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  1. Aneesa got screwed over by Josh who was clearly doing Johnny's work. I'm glad he got eliminated. It would have been worth it to see him be the first person to gas out during the finale (there's always one) but I rather he didn't even make it to the finale. Josh did the impossible. He made me root for Kyle. Cory would have never put Aneesa in that elimination. I don't understand why Dee wasn't an option to go in. I thought both Josh and Jenny wanted her out? Also why is everyone so concerned about who they might get paired up with in the finale? TJ says it's an individual game. It's not the top guy and girl winning. It's one person winning. There's no reason to believe you have to make sure you have a "strong" girl on your side. And by the way, wouldn't you want a weaker girl in the finale running against you? Why would you let the likes of Jenny and Dee get in there? These people are idiots who never understand how to play the game.
  2. No to both Josh and Kyle waiting until the last second to start throwing fits about people not putting them into the elimination. You guys were content to wait this whole time, picking and choosing when you "think" it's good to go in and now it's too late. Whatevs. Even if she was doing it out of loyalty to Dee, I loved Melissa going off on Josh b/c he does suck. At least Kyle was trying to get the house vote. Josh just wanted to sit back and have it handed to him? I hope they keep this Red Skull thing for the next season but make it so that you can't go back into the elimination if you've gone in an won until everyone else has gone in. Just so we don't have that Jay situation again. My UO is that I'm very happy with how the editors are treating Dee. Forget her. Cut her out. Be ruthless. I don't care. It hasn't hurt the show for me.
  3. I thought the Drag Race editors were good with how they cut out most of S***** Pie from the recent season but The Challenge editors are better and quicker. They had that opening note up right away. They took a 90 minute episode and I guess by cutting out all the Dee drama got it down to 60 minutes which says a lot. I'm glad we didn't have to hear her go off on Rogan after she won. Johnny asking Rogan for his blessing to throw in Dee was classic shitstirring Bananas but the reactions were worth it. It's a shame Mattie lost. I think they also cut a subplot about Josh getting some kind of phonecall from home as well. Thank you. We had more than enough Josh. I wonder how he feels knowing his bestie Johnny was working with his archrival Wes all season. I love that TJ called them out for cheating and working together. I wish they'd started that earlier.
  4. Ugh, Wes why? What a waste! He should have just left it to the finale. Especially when there are so many other randos that could have gone in. He looked so upset, I felt bad for him. And now Josh is happy. Gross. Without Cara Maria, Kyle really has no storyline does he? He is playing a super scared game. Or he's just trying to hang out in the house for a free vacation with his friends for as long as he can.
  5. Yeah, I'd much rather watch a recast Kate Kane than a random new character who has no real connection to all the other characters we've been watching. What's the impact of having Tommy stealing Bruce's face if the Batwoman that's around doesn't really care? The tension between Alice and Batwoman works because they are twins.
  6. I guess now we know what they are going to do about recasting. Batwoman will be recast, not Kate Kane, according to EW.
  7. Oh I forgot! So the reason why the Caramilla went after the Bellweather line and why they were cutting out the vocal cords of witches so that they could put them into those boxes and fake powers.
  8. This episode was a ride! I felt bad about the unit not making it into War College but really that would have been boring and predictable to have them just go straight there and not face any repercussions for going to Petra. Alder puppeted the president, she wasn't going to let them get off scot free. So much happened! Tally just did not give a fuck in this episode huh. I can't believe she's a Biddie now. There has to be a way to reverse it. Raelle and Abigail being left for dead was something. I'm guessing whatever was on Raelle's finger from that weird wall is what saved them. We still have that mystery to work out. So the Spree are now getting redeemed along with Scylla? RME. So all the innocents they were killing were just the Caramilla? Porter too? Sure. I thought for sure they had fucked Anacostia over by having her bond with Scylla over their dead parents. It felt too easy. Yay for it all being a ruse by Anacostia to follow her back to the Spree headquarters. I think we all called Raelle's mom being a part of the Spree, right? It wasn't just me? So glad this wasn't the final episode and that it's coming back for another season.
  9. I'm glad that even though RR wanted out the network isn't going to let that be the end of the show itself. Hoping the recast is good and fits in with the cast.
  10. I could see how that would read as not being "mature" enough to suck it up like all the other actors do.
  11. I did wonder if they meant older because if someone her age is having trouble doing the stunts...and what would that then do to Alice? Have to recast her to make sense that they're twins. Go older with Jacob. So you just recast the whole cast?
  12. Well Adler just went full on villain. I never saw her as the bad guy, just complicated but with her actions tonight? Oh boy. I felt so bad for Anacostia when figured out what Adler was up to. The president shouldn't have told Adler what she was going to do. Never warn someone that powerful that you're going to take them out. Especially with how gleeful she was about removing Adler. And now Abigail's mom and the until are in danger. First the army disillusioned Tally and then Gerit. Jeez, not a great episode for her. So now have another group besides the Spree out there? I guess it makes sense because why would the Spree go after the Bellweather line or the Tarim. But witch hunters? Yes. The little girl disturbs me. I know I'm supposed to be moved by Raelle and Scylla but I'm not. I wanted Raelle to ask about Porter. To know that Scylla killed him just to cover her tracks.
  13. That was so stressful but I hope they never spend a whole episode on an elimination because it was too much. Jordan looked like a stage mom up there yelling out instructions. And for all the crap he and Tori gave Cara Maria and Paulie about the challenge being their life, what the hell was that? He was breaking down like she was going off to war or he was going off to war or they were never going to see each other again. Dude. I'm happy Tori is gone because it'll drive Jordan crazy. I hope Jenna comes to her senses and leaves Zach before the wedding happens. He's shit. He does this to her every time she's on a Challenge without him. I actually thought Jenna was going to throw the elimination and run home to him so that was a nice surprise. Nelson sucks. Why does he care so much about Tori getting a free ride into the final? How does that effect him? What girl is on his list? He's only in an alliance with Corey. What girl is he trying to help? How does he go from apologizing to Aneesa to going off on Kailah who was just sticking up for her friend? I hate that I was so happy for Bear speaking up for Kailah because even if it was the bare minimum, on this show the guys rarely ever do even that so thanks Bear. I hope Nelson gets voted in next week. Aneesa is better than me because I would be done with Nany. Drunk Nany is a mess.
  14. Poor Libba. I liked her and Abigail always fighting. They actually had a fun relationship. Adler lying about the hostages just broke something in Tally and Abigail both. Tally really wanted to believe in it all. Adler is fucking up a lot. I'm so glad Raelle finally accepted the truth about Scylla because I was so over watching her run around all crazy over that girl. Good thing she ran into a woman Scylla impersonated since she wouldn't believe Tally's visual memory of what actually happened. Ugh. Also good job, Scylla, picking someone Raelle could never run into ever. And because I love the world building I wrote down the timeline that was in the classroom: 1692 Salem Witch Trials 1735 War for Independence 1800 First Mexican War 1810-1812 Second Mexican War 1840-1842 Civil War (still pretty late) 1908-1911 World War 1940 The Hague 1961-1964 Chinese Civil War 1960-Present Proxy Wars Rise of The Spree
  15. Oh man, poor Jay. I really wanted to know what would happen if he won a third 3 skull. Would it have been a pass out any future eliminations? I hope Rogan gets eliminated soon. Dee too. She obviously only used Jay to get Rogan's attention back on her and that's just gross. Jenna, Jenna, Jenna. I cannot believe she is legit going to marry that man and waste more years with him. I swear every time she does a challenge without they always end up with some big fight or he cheats on her. They never have these issues when he's on the challenge alone. I hope she stays though and I'm glad Nany put her in the tribunal so that the house couldn't vote her in as an easy out. If Nelson keeps wondering why his name comes up for votes, just watch the playback. Dude. Aneesa's reaction to being paired up with Nelson was hilarious. I don't know why he threw a hissy fit on a girl's day anyway. Kailah really threw away a 3 year live in relationship for a challenge up with Bear. Girl. She was so happy to see that little cozy room until the photos were up and then suddenly Bear and the guys were disrespectful to her relationship? Them? Not her??
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