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S01.E02: When Cupid Is a Prying Journalist

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Quite a letdown from the first episode. Noticed from the production numbers that they were flipped, this is 101 and the first episode is 102. A good choice, I'm not sure I'd have continued if this was my first exposure.

It was pretty well made, I always like Catherine Keener especially, but the stories just sat there, waiting for some wider context to make me care.  Like the first episode, it felt like a stripped down classic rom-com formula, only this time they cut out too much of the heart.  And honestly, making me care about a social media developer is an uphill climb at the best of times, and Dev Patel just sometimes comes across as smarmy when he's trying to be likable.

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I liked this one better than the first episode. I liked the chemistry between the two leads and their storyline was interesting, along with the journalist’s. Looking forward to the other episodes- I like that they are short and easy to binge.

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All those metaphors about leopards and cheetahs, and instead of a story exploring the specificities of interracial relationships, we got two pretty generic stories of lost love. 

This was a beautifully composed shot, though:


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Maybe I'm dense, but I was still left wondering if the journalist and her husband were still together by the end. It was unclear to me. She was sitting at the table with him and told him they were done, so I didn't know if she was referring to her book signing or her marriage. I was happy the CEO wound up with Emma. I'm a sucker for happy endings. 

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Not sure if this needs a spoiler tag, but just to be safe


There’s a brief epilogue in the season finale where the journalist is on a date with someone else she met using the guy’s app

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I was not rooting for Emma and Josh to reunite at all. I found her cheating to be weak when they seemed really happy. I'd have rather seen Catherine Keener and Andy Garcia end up together.

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