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  1. TigerLynx

    The Spoiler Collection

    I believe some of us speculated about this when Emma died: SPOILER! More about Thomas and Emma's death on SOD Brad Bell and Matthew Atkinson talk about Emma's death in SOD. Sounds like they're saying Thomas wasn't responsible. This is what they say: "While Thomas may have been a contributing factor to the events that led to Emma's death, he isn't responsible for her demise." "In multiple ways, it's not Thomas' fault. Sure, there was an intimidation factor, but what happened to Emma was on her." "When you throw in texting and driving, not paying attention and driving way too fast on a winding road, combined with not being in a good head space, something terrible happens..." "Yes, Thomas could have done more and handled the situation better, but I don't think the onus of guilt falls on him." Source: SOD
  2. Nothing has been proven, and Ridge and Brooke can't legally keep Douglas from Thomas either. It would be custodial interference rather then kidnapping. Since Hope wants to annul her marriage to Thomas on the grounds of fraud, and she wants to invalidate Phoebe/Beth's adoption, Justin is going to have to file the papers with the court. The judge could have then issued a material witness arrest warrant for Thomas. Apparently, the writers can't be bothered with any of that so they just had Ridge declare Zoe and Xander liars, but not guilty, and Flo and Dr. Reese guilty. {face palm} Also, Xander's accusations against Thomas would now be suspect since he was fired from FC, and couldn't be bothered to come forward to the police with anything he knew until after that happened. All of these people are despicable idiots.
  3. At least the first few go arounds were entertaining and Taylor and Brooke weren't complete doormats. Also, I enjoyed seeing Taylor dump Ridge for first Storm and then Blake. It should be noted that when Ridge married Caroline, Brooke was upset, but she did not continue to chase after him the way she did when Ridge married Taylor. To be fair to Amelia, she has no legal right to keep Thomas away from Douglas. However, the minute she walked out that apartment door, she should have called Ridge and Brooke then stayed right outside the door to make sure Doulas was okay. Under the law, if Amelia had then believed Douglas was in danger, she could have intervened. Problem is, I don't think Amelia would be a physical match up against psycho Thomas.
  4. TigerLynx

    Getting To Genoa You : Y&R Daily Chat

    I see the Newman Dicks were out in full force today. Why do the writers think it's a good idea to have Victor, Nick, and Adam acting like braindead fools running around threatening people all the time?
  5. TigerLynx

    The Spoiler Collection

    How's this - Thomas fakes amnesia, Hope, for whatever boneheaded reason the writers come up with, feels sorry for Thomas, and stays married to him. Liam returns to Steffy who stupidly takes him back. Then Brad Bell and the writers can drag this crap out for another year. Why can't any of these characters get a new SL?
  6. TigerLynx

    The Spoiler Collection

    Don't put that out there. They will do it, and I doubt it will be as entertaining as Marlena turning into a panther.
  7. Ridge was a good father. It was one of his few good traits. Ridge and Taylor didn't have any children the first time Taylor died. The Taytots were born after Taylor's first death and before her second death. Ridge never left Taylor for Brooke. Brooke tried everything she could to get Ridge to leave Taylor, and he wouldn't. After Taylor died the second time, Ridge and Brooke got together, and supposedly had a happy family with Thomas, Steffy, Phoebe, Hope and RJ. Ridge loved Hope to. All of that has been rewritten because apparently Brad Bell and the writers think the current SL plays better. Because everyone being a selfish jerk complaining about how their parents failed them, so it's okay it they fail their kids, and commit crimes is so much better. It might be if anyone ever faced any consequences, but so far most of them get a free pass. No. I don't need to see everything played out on screen, but there needs to be some references to a DNA test being done on Phoebe/Beth, the DA talking to the doctor who says her signature was forged, Dr. Reese and Flo admitting what they did, the DA making deals with Zoe and Xander for their testimony (because they are accessories after the fact and guilty of obstructing justice). Hope wants to undo Phoebe/Beth's adoption and have it declared invalid so they will need evidence and people's testimony. The writers don't have to drag it out, but some of the characters saying everything has been given to the judge, the judge has approved the DA's pleas bargains with the lying despicable baby thieves, etc.
  8. I know Thomas is psycho, but what is with Hope and Brooke deciding who gets Douglas? Liam was right about there being a lot of people (Karen, Ridge, Bill, Steffy, etc.) who might want custody of Douglas. However, before ANYONE gets custody of Douglas, they have to prove Thomas to be an unfit parent. Just like the police will have to gather evidence and prove Thomas had something to do with Emma's death. {face palm} I do love how the writers have just skipped over everything else in this SL, and it's only about Hope and Liam have Beth back, the baby thieves are in jail, the liars have been exposed, and psycho Thomas. No mention of Hope's PTSD/depression, Hope kicking Liam to the curb again, no mention of Hope's insistence that Liam needed to be with Steffy and the girls (Kelly and Phoebe/Beth), etc. I think it would be funny if Steffy got custody of Douglas, Liam questioned if Steffy, after everything that happened with Phoebe/Beth, is ready for something like that, and for Steffy to tell Liam, "Kelly, Phoebe and I were fine for months without you, Kelly, Douglas and I will be fine."
  9. If Thomas goes to Steffy's, out of the characters of Steffy, Liam, and Hope, I'm betting on Steffy being the one to kick Thomas' ass. They will probably have Liam do it, but come on, Steffy's the one who would actually be capable of doing it. I wonder if this is when they find out Thomas drugged Liam? I could see Ridge, Karen, Steffy, and Hope all wanting custody of Douglas.
  10. Will Vinny return, kick Thomas' ass, and take Douglas to Steffy?
  11. Thomas, I didn't think I could hate a character more on this show than I do Ridge and Brooke, but you proved me wrong. More re-writing of history with regards to Ridge and Thomas. Also, how the hell do they mention Thomas, Steffy, and Hope's childhoods, but say nothing about Phoebe or Bridget?
  12. It depends. If you are using the product yourself, then you are probably selling to support your own habit, and usually the money spent on the habit is greater than any money you are making selling it. Is anyone going to remember that Hope had already decided to end things with Liam before Thomas returned to town? Are they just going to ignore that Hope once again bailed on Liam, and this time around, Liam was a supportive spouse? If Brad Bell really wanted to surprise me, he would actually let Hope kill Thomas in self-defense, Thomas would be dead dead, and their would be consequences (not legal for Hope because she would be defending herself), actual fallout the characters had to deal with.
  13. I don't think Vinnie knew Thomas was going to give the drugs to someone without their knowing they were taking them. Apparently, Molly makes sex better, and Vinnie is under the impression that Thomas/Hope and Steffy/Liam knew they were taking the drug. When in reality, Thomas slipped them in Liam's drink without anyone else knowing, and was going to do the same thing to Hope, but Vinnie doesn't know that. I could be wrong. Another day at the Shirtless Shack. Calm down, just breath, I'm trying to figure out if Vinnie is coaching Thomas through labor, or giving him instructions for a workout. Justin, "There won't be a problem with the annulment. It's a clear case of fraud." Me, "And all the other annulments were a clear case of stupidity?" The "We need to tell Hope conversation" has turned into the "Where is Thomas, we don't know what he will do" conversation. Is this conversation going to last 8 months to?
  14. Bridge will never be over. Ridge left Brooke a million times to marry other women, and she still goes back to him. Brooke was also more than happy to chase after Ridge when he was married or engaged to someone else so no sympathy for her. If Taylor did return, I have no doubt she would be dumb enough to still want Ridge to. Pathetic. I have a bad feeling that psycho Thomas will continue to get away with everything.
  15. So I wasn't the only one who expected them to start making out?