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  1. OMG. I'm dead! Lol. If this ain't the truth though!
  2. His mouth is a huge turnoff for me. I can't stand to see him talk, kiss, or anything! I respectfully disagree. As a Christian myself, I don't see it as a cop out. Yes, we are taught to turn to our faith for EVERYTHING, especially for guidance on decisions, etc.
  3. When was Brandi's video made? I was under the impression it was a while ago. Why is it being brought up now? Am I missing something?
  4. Does anyone know when this comes back on?
  5. Does anyone know when this show is coming back on?
  6. I'm not outside of the club, but I work in a bank. That looked like 20s to me, and the strap around it was purple, indicating $2000. And, yes, it did look thick enough to actually be $2000, which is an insane amount of money as a graduation gift IMO, especially since he pitched a fit over Kandi wanting to give Kayla money.
  7. Remember earlier when he told Legarski that he, Legarski, didn't know his, Ronald's, "insurance plan?" Meet Merilee, AKA "insurance plan."
  8. It seems every season Cynthia's boobs rebel, but they didn't waste any time this season! They were ready to get out of quarantine like the rest of us! And I hate Riley's nose. It does not suit her at all. And I know I shouldn't feel sorry for Kenya, but I can't help it. I guess what suckers me in is the fact that I'm going through a divorce as well, which is hard in and of itself, but during a pandemic, you feel completely isolated. It's horrible! I know people are talking about how quickly she and Marc moved and she deserved it and blah, blah, blah, but I disagree. My ex and I moved in togeth
  9. Same! It was so disgusting! I didn't know that! I think she sounded pretty good. I thought this was supposed to be a one and done.
  10. And don't forget, this is "Blake Shelton's The Voice." How could they continue without him? Lol
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