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  1. Once the truth about Phoebe/Beth finally comes out, I still don't expect this SL to end. There was no reason for Steffy to end up with Hope's stolen baby, for Liam to move back in with Steffy, etc., if this was ever going to end. Instead it will re-ignite the Triangle from Hell again when it would have been so much more interesting to see Steffy actually do what she said she was going to back when she proposed to Hope for Liam. Steffy was supposed to move on with her life. I'm not surprised Brad Bell won't let this die because he still insists on bringing up and retconning the Ridge/Taylor/Brooke idiocy, and has the dumb characters refer to Stephanie as the love of Eric's life. {face palm}
  2. I would add Phoebe to the exception list. They should have left Ridge paired up with Caroline II. It would have been a good book end to Stephanie getting Eric, and keeping him away from Beth, only for Eric to leave Stephanie for Beth's daughter Brooke. Caroline I and Taylor die, but in the end Ridge ends up with Caroline II, not Brooke.
  3. Great Zoe, Flo, and the never ending conversation are back, said no one ever. Why does Zoe get to decide who tells the truth? If Flo and Xander want to tell the truth so badly, why don't they do just that? Spineless morons. No, Zoe, you don't get a reward for doing the right thing. You do the right thing because it is the right thing to do. Of course, it's easier to be a selfish narcissistic lying sociopath. Thomas, you are a pathetic lowlife, and I think I might hate you more than I do Ridge and Liam, and that is no small accomplishment. It's nice to see Phoebe/Beth is the smartest person at the wedding. Brad Bell is one sick fuck. Does he really think it is entertaining to see Hope having a meltdown while the wedding guests look on?
  4. The writers could have sold Steffy and Hope as sisters if they had stuck to the history of the show, and evolved the SL over time. Steffy, Phoebe, Hope consider themselves sisters. Phoebe dies. Rick uses Steffy to get back at Ridge. Steffy finds out what Deacon and Brooke did to Bridget (the aunt Steffy, Thomas, and Phoebe adored). Stephanie, who always loved to twist the facts to suit her narrative, could be pouring venom in Steffy's ear about Brooke and everything Brooke did to try to get Ridge away from Taylor. However, Ridge always turned Brooke down, and Stephanie could paint it as Brooke took advantage of Ridge's grief over Taylor's death to finally get Ridge. Taylor returns from the dead, but Ridge has to stay with Brooke because of RJ and Hope (not true, but the truth didn't exactly matter to Stephanie). So Steffy decides Brooke, Rick, Hope, Katie, etc., are the enemies. This begins the Steffy/Hope rivalry. However, after Steffy finds out Taylor shot Bill in the back she realizes she doesn't want to be like Taylor, Brooke, and Stephanie, makes peace with Hope and moves on from Liam. Instead we get the constant lie of Ridge left Taylor and their children to go be with Brooke which NEVER happened.
  5. Damn Hope, BOTH Steffy and Brooke have told you not to marry Thomas if you don't love him. You tell Brooke you could grow to love Thomas, and you lie to Steffy and tell her you and Thomas are simply going to co-parent Douglas and Thomas knows that. No, he doesn't. Your creepy stalker believes you will have a real marriage. If Thomas really loved you, this would be a cruel thing to do to him. However, Thomas is a psycho so it's a dangerous thing to do. Either way, you should not marry Thomas. Again, BOTH Steffy and Brooke are in agreement about this. The only thing that would be more amazing was if Taylor, Brooke, and Stephanie agreed on something.
  6. I don't think we are supposed to feel sorry for Steffy and Liam because they are sleep deprived from taking care of Kelly and Phoebe/Beth. I think we are supposed to see it as nice and sweet that they are living as a family while simultaneously believing it's nice and sweet to have Hope hold Phoebe/Beth and talk to Liam about how things would be different if Beth hadn't died. Which makes me realize that Brad Bell and the writers have fewer functioning brain cells than a rock. It's probably also an attempt to make us sympathize with Liam and the difficult choices he has to make {sarcasm and major eye roll}. Sort of like Steffy proposing to Hope, and Hope telling Liam to go be with Steffy and the girls is supposed to let Liam off the hook for his waffling ways. It wasn't what Liam wanted - Steffy and Hope made him do it. {face palm} Eric genuinely loved Brooke and wanted a life with her. I never understood why Thorne, Eric, Nick, etc., got involved with all Ridge's exes, or why Taylor and Brooke hooked up with Ridge's relatives (there's no one else in LA for them to date?), but the biggest problem is that Brad Bell and the writers never let them move on from Ridge. I thought both Taylor and Brooke had better pairings with other guys, and it was stupid to keep them hung up on Ridge forever. Now they are doing the same thing with Steffy/Liam/Hope, and it's even more boring and annoying.
  7. Am I supposed to think it's sweet when Hope holds Phoebe/Beth and talks about how she feels connected to her? Because I don't. I think it's horrible that Liam and Hope believe Beth is dead, and that Steffy thinks Phoebe/Beth is her legally adopted daughter. When the truth finally comes out, Kelly, Phoebe/Beth, and Douglas are all going to have to adjust to new circumstances, all because a bunch of grown ass adults didn't do the right thing and tell the truth months ago.
  8. Steffy, Liam, and Brooke were all making sense today. What I don't understand is why Liam and Brooke didn't put as much effort into trying to get Hope to go to therapy as they have in trying to persuade her not to marry Thomas. They could have shown Hope and Liam checking into adoption, or considering using a GS surrogate. Then when that didn't work out, the writers could have actually shown Hope's downward spiral. Steffy would be dating a new guy so Hope pushing Liam towards Steffy would have resulted in more WTF are you doing from the other characters. There was absolutely no need for the writers to waste weeks on the trio of dumb arguing about whether or not to tell Hope the truth.
  9. Oh please, Original Stephanie and Satan wouldn't be involved in such a lame plan. One thing about early years Stephanie and Bill Spencer, Sr., is their scheming and manipulations had subtlety and didn't require the entire cast of characters to be to stupid to live in order for the plan to move forward. ETA: For the love of God, stop having Ridge and Brooke talk to their adult children about their sex lives. Why didn't Hope give more consideration to Steffy's suggestion of adoption? Hope and Liam could have looked into that instead of Hope marrying Thomas. Hope's annoying me again. Hope told Brooke Liam had done everything to be there for her when Beth died, but she just couldn't get over it. What did Hope do to be there for Liam?
  10. TigerLynx

    The Spoiler Collection

    There will not be a payoff to this SL. Hope and Liam have spent months believing Beth is dead. Steffy will lose a child she loves when the truth comes out. Thomas will get a pass because he needs "therapy" the dozen people who knew the truth and didn't say anything will blame psycho Thomas for making them stay silent. Unless for once, B&B is actually going to hold characters accountable for what they have done, this SL has been a complete waste of time.
  11. Don't get my hopes up. The only thing better than Thomas killing Brooke would be Thomas killing Ridge. When Hope was babbling on about how Liam should accept her choice to marry Thomas, I couldn't help wondering how accepting Hope will be if once the truth about Phoebe/Beth comes out, Liam doesn't come running back to Hope when she wants him to. That probably won't happen, but these people only buy into the "respect my relationship" "a child should have both of their parents with them" when it benefits their agenda.
  12. I like the idea of Steffy/Sally. Both Steffy and Hope are going to lose in this SL. I predict that when the truth about Phoebe/Beth comes out, Steffy will be pregnant with Liam's baby, and Liam will stay with Steffy even though he wants to be with Hope. {face palm} This is just so tiresome.
  13. OMG! Now Steffy is going to be Hope's maid of honor? Hell, the writers should just make Steffy and Hope a couple. Out of Steffy, Hope, Thomas, and Liam, Steffy/Hope is the only couple I would believe might last for more than two seconds. Next up it is revealed that either Thomas or Steffy is not Ridge's child, one of them was switched at birth, and Steffy/Thomas become a couple.
  14. Yes, they are. Who would of thought there would come a time when Steffy and Brooke were the adults and the voice of reason. Worse, I've actually been agreeing with both of them thinking, "Yeah that actually make sense." Bill and Justin should have been in this SL from day one. This was actually an opportunity for the writers to do an umbrella SL with the entire relevant cast, and instead we get freaking Zoe, Flo, and Xander for weeks. Brooke had to have been desperate to play that card. Never, or at least not in our lifetime. There was NEVER anything between Thomas and Hope, not even in Cabo. I hate when the writers try to re-write history. Nothing, no amount of ret-conning or re-writes, is going to make this SL work.
  15. This SL relies on the characters not doing anything so the writers can continue to drag it out forever. It has consisted of: Hope's baby is stolen, and she's told Beth died. Hope is sad and depressed, and pushes Liam away. Liam doesn't want to end things with Hope he wants to work on their marriage. Zoe and Flo argue about telling Hope the truth - Xander finds out, Thomas finds out, Emma finds out. Xander, Zoe, and Flo argue about telling Hope the truth over and over again. Thomas is a psycho. Ridge is an ass. Both Steffy and Brooke say things that make sense. Repeat the above several times, but mostly repeat the bolded part because it was so much more important to show the three morons arguing than it was to show what was going on with Hope. They could have had Liam tell Hope he would think about agreeing to an annulment if she would go to therapy for six months or a year. They get counseling together and separately. As much as I hate that Steffy is back in Liam's orbit being pathetic, I hate even more that Sally will probably be there for Wyatt when the truth comes out. Sally should just get to smile, tell Wyatt I told you so, and then leave for a date with another guy. ETA: While Brooke and Steffy are saying things that make sense, they both also look like raging hypocrites. It's to bad these two will never take their own advice. Do they think if Thomas appears shirtless in all his scenes we won't notice how fucking creepy he is?