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  1. TiffanyNichelle

    S04.E13: The Seam

    This show broke my fucking heart. I cried throughout the whole sing a long and for a good time after. Will I be back next season? Not sure.
  2. TiffanyNichelle

    S33.E11: A Simple Plan

    I thought we were done with the cliffhanger eliminations? I was loving that this season had been a complete challenge, tribunal and elimination in one episode. Don't start this stretching it out crap again. Georgia was going in as soon as she took back her agreement to the "deal". Even if Cara hadn't taken Wes's deal, just by going back on her agreement Georgia was done for. While Cara has been extremely annoying since she hooked up with Paulie I had to laugh at Nany trying to harp on "veteran respect". Where was that when she out CT up for elimination super early in the show? Also was anyone else a little skeeved out by the way Paulie told Cara to watch her tone with him? Girl....
  3. TiffanyNichelle

    S33.E10: To All the Partners I've Loved Before

    LMAO, see you Bear. And LMAO at Georgia's tears. Girl, what are you crying over? I can't stand Bear so much that I was rooting for Kyle. I was shocked that Paulie toyed around with the idea of not putting in Kyle. Like, come on. Not after this whole season of always voting each other in. Hunter is an idiot. But jeez Turbo was a little too much as well. Threatening to break Hunter's arm the next morning? But then not voting him into the Killing Floor? I'm so confused. Theo is showing his ass a little now that he isn't tied to Cara. Calm down Newbie..
  4. TiffanyNichelle

    S04.E11: The 411

    I thought they were positioning Kady to be the head of the hedge witches? It would be a shame to drop that because she doesn't have a romantic relationship with P40 or P23. She's in the same space as Alice but unlike Alice who has no real ties to the group outside of Quentin, Kady at least still has a former friendship with Julia.
  5. TiffanyNichelle

    S04.E07: The Side Effect

    The first time Penny goes into the Library he sees the group's books and there are two volumes for Eliot. I originally thought it had to do with his time on Earth and the second volume was about his time as a king in Fillory. Then after the mosaic episode I thought maybe it was about that but Q only had one book and he was there too. Now I have no idea!
  6. TiffanyNichelle

    S4.E10 All That Hard Glossy Armor

    This episode reminds me of how much I miss the Eliot/Margo dynamic (btw yummy desert rock/Jim Morrison look on Eliot). I fear that all this work to "save" Eliot will result in his death as a way to stop the Monster. The gods on this show suck but this one was the worst. I cheered on his death even if he & the other gods probably had valid reasons for killing the sister and imprisoning the Monster. They were warning him and he was too busy playing around with them because he has all the time in the world. Nope. The two storylines scene meeting in the middle with Julia and Alice was fun. "Good luck with your thing!"
  7. TiffanyNichelle

    S33.E08: Liar, Liar

    Hunter is an idiot. Georgia is pathetic and make Cara Maria and Jenna look like relationship experts. I would be interested in the reunion only for her to see how stupid she looks. I hate the Brit Alliance. I'm over all of them. Good for Wes teaching Dee how to swim so quickly. Cara Maria, please, let the Kyle stuff go.
  8. TiffanyNichelle

    S04.E09: The Serpent

    How can they leave me on a cliffhanger like that? I need to know what the Monster is really planning but based on next week being Margo's musical episode (yay!) I don't think we will find out for another week. But I'm glad we have this little warning that it's bad because for a second I wondered if were supposed to be a bit sympathetic to the Monster based on that memory of the sacrifice. When Alice split in two and one went into what looked like the Library I thought this was the beginning of Cassandra. Of course the Library is behind the blood worm. They suck and it didn't make sense that hedges would suddenly turn on each other. Kady is the new Marina but where did the old Marina go? My heart broke for Margo getting banished forever from Fillory. This better lead to something that helps her save Eliot. Also yay she finally knows! I wonder if we will ever swing back around to the Macalister threat.
  9. TiffanyNichelle

    S04.E08: Home Improvement

    Falcor! LMAO. Of course Q would jump to that name. I loved everyone slowly going dragon egg crazy. I can't stand Poppy but I loved 23 losing it over her informative dragon pregnancy porn. What a sentence lol. I too wonder why Quentin didn't mention having been a father before. Pete trying to impress Quentin and the gang about dragons and Q going "oh yeah, I've met 3, whatevs" was too funny. I shockingly enjoyed a Alice story that even included her mother, who is the worst. I wasn't surprised that Sheila chose to join the Order. The whole world of magic is new to her. She doesn't really know who all the players are and who the bad guys are. She just saw a group that was willing to teach her even more magic than Alice. I don't want Fen to have to overthrow Margot after all that work last season for her to get the crown. And where is my Quentin/Margot scene where she finds out about Eliot??
  10. TiffanyNichelle

    S33.E06: In Love and War

    Why the hell is no one ever picking Amanda and Josh. This makes no sense! They are going to ease their way into the finale. I like Da'vonne but I was rooting against her and Bear because Bear sucks and the Brit alliance needs to go down. I liked that Wes had the balls to think about breaking that up instead of airing out some old grievance with someone else. Bear is the kind of guy who plays around on his girl but then gets mad at you for upsetting her by telling her the truth about him. Now he gets to look all honorable (to stupid Georgia) for defending her from mean old Wes. RME. Leroy looked really pathetic,, IMO, being all over Kam. If you've told her several times you didn't want a relationship you then can't turn around declare your love because she's flirting with a new guy. You don't get to pick things up whenever you decide. And it's not disrespectful for her to have a life. Now if she was sleeping with him in your bed, then yeah. Otherwise, shut up Lee. Also shut up Nany for planting the idea that Kam is only with the guy for the game stuff cause in the beginning of the episode she had Bear practically begging for her attention and then she also is with Hunter by the middle of the episode. Neither of those flirtations have anything to do with the game? Right. I had no idea who Leroy's partner was until this episode.
  11. TiffanyNichelle

    Captain Marvel (2019)

    I forgot to add that this movie did the impossible. It made me, a long time comics fan, actually root for and feel bad for the Skrulls. When the science guy was killed I was sad! I thought the second half of the movie was stronger than the first. I liked that they started on Hala with a full immersion of "hey this is the cosmic side of the MCU, get ready!" before eventually taking us to Earth. I rather we see Earth through Vers's "alien" eyes first before she finds out that she was actually from there. I wish the first big battle with the Skrulls in disguise wasn't in the dark. Everyone was silhouetted and it was hard to make out who was who. My other nitpick was when Carol was taken and they were showing the flashbacks you could kind of hear the Skrulls talking but it was too soft at times to fully make out what they were saying. I wish it was clearer. I guess I'll wait for the Blu Ray and watch with the close captioning on.
  12. TiffanyNichelle

    Captain Marvel (2019)

    I saw it on Friday and I really want to see it again. I liked it a lot but I would put it in the middle of the MCU pack for me. I don't think it would be in top 5 but it might move up after multiple viewings. That's kind of what happened with Guardians for me (except it went down instead of up). I loved Brie as Carol even though I'd been hoping that Katheryn Winnick of Vikings would get the role. Brie made me pretty much forget about that wish. I also loved seeing the lighter side of a young Fury. From now on every time I watch Winter Soldier I will die laughing when he dramatically tells Steve, "The last time I trusted someone I lost an eye." LOL, Goose was the best bit. I hope this gets a sequel and we get to see grownup Monica played by Nicole Beharie, who would be excellent casting. The montage of Carol getting back up after getting knocked will always be good. Loved it in the trailers, loved it even more in the movie. The 90s bits and the soundtrack was just so good. Brought me back to my high school days. Thanks for that. I just checked out this video that touched on the whole Shazam/DC thing, Carol's messy comics canon, how she went from bit comics character to big time comics, and some of the "backlash" drama.
  13. TiffanyNichelle

    S33.E05: The Greatest Showman

    So exactly when did Zach and Cara become friends and then stopped being friends? But then again listening to the shit Zach has been saying about Cara throughout the challenge why is he so mad that she's coming after him. But Cara also needs to take down a notch. She is doing too much about this great relationship which is hilarious knowing that they are broken up now. But also, sit down Jenna. You and Zach aren't exactly relationship goals either. Bear is an ass but I'm so glad that Da'vonne is staying. She's too much fun. Happy to see in the previews that Wes wants to break up the UK alliance. I don't know why all the vets are trying so hard to get rid of each other instead of going after the UK group.
  14. TiffanyNichelle

    S04.E06: A Timeline and Place

    What we are missing and what I really want is a Margo and Quentin scene. They are the closest to Eliot and I think Quentin would get Margo's bond with Eliot better than Josh and Fen. Margo also needs to find out that there's a chance to get Eliot back.
  15. TiffanyNichelle

    S04.E06: A Timeline and Place

    I remember seeing Gavin a few times last season because he was so annoying. He was the one who broke the mirror bridge when they are all trying to escape.