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    Sigh. Another show I used to kind of enjoy and now hate watch. (The other half sat through Pose and The Nevers, so this is part of the pay-back). The FBI has turned into the typical Dick Wolf melodramatic/soap opera slop. PLEASE! Just give us cases of the week and spare us the love lives and angst of the agents involved. I can't stand Rina, and I'm hoping that she catches a very fast bullet next season. I find it hard to believe that if it became office knowledge that she and Jubal were having an affair, that one of them wouldn't be transferred somewhere else. Rina was already pu
  2. This was kind of a weird ending. It seemed that the writers wanted to wrap everything up in a nice bow (with Pray Tell being the AIDS martyr at long last). It seemed a rather cheap trick to have him on death's door and then get into a clinical trial and appear to be doing so much better, only to have him drop dead of a heart attack after he had his big "come back". He was gonna get his name on that AIDS quilt no matter what! And I agree that the lunch scene at the end was lacking. Yeah it was all exposition as someone above said. And I guess that the only thing these women had in co
  3. And there was also an Annie Lennox video that was from the late 80s or early 90s that featured her removing a face full of very fanciful makeup down to bare skin. It was considered to be very daring of her to do that back then.
  4. Oh hot damn - some real snark here! Almost spit out my tea while reading it. Thanks for the laugh! This show always seemed to have a hair/clothing/makeup budget of $100 a show. Every time I saw Joanna Cassidy in the bad wig, it made me think of Valley of the Dolls. And the wedding dress was beyond awful. It looked like the costume dept picked it up at Savers. Somebody's donated party dress from like 4 or 5 years ago. Chelsea Fields must be a really good sport to have agreed to wearing that dress. I swear, somebody should have made a citizen's arrest, it was so awful.
  5. Was Erin killed with a shot to her head? For some reason, I thought that maybe she had been hit on the head. She certainly didn't have her "face blown off", so Dylan's statement about that was incorrect.
  6. There wasn't any reasons given for Emily leaving the show? I am always amazed when a tv show can keep it so quiet when an actor is leaving (or has been fired) and then you see the episode where they are written out. This is the only TV forum that I'm on, but from the comments I've read here (and on TVwoP), the Bishop character didn't seem to be a fan favorite. Was she written out because of that, or other reasons? And did the actress leave because she wanted to (maybe wants to start a family or has gotten another gig) or was she canned? It will be interesting to see if the se
  7. Ok - so now I have to put my two cents in. Yeah, have to agree that this was really over the top (but fun) fantasy porn here. Top Tier Wedding Gowns, private Spa services, new furniture (where was the badly needed paint job for Blanca's apt?), male strippers - I'm a 63 year old woman and I was drooling! It was fun seeing our gang getting such good things but after one of Elecktra's speeches, the first thing that popped into my head was "Pride goeth before a fall". Elektra is way full of too, too, much pride and it's gonna bite her in the ass. Going in with mob guys, oh no, no, no. Bu
  8. Just something that I am mulling over in my head: when True fell backwards after "talking?" to the Galanthi, and she was told that she wasn't going to remember something, and we saw a woman wearing a lot of makeup who appeared to look like Myrtle (or an older version of her). Now Myrtle was the only person who was able to understand what Mary had been singing and that it had been a communication to Amalia True from the Galanthi. Is there a connection to THAT and why it appeared to be Myrtle in that final vision? And I'm thinking that it is one of the bad guys who "hitched along" -
  9. I think that the new agent is going to be Jack's replacement. She was the negotiator on her murdered team, correct? She more than likely has some kind of training or background in psychology and she seems very badass, so my guess is she's staying with this team. And I agree that she is going to be set up as a possible love interest for Jimmy, or even possibly Torres if Bishop leaves the show.
  10. Ok - so deep breath here. I've been letting this stew in my head since Sunday, and since reading all the great posts above. Let me preface this by saying that I had never heard of Joss Whedon before all the work toxicity reports hit the news and I have never watched any of the past tv shows that you folks are referencing (Buffy et al). I'm not a big SyFy tv fan other than the original Star Trek and if you count it, The Twilight Zone and Outer Limits. I also don't go to Super Hero movies though I read lots of comic books in my youth (we're talking 1960s here people) so I "get" the supe
  11. This was a wrenching episode - I can't honestly say that I enjoyed it because I think it was too much truth in it. I did dislike when Vernon was telling Pray that he loved him and was going to be there on that bus back to NY. I was afraid that the show was really going to go there; thankfully it didn't. I agree with those who think that Pray should've given the POA to Blanca, so one has to hope that the aunt will do the right thing. And I was relieved that Pray said that he didn't want a big sendoff of a funeral as my mind was going to a series finale that would look like the end o
  12. I used to really enjoy this show - but now I'm glad that it's almost over. This episode was actually painful to watch. I would like to echo what all of you above said, as it's all true. It seems like a bunch of out of work soap opera writers came on board for this final season. It's almost nothing about actual criminal cases and more about Draamaa! The entire Pride's secret son story is bullshit and the Hannah/Carter luv story - blah. What a way to ruin a good show. RIP NCIS Nola.
  13. Katie's mother is friends with Freddie's sister, so he probably saw around enough that he'd see the tattoo, or, they were both drug addicts and wasn't she supposed to be hooking to pay for her habit? And if she were hooking, maybe any number of men could have seen her tattoo.
  14. I'm not sure where they are going with Zabel. I agree that there is going to be something hinky about the case he "solved". On one hand, they show him as this sort of fresh young almost "gee whiz" guy and then there is the backstory about being left at the altar and now his hitting on this older woman who was his boss for a few minutes. It kind of seems innocent (but how would we feel if the tables were turned and SHE were hitting on him), but maybe not. And the devout Catholic mother - is Zabel going to turn out to be some twisted by The Church freakazoid, or is his digging so much int
  15. This was a great episode - The Pose that I waited for with anticipation (not like the previous 2 episodes). Yeah some retconning of Electra, but wow, oh wow. Every time I see Electra rocking one of those incredible outfits I say, "Can I be Electra when I grow up!". And the trunk with the body - thank God they finally got rid of it. And the backstory they gave that trunk - it represented where Electra came from and I think by finally disposing of it, it can "free" Electra in more ways than one.
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