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  1. I think that JJ's biological parents were both drug addicts who handed the child over to the grandparents, who felt that they couldn't really look after JJ. The bio-parents pretty much walked away from the child, and the grandparents (I think the grandmother was Lori Vallow's murdered husband's sister) thought they had found the child a good home.
  2. In some ways this episode was almost a comedy. Can't tell you how often I laughed - the dry humor with the Bitter Pill guys, so many of Konstantin's lines (that actor is a treasure), the cheap laugh of the golfer's "plumber's crack" - this was a great episode (except for poor Mo - I figured it was about time he donned the red shirt). Did anybody understand what V said to the 12 woman when she was revealing a secret (like V is stupid or something)? It sounded like something about shitting in a shoe when she was three but even after multiple listenings, I wasnt sure exactly what she said.
  3. Lori Vallow's mother made me think of a cross between "Whatever Happened To Baby Jane" and Tammy Faye Bakker. Scarey indeed and if you're going to hell, I'm bringing the wine!
  4. I usually only lurk on this forum rather than posting comments (I save those for other shows) but I was so appalled by this show that my teeth are set on edge with outrage. One of the things that liberals are usually accused of are of being "elitist" and Bill brought that attitude in spades. Maybe if he actually ventured into the "real world" most of us live in, he'd realize that not everyone is able to shop at Whole Foods, have the time and money to join a gym or have a personal trainer, and live what he feels is a "healthy" lifestyle. Unfortunately, junk food is cheaper (and faster!) than good food and many people in this country live in whats called "food deserts". They don't have good access to fresh fruits and vegetables and can't afford quality meats. Not to mention the time it takes to prepare such foods (I'm a failed vegetarian - I know all about healthy food and how much time it takes to shop and prepare it). Kind of hard to eat like a rich person living in So. Cal when you're working 2 jobs and having long commutes. And there is also more to many health issues that are beyond people's control. Genetics play a part and science is finding viral infections may play a part in autoimmune diseases, but don't tell Fat Shamers like Bill all that. Oh and as far as Bill wanting the world to get back to normal (cause, God Forbid, he wants to go to a restaurant and hang with friends), maybe he should get off his high horse and come to NY for a visit. He can see the newspaper stories about U Haul trucks with rotting bodies because a funeral home became overwhelmed and didn't know where to put them. He can read the first hand accounts from the folks who work in hospitals and what they've been dealing with. Part of the reason for the "NY Pause" was not only to save lives but to prevent the hospitals from being totally overwhelmed, and to be honest, the "Pause' really came a few weeks too late to prevent that from happening. But people like Bill Maher really don't care about that - they care about their entitled "wants" and if the old people and the "sick" people (who apparently in Bill's view bring that upon themselves), and the working folks who man the kitchens where Bill likes to eat, and pick up the garbage, and clean houses, and work at hospitals, and meat packing plants, die, well, hey! People gonna die any way! I'm really sorry to see that Bill Maher seems to be a believer in Social Darwinism - I always wanted to see Bill live - but after this - the guy won't ever get a dime of my money.
  5. Such a weird and heartbreaking story! I have to agree with just about all the other posts here - and it now seems like the mystery is who was apparently once buried in the areas that the cadaver dogs sniffed out and how strange was it that the dogs sniffed out areas in TWO different locations where these people lived. Maybe there was a different, young, child who was killed (thus the very small shoe) who the other girls don't remember? Or was this possible victim even a child of this family or another child who "the demon" murdered? Back in the 80s there was almost a hysteria in this country about "Satanic Cults" and all sorts of people got pulled into this craziness. That mother - words just can't express - and the step-father - he probably got away with murdering SOMEBODY, but who?
  6. All of this! I was screaming at the TV when she had the meeting with the narcotics cop - bring a witness or record this or SOMETHING! I knew her "trust" was gonna bite her in the ass. And maybe Cooper would have been a better choice for Chief, but if Tommy loses this job there isn't going to be a TV show, correct? So my bet (because Cooper isn't a White Guy), is that he is going to do the right thing and help bring down the conspiracy. On one hand, as much as he would probably want to be Chief, what is the quote? "Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown". And he probably knows damn well that once the conspiracy gets what they want (Tommy out), they could throw him under the bus as well (and probably will).
  7. Ok, I like this show but it seems in the Tommy universe almost all white men are assholes at best and walking evil at worst. The only decent white guy is the nebbishy speech writer (or whatever he is) with the arm in the sling. Mayor Buddy can still go either way. After a while you get sick of being hit over the head with this. I'm still sick and tired of the daughter draaama and the going back and forth of "please come live here", "move out now!", "move back in". Enough already! Tommy must make enough money to afford her own place (even in L.A.), and now she has the hot lover - is she gonna sneak her in at 1 am? I totally love the techie cop even though they had to get rid of the original male techie guy (because you must have a young Asian woman on this team "somewhere").
  8. This story was a perfect example of Ann Lander's saying " The holes in her head match the rocks in his". One of the first things I noticed was how much the obnoxious daughter and #2 wife looked alike. That alone was kind of weird, especially because wife #1 didnt look like that. And I could imagine wife #2 resented the daughter because there probably were some boundry issues there (speaking as a person with, ahem, experience with that). I guess what really gets me with about how fucked up that marriage was, was that these people could have had such a wonderful life. They had money, good health, freedom and what did they do with all these blessings? Booze, abuse, attempted murder... I will say that 11K dress was f-ing gorgeous!
  9. Good episode but another vote against the entitled daughter and hipster (ugh) husband. I'd be find if they shuffled off to Buffalo or where ever. You KNOW the scumbag real estate developer is going to be the on-going big bad (at least for a while) and not only is he going to try and find something on Tommy, you know he's going to be using Mayor Buddy's weekend with the PR woman against him.
  10. Great episode! And funny how the two people who supposedly have it all together (Trevor the shrink, and Marjorie) were the ones who needed help from the gang this episode. Tammy was just amazing with her building skills (love the sound proofing!) and Bonnie was pretty amazing also. I can understand how Trevor wound up in that dump of an apartment. Maybe his wife cleaned out the bank account before she hit him with divorce papers, and I don't know how it is in CA, but where I live in NY, most places want 3 months rent up front - that's an awful lot of money to come up with with if your bank accounts have been cleaned out.
  11. Roadtrip - yes, indeedy - as soon as they showed the police tape of "the grieving husband" pulling his Sarah Heartburn act, I said to my companion, "Yup, he was behind it!". Who the hell really acts like that in real life? I think that these murderous people who have their spouses bumped off (or do it themselves) must watch too many soap operas or very old movies to think that's how bereft people behave. I'm sure most cops roll their eyes at that kind of theatrics and figure the person has something to hide. And yeah, this guy had the Golden Goose but guess he figured that he'd be better off with the 5 mill in insurance money than whatever alimony his wife was going to have to pay him in a divorce. Finally, Frick and Frack, the murderers from the midwest. So you just go and kill this poor woman who never did a damn thing to you, and you don't even get a downpayment for the hit? All sorts of stupid right there if you ask me! And I agree with Judy Obscure - too bad all 3 of them didn't get life, though frankly, I think all 3 should have gotten the chair.
  12. Very good episode and well acted. It seems as if this show has gotten much better this season, which in a way is too bad as its in the CBS Sunday night death slot.
  13. This was an entertaining episode which could've been the season finale. I really hope that we've seen the last of Susie the Spy. And Aiden Gillen is very likable but man! The Captain - he is hot stuff and even though I could easily be the actor's mother, he can put his shoes under my bed any time!
  14. Wow, The Ranch was incredibly sad. I'm glad that Eduardo made it out alive - the man must had some incredible will to live. The bastard that was holding him hostage must've been an incredible sadist to do that to another human being. And to do it to somebody that you actually know who has apparently done no harm to you - words just can't express it. I wouldn't be surprised that Jayne's cancer killing her was partially due to all the stress she had been under (and she probably delayed treatment). That was the icing on the cake of heartbreaking for this episode - after all that couple had been through, you just wanted them to be together another 30 years. And it really seems to me that between what we saw on the show and what I've been reading in the paper, that Mexico has turned into a lawless state. Sometimes I think that rather than our military spending almost 20 years in the middle east, we would've been better served looking south of our own borders. Unfortunately, American's love of drugs seems to have destroyed so much of Latin America and turned it into a place that people desperately want to escape.
  15. If only.... it seems as if so many people who are least able to raise children have them. Read the New York City papers and sometimes your heart will break with some of the cases involving children.
  16. I actually hope this is true. Actually though, with Pride's job, he'd have little trouble finding out if the guy died or not. Wouldn't he basically have to do a records search of let's say mid-60s, if any bodies were found or if a brutally beaten person was brought to a hospital? Oh gee, slapping my head here - Hurricane Katrina - all records will have been destroyed....
  17. I really wonder if it had been a WOMAN scamming bunches of men for hundreds of thousands of dollars that the cops would've blown it off the way they did. And it really is so amazing how many other wise really smart, savvy, women fall for guys like this dude and the aforementioned "Dirty John". And I think women have been fed so much of this "romantic" crap from the time they were girls that when some guy sends them dozens of roses after the 2nd date, they just check their brain at the door instead of seeing that as the large red flag that something is very wrong. About the comments of victims not checking their bank statements or credit card accounts, it's amazing to me how many people don't. I work as a bookkeeper at a large Community Center/Y and there have been many times where somebody sees a charge from us after like 7 months and then calls up to question it. Or cancels their membership (or so they thought) and still gets charged each month and wakes up to this fact a year later when they can't be refunded. In defense of some of the victims on the show, the perp hacked into their email accounts and deleted notices and even changed the emails to one which he set up, and took out NEW credit cards in the victims' names, so the victims had no clue. Not seeing that he added his name to a credit card account though - I don't know how you can miss that. Stealing money from a 401K - wow. I'd hate the see the tax bill that woman got hit with. And with all the credit card fraud these days, you'd think the banking industry would push for tougher laws against these types of crimes. Some years back a co-worker of mine was buying a car and was taking out a loan from her bank. Apparently someone in the bank saw the loan application and used the info for identity theft and took out a bunch of credit cards in my co-workers name. By the time my co-worker became aware of this (one of the banks got in touch with her), the thief had racked up over 50K worth of credit charges. My co-worker went through hell getting that mess straightened out. She wasn't held liable for the debt but it took over a year to clear her name and she had to have her name and soc security number "frozen" . It just shows how anybody can be a victim of this.
  18. Yep - more Christy is an idiot. So a few episodes ago we have her trolling a hospital to find her soulmate after exchanging what she thought was a meaningful look. So tonight, she is actually in a room with a handsome guy who offers her a seat next to him and she acts like a moron who has no social skills at all. Wow, they have really managed to trash this young woman who had been getting her life together, working hard, and getting into law school. Now she acts like such an idiot it's like she's too stupid to live. Sheesh. Bonnie and Adam - well all sorts of Bonnie crazy there but I've seen people act that insecure in real life (and they're usually much, much, much, younger) and it set Adam up for some good lines and Bonnie turned out to be right about it in the end. The actress who played Adam's sponsor was gorgeous - you could see why Bonnie felt insecure. Chef Rudy and Tammy - all sorts of crazy there (but funny because the actors are so great). The relationship game playing was cringe-worthy but I guess a goof on what people really do (yuck). We'll see where that level of dysfunctional relationship goes.
  19. An ok episode where it looks as if the perp gets away with it. We didn't have Pride seeing dead people so that's always a plus. I guess that the new tv trope (or stereotype) is the young VERY INTENSE Asian woman. Seeing it all over the place on tv now it seems. I wonder if the NCIS React Team stuff is another one of those so-called back door pilots? I like Sebastian on THIS show and really have no desire to see him breaking down doors swat team style. Still wondering if NCIS New Orleans is on it's way out and the React Team will be a replacement?
  20. This show is starting to grow on me. I like most of the characters although I still find the daughter to be a big PITA. She's like what - mid 30s and still angry at Mommy for having a career for God's sake. Grow the hell up already! Mayor Buddy is likable but yeah, he's got the hots for the P/R woman. Guys with a lot less than the Mayor go for the rebound action after the wife walks out, so what the hey. Guess we'll see where this goes. I wonder if we've seen the end of Decker?
  21. Wow, that guy was one cold hearted motherfucker. Let his wife die in a fire that he set (and TRAPPED her so she didn't have a chance to get out), burned those beautiful horses to death, and (probably) pushed a truck on his son and coldly walked away and left him to die. Wife 2 is damn lucky she didn't wind up a victim and I wonder if she had stuck around she would have been. I hope that this bastard rots in jail for the rest of his life!
  22. Alvajon - yeah some of us watch this show. And like yourself, I was hoping that the Blonde Honey Pot spy was going to finally buy the farm but no such luck. She is now our handsome Captain's girlfriend and I think she is here to stay. Obviously, the Hynek marriage survives on the show, so no suspense there. Where was the contactee guy located? To me his entire thing screamed California, but I don't know if they told us where he was from. Ok on a shallow note: whoever casts this show apparently likes extremely thin women. When the blond turns sideways she practically disappears and Mrs Hynek is very thin as well. Supposedly cameras add 10 pounds to most people which makes me wonder what these actresses look like in real life. The blond looks as if she has a 19 inch waist; and hips... what hips? I know I'm a woman but I don't find the actress sexy at all but others might disagree.
  23. So Sobo closed? Not surprising. I figured that somebody else would have bought it . When Gordon was doing the thing with the 3 competing chefs, I said to my companion that the 2 guys who lost will one day be happy they did. It was weird that every time the owner's girlfriend was shown , she was labeled "girlfriend of three years". Why the time of being the girlfriend? So the tv viewers could yell at the tv "Girl, get the hell out now while you can!". Just the fact that the guy's PARENTS were paying his child support said a lot about him (and them). And again, another fucking clueless idiot who opened a restaurant with no clue about that business at all. And I just don't get these enabling parents...
  24. I haven't seen the 2nd episode of last night (the finale?) but man, that Bear Paw Pizza place - why would Gordon Ramsay even bother with a shit hole dump like that? The entire thing seemed so reality show scripted - phony with a capital "P". It makes you wonder if somebody like an investor wanted this place and that's how it got on Gordon's radar. And at the 3 month mark we're told the functioning owner is actually expanding the place. The asshole with the dreads must have been bought out or something. I'd love to know the REAL story behind this makeover.
  25. Re Trump refusing to leave if he loses the Presidency - just shut down the White House kitchen and only bring in Vegetarian Indian takeout food. He'll pack his bags within 3 days!
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