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  1. This was a good episode and Gary Cole is fitting into his role nicely. It was great seeing so much of Ducky and I'm finding that I like the new female agent as well. My only complaint is that they need to dial it back with Torres. His anger (especially at the Director) borders on insubordination.
  2. Very good movie! I keep hoping that they will show it on TCM (they need to have a Stephen Boyd film fest).
  3. You mean the vodka mixed with a couple of spoonfuls of colloidal silver?
  4. 12catcrazy


    The case of the week was good except for the Tiffany family drama. And rich that she chides Scola for being buttoned up and stiff but you'd think that when her father died, somebody at work would have known about it - maybe even sent a card from "the office" and flowers. Seems as they're going to start mining some Tiffany/Scola drama bullshit. On a shallow note - is Missy Peregrym pregnant again? She's wearing the baggy shirts and we're not seeing as much of her in the stories as in the past (well, pre-first baby).
  5. I dunno. Does this show have enough imagination to show us a flashback and not have it be true? I thought from the get-go that it was something like Billy told Lee - that Billy stupidly went into that building looking to even the score with the ex-cop and things got out of hand and Isaac stepped in and killed the ex-cop. Billy is exactly the sort of idiot who goes looking for trouble when it hasn't found him first. And this ex-girlfriend of his is being painted as just a big of an idiot, risking her future with this stupid fling (or whatever it is). If you're going to watch a tv
  6. So this woman killed her husband, because rather than face the music that he find out about her embezzlement, she figures that she'd be a rich widow? I also wanted to know more about her first marriage. She's not the only woman to ditch a spouse for what she sees as a higher level on the financial ladder, but having her kids be the ones to tell him??? That is just beyond so many things... And I wonder what the victim's kids thought about their father dumping their mother for Lori. The show didn't get into any of THAT, just how wonderful the blended family was. What alway
  7. I might be wrong, but didn't she also have a daughter in addition to the two sons? And she has a husband - that kind of unending grief in a loved one can be really tough to live with. I really hope that she and her ex-husband are in therapy because losing two children (especially one to murder) would bring almost anybody to their knees. I once read an interview with someone - I don't remember if is was a "medium" or a person who had a near death experience, but he said that the newly deceased was shown their life from birth to death, and they had to feel the pain and see the conseq
  8. I've got to agree with just about everything said from the rest of you. Sad all the way around. I was saying while watching it that I wouldn't be surprised if the murdered guy's mother wound up divorced again. I guess that I don't understand this NEED by so many people to bury their loved one's remains. The person is gone from this plane of existence and to me, the bones (or whatever is left) isn't what is important but honoring the spirt is. In this case it seems that both the murdered person's parents are so focused on "bringing him home" that they are caught up in this endless lo
  9. Yeah they could. We could be hearing "Dueling Banjos" as the background music.
  10. I'm still not feeling that there is anybody in this show that I can root for other than maybe, possibly, Grace and Dell, and that's even stretching it. Billy is one of these losers who is going to find trouble (or trouble find him) no matter what. Does it bother him that his ex-girlfriend is now married with a much better life than he can give her? Nope. Anybody want to bet that she's going to wind up pregnant by him? And for a newly married woman, she doesn't seem to love her husband all that much. The allure of an old flame is understandable but it doesn't mean that you actua
  11. This was a tough one. I think that what finally leaned it in Kit's direction of being the murderer was two things: that Cal was so badly beaten (something a woman was very unlikely to do) and that Pam and the neighbor had been taken out to the car (dead weight is pretty damn heavy) to dispose of them. I like the idea that maybe Kit thought the cops would think that Pam and the neighbor were having an affair and that they killed Cal and then tried to escape. Only thing is, why wind up in a field in the middle of nowhere and have the car catch fire with you still in it? My impre
  12. Yes! I want to jump up and applaud for everything Judy Obscure said above. The entire story is like something out of a tv show or movie. Beautiful young woman goes on her dream cross country trip with "devoted" fiance and puts it all on video and the internet. We see them laughing and goofing around and she has a blog (vlog?). And then, she goes silent and the boyfriend drives back to Florida alone as if nothing is amiss. He and his parents lawyer up and now he is missing (and probably no where in Florida at this point). The missing woman's mom lives not all that far away from the me
  13. 12catcrazy


    I used to like this show, but I'm getting fed up to here with Dick Wolf shows in general. No shock to me that the 15 year girl was killed because, Dick Wolf show. She was playing for pay so she was going to pay for that. These Dick Wolf shows are both prurient and hand-wringingly moralistic - kind of reminds me of reading about the B movies where the wages of sin was usually death but the movie goers got to see all the fun stuff that sin was about. And we also have the "ripped from headlines" currency. Just this morning there was something in the NY Daily News about 2 women
  14. I'm probably going to be stuck watching this show as my SO likes these kinds of show. I had really enjoyed the NOLA version until that went off the rails. For some reason, most of this cast isn't grabbing me. The female lead lacks gravitas and she doesn't seem to be much of an actress. She's good-looking but doesn't have that badass edge like most of the NCIS team women have had. This one seems like she'd be better behind a desk as a "boss", not a kick-ass team member. At this point, the lesbian angle is getting old. And of course, all the ladies involved are really very attract
  15. Wow, what a tragic story. A beautiful young girl murdered by a jealous sociopath. Unfortunately, not an uncommon story, but the twist here was that the murder was filmed and put on social media. One of the things that I, as a sixty-something, find so headshaking is social media and these troubled young people. At one time, Bianca would have probably lost herself in books and poetry and maybe joined one of the High School clubs that other sensitive kids gravitated to. Now, these kids get on social media and put themselves out there and attract thousands of mal-adjusted weirdos. B
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