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  1. No elimination? Are you kidding me? I hope next week TJ sends both Fessy and Josh home. But while Fessy did swing at Josh it was only after Josh swung at him I think. So Josh might go home. Which ok then because I was sick of agreeing with him. Esther's opinions are also suspect. She's team Fessy and she wants to kiss Josh? Girl, no. CT's look after they kissed was too funny. As was Nelson chomping down on pizza during the Josh/Fessy thing. I wish they'd shown this side of Emy earlier versus the first impression I got of her dropping the information about "The List" and then being too emo
  2. Oh no, I can see it too. Just give him a little goatee, lol. Nany has a lot of friends among the vets, she plays a good political game and she's not seen as too much of a threat so you keep around longer until you have to throw her into the elimination right before the finale to hold on to your spot. Devin is really good at playing the political game for a while before he gets too clever for his own good. And like Nany he's not too much of a threat. So a rookie can hide behind those two for a while. People either toss in the weaker players or try to go big and go after the heavy hit
  3. Josh declaring himself Fessy’s enemy was hilarious. No one is scared of him. They are all scared of Fessy which is why that room full of vets were sitting there kissing his ass saying it’s ok for Fessy to look out for his own game and not Josh’s because Josh is supposed to be protecting Fessy’s game for some reason. I still don’t understand why Amber B is such a threat to Fessy. Just leave her alone and she won’t do anything. Maybe Fessy and Kaycee (who is so full of shit as well) shouldn’t have tried to screw her over last season? I hate that Fessy and Kaycee make me almost want to defend Jos
  4. I feel gross, I feel dirty, I feel like I need a bunch of showers…I agree with Josh. Fessy was being selfish and paranoid. Even Tori put aside her revenge against Big T to keep the vet alliance going one more week. I don’t understand why Kaycee was confused at Josh blowing up his game for Amber. But why was Fessy blowing up the vet game for himself? Looking at the Big Brother alliance the only one of them that actually finished the finale and won, who was it again? Amber B. So why wouldn’t Josh want to keep her in the game with him as his partner. The only true Big Brother alliance is Kaycee a
  5. Because he's Josh and he thinks he's the smartest person in the room but every season he proves he is not. He likes to think he's so clever and that he has a lot of power in this dynamic of him, Kaycee and Fessy grouping but look at how he was practically begging Fessy to not throw in his partner and screw him over. Fessy would rather mess with the vets voting in rookies in order to get "revenge" on Amber rather than let Josh keep a winning partner. There was too much Josh air time! I need a rookie team to win and throw him to get him out.
  6. Oh man I was rooting hard for Kelz because I wanted him to fuck up Fessy and Josh's plans. After having to sit through all that Josh airtime I deserved to see his plans blow up in his face, damn it! Also I loved when Kelz told him to his face that he was too stupid to figure out if Kelz was plotting anything. Nelson is an idiot, what did he expect to happen after a hookup with Ashley and then choosing to hook up with another girl in the house. Dude, you wanted this drama. Why is everyone picking Devin so much?? LOL. Emy's freakout at being put into the elimination was way too mu
  7. I forgot to mention that everyone is together during the deliberation. The last couple of times the winning team isn't there when they all hash it out. Giving them only 20 minutes makes me wonder if the past deliberations went on too long and the producers just wanted them to get on with it already. That also gives people less time to really think about who else they may vote on. It's quick, it's immediate, and best of all everyone is voting in the same room so you can see who is voting for you. Bonus, we don't have to watch them go into a room alone and do a bullshit speech about who they are
  8. Well this is going to be one helluva chaotic mess of a season and I am ready for it! I thought just having Devin in the house was going to create a lot of chaos but instead the rookies started imploding right away. I have never seen it that bad. The eliminations is also going to create way more chaos too. Finally no more good competitors getting screwed over because someone is mad at their partner. I was happy that Aneesa won the first challenge and she got a good partner (for the moment) who is willing to support her but I also know how it goes with Aneesa. Eventually he will turn on her
  9. I'm disappointed. I was really rooting for Shota but I could see as the dishes went on that it was going Gabe's way. ETA, I really wish Dawn had taken the advice from the night before and not worried about putting so much on that first dish.
  10. I so agree, I hate this angle with the Spree this season. They aren't going to make me root for them this way. Having Scylla look kind of sad at the scene of her mass murder didn't make me want her redemption, it just reminded me that she was awful from the start. Show a flashback of her convincing her ex to kill himself as well please. So the witch from Tally's dreams that was erased from the picture, she started the Spree right? Something went really bad with Adler and she broke hard. The Spree aren't that old, right? I still don't trust the VP or his daughter.
  11. I'm glad this show is back, the world building is always intriguing to me. I'm very very glad they reversed Tally's Biddy status in this episode. I knew they weren't going to stick her like that for the whole season but I felt bad for that actress being stuck in old age makeup for most of the season. And I'm really interested in how this new connection to Alder will go. I am not here for framing the Spree as sympathetic. Aw, at that memorial for the innocent victims that were killed in a Spree attack, a magic hate group is forming? Really, you're shocked? I'm suspicious of the Vice P
  12. Thank you! I had a feeling she would.
  13. I missed the judging of the quick fire. Who won?
  14. I liked Chris but I was very happy to see him go if he was going to keep trying and failing with pasta. It's time to let that one go, buddy. I liked the challenge of them having to write a recipe and make it along side the other chefs.
  15. Dawn didn't help or hurt her team really. The team failed as a whole because they couldn't work together well. Chris can't make pasta (please stop), Gabe gave them a vague theme to work with (kind of seafood??), Sarah wouldn't speak up enough when she knew their plans were bad, and Dawn focused mostly on her dishes only (which turned out good for her). But because the editors put such a focus on her, it make it seem like she was the biggest issue when she wasn't. She was just part of the whole failure. It was on all of them.
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