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  1. I'm not sure how I feel about this show. I started watching because it's about cheerleaders, and I was a cheerleader all through school, so I love all things cheer. HOWEVER, this is mainly super boring. I'm not sure I care enough to stick around and see who killed who or what happened.
  2. I can't stand "that bitch" Yovanna. Everything about her irritates me to my very core! I can't help it. I love me some Nene. She keeps me thoroughly entertained, facial expressions and all. Lol Nene compared it to, in Eva's words, "revenge porn." I highly disagree with that. There's a huge difference between a husband and wife and two friends. Granted, I would be pissed if my friend went around showing my anger texts, but look at what all Nene's done to EVERYBODY else in the past. Porsha can't do the same? Puh-leeze! She didn't "forget." She was explicitly told not to un-mic by the Bravo team. You even hear her saying, "Eva's gonna kill me." If that's truly your friend, you could've refused to stay mic'd.
  3. Maybe I'm dense, but I was still left wondering if the journalist and her husband were still together by the end. It was unclear to me. She was sitting at the table with him and told him they were done, so I didn't know if she was referring to her book signing or her marriage. I was happy the CEO wound up with Emma. I'm a sucker for happy endings.
  4. I was instantly drawn in to this story and loved watching it all unfold. Really nicely done. I thought it exceptionally touching the bond Guzmin formed with the little girl. I'm so glad they went back home to NY to visit! I was so sad when she first said they were moving because I didn't know where that would leave Guzmin!
  5. I can't help it. She gets on my nerves so damn bad! I was shocked to see the bottom 2. I knew for sure Sean was out. Wth?
  6. Jennabelle88

    S03.E05: Rage

    See, I honestly didn't even notice any tp. Lol
  7. That was what I took from it. It was very heartbreaking. Same here. I was wondering where he could've gone! Lol Many speculate the husband is dead, but didn't they just video call him? How did they do that with a dead man? I believe he's alive and well, but I believe there's marital problems, thus causing him to stay away.
  8. The way I took it was that Piper freaked out and the audience was supposed to think it was from seeing her "old neighborhood" and refusing to go back, but it turned out to be just a turtle in the road that she wanted to save. I don't think she had any memories of her old neighborhood. If she did, she did a good job of masking it. I assumed that's why Jo wanted Mia to stay with Alex. She didn't want Mia around if Piper got too OOC.
  9. It's kinda funny how they're keeping the joke running by introducing a new Cristal every season, but Cristal #1 was my favorite. The others have been kinda bland to me. I was watching their fight and just KNEW that he was going tumbling down the stairs. I was SHOCKED when they didn't go the most obvious route! lol
  10. I was trying to figure out who Weed Man was. I never saw the explanation. Did I miss something?
  11. When he said that, I was looking at her belly going, "Huh?" She looked pretty far along! And after already having 5 kids, shouldn't they know by now? Lol
  12. OMG. I'll be back after I dig myself out from my hole of embarrassment.
  13. Apparently spending all their time in the bathroom. My husband said, "That's not a newborn." I said, "Nevermind that. It's supposed to be a preemie!" That baby was a good 7 ounces.
  14. That was my thinking! At first I thought, "How sweet. He's lost everything else, but he doesn't wanna lose this drawing because it reminds him of a time when his daughter thought he was a superhero." When they actually got to the office and he picked it up, I thought, "Nah, this dude has something hidden inside of this. Shit's about to get really. Really real!"
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