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  1. Quote of the night from Melissa " no one in their right mind would make a scene at a charity event"
  2. I think the defendant looked better in the swimsuit and that pissed off the plaintiffs.
  3. Well there's a lot of Kardashian ass to kiss! Kris probably owns a piece of that magazine.
  4. To steal a line from Rhett Butler " A cat is a better mother" than Kimmy.
  5. Kris will have a rapper of her own soon. One of daughter's castoffs.
  6. Their children are lovely and very well behaved. I liked the episode when Jo was showing them the empty lot where the home of their client had been. She explained about an explosion that destroyed that house and others. The children were curious and empathetic to those affected and made suggestions as to how they could help. They do seem to have traditional gender roles, but regardless, Jo seems very much an equal partner and Chip respects her work, does equal child care duty when she's busy. They both seem to be trying to instill a good work ethic in the kids, a caring for their pets and fa
  7. Those are not the fingernails of a woman who does much of anything but primp and preen.Diapers are just a part of it, how does she manage her own hygiene?
  8. And again Kris comes out with the Kourtney hated Bruce and wore black for 5 years. Originally she said she wore it for a year. And Kris had a fabulous childhood!! Very little mention of her alcoholic dad, or that they were pretty poor till mom remarried. Kris loves to rewrite history. Has she ever even seen Nicole's kids since she was murdered? Her family is famous because they have 5 TV shows.. they don't need talent. 99.9% of what is written about them is lies? Why then would you subject your children to an onslaught of negative, hateful lies? For money? Strange how so many of the lies
  9. I'm not interested in Kendall or Kylie. They have the personality of a dead fish. Khloe at least is funny and good for a few laughs. Kourtney and Scott have an interesting relationship outside of the drinking drama. I enjoy their little banter and "chip me" . Those two with Khloe maybe going on a cross country trip could be a few giggles. Kim? the sooner she disappears the better, and take her no talent hubby with her. They still haven't moved out of Kris's house and it's going on two years.
  10. Please let Caroline catch her giving Albie a blow job.... I want to see her head explode, on camera. Then I can die happy. I don't see BLK having a chance against good old southern sweet tea! Not gonna happen.
  11. I do think their time is running out. They used to be on every cover of every tabloid in the store. Not so much anymore. This week's People magazine mentioned Kris more than Kim. I think the whole dramatics over her third wedding with the crazy Kanye stories that emerged didn't help, and then we see a real class act couple(George and Amal) have a destination wedding the way it should be done and people are just sick of them, all of them, that includes her tits and ass.
  12. All the rings on her fingers mean shit if she doesn't spend time with her kid. Plus she's getting old lady hands. The pointy nail manicure is ugly and the fish pout is so fucking over.
  13. I wonder if the whole move into a house with mom to help out was part of the plan, have her pick a fight, put the chair under the door and the trap is in place. Ms Gag seemed pretty pleased with herself. And a woman.
  14. Didn't I see that scene in "The Way We Were"? Next week she'll be fixing his hair and calling him Hubble.
  15. When Kris was cooking and dumping in gallons of olive oil and topping it all with cheese, "G" looked like she was going to vomit, You know she spent a couple of hours on the treadmill working off the calories in the one piece of pasta she ate.
  16. I think the crotch thing was a fluke, he prefers ass.
  17. Had to be full serve station, no way would Kimmy give up a photo op complete with full on ass photos and possible tittie exposure! She lives for that shit.
  18. Okay, clearly Kris kept the balls. He is starting to look like the male tennis player way back who became a woman (Renee Richards?, can't think of the name as a guy)
  19. Walk in six inch heels or other torture devices, and allow strangers to spend hours twisting, yanking, blowing and manipulating your hair and painting your face with tons of make up. I wouldn't get past the shoe part, let alone some guy/girl with bad breath touching my face and playing with my hair. So I guess that's a talent of sorts.
  20. It was like her private runway show, strut down, remove coat, let them get a good view of her fat ass and strut back. Did you see her body guard scurry out of the way so he wouldn't be in back of her in all the photographs? Every move she makes is calculated and planned.
  21. Kim already admitted that just watching Mason, P and North, having to bathe them and put them to bed, drove her to tears. Does she have that little experience with kids? She had two toddler sisters as a teenager, she never babysat? Never bathed two toddlers at once? Put P and North in the tub and use Mason as a "helper" . I think even Kris was more maternal than Kim. Kids that age are so much fun! Nothing like watching them blow bubbles or fart in the tub, they laugh and laugh. I would rather spend my evening doing that than having to stuff myself into too small clothing and be subjected to
  22. I think she wanted a chance to go outside... all eyes on her, remove her coat and then go back in sans coat so they could get a good look and pics of her ass. Or she figured the kid was already in the car.... like her luggage and she was surprised when she had to go back and tote North herself. Did you see that place when they were preparing for the wedding, stark, bare walls hardly any furniture? I'm sure its not up to Kimmy's standards.
  23. Not much chance of having a remotely intelligent conversation with her so why bother?
  24. Not so much the role she played, but her expressions when she saw or heard Scarlett or Rhett acting the fool, that kind of can you believe this shit, with a furrowed brow and worried eyes look. I don't know how to insert a picture but there's tons of them on the internet that you can see.
  25. Kim was reluctant to strip naked for Playboy but Hef insisted. Kim asked Kris to try and work a deal but Kris was on Hef's side and almost ripped her clothing off and pushed her out there. Of course once they covered her in pearl necklaces and said it was just like Marilyn, Kim was more than happy to spread them. Kim is so like her mom, I fear for North.
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