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  1. The press was all over the fact that they couldn't get married in Paris, no way did her guests not realize something else was a foot. I don't think Kim had knowledge of everything that Kanye "planned". The party planner that Kris uses, Sharon Sacks, was supposedly helping plan it, but Kanye said he had "issues" with her. I think he was in over his head and refused to ask for help, kept Kim in the dark, and in general fucked things up.
  2. Even if a family member or friend offered me the money, no strings attached to save my pet, I would feel an obligation to pay it back. If I were just squeaking along financially, I might pay very small amounts or do some kind of labor or something special to show appreciation. I could never just blithely go along and forget about it. I'd feel guilty if I bought any kind of nonessential thing that I could have given them the money instead.
  3. Not to mention a couple episodes ago Kim was trying to discuss North's participation in the wedding. She wanted North to be in a horse drawn carriage with Mason holding her. I guess Kanye and Sharon Sacks didn't even think about North. Nor did Kim and Kanye. In my opinion she should have just been carried in, by perhaps Leah and Brandon when they were seated and not carted down the aisle by Kris.
  4. Not in that outfit was he fucking her in the handicapped stall. I can see them going in, making a bit of noise and then leaving the bathroom with smug little grins to create a story, but no way was any sex going on. She just wanted to get some buzz going because there is so much being said about their lack of chemistry and the continued gay rumors that follow him.
  5. People that have amazing sex lives, newlyweds, don't spend their married life apart and when they are together spend it with the wife's mother, in the wife's mothers spare room with the wife's half sisters and a myriad of other people wandering in and out. I don't buy the hot sex, can't keep their hands off each other comments. I think he's just as happy jerking off to her selfies and an occasional get together in real life. IMO he has been obsessed with her since he saw RayJ screwing her and decided I want some of that. Well he got some, knocked her up to prove it and now it's been there do
  6. Sometimes the eggs are made totally of sugar. I wasn't really fond of the dress, I didn't think it was flattering on her. Too much dress for her, the sleeves, the high neck, the weight of it. There has to be a middle ground between being covered up to her chin and being exposed to her belly button, she needs to find it.
  7. In those GQ pics, the one where Kim is lying on her side, she must have been wearing her training corset right before that photoshoot because you can actually see how compressed her waist is in relation to her tits. Then of course every stretch mark, mole or pimple has been removed by Photoshop along with her cellulite and psoriasis. ET was mocking her outfit last night. Giuliana Rancic must be channeling Joan Rivers because she basically said Kim destroyed the outfit from the way it was supposed to be worn. As far as Kim and Kanye's great sex life... I'm sure getting laid while Kris is lurk
  8. The dress she wore to dinner in Paris. The short metallic one with the picture on it? I finally realized what it reminded me of. One of those fancy Easter eggs that are hollowed out, painted and decorated outside and have some kind of little scene set up on the inside.
  9. Yeah London's known for its ribs!! Thank God Kanye isn't a show off person, where would Kim put all her awards and pictures if he was?
  10. I thought Bruce looked very uncomfortable talking to Brody, it seemed very forced and awkward. It was also heavily edited. I think Brody had plenty to say that was not shown. I also think Bruce was covering for Kris when he said he and Kris decided to buy Brandon and Leah's tickets. I think that was all Kris. Same with her failure to book a flight for Brody to Greece and her failing to make arrangements for Kris H's family to have transportation at the 1st Fairy Tale Wedding. It seems to be a passive aggressive thing on her part. Brody may get a check for this show and have to make himself ava
  11. I pretty much agree with you.. And had he been dopey all by himself or with an equally dopey 18/19 yr old, I would have thought he has to be held accountable for his decision.. That said, he's hooked up with a 40 yr old mother of 3 teens, a woman that I'm betting if her son had done such a thing would be talking out of the other side of her mouth. I'm glad she gave him a pass. THIS TIME...
  12. JJ said he wasn't off the hook, he was stuck with child support payments for the next 18 plus years. That's when she tossed out the abortion card. She's dragging her own three 18 plus teens around still supporting them and she expects someone else's teenager without a pot to piss in himself to keep her in style? If he had hooked up with an equally dopey 18/19 yr old girl signed a lease with her, I think JJ may have ruled that he was obligated, but I think (and I agree) with her that this woman thought she could use the fact that dopey was of technical legal age to enforce his paying on the l
  13. She probably took a couple hundred selfies during that conversation.
  14. She should just make a life size selfie and he can tote it around and pose with it. She stole the sullen, stone face look from Victoria Beckham.
  15. The photo inside with her on her back with the fuck me face? I thought it was J Lo at first. I'm not a fan of J Lo either, but I do think she is a much more attractive woman than Kim. Her face is animated, she actually SMILES and she has a killer body. I do find some of her clothing to be overly revealing, but I don't see it as vulgar in the way Kim dresses.
  16. Bruce irritated the hell out of her when they lived together, why the hell is she all up in his business now that they've separated? The man travels all over making appearances as a motivational speaker, I doubt he looks like a schlub when he is speaking. He knows how to dress when needed.
  17. The top story headline on the cover of that issue? "Is it ever okay to wear leather trousers?" Kim totally looks like J Lo. And photoshopped to within an inch of her life. If Kanye really thought she was such a hot piece of ass, you would think he'd spend more time with her. She can put on all the sexy poses she wants, but there is absolutely no sexual chemistry between them. She's more animated with Jonathan Cheban than with Kanye.
  18. My take on Rob wasn't to mock him, I'm no lightweight myself. It was to show the obsurdity of Kim's remarks about sneaking him in. If his appearance truly didn't matter to HER, none of this would have happened. I can't stand these brides who have this vision of a perfect wedding day with perfect bridesmaids and groomsmen etc. if perfect is so important, go hire some models to stand up with you. The people who I wanted in/at my wedding are those who have been with me, who love me and are loved by me. People I know I can call day or night if I need them. Who gives a fuck it they are fat or th
  19. Probably all Kim's subterfuge of moving him from the hotel to the tux fitting. I picture it in my mind like that scene in the Elephant Man. Rob covered by one of Andre Leon Talley's tents, as the paparazzi swarm, and as he makes the safety of his limo, he screams "I am not an animal, I am a human being"... I think they amped up the Brody situation and Kim's outrage over Brody's alleged trash talking of Kris, in order to fill the time the Rob business would have taken. My guess is it was UGLY. Rob has been pretty explicit in his comments about Kim in the past. Kris H was offended for her and
  20. This is a mom who according to Kim is up all night crying over the fact that her kids don't appreciate her. And that she does too much for them. I had my battles with my late mom and many times cursed her out under my breath, but to say some of the things Khloe has said to her face.... Well I'm still alive, so it never happened.Kim and her mom are totally brainwashed by the designer name tag on things. Suddenly the first set of dresses were deemed inferior because of the designer? Why was Kanye dealing with lesser known designers for the wedding of the century? The wedding that would rival th
  21. Didn't she just remind you of Carnie Wilson? And then tossing out the threat of abortion.. I just imagine it was to try and hurt the defendant in some manner. She had no resistance to the charms of a skinny, pierced, 100 lb soaking wet,Jesse Tyler Ferguson look a like. Things were blissful for the ten months they lived out of their car. But real life in a house/apt tore them apart. Even the jackrabbit sex technique of a nineteen year old couldn't keep them together.
  22. A hot mess. Too bad Joan Rivers isn't able to delivered a stinging review this week. All that's missing is the mesh mask Kanye wears on stage. I dread the day they unveil North's version of that outfit.
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