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  1. And this is different from Ava's usual sort of pointlessness how, again? I keep thinking there's a pun to be made about the Original Shin of this show, but I can't get the bat off my shoulder.
  2. Or maybe he just couldn't bring himself to? I feel you, Steve; I do. Without even watching the episode, I feel you, man.
  3. I usually feel like a minority of one when it comes to Meet the Parents, because I think it's truly vile. Just unrelievedly nasty, through and through. (Cringe comedy has never been my thing.) I just don't get it, either, but now I don't feel so alone. So, thank you, @andromeda331 And thanks to @Ms Blue Jay for the chance to sort out my attribution.
  4. I think Justine was introduced before Rachel married Carl (and I think I stopped watching before their "love story" (ick) anyway), but that marriage seemed so incontrovertibly wrong to me that it the show had plainly lost its way. I could never bring myself to watch after that. Another World was the soap I loved first and best, and the idea of Rachel falling in love with Carl Hutchins ruined it.
  5. I think Maggie actually said this, or something very close to it, when Sophie first talked about what happened. Having said that, I can't imagine why Maggie wouldn't have gone over with Sophie what exactly she was going to say in telling her story, nor can I imagine that the issue of naming Peter didn't come up until the moment Sophie uttered his name in the podcast. I think Maggie had a slightly "Eeep" kind of facial expression, but that's it? Yeah, I don't think so.
  6. And Nash's world just got at least 15% more interesting. I'm not saying I'm gonna line up for tickets to A Million Little Things in the Multiverse of Badness, but if Baron Mordo is part of the cast next season, I'll at least watch the premiere. For whatever it's worth, it was my impression that Delilah came up with the idea of moving to France permanently after Sophie spent time there, not before. I don't think selling Sophie on the move was part of any agenda on Delilah's part. Otherwise, why not discuss it while Sophie was there? I also seem to remember that going to France to visi
  7. Didn't Maggie give up her apartment? Did she sublet? Was it empty the whole ... year? (I don't actually know how long ago it was in Million Little Things time since Maggie left for Oxford.) I found it jarring that she's just back there, podcasting away, seemingly without transition. And yes, Maggie's apartment is what I'm choosing to focus on right now... ETA: Except to add that, while I'm glad Javier Sr. is so unswervingly loyal to his son that he's prepared to alibi him out, the fact that Junior is going to let him is incredibly disturbing and feels out of character for Gary -- but this
  8. Everyone seems to be moving forward except Gary. I admit, the show suckered me into thinking Gary thought better of it by the time Peter got to the door. Looks like Gary's storyline next season is going to be both grimdark and stupiddumb.* Can't Regina have a heart-to-heart with Delilah? I think Gina might be the brightest one of the bunch. I haven't been the most impatient with Delilah, but even I'm getting tired of her whining. Just -- geez, lady, talk to your kids! This is more of Nash's "flipping" the characters, isn't it? I'd roll my eyes, but I'm afraid of doing myself serious
  9. Between that ending and the shot of Angela pleading weakly "... help me," as she (presumably) dies, I found this an uncharacteristically grim episode. Grim enough that I'm not sure I want to watch season 2.
  10. I can sort of buy Angela's turning on Wheatley, since she's his ex-wife and maybe no longer family (although for most of the season she seemed pretty down with whatever he was doing) and she does learn that it was he and not Stabler who killed Rafiq. I wondered at first if Wheatley was supposed to be unhinged or somehow unbound from the usual (tv-) mobster codes, since he killed his father; that seems like a non-starter. In a way I still think Wheatley is bloodthirsty to an impractical degree (if mobsters are supposed to be businessmen). On the other hand, I think it makes a kind of sense for
  11. That's what I was thinking, too. But was I alone in thinking that Stabler's big "Annnd... scene!" wail was even more on the nose than this show usually is? I mean, he might have shouted (earlier) "We need help, here!" But no -- Elliot stands at the centre of the screen, in a long, white hallway, gleaming with emptiness, and howls "I NEED HELP!" Little late, dude. On so many levels. I will say I wasn't expecting Richie to arrange so close to successfully to have his Dad whacked. He always seems so completely out of his depth, and not even really aware of it. But as soon as the charges
  12. I did NOT need to see Crazy Wheatley's pre-breakfast O-face. That is all.
  13. I think she might actually be doing this all over town, and we're only seeing the entitled tip of the harpy iceberg. "Excuse me, why are you sitting on MY bench in MY Murder Park?"
  14. Maybe in Julie World it's a thing? Heaven knows Julie Fubar doesn't live in the same reality as the rest of us.
  15. "Poor Unfortunate Souls"? "Snuff Out the Light"? "Sympathy for the DeVil"?
  16. How do you suppose he got the nickname "ShutUpRafe!"? (Okay, only from me, but my point stands.)
  17. But even Colin's face was like "Pretty expensive way to clean the drain, dude." This was the most I've ever liked Shelley.
  18. They're banking on it with Angela's plan, with Wheatley's weakest point being his ego, according to her. Killing any more of Angela's children might prove counterproductive.
  19. Part of me would say that these things aren't mutually exclusive, but I think they really are trying to show that Wheatley's ego is completely out of control -- and maybe even that he's losing his grip entirely. Stabler's righteous nothing-left-to-lose fury and Wheatley's evil crazypantsness are on a collision course, no doubt.
  20. Hope thought that, because it is. In my headcanon, Hope secretly still thinks it's icky. But she doesn't want to get screamed at, so she stiff-upper-lips it. Also: I can't help thinking that the frequency of mentions of Chad's tight pants is a comment on the quality of the writing right now. If trouser construction is the most interesting thing onscreen...
  21. This storyline has to be in the Top Ten not just for Another World, but for the whole genre. This is when soap writers were actually writers. Harding Lemay changed the rules.
  22. Darling Julie (the J stands for "Judgment") may have had a career singing on (mercifully far away) cruise ships, but her true life's work has been in living in bigger and bigger glass houses, hoicking big, shrill stones at everyone who passes by.
  23. Sometime I think Nash has never met any actual people. Having said that, I do wonder if Regina's mom is supposed be, in some degree, a truly narcissistic personality; she very consistently makes almost everything about her. I believe she genuinely loves Regina and wants her to be healthy, happy and safe -- but I really hope this most recent conversation helps them turn some sort of corner. Aside from feeling like a completely plot-driven twist (see above snark) Katherine's being "unsure" about shared custody strikes me as both vindictive and short-sighted. If she doesn't want to b
  24. For some reason, this strikes me as hilarious: "Oh, Kate -- you madcap minx!" I wish the show were more of a screwball comedy. I mean, intentionally.
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