even if he did get all his lines and moves from some book).

One thing I like about this show is how they blend history and existing traditions (like Beltane) into this fictional new world.

I've also enjoyed the way they flipped the gender roles which became even more apparent during the Beltane episodes from the second that the boys arrived and the girls were all loudly hooting at them.

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3 hours ago, ElectricBoogaloo said:

I'm glad that Tally got to hook up with the hot guy she liked (even if he did get all his lines and moves from some book).

I thought the guy using the book suggested that he wasn't some womanizing playboy, but pretty innocent, similar to Tally. Although the dick pic he sent her was greatly exaggerated.

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From After the Storm it does seem very much that Scylla's redemption will be on at some point and that there will be LGBT people having heterosexual sex to create more soldiers or at least discussion of it. I hope they'd go for "lavender matches" where both parties are there just for the biological function and there's no kind of love triangle from it. Sigh.

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Boo to any scylla redemption... Unless it's weeks after she's found out and only to help not to get back with Raelle... 

Speaking of Raelle... While like many I'm glad her and Abigail are in a better place.. And I get that as a leader she's trying to do her part.. But so far none of this has been on Abigail... Raelle was shitty from the moment she knew she was a bellweather... She's the one who ditched training to smooch her terrorist every reaction by Abigail has been because of direct action of Raelle's... And she's the one doing the heavy lifting of being nice and trying to keep it together... I don't love that

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I'm so happy Tally got to hook up with the guy she wanted because she was so damn happy about it. She really is my fave. I liked her showing off her mark.

So the only way witches get those scourge weapons is from the male witches? What happens if you didn't hook up with one during Beltane or didn't have any connection to one? The dance orgy made me laugh a little. I wondered of Scylla, Raelle, and Porter's friend were the only LGBTQIA witches but I did notice two female witches leaving the dance floor together. So I guess Beltane doesn't have to be about only guys and girls hooking up.

Abigail hooking up with the two male witches and then not even saying goodbye was something else. She got her powerup and she was out. I can't believe her mother missed the balloon by seconds.

I would like to be able to root for Scylla and a redemption for Raelle's sake but I haven't seen anything from her to make me. I guess screwing up the coverup and getting threatened by the other Spree was supposed to be the start of her regrets?

When Adler was hooking up with the Witchfather I wondered where the Biddies were. Imagine how hard I laughed when the camera pulled back and there they were surrounding them.

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Aww Tally got to get with the boy that she likes! The two of them seem to be all kinds of into each other (including bird delivered dick pics) attached at the lip until the last minute, I am really glad that Tally got the sex magic day she always wanted! Plus, Abigail got to have a three way (even if she blew off the guys after she got her power up) and even Raelle made a friend! I would be happy to see Raelles buddy and even Tallys boytoy again, especially because I want to learn more about the possible differences between male and female witches. It also seems like Adler and the Witch Father have a bit of a history, even beyond Beltrane.

I continue to enjoy a lot of the world building stuff that is going on, including a magic sort of May Day orgy celebration/dance that gives witches a massive power up, but is also tied into a lot of ceremonial stuff that is important to witch culture. Also apparently female witches get whips made by male witches (magic is presumably involved) and now Raelle has the one made by poor deceased Porter. Oh yeah, thats definitely coming to come back at some point, especially as Scylla continues to sneak about. 

Yeah, I keep getting the feeling that Scylla will get a redemption arc, probably because she will fall for Raelle for real (and already seems to be) but she has done a lot of awful stuff just on her own, let alone with her whole domestic terrorism group, so that redemption is gonna be tricky to pull off. I guess maybe this whole mess might kick off her growing a conscience? 

I really like the friendship growing between the main three girls, especially as Abigail and Raelle start to bond a bit more. They arent besties or anything, but have gotten to the"you dont get to talk shit about her, only I can do that!" stage of their relationship. Tally is still my favorite though, she is just so excited to be here!

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I'm actually a little confused about that. In the pilot, we saw that blonde girl pop the balloon and kill all those people, then get in a car and burn her disguise away, leaving her as a red-headed girl. Later, we saw that red-headed girl in Scylla's room looking in the mirror, but when Raelle showed up, she burned the disguise away and was Scylla. Is the red-headed girl supposed to be Scylla's true form? That doesn't make sense, as Porter recognized "our" Scylla and said they'd grown up together -- presumably she hadn't been disguised her whole life. Are the blonde and the redhead both disguises of hers that she can cycle through (i.e., can she have a disguise on top of a disguise)? Nobody has explained this in any interview I've seen so far.

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It makes me wonder if there are some shenanigans going on and Scylla wasn't actually the Spree girl from the beginning of the pilot.

Maybe that wasn't actually Scylla in Scylla's room at the end of the pilot. We didn't see where Scylla was before that scene, so she could have been elsewhere, and a Spree member could have been in her room checking up on her and reporting back via mirror. Then when Raelle showed up, the spy quickly switched to a Scylla disguise. That would only work if one uses the fire to move both into and out of a disguise, I guess, but it would mean that there's no double-disguising going on -- the redhead both committed the act of terrorism at the beginning of the pilot (while disguised as the blonde) and then spied in Scylla's room at the end of the pilot (disguising herself as Scylla so as not to be caught).

Anyway. We know Scylla is definitely Spree, as she was choked and threatened by a Spree member disguised as Raelle in this episode. But is she necessarily that redhead? I'm not so sure.


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On 4/9/2020 at 6:01 AM, ElectricBoogaloo said:

Awww, I loved that the first thing Tally did was hug Raelle. And it was nice to hear Abigail defend Raelle to the other witches. I don't think Abigail likes Raelle nearly as much as Tally does, but she's definitely proud of what Raelle did and is at least at the point of having the "I can still talk shit about Raelle but other people can't" phase of their relationship.

I wish Raelle could return the favor instead of being so wrapped up in herself and her wants / needs.

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