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  1. My husband and I are binge watching this now in January 2021. Liking it so-so. Not caring too much for Mags or June at all though. Bash and Dr. Bishop are a different story. Both so handsome. I could listen to Dr.Bishop read the phone book.
  2. I loved Mark Greene. To me he is the best tv doctor ever and ER will always be the best med show.
  3. In the previews for next week, I wonder who the hip hop dancer was that was supposedly terrible? At least that’s how it’s edited to look. On Kat, I do like the darker hair. On Meredith, girl needs to go. I mean really. Hannah, she looks different to me. Is her hair lighter? Something is different.
  4. I’ve been off these boards for awhile so this has probably been addressed before but if they’re in a bubble, why the masks when they’re all together? Also, did they announce group leaders off camera?
  5. My husband and I are 2 episodes short of finishing season 2. Hallelujah. It’s very possible that we end it there. Good grief. I would swear that they spend 10 minutes on the body part of the story and 50 minutes in her head. There was one episode where ten minutes alone was her staring off into space. We started watching it because we love crime shows. Not soap operas. Way way way too much mental issues going on. When every damn character has an issue it takes a toll on my own mental health. Get with it showrunners! Or you’re going to lose a fan base.
  6. Mary’s character is really starting to annoy me. She’s acting like a helicopter mom. She babies Sheldon way too much and it makes me want to slap her. I like his dad more.
  7. Rewatching season 14 and trying to pay close attention to the pics with stickers, when they have guests pick their 36. Anyone know who DD and EW are? My mind is blank. Yes and why in the world they chose them for training camp is a mystery to me. TPTB had to know they’d chose the pageants over DCC.
  8. Omg Thank You! I couldn’t for the life of me remember where I’d seen Geordie Glen! Dr Turners office assistant! I can sleep now. Lol.
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