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    More like Bertie Botts' Beans, if all the colours tasted of earwax, blood or stale marshmallow.
  2. I guess it's never too late for him to start learning how to do that. Not that I'm holding my breath.
  3. I'm not sure the actress is terrible -- at any rate, I'm quite certain the problems with the character do not originate with her, and if they are beyond her means to correct, that's not necessarily an indication of her limitations as a performer, in my view. I'm not sure what even the most gifted thespian could have made of this whiny, inconsistent, self-centered mess of a girl.
  4. I think the he-said, she-said is going to be supplanted by a third party. My speculation: Tripp will prove to be neither a rapist nor the father of Allie's baby whose name I've already forgotten. Because that's how this show gets drunk and rolls. Because it thinks "cluttered and confusing" is the same as "interesting." Spoiler: It's not.
  5. Sandman


    I have to ask: what am I missing? Did anyone want this story, or need to understand Nurse Ratched better? I have never been a fan of Murphy's; I think, if anything, he's the one-trick pony -- this looks like another AHS installment, under a different name. All his shows are basically the same: working out the same narrow obsessions over and over. His visual style is vivid, but overblown, and his hyper-stylized rococo palette doesn't work for everything. There's a reason why his shows are all placed in the same universe, probably. More importantly, I don't think he could write a realis
  6. I did not know this. I suppose I should be glad her name's not Boatface McBrady (pronounced "Fern").
  7. Or as I have come to think of it: How did old Lady Krankenheimer manage to get a human child by her well-burnished leather saddle?
  8. I've never understood Ciara's name in the first place. It seems to be pronounced "Sierra" most of the time, but sometimes (and only sometimes, as far as I can tell) Hope will say something more like "See-AH-ra." It's apparently not based on the Italian name Chiara (equivalent to "Claire"). I'm not too surprised that Ben sometimes makes it sound like "Sara." (Wilson's a bit of a mushmouth sometimes, I find.) Genie Francis played a character called Ceara at one point (pronounced Seer-ra, as I recall) and I can never remember if that was here or on All My Children, and I get her mixed up wit
  9. Maybe Bonehead Black actually gets the stupid from Pop-Up Victor? Is it possible that Pop-Up Victor just has people killed whenever they start to notice how poor his decision-making skills are? I'm fairly certain Philip "Captain Scarlet" Kiriakis doesn't get that from Kate, the last year notwithstanding. Heritable stupidity on the Kiriakis side could explain Justin's response to Bonnie and his attachment to that damned hat.
  10. Wait -- what? I can't believe anyone thinks that. Is Lani even stupider than Brady? (Is that even possible?)
  11. Even with Will and Sonny gone, doesn't the Kiriakis Pile always seem like it holds n+1 bedrooms, where n represents the number of relatives who are tolerating and/or sponging off of Pop-Up Victor at a given time? It's like there's a Wing of Requirement up there somewhere, holding Xander's invisible lap pool, playrooms for great-nieces and great-grandkids who may (or may not) be (temporarily) related to Victor or Maggie, and sundry other amenities. No dining rooms or libraries or study, of course.
  12. Well, at least she loves Allie, or tries to, which is more than any of us is able to do; the writers have made sure of that.
  13. Agreed; not missed in the least by me. And barely remembered, I would say, even by Julie, even if the death of "her precious Nick" (blerf) was the root of Darling Julie's hatred of Gabi.
  14. As opposed to the sober, informed, responsible way this show handles, oh, criminal law, police work, psychiatry, neurosurgery, physiotherapy and adoption? But I do agree with you.
  15. Really, they haven't been taping anything in nearly eleven months?
  16. There's nothing about Nibbles that makes sense. But I'm starting to think Chad just attracts (or induces?) crazy in all the women in his life. (Maybe he should have married Sonny and/or Will. His relationship with them seems relatively healthy and free of ... well, I was going to say drama, but at least free of bloodshed and psych holds.)
  17. Yup. Across the corridor from Solo ICU/Isolation/Neurology-Oncology.
  18. Abs? Do you really want the answer to this question?
  19. She could go to Anna's little cordonnier -- his handmade shoes are to die for! Well, er, of, actually.
  20. I like Eric fine, when he isn't feeling sorry for himself or being a judgmental doofus lacking self-awareness. Which I guess means I like Former Father Uncle Eric about 40% of the time. (Oops.) And I don't really see how being raised by Former Father Great Uncle Eeyore and Auntie Snatchabye Baby was ever really a viable option for little Him Who Shall Not Be Named Horton. I agree that if the Sonny and Will's exit was rushed, the Hernandez clan left town at warp speed. What was that?
  21. Sandman

    Tenet (2020)

    Speaking of things that are unnecessarily hard to understand (and ... gross): Dear Christopher Nolan: For the love of AVX, man, please don't ever again subject me to Sir Michael Caine (here playing a character cheekily named "Sir Michael") garblechawin' his way through exposition and lunch at the same time. I'm not made to withstand that kind of stress! Not to mention that it's beneath him (and you). ETA: I do wonder if part of my response to the volume level of this movie was because (a) I haven't set foot in a movie theatre in six months, and (b) because of social distancing protocols,
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