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  1. allthatglitters

    S18.E15: A Rollercoaster Ride; S18.E16: The Grand Finale

    Yes Ariel was the runaway favorite from my eyes from the beginning. She started at the top and never let anyone get past her after that. And she had confidence in not only her cooking but her leadership skills as well. I was afraid, this being a Ramsay show, he'd pick Mia just for the shock value, sm trending. (Knowing there was no lasting job waiting for her) In fact Ariel, who does look and act much like Christine, almost took the prize too easy. Like Gordon and his producers had already vetted and picked her before the show started. They wouldn't do that though right? She was just so perfect. Never up for elimination. Her food was great, even if not as creative as Mia. And she looked like she was having fun too. What's not to like? Maybe they pick three or four possibles with Gordon, and the rest the producers get to go hog wild picking high drama characters. The ones that they know in advance won't be getting anywhere near a Ramsay restaurant after the show. Either way, Ariel deserved the win and I'm looking forward to seeing more of her in future Ramsay shows. . .
  2. allthatglitters

    S18.E12: Break On Through

    I thought Kanae should have won a black jacket too. I get that she's not mature enough for Gordon to envision her as leading one of his restaurant kitchens, but she deserved to go out in a later round. Both Bret and Heather made less successful dishes than she did, going back all season. Her final dish received no marks for originality. Heather won by repeating some recipe she has no doubt done many times. More of an exercise than cooking. It was hard to accept such a young innocent looking girl was talented enough to go as far as she did, but that girl was gifted. She always did well in challenges. I could do less of her getto bitch slapping her team mates, and tone down the attitude at times, but I'll miss her funny wit, and good natured charm. The last episodes would have been more fun with her on board, but she'll go far.
  3. allthatglitters

    S09.E08: Evolution

    I was disappointed that the show wasn't veering into another dimension with thinking zombies. But the show only reminded me of how easy it actually is to survive even if outnumbered by hundreds of walkers. I guess Rick forgot. Just find the nearest incapacitated one, or dispose of one, and proceed to smear the guts all over yourself. Hell, Michonne even managed without the messy face paint by just herding a couple with her. And there doesn't seem to be any danger of walker blood and fluids splashed all over you, when even a small amount can seep into your eye ducts, nose and mouth and ears, let alone any small cut which in the ZA I'm sure a few at a time would be quite normal. So if its all safe an all...MUST SUSPEND DISBELIEF.... why not use the method more themselves? Create masks and waterproof outfits they could smear with fresh zombie guts when needed. I'm sure it does reek, but it could be used for emergencies, or to take along on runs, just in case. If they were smart, a well prepared group wouldn't have to really worry about walkers, once they'd secured a fortress of some kind. After they opened that plot device up it took a lot of the threat away, and the suspense factor in the series. I don't particularly like that it became more of the same old "humans are the real monsters" plot line, and that Kill and Cover method made the human threat that much more threatening in comparison.
  4. Others have mentioned it so I won't dwell on it but omg this show took me to the brink of a mental collapse when I had to sit through long minutes of action enduring such stupidity. It was physically painful to watch that pair of siblings just sit in their vehicle watching themselves get slowly surrounded until it became a life and death situation. I was debating if I missed the part where the car breaks down. We've all seen that plot line dozens of times, and I would have been bored again, but at least it would have explained their paralysis. Its proving one thing, the apples don't fall far from the tree. Any normal, zombie apocalypse veteran, which both are by now, would have driven straight up past the parked van to the gate, which Madison would be in the process of openning up just enough to drive the jeep through. Those in the jeep would train their weapons (which they would have brought...duh) on back of the silent van until they drove in and closed the gate. All this before the convoy arrives. Now that's how you do ZA! Sadly, between this series and the other one, the writers are getting lazy. Too lazy a script to believe.
  5. allthatglitters

    S08.E08: How It's Gotta Be

    Me too. And TWD isn't the only show these days that falls for that go-to fall back as an easy way out to solve a plot resolution. Doesn't hurt that it all looks exciting and pretty on the screen. The 100 is another of those shows. I know we are supposed to suspend our disbelief for this series. I guess they figure if we can suspend it include a zombie apocalypse, then we'll believe anything. But we are supposed to accept that there is an unending supply of bullets still in the ZA? Enough to spray around everywhere nonstop like a fire hose? Unless they've set up an industrial bullet factory, for every type of weapon they use, they'd be soon be out of all the looted ammunition they've scavenged. Its been a few years now. But the writers ignore that reality for the sake of hanging onto the trap door escape of a good old hollywood shoot out. I'd still watch it if it was more realistic and they had to save bullets for the exact right time. Learned and used bow and arrows, and other weaponary not dependent on already scavenged commercial supplys. If they had to also spare gasoline. And fight for it ie..Mad Max. Everything doesn't always have to end at the OK Coral.
  6. allthatglitters

    Curb Your Enthusiasm

    This is the most off-putting part of the new season for me. Who directs these episodes? Are they too afraid to tell Larry how self sabotaging that is to not only his own character, but to the engagement of the audience? It deflates any punchline by the paying no heed to suspension of belief. Which even in a comedy, you need. Maybe even more so because the story lines are so absurd to begin with. I agree, its not a deal breaker. I will overlook it because the show is so funny regardless. But not only does that kind of lazy acting on his part take you out of the narrative because instead of seeing 'show Larry' we see Larry David, milking out another season and feeling pretty good about himself because if it. It looks like he's enjoying himself, nothing wrong with that normally, but as a TV character it throws him out of character. And you can see it throws other actors out of their characters too which is unfair. This isn't SNL where you can forgive the occasional inadvertent laugh by the actors as its a live, quickly rehearsed show. But you expect a little more professionalism from an edited, crafted TV series.
  7. allthatglitters

    S01.E07: Magic to Make the Sanest Man Go Mad

    I'm with others that thought they dropped the ball at the end of the episode. They tried to twist the ending into a comedy ala TOS. It was like we were all supposed to have remembered the other Harry Mudd and apply his less psychotic personality to the version Rainn Wilson was portraying, and just laugh along. Anyone that gleefully kills not only the Captain who he has the personal grudge with but other various crew members too, in the most agonizing ways he can find, over and over, with no remorse, should be locked up. It should have ended with him floating away in a prison ship with the name Stella stamped on the side. He would have been a more compelling returning character with a story of how he escaped the next time we saw him, even more pissed and crazy. But if they were going to end the episode in the same manner as TOS, why not follow through all the way and have his wife be a less than pretty looking nag? They completely missed the punchline, after setting it up for almost an hour. Its her father's money he obviously is attracted to, so he has to bite his lip and be faithful. So why is this psychopath rewarded for his mass murdering with a hot, rich wife that seems crazy about him? Somethings not right with the universe.
  8. allthatglitters

    Blood Drive

    Wow. That was an outstanding series. Classic comic grindhouse horror done to a T. Cunningham pulled the show together. I loved the bi-storyline of him applying for the job at H.E. where we get to see him for the first time nervous, neurotic and paranoid and how he portrays these emotions Slink style. Great production values. Great casting. Over the top and bloody extreme comic spectacle to the point of a joke. Why didn't more people get it?
  9. allthatglitters

    S01.E05: Faithful

    That scene did a disfavor to the the actor IMO. Her character was so fleshed out as this scared and serious but a bold rebel. She was smart enough to know and be a part of some secret resistance, but isn't smart enough to try for the exit? That vehicle got in somewhere, there had to be a road out. I'm just a bit annoyed because as the scene was enfolding and she shared a precious smile with Offred, I had already written the scene in my head and was joyously anticipating cheering for joy after she broke through the city gates and was cruising down the highway, even if there were 20 black trucks behind her.
  10. allthatglitters

    Blood Drive

    That might do it. But it would make more sense if it was some kind of abuse shelter
  11. allthatglitters

    Blood Drive

    Makes sense. If Slink wants to get a full season of shows produced. Not one of my favorite episodes. There wasn't much background into where the extreme man hate came from. I'm not buying a female religion where all men must pay for the crimes of the asshole men in the world. None of these young and gorgeous women want a boyfriend? Such a powerful passionate belief . All that hate and torture against another gender for wrongdoing as if no female in history has ever behaved badly.
  12. I never understood why Madison was so hell bent on "taking over" the ranch. Here, without knowing about the whole white supremacist thing, was a functioning ranch with pleasant enough people, crops, water, shelters. She was a mother of two. What scenario could be better than holding up there and joining in the communtiy, at least for awhile? Then there is the whole idea of Madison as some warrior leader. lol Not only can she not act, Kim is wrong for the part, if they really wanted some badass. She just looks like a follower pretending as hard as she can to play the leader. But what is really odd is that the other characters don't just laugh her off. They actually listen to her! Kim looks like she is on tranquilizers all the time. Her face hardly moves no matter what kind of intensity the scene calls for. Her brows may furrow a tad. It was so painful to watch her try and force her face to change shapes when attempting to show grief over Travis's death. Make little noises. Please show kill her off now!
  13. allthatglitters

    S34.E05: Dirty Deed

    It sure looked like she was setting up for something. I think she wanted to go out on a bang. Or a splash in this case, right back in the face of JT from her cup, in the chance that it was she who was voted out.
  14. allthatglitters

    Masterchef (CA)

    Justine was amusing to watch as a character I thought. A maniacal energy bunny in the kitchen but with a much better attitude than any on the Aaron/Miranda team I thought. Both of those have shown less than stellar character in talk or behaviour at certain points. But even on merits of previous cooks and how she personally did on this dish. Ultimately I wanted her to stay because she put up better dishes during her stay than a number of others that are still there. But Matt also deserved to stay more than the A/M team. And they should have announced right at the start, that the whole 2 person losing team is going to go home IMO.
  15. allthatglitters

    Masterchef (CA)

    Absolute BS that Justine was eliminated. That two were eliminated without warning like that is ridiculous. Its not as if they really screwed up. They were the only ones with everything on their plate, that should have held more weight for one. The shrimp were wrapped badly but so were Aarons and Mirandas. It was not explained better why this had to be a surprise double elimination. I think Matt should have gone because aside from the poor wrap job on the shrimp, everything else Justine cooked, including the shrimp, were done well. Her tempura batter seemed to be the judges favorite. Whereas Matt didn't cut the beef very well and left the skin on the salmon. So he should have gone home. Especially if you take into account all the great dishes Justine has put up. Only the Canadian version would make sure to kick off one the most charismatic positive contestants early. I'm going to miss her great energy.