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  1. Did Albie ever learn to read? Or does mommy still take care of that for him? Are the boys still living in Hoboken? Does Al still have his love nest upstairs in the Brownstone? Do any of Caroline's siblings speak to her?
  2. I hope they remember to bring their handicapped parking permits 'n shit like that. Otherwise Kanye's not gonna say anything till they get on their feet. Will they be allowed to look at him? Or talk to him? Will he serenade them with raps about his dick? Or tell them how "awesome" they are? 50 times in a row?
  3. I agree completely. . IF someone is assaulted in that state, certainly the perpetrator is the guilty party and deserves the utmost punishment, but not that's not all that can befall someone in that state. How many have been found dead in snowbanks or in stairwells or in creeks or rivers dead of exposure or alcohol poisoning or injuries from a fall? Male or female, getting yourself ossified and then wandering out alone is a sure way to get taken advantage of, robbed, hurt or killed and you have put yourself in harms way by not having your wits about you. In a perfect world, we could all act l
  4. In what universe does someone see Rico, in all his droopy, shorts-clad ass glory, and say " I gotta get me some of that" ? The skanky hair? You have no idea what kind of creatures or matter were all up in that hair. Just seeing him in court made me clamp my knees together a bit tighter.
  5. I think Khloe did file. She may even be divorced already. I recall the episode when Kris commented on the fact that she had finally filed and asked if she were truly finished with him. I think she offered up Lamar to Kris as a possible date/fuck when Kris was "poor Lamar-ing her"
  6. Well at least Kris is past child bearing age. I'm wondering if Kris, Kim and Kanye are going to make a break away from the show and go into some kind of management/production business of their own. For some reason he seems to think Kris and Kim are some kind of business geniuses. From Kim's body language at the wedding and a few remarks she made, I got the impression Rob was her first choice to walk her down the aisle and Bruce was there because she wasn't sure she could count on Rob not to bail on her. Her impassioned defense of Kris in the Brody mess also seemed to me that she's drawn a
  7. I can't wait to hear his "Ode to My Dick" I wonder how long it will be?
  8. In clips for next season, the girls "catch" Kris in bed with the Hampton's chef. It was probably some kind of setup for the show, but I doubt Bruce would find anything remotely funny about it. It was only a matter of time since they announced the separation till she filed for divorce. I think Kris has a new man and wants to go public.
  9. The lower one sags. Much like her ass... and tits. I haven't seen the pics, but I read they were of her admiring her ass and tits in a mirrored shower. Typical Kim selfies. Hacked or not, Kim is no victim.
  10. Whoever "fits" her clothing to her, has got to be on her payroll or a starstruck flunky. No way is she going to risk having an outsider get a close look at what amalgam of plastic, botox, spanx and flesh lurks beneath her clothing, so I don't believe they're a real pro.
  11. Then she compounds it with a skirt to her ankles and ankle strap shoes. There's no illusion of length, her ass is nearly resting on the back of her knees. Hobbit is the only description that fits.
  12. If she goes with the suspenders.. I bet she forgoes the white shirt.
  13. The design on the front reminds me of a diagram of the female reproductive system.
  14. I bet we see Kim in the white shirt... Without the camisole. Oh wait we already have!!!!! I don't see her daring to wear the pants though.
  15. He must be a hack, cause her clothing looks like shit. How many times have we seen her with gaping seams, half done zippers or bodices that couldn't contain tits half the size of hers? I'm sure there is someone there with a needle and thread, but it's no seamstress.
  16. If naked pics of Jennifer Lawrence are out there getting ogled, Kim can't deal with it. She wants to get her share of the attention. The same reason she's out there daily wearing see thru workout pants sans undies and exposing her tits. Kim's whole sense of being is wrapped up in her looks. Kris has done her no service by treating her like a prized cow, with nothing more to offer than looks.
  17. But like Corey he needs just a bit more chin. But I'd do him.
  18. I think it's more "self leaked" nude selfies. She's got a stockpile of them.
  19. And if needed Kris will get her under the knife. It's a family tradition.
  20. A good artist doesn't need to tell his/her audience to get on their feet. Their music and performance itself gets the fans up and moving. I've been to concerts where people are on their feet from the opening number to the final encore and are still dancing on their way to their cars. For a performer to DEMAND that everyone stand in order to have him/her continue performing? They have some balls, not much in the brains department, but plenty ballsy.
  21. Kimmy says "Why can't I wear heels with everything, or with nothing?"
  22. If she's buying designer stuff, she has to be buying retail. I've seen episodes when she was shopping via internet for stuff. Then instead of hiring a great seamstress to tailor things to fit, she just hacks the stuff up, or spanx herself to be able to get into it, has her minions zip her into it and off she goes. We've seen her with torn, shredded seams and busted zippers, dresses she cut into 2 piece outfits to get herself in. All these designers she knows and Kanye knows, does not one of them, other than Kanye's buddy, design and fit something exclusively for her? Even the Valentino stuf
  23. See, I think she knows she doesn't look good. I can't figure her motivation though. Is it to just keep Kanye happy? Does she think that he's her last chance at a family? Is she settling for simeone who blindly thinks she shits ice cream, because everyone that she loved ended up leaving her? Or is she just desperate ?
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