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  1. The way she was holding her stomach it made me wonder if we were going to see that someone had a gun and shot her (you never know with this show!) so I didn't even go to her still being pregnant. The way Ginger was shocked by Margaret's telling of her marrying Eugene made me wonder if there was going to be a big secret about maybe him marrying her mother as well, that the timelines were messy or the fact that they got married so quickly after her "debut". I didn't jump to it being about her age until Becky came down and she said it herself. Now I wonder how young was Ginger's mother when they got together? Eugene sucks. He's always been the villain of the show to me even as the show and Ginger tried to tell me Margaret was the worst.
  2. There were so many twists that literally nothing made sense after a while. The reporter faked his death but was really FBI? Mark, his stupid facial hair, and Rose were going to get married in like two days and then nothing? I never liked Eugene and thought he was trash this whole season but I had no idea how much trash he really was. He was sleeping "pure" Becky and that was his baby the whole time? Even though they made it seem like she and Eric were forced to get married because of the baby...that she knew was never his? Crazy as hell.
  3. Basically every episode it seems that Ginger is ready to work with Margaret then something happens (sometimes Margaret's fault, usually very much not) and Ginger decides that Margaret is the devil and then loop around for the next episode. It bugs me that out of this no one really goes after Eugene. The mothers should. The kids definitely. But no one talks really about how they are all in this because of him.
  4. I'm getting real tired of Margaret being treated as the devil by almost everyone on the show when she's just trying to clean up Eugene's messes he surprised her with. I have a hard time rooting for Ginger during a lot of it even when she's right at times. I'm happy that the real Jason is waking up. They need some movement on that part of the storyline. I'm still waiting for Antonio to do something besides trail after Margaret and apologize for his double crossing gambling mother. The newspaper reporter has to be another illegitimate kid and I hope they drop that bombshell soon.
  5. That's definitely going to bit her in the ass at some point because she has had too many wins and on a show like this, that can't keep happening. I've taken to fast forwarding through the Leary and Sophie scenes because I hate him and she's just irritating but I did watch when Penelope laid into her for lecturing her about poor Irish people while she lives in someone's else home off someone else's money.
  6. I thought they were going to keep back in time to save them as well. I should have realized this wasn't that type of show after John Brown's son was killed off so abruptly.
  7. I would like an explanation for why Mai Ling is helping him knowing that he will want to take her out as well. Or was that explained last season and I missed it?
  8. They are adding too many subplots this season. I really don't care about a romance between the mayor's sister-in-law and the racist douchebag Leary. They already pulled a redemption arc with O'Hara in season 1. I want more with the dueling Chinese gangs.
  9. All I can say is this was the most extreme example of passing I've ever seen! I liked this take on it, more than just a black woman who is light enough to pass for white but a black woman who is literally putting on the skin of a white woman. So interesting. Now I don't know if it was the late hour I was watching or my tv but there was something weird with the police captain's chest right? We never got a solid full on look at it but that wasn't hair covering his torso? ETA I think William was a real person, maybe even Christina's twin but then he died and she took his body on. Her father had to know about it right?
  10. I'm guessing that she's running from an abusive husband (Autumn's father) and is clearing out her (or his) bank accounts. She's very knowledgeable about money matters based on things she's said.
  11. Every Mike scene has me wondering if this is his villain origin story b/c I'm a little tired of them not letting Mike in on what's happening. He knows something's up and they keep pushing him aside or snapping at him. Let him know already. So glad they finally they settled the Starman's not Courtney's father story. I'm sorry that her real dad turned out to be a deadbeat but I was so tired of her telling the two adults who her father was. Pat worked with Starman, I think he would have been trusted with that information and Barbara actually had an adult relationship with Courtney's father and would remember what he looked like more than a 4 year old would. Though kudos on casting an actor who could look like Joel McHale if you squint. Since this show isn't shy about killing people off (Henry really is dead dead??) I wonder out of Barbara, Pat, and Mike, which one will die. One of them will.
  12. Ugh now that Johnny has won again and broken his own curse, could this be the last time he comes on the show, please? After all that shit the guys gave Aneesa for not wanting to run a final with her it came down to no one being paired up. It was just everyone on their own. I was hoping for more to happen at least on the second day. I wonder if the oncoming blizzard is what made production put Fessy and Kyle in the house? Melissa and Bayleigh giving up was disappointing. After all that they just leave?? I'm disappointed in Fessy dropping the lead twice. Dude!
  13. I was still hoping for a Kate Kane recast.
  14. Aneesa got screwed over by Josh who was clearly doing Johnny's work. I'm glad he got eliminated. It would have been worth it to see him be the first person to gas out during the finale (there's always one) but I rather he didn't even make it to the finale. Josh did the impossible. He made me root for Kyle. Cory would have never put Aneesa in that elimination. I don't understand why Dee wasn't an option to go in. I thought both Josh and Jenny wanted her out? Also why is everyone so concerned about who they might get paired up with in the finale? TJ says it's an individual game. It's not the top guy and girl winning. It's one person winning. There's no reason to believe you have to make sure you have a "strong" girl on your side. And by the way, wouldn't you want a weaker girl in the finale running against you? Why would you let the likes of Jenny and Dee get in there? These people are idiots who never understand how to play the game.
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