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  1. If it was French's show, he obviously was going to be there, so why hang out in the car in the parking lot? Go inside and surprise them when they arrive. Being in the parking lot was necessary to have the Lamar almost confrontation.kim is a shit stirrer. She didn't want to upset her mom with the whole Brody thing... That's what she told Bruce, but in at least two other scenes she's discussing the situation with Kris.
  2. I dread the day she starts copying Kim's fuck me face. Probably only Kanye.
  3. The Dunning -Kruger effect or DK, dick, ... I'd say you hit the nail on the head.
  4. I read somewhere she had a rib or two removed. I choose to believe it. They dumped a lot of their line on those poor orphans in Thailand. Big tax write off to charity and they can pretend their krap sold out in stores.
  5. Khloe was never fat. Kim isn't fat either, she just stuffs her curves into too small clothing and makes herself look fat and talks about being fat. Not sure why. The tan strappy shoes are a puzzle. With all the shoes she's been photographed in and all the shoes in her closet. why she insists on wearing them over and over is a mystery. Much like Kanye's wearing of the leather jogging pants, a mystery that may never be solved.
  6. With Joan gone, I feel a sense of obligation, a responsibility even, to speak out against an assault like this against good taste and fashion. She probably recycled an old pair of Kanye's black leather jogging pants. There's a few gross of them in a box in Kris's garage.A closer look at the unfortunate design on Kourtney's chest reveals a likeness to Yosemite Sam. I doubt it was intentional.
  7. Ugly, ill fitting, cheaply made..... All the hallmarks of the Kardashian brand.
  8. What the fuck is she smuggling under that top? I thought making clothing out of pop tops was a bad idea originally and nothing's changed since. I'm betting Kanye was behind this one. Bend me over and..... Fill me up
  9. She can have a great little career ahead of her.. I just hope she stops with the provocative selfies she posts. Like the one lying sideways on her bed with her dress pulled way up exposing her ass cheeks, captioned ."HI". If she's distancing herself.from Kim and or the Kardashian name/brand... That's not the way to do it. She needs to act with class. Not klASS.
  10. Mentioned? She could walk up and say hello and Kimmy would be like "duh"
  11. I've seen pics of Kim and Kourt as toddlers, they had better moustaches at that age than Justin Bieber has now.
  12. But then Kim thought it was a tribute to her almost adopted Thai daughter.
  13. That's probably her plan.Of course Kourtney fucks up the grandson's name and calls him Connor.
  14. I doubt North heard her, and unless Kim decides to share a long dead comedian's comment with her when she becomes a teen, she'll never even know it was said. But I'm sure Kim herself will spend lots of quality time with her discussing the best way to remove the imperfections in her appearance and accompanying her to her laser, waxing, mole removing, cellulite destroying sessions. Mommy and me time!!!
  15. That's been the rumor for years. Who else would marry a MILF like Kim and then spend more time away than with her?
  16. Especially since whether she liked what was said or not, Joan helped make her family as well known as they are despite Kim's overwhelming lack of fashion sense. After all, Kim manages to tweet above pretty much anything trending even if she doesn't have a clue as to what the situation is about.
  17. Such respect for fashion, wiping his dick on it. NICE! I'm not President so I'll say it.. He's a jackass.
  18. She's pissed caused Joan said North needed a waxing. She might have called the kid ugly too. So did millions of others. Funny that the rest of her family obviously wasn't offended enough to not express their condolences.
  19. I hope Melissa is able to give her the send off she wanted. She deserves it.
  20. Brings a whole new meaning to "Someday my Prince will come"
  21. I wonder if sink fucking is on a lot of bucket lists? What about having your BF sing about impregnanting your mouth or fucking you on a sink?
  22. It's the ugliness of what he spews that makes him so unattractive to me. And his constant " I can't be as successful as I want to be because people be holding me down" and acting as if he and Kim were the only mixed race couple in the world and that white people cannot handle that. And of course from way back " George Bush don't care about black people". I wonder if Kanye got his ass down to New Orleans and got his expensive sneakers wet, or did he run off to Paris and hung around with his designer buddies?
  23. Giving a blow job in the disabled bathroom stall. For some reason I don't have that one on my bucket list.
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