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S10.E14: The Fog of War

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"Danny and Baez work with Texas Ranger Waylon Gates when they are put on a case to find the Lone Star Killer. Also, after Eddie's partner, Officer James Addison, mistakenly shoots an undercover cop, internal affairs accuses Jamie of not supervising properly, and Frank speaks with Officer Addison about why he shouldn't turn in his shield.


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Danny's story was utterly boring.  I can't even tell you what happened.

Erin's story was more interesting, but the facts ended up too cut-and-dried to even make the other side defensible in my opinion.  And, one reason that vigilante-ism is bad is because eyewitnesses, even when it's the victim, are notoriously unreliable.  The risk of vigilaantiing the wrong person/people is enormous.

I'm back to really liking Jamie after being worried about him being led down some dark path last epi.  Your fault or not, you should feel responsible if someone gets killed on your watch.

I'm confused about the cop that got killed, though.  The guy who shot her called her sarge, or at least I thought he did.  And, so then I thought it was the sergeant that was giving Eddie a hard time.  But, then hubby showed up and I didn't think she was married because of her whole back story.

And, if this was Jamie's show and the only reason he wasn't there was because he was doing paperwork, (and seriously, what?  that couldn't have waited an hour or two) doesn't that mean that Eddie was on the wrong shift?  Or did they pull people from other shifts?   Either way, I still think she needs to move to a new precinct.  Can you imagine if it had been her friendly fire that killed the cop?  That would have been a PR nightmare.  "Husband and wife team up to kill rival sergeant."

And, I'm not really sure how anyone was cleared in this whole mess.  Either Jamie, or the guy he had cover for him, had this whole thing choreographed for cops to be shooting at each other?  The cop that did the shooting said the plain clothes cop (whom he seemed to recognize on sight) was coming straight at him and shooting?  He was wearing a uniform. Why would she do that?  

I guess all I really liked about the whole mess was instead of Jamie saying "I did everything by the book" he said he "failed to supervise."  Sure, they ended up not holding him accountable, but I do like it when people step up and admit their own mistakes.  

BTW, Danny, no, you don't look good in a cowboy hat.  At least not that one.  

And, speaking of Danny, in an episode where he was otherwise useless and his usual annoying self, he did give Jamie good advice (that is impossible to take) to not worry about what was going to happen until it happened. So, good big-brothering there.

And, I thought it was cute that Erin and Eddie had a bet to see if the guys would eat veggie burgers.

And, this little snippet was kind of funny

Shawn: "Why do I always have to set the table?"

Eddie:  "Because you're the youngest.

Shawn: "I'm always the youngest."

Well, I guess that's why you're always setting the table.

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 The cop that did the shooting said the plain clothes cop (whom he seemed to recognize on sight) was coming straight at him and shooting?  He was wearing a uniform. Why would she do that?  

Those exact thoughts bothered me, too. I wondered if it was going to be revealed that she had terminal cancer and had gone the death by cop route.

Well, darnit, I liked this episode. 


And, I thought it was cute that Erin and Eddie had a bet to see if the guys would eat veggie burgers.

Me, too. When Pops took a bite and delivered his verdict, I was waiting for someone to say, "Hey Mikey!"

What I liked about this episode were Frank's words to the press, his lecture to the precinct when he walked in and the cops were scuffling, and his calling in the cop when he heard the cop might leave the department. 

And, aw shucks, I liked that the dead cop's husband and the shooter cop had a nice hug at the end. Yeah, corny, but just this once, I was on board.

I still don't get Baker's icy stare. She gave Frank a lingering one when the cop entered Frank's office. "Be good to him," it warned. He's the police commissioner, Baker, he doesn't need your two cents' worth! 😁

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I liked Danny, Baez, and the Texas Ranger.  I didn't know ahead of time that Lyle Lovett was going to be in this episode.  His part was well played, and while a bit stereotypical, not OTT.

I also liked Jamie owning up to his mistake, even though the investigation cleared him.  Also glad Eddie's partner Addison was cleared.  I hope he can heal enough to return to the force.  Knowing you took someone's life, even in an accident, weighs heavily I would imagine.  Loved the hug with the widower.  

I keep hearing and reading about plant-based "meat," but if I ever tried it, I think I'd have to not know it wasn't real meat.  

I love Baker, but she needs more to do.  Frank was good with the press as well as with Addison.

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This was much better than other episodes because it only had three plotlines. I enjoyed Danny going toe to toe with someone who has just as good as he was and was willing to stand up to Danny Reagan supercop. 

I enjoyed seeing Danny and Frank give Jamie good advice. Jamie takes responsibility for everything that is his responsibility. I could actually see Frank being that honest with IAD earlier in his career.  

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Time to put this POS out of its misery. One dimensional characters with too many storylines has ruined what once was a good show.

I'll finish the season but I'm out on future years.

WGN runs old episodes late afternoons and they are good to watch, even several times as there was some realistic character development and even multiple storylines that were watchable.

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On 2/15/2020 at 5:30 PM, Sarah 103 said:

Jamie takes responsibility for everything that is his responsibility. 

And that's why I like Jamie. He's not perfect, but he's a genuinely good guy who wants to do the right thing.

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