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  1. I haven't read anything about the actor playing McGee leaving the show so I'm sure that McGee will recover. Speaking of the actor, he got really thin again this season; he's almost gaunt looking now.
  2. 12catcrazy


    I guess that I'm the party pooper here as I didn't like this episode at all. I didn't think for a moment that they'd let Elise get blown up, as this isn't that kind of show - especially with her speaking to her child over the phone. I was rather outraged that they let Vargas go and felt that Isobel should've been fired on the spot. We were shown the two minions who could've stopped the bomb but they refused because they were afraid for their families back home. We had a cop get killed at the start of the show. God knows how many people the "word is his bond" drug lord had killed. But Elise counts more as she is part of Isobel's team. The whole storyline was stupid. The guy should have never been brought back to the FBI building to begin with. And I agree - we will see Vargas again during FBI - Most Wanted.
  3. Every time Eric came on screen (yeah, the 70s do NOT look good on this guy. Next he'll take over the Doug part on the Limu Emu commercials), all I could do is roll my eyes. Why do the people who write these NCIS shows always try and make the techie people such freaks? I'm glad that Abby is gone from the original (I like her replacement Kasey, who seems more like a real person). Sabastian on NCIS NO has become almost charming - but this Eric - annoying as all hell and weird to the point of being plain ugh. If you worked with a person like this IRL, you'd run the hell in the other direction whenever they walked into a room. I'm not a big fan of Nell and her really ugly dresses but she doesn't totally suck the air out of the show the way Eric does. And I'd bet that both wlk68 and Rambler are totally correct in their show predictions.
  4. I kept thinking that we'll be seeing the Mayor wearing a red shirt soon. Too bad as I like her, but I think that the dirty cops are going to be gunning for her. I really wish that this show would think of something other than the yearly Perils of Pride. And just an aside here, I know that the show really wants to push the thing with Tammy being gay, but it seems that they've forgotten that she had originally been married to some stinker guy. Yeah, I have personally known women who were married to men who eventually left their husbands and came out (this was like 40 years ago), but in the 2000s, it would make more sense to me that she would be bi because of her marriage, but would "bi" be too shocking for a CBS audience?
  5. A snooze fest with gore! And I have zero interest in Fornell and this drug thing. Why can't Fornell just talk to the police or DEA or the non-retired FBI about this? The whole thing is just stupid. I don't know if COVID has taken it's toll on this show or if it's just in the process of Jumping The Shark.
  6. I agree with TVbitch on this one. I also think it was a crime that her medical records and the pornhub stuff was not allowed to be presented in court. And if you think about it, if this guy wasnt abusing her, what would have been her motive in killing him? It didnt appear that she had a job nor did she have a side guy. If Chris Grover was the family's breadwinner, what did she gain? I've known a few women who had been in abusive situations. One of them finally killed her abuser (while he slept). He told her that he'd kill her if she ever left and she finally decided it was going to be him or her. I dont know if she was convicted (I moved before her trial) - all I can say is that from reading the papers, orders of protection aren't worth the paper they're printed on.
  7. Gad, I thought that this was a really painful episode to watch. Fornell and his "My LITTLE GIRL!!!". This guy was supposed to be an FBI agent??? I think the writers of this show have a daddy/daughter fixation or something. Maybe just a daughter fixation (this episode it was a mother with a kidnapped daughter - and again, a supposed agent acting very stupidly). As an aside - have you ever seen a show where either a mother or father is screaming about a late teenage or early 20s SON, as "My Little Boy"? No, I haven't either.
  8. Look at how long it took to nab the Golden State serial killer/rapist. He had no connection to any of his victims; didn't live in the area of many of them (he would drive long distances from where he lived), and had no criminal record or DNA in Codex. They finally caught him the same way they caught this guy - old DNA and working backwards from genetic databases. And he killed, what, 13 people and raped scores of women. When the police detective in this Iowa case says that he feels that the arrested guy might be behind other crimes, you can see why. Intriguing that they brought up the case of the missing blond tv person who vanished and was never seen again. That happened in Iowa as well. Oh, and wasn't this case recently on Dateline? And wasn't there something mentioned that they found bondage/torture porn featuring blonds on the arrested guy's computer? Or am I confusing this story with another one?
  9. Do you think that Mary tried to kill Mark because she felt he was possibly a killer or because Viv was selling the house and going off with him, thus "leaving" Mary? That was more my take on it.
  10. I liked the episode and the COVID-ness of it didn't bother me. So much of the US is now going through what NY (where I live) went through in the Spring and so many people just seem as they are digging in their heels about wearing masks, social distancing, et all that maybe seeing it in a TV show that appeals to many people (especially older people) will uh, hammer it home. LOVE Pride's brother (that man could put his shoes under my bed any time, even though I'm old enough to be his mother). And I hate Gregorio's bangs - they don't flatter her, make her look older, and she needs to ditch them. She still looks like an unmade bed all the time, which is now nicely contrasted with the new guy who always looks as if he stepped out of a bandbox.
  11. Last night's episode went fast - the daughter is a mess, but her mother doesn't seem all that together either (or at least doesn't seem all that engaged as a mother). The reporter - well, for a supposedly intelligent woman she acted pretty stupidly. Yeah, every woman should be walking around in a city she doesn't know in an area that doesn't exactly look like it's Yuppie-fied and hoppin'. That she was drinking so much (spiked drink and then the bourbon) and still standing, meant to tell us that she's an alcoholic, as who else could handle so much and not be puking in a corner? I'm not hate-watching this, as a good cast is saving it, but again, the writing could be less cliched. Not incredibly impressed with this year's Masterpiece offerings.
  12. Not many comments on this show yet. Hugh Laurie has something about him that makes him likeable as the Politician. I'm still going "huh" about the Prime Minister's 1960s hairstyle (which must be a wig). I mean REALLY? Margaret Thatcher had serious helmet head but that was what, 40 plus years ago? I also have to mention that it already seems that everybody is screwing everybody else (and I mean that in both slang meanings of the word). So far I'm liking this show - it's much more watchable than COBRA, anyway.
  13. I'm glad that I'm not the only person who thought this. When we were told about her GPA and how many languages she speaks, I was rather surprised, as she doesn't come off as being brilliant. Maybe under the flashy beauty she is a Nerd and the Dateline spotlight makes her uncomfortable. On a terrible shallow note, she obviously didn't get her looks from her father (unless it's deeper in the family tree), and she looked much more Asian when she was a little girl than she does now. I really hope that she and her Mother's family find out what happened. The father is obviously guilty of something.
  14. ALL of the above! And if this guy was the George Clooney of Bend, OR, all I can say is that the pickings up there must be slim. I couldn't for the life of me see why this loser had TWO women fighting over him. He was nothing to look at and apparently didn't have a pot to piss in. He couldn't even pay his car insurance bill.... And poor Anna - to come 5000 miles and wind up dead in the Oregon woods by the hand of the jerk she considered the love of her life. And frankly, I think he killed her more to get her money than to do Michelle's bidding. I mean really, if Michelle meant all that much to him, why get involved with Anna to begin with? And I have ZERO sympathy for Michelle. Drama Queen and kind of a nut job. Thousands and thousands and thousands of text messages to that guy? And where the hell were her children while she was obsessing over Will? And what a pig that guy was - days of food trash in his car, and then dumped with that poor girl's body. It was bad luck on his part that somebody actually discovered her body before animals dragged her off. In a way, he came close to getting away with murder.
  15. I had to say "That was the payoff we watched this for?" And freddi - great minds think alike; I thought that Mary hit Mark on the head with a brick or something as well, as his head didn't look injured when he was still on the ground. Looks like the meddling kids all got their lives torn apart, but at least with the two sisters it could go either way. If the younger one IS preggers, and wants to keep the baby, she can always get a lawyer to talk to baby daddie's lawyer and get some bucks for child support. I wonder how his WIFE would take that - LOL. And from the looks of it, the son burnt his bridge with his wife. Dumbass. I guess that they could have Part II of this show, but I think the hook was the "mystery" of who was the victim and who dunnit. Write your own endings for the rest.
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