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S06.E10: Requital

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I detest these criminals who drone on and on about why they are really not criminals - they were just forced into this situation and it's all the other guy's fault. I'm glad Pride just shot him dead. Definitely a little questionable whether or not Eddie really did go for his gun but I'm okay with it.

2 hours ago, morriss said:

Who was that guy in the red suit?  (And yes, I know it wasn't Santa Claus)😀

I was wondering that too - I didn't get a good enough look at him to identify him.

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On 12/17/2019 at 11:11 PM, Linderhill said:

And now the show is moving to Sundays, which totally sux.

I didn't know it was moving so, thank you for the info.

I used to watch NCIS: LA but then it moved to Sunday and I haven't seen it since.

Maybe I'll still be able to get NOLA though.

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Glad the bad guy is dead, but Pride or one of his team should have done what REAL law enforcement people do: put the gun in the guy's hand.  So you just know that this is going to come back and bite Pride in the ass.  

As far as moving to Sundays at 10 pm - that seems to be the kiss of death for CBS shows - I've only been watching TV with any regularity for about 8 years, but lets check off The Mentalist, Elementary, Madam Secretary - they were all put in that time slot as they were singing their swan song.  Methinks that we will hear about NCIS NO being cancelled within 6 months of it's debut on Sunday nights.  

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On 12/17/2019 at 8:37 PM, preeya said:

Dumb, dumb, dumb

Yep, and it all started with Pride being stupid enough to willingly go into that house. Does Pride have brain damage from all the times he's been shot and ended up in the hospital? The only thing that doing that would result in is making the situation much worse and it's obvious that would've been the case.

On 12/18/2019 at 10:37 AM, morriss said:

Who was that guy in the red suit?  (And yes, I know it wasn't Santa Claus)😀

Considering Pride just shot a man in cold blood when he could've easily taken him in and that it was a dream, I'm pretty sure I know who the man in red is supposed to represent.

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NCIS NO will be the first of the franchise to be canceled.

It has been beyond "jumping the shark" for the past two seasons.

And I agree, CBS has sent it to the Sunday 10 pm graveyard where all of their dying dramas eventually end up.

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