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  1. More bad news: In the Nov. 4th issue of Soap Opera Digest this is what Brad Bell had to say about Steffy and Liam, "Meanwhile, Liam takes baby Beth to share Halloween night with his ex-wife, Steffy, and their daughter, Kelly, and these two star-crossed lovers exchange secrets and fears, adore their daughters and take great joy in their 'forever' bond."
  2. I would actually find it hilarious that someone was chasing Brooke's husband (karma) if it wasn't going to eventually lead to yet another boring Ridge/Brooke reunion. Any sympathy I might have had for Hope is gone. If they really believe Thomas is a danger to Douglas, then call Karen and Bill, call the authorities, don't play games with a fucking psycho. Shana knows how to play to Ridge's ego.
  3. Someone, anyone tell me this god damn spoiler has got to be wrong. Why, why, why are they doing this? Spoilers indicate that Liam is unhappy with Hope's plot to get custody of Douglas, that he finds out Steffy is dating, and decides to stay at Steffy's house longer than planned. I don't think JMW is going to be happy about this. Her most recent interviews indicated she was tired of the Liam/Steffy crap. I don't blame her. I am beyond tired of Steffy/Liam/Hope, and have been for a very long time.
  4. I hope they do. I would say they couldn't get dumber, but they will. I hate when in order to move the plot along, the writers can't figure out anything else to do except make all the characters be idiots.
  5. Oh joy, an entire episode of Ridge and Brooke whining about their idiotic relationship. What moron thought that was a good idea? So now Ridge and Thomas are freeloading off of Eric instead of Steffy and Vinnie. Since Vinnie is staying with his girlfriend, does that mean Zoe is staying at Vinnie's apartment all by herself?
  6. I forgot to mention - Ned is a hypocrite. When he told Kitty, "You are my wife. You stay." My only thought was, "Punch his lights out Kitty." This was true of a lot of abolitionist. They were against slavery, but did not see the slaves as equal to whites, and women of any color were not considered equal to men.
  7. I was trying to decide who was dumber Drake or Geoffrey Charles, then Drake won by a landslide, only to be outdone by Ned and Ross. It's a good thing Dwight and Caroline have functioning brain cells. Demezla, stop giving that bitch chances. Ross would not have won that argument in parliament so easily. To much money is on the line, and human greed trumps just about everything else.
  8. Chemistry is subjective. I never saw any chemistry with Bill and Katie. However, what kills most couples on soaps for me now is everything moves to fast or drags out forever. A couple can only break up so many times before I simply don't find them believable. I agree on RM and Ridge. I never thought RM was a good actor, but he did have a sort of charm and caring that current Ridge lacks. When the show started, Stephanie was not a nice person, but she had layers. By the time SF retired, Stephanie was written as a one note caricature, and only SF's acting abilities kept Stephanie
  9. If Rafe died, or was on the point of dying, there would endless weeks devoted to the other characters saying what a great guy Rafe was/is. Kill me now.
  10. But Brooke will want Ridge back. She always does. That's another reason this SL is so lame. Been there done that a million times. If Brooke, Hope, and Liam were serious about getting custody of Douglas, and Liam clearly had reservations about that idea, and I don't blame him, Brooke and Hope went about it all wrong. Also, it's not fair of either Brooke or Ridge to expect the other person not to be there for their children. Unfortunately, Ridge and Brooke are enablers, not good parents. Then again, how would either Brooke or Ridge know how to teach their children the right thing
  11. I have finally figured it out. Harold is the real Katerina Restova. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.
  12. I'm still trying to figure out why Hope and Brooke thought trying to strong arm Thomas and Ridge was a good idea. Liam pointed out it was a mistake to pressure Thomas, and they didn't listen. When Liam is the brains in your operation, you've definitely got problems. Don't get me wrong. Liam does have some good qualities, but neither Liam or Wyatt have Bill's brains. I can see where this is headed. Hope will be sad, upset, and crying all the time, and we'll get another Liam scene telling Steffy Hope is miserable, but Steffy is fun. {face palm}
  13. No, Taylor wasn't drunk. Brooke thought Taylor was drinking, but she wasn't. Brooke took Jack and left. Taylor could have had Brooke charged with kidnapping. The scenes today were good. It's to bad the only character I cared about was Douglas. Why have Karen and Bill not played any part in this SL?
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